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Buy millet SU7 purchase tax is free! What is the impact of the New Deal on new energy vehicles?

The small partners who are concerned about new energy vehicles must have learned a recent news: the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a new announcement, announcing that a series of models will enjoy preferential policies for purchase tax reduction and exemption. In the model catalog, Xiaomi SU7,Seals and Zhijie S7, which are particularly popular recently, are listed!

On the one hand, these models have excellent performance, on the other hand, they will also bring real benefits to car owners in terms of purchase tax. So, how do you understand the impact of the New Deal on the new energy vehicle industry?

Source: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Judging from the nature, the preferential policy of purchase tax reduction is an important policy issued by the state to encourage the development of new energy vehicles and promote green travel. By reducing the purchase tax, the economic pressure on consumers to buy cars will be reduced, thus further promoting the prosperity and development of the new energy vehicle market.

The introduction of the purchase tax reduction and exemption policy further highlights the state’s attention and support for the new energy automobile industry. With the increasing awareness of global environmental protection and the rapid development of new energy vehicle technology, new energy vehicles will occupy a dominant position in traffic travel in the future.

At the same time, according to the data of China Automobile Association, in March 2024, the production and sales of new energy vehicles were 863,000 and 883,000 respectively, up by 28.1% and 35.3% year-on-year and 86.0% and 85.1% quarter-on-quarter. This is mainly due to the resumption of business operations after the Spring Festival, the large number of new cars coming on the market, and the new round of price reduction promotion in the auto market, which was encouraged by policies such as trade-in and trade-in. In March, the sales of new energy vehicles achieved significant growth on schedule, continuing the rapid growth momentum year-on-year. This time, many models covered in the new purchase tax reduction and exemption policy are actually hot models in previous months, and the intention of the state to guide the further development of new energy vehicles is very obvious.

Source: China Automobile Association

The implementation of the purchase tax reduction and exemption policy has brought tangible benefits to consumers and injected new vitality into the entire new energy vehicle market. As the "heart" of new energy vehicles, under the constant stimulation of the demand for new energy vehicles, the power battery sector will also usher in a good opportunity, and it can be forward-looking at present.

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Source: Shan Yu Qiu

Exam! Have you read all the recent reports about us in the mainstream media?

During the May 1 International Labor Day holiday, the People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV and other mainstream media published and broadcast many news reports related to the aviation industry. So, have you read all these reports with rich connotations and huge information?

Let’s test it together ~ ~

Top secret before the exam

A survey of mainstream media reports on the aviation industry.



Student number:

1. Multiple choice questions (Only one answer to the following questions is correct. Please choose the correct option from the alternative answers and fill in the serial number of the correct option in brackets. 5 points for each small question, 15 points in total)

1. What does the machining tolerance of () mm mean? This is equivalent to one hundred and twenty-fifth of the diameter of human hair, which is difficult to realize even with CNC machine tools. This is more accurate than the manual filing limit in the textbook, and it comes from the hands of Fang Wenmo, the chief skill expert of the aviation industry Shenyang Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. and the "post-80 s". (Source: Xinhua News Agency’s new media "Pay tribute to ingenuity! They deserve to be praised ")

A. 0.0068 mm

B. 0.00068 mm


Reference answer

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2. On May 1st, 2021, a special program on May 1st International Labor Day was broadcast on CCTV. What is the theme of this program? (Source: CCTV News pays tribute to the workers and welcomes the founding of the party for a hundred years! "Chinese Dream, Labor Beauty-Always March with the Party, New Journey, Special Program of May Day 2021")

A. pay tribute to the workers and welcome the centenary of the founding of the party! Chinese Dream, Labor Beauty —— Always forge ahead with the Party.

B. pay tribute to the workers and welcome the centenary of the founding of the party! Chinese Dream, Labor Beauty —— Always forge ahead with the Party in a new era


Reference answer

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3. The posture adjustment of the fuselage requires extremely high accuracy, and the deviation of each part of the fuselage with a total length of 50 meters cannot exceed () mm.. This is like an elephant, there can be no error in the size of ants. In the past, it took more than a dozen people to work together in one month. Today, it only takes two or three people a day. The team led by Hu Yang has achieved zero breakthrough in digital assembly of large aircraft and fuselage, with a hundred times higher efficiency and millimeter accuracy. (Source: CCTV’s "Great Country Artisans and Skills to Serve the Country", which is broadcast on several key columns of CCTV’s comprehensive channel and news channel. )

A. 0.5 mm

B. 0.05 mm


Reference answer

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Look at the pictures and talk (please match the pictures with appropriate words according to the information provided, with 10 points for each question, totaling 20 points)

4. Please choose an essay for the following pictures.

(Source: Xinhua News Agency, "Dare to melt the sun and the moon and cast ingenuity" model worker "torch in their hands")

A. Fang Wenmo polishes parts in Fang Wenmo’s studio.

B. Fang Wenmo polishes parts in the craftsman’s studio in Daguo.


Reference answer

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5. Please choose an essay for the following pictures.

(Source: CCTV. com, look at "The exposure of the refueling screen of the night sky of the J-15 carrier aircraft")

A. the training of refueling in the air is called "threading the needle in the air" and "centimeter-level flight", and the difficulty is self-evident. It is even more thrilling to carry out this training under the condition of low light at night, and it is also recognized as the top flight course in the world. A few days ago, several J-15 carrier-based fighters of a naval carrier aviation unit continuously carried out night air partner refueling training.

B. The night gave me black eyes, but I used them to look for light.


Reference answer

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Third, reading comprehension (read the written materials provided and answer the corresponding questions, 15 points for each question, a total of 30 points)

6. As soon as the modification training was over, Gu Chenyu immediately bought a plane ticket and flew to Chang Yao’s side. When I saw him at the airport, Chang Yao’s heart was more complicated. In the face of her missing boyfriend, the first feeling turned out to be strange. After a big hug, the small temper and emotions that had been waiting for months finally vanished. Chang Yao said: "This is probably the truest taste of missing." (Excerpt from: People’s Daily new media "Too sweet! It was love at first sight between pilots and aviation engineers.

Excuse me, what exactly is the truest taste of missing in the bold part of the text? ( )

A. my heart is very complicated.

B. The feeling at first sight turned out to be strange. After a big hug, the small temper and emotions that had been waiting for months finally vanished.


Reference answer

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7. Aviation people often say, "There is no parking lot in the air, and there is no regret medicine for flight test". Fang Wenmo said: "Just like playing the piano and throwing basketball, the basic skills of our locksmith depend on boring and monotonous repeated practice until muscle memory is formed." (Excerpt from: Xinhua News Agency’s new media "Pay tribute to ingenuity! They deserve to be praised ")

What does the author want to express through the bold part of the text? ( )

A. Behind the heavy equipment of the country, the high-tech technology and the projects that break through the limits of human beings, it is inseparable from the persistent concentration, Excellence, meticulousness and pursuit of Excellence of the workers who uphold the spirit of artisans.

B. Aircraft flight test cannot be practiced repeatedly.


Reference answer

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Four, composition (35 points)

8. Please pay attention to "Aviation Industry" WeChat WeChat official account, and write your feelings about aviation people and aviation industry in the message! Welcome to grab the sofa.


Reference answer

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I wish the candidates extraordinary performance and excellent results!

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There will be a mysterious gift waiting for you.

Iron powder must be seen.

Original title: "Exam! Have you read all the recent reports about us in the mainstream media? 》

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The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

Although the folding screen did not usher in the expected explosion, the layout of various manufacturers also did not fall. Different from traditional mobile phones, there are various forms of folding screens, including vertical folding screen mobile phones mainly based on Samsung Galaxy Z Filp4 and horizontal folding screen products, but the folding screen products mainly based on horizontal folding scheme are the representatives of this category.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

Up to now, mainstream manufacturers in the market have launched their own new folding screen products. At the same time, the unique experience of folding screen has become an important reason why many consumers are willing to start folding screen mobile phones. In terms of software experience, in the face of the 8-inch large internal screen with an aspect ratio of 4:3.55, vivo X Fold+ has also made many deep adaptations. Through this big screen, users can work, entertain and create more efficiently!

The folding screen takes into account both the traditional mobile phone and the tablet experience, and the application gameplay has become more diverse. Take vivo X Fold+ as an example, it can not only support full-screen display of applications, but also support split-screen display, small window form and small window hanging in sidebar.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

In applications that support split screen, you can open split screen mode by sliding up with three fingers. In split-screen mode, users can run two tasks at a time. You can chat while bilibili is chasing fans, or video conference while recording work notes, or search while reading …

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

In addition, in split-screen mode, we can open two additional applications in the form of small windows, which means that we can do four things on the same big screen at the same time, and we can make full use of the advantages of the big screen. This experience is actually very similar to that of a tablet computer, with higher efficiency than that of a traditional mobile phone. The key folding screen is still relatively portable, and the folding volume is similar to that of a straight board computer.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

In addition to a variety of multi-tasking experiences, vivo X Fold+ is also more suitable for the experience of folding screens. For example, in split-screen state, three dots in the middle of the screen provide operation options such as quitting split-screen, exchanging application positions, displaying on the right desktop, and switching to split-screen arrangement.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

In addition, we can also save two commonly used split-screen applications to the desktop in the form of shortcut icons, so that we don’t need to open the split-screen separately when we use it next time, and it is very convenient to open it directly with one button.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

For the small window, after opening the application, you can enter the small window mode by sliding inward from the lower left corner of the screen. In addition to supporting multi-opening tasks, the small window can also be stored in the sidebar, which can be called by sliding the sidebar when necessary. The overall operation is very smooth and easy to learn, and even the first-time user can get started quickly.

We know that folding screen phones have a unique function, that is, screen hovering, but not all folding screen phones support screen hovering, which mainly depends on the design of hinges.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

Vivo X Fold+ adopts aerospace-grade floating wing hinge, and the "skeleton" is made of zirconium alloy, which also provides support for the whole hinge structure. The hinge design imitates the wing structure of birds and can be opened and closed smoothly.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

In order to achieve hovering of about 60-120, the hinge of vivo X Fold+ is also equipped with NdFeB magnets, which, together with gravity sensors, gyroscopes and Hall sensors on both sides of the fuselage, bring a folding feel with moderate damping.

Hover operation brings more gameplay to vivo X Fold+. For example, when shooting, you can stand your mobile phone on the desktop, and half the screen is used as a "tripod", which is much more stable than hand-held shooting. It is not only suitable for self-timer and video, but also can take some delayed photography and long exposure proofs, which is still highly practical. For people in the workplace, hovering video conferencing will be a good usage. After the mobile phone is placed on the desktop and the screen is folded, the screen will be split in two, and video calls can be displayed at the top, and typing can be performed at the bottom, which is very efficient.

The "exclusive secret skill" that only folding screens have, vivo X Fold+ experience sharing.

For myself, I don’t usually use vivo X Fold+ to take photos and work, and I like it best to watch video dramas. Similarly, we can hover the mobile phone on the desktop, watch movies on the upper screen, and do some simple video control on the lower screen, such as fast forward and fast backward, pause playback control, video volume and brightness control, and so on.


Compared with ordinary mobile phones, folding screens with different shapes are still unfamiliar to most consumers. On the one hand, the price is really not cheap, and the price of 10,000 yuan has discouraged many users. On the other hand, in addition to hardware, software also has a great influence on folding screen mobile phones, which also tests the ability and determination of manufacturers to adapt to the application ecology. Due to the constraints of many conditions, it is a popular trend for folding screens to replace traditional mobile phones. In fact, there is still a long way to go.

Of course, if you are looking for a more novel experience, then vivo X Fold+ is perfect. Vivo X Fold+ has a mature software system, good hardware specifications, and exquisite business design, which is worthy of early adopters.


Although the folding screen did not usher in the expected explosion, the layout of various mobile phone manufacturers also did not fall. Different from traditional mobile phones, there are various forms of folding screens, including vertical folding screen mobile phones based on Samsung Galaxy Z Filp4 and horizontal folding screen products represented by Huawei Mate Xs 2, but the largest number of them are folding screens based on horizontal folding scheme. …

Pay attention to | Create new quality productivity! Beijing Radio and Television Station Artificial Intelligence Media Innovation Laboratory Unveiled

Dynamic broadcasting of mainstream media work at all levels in China

(March 15th-March 18th, 2024)

Create new quality productivity! Beijing Radio and Television Station Artificial Intelligence Media Innovation Laboratory Unveiled

Abstract: On March 16th, the opening ceremony of Beijing Radio and Television Station Artificial Intelligence Media Innovation Laboratory and the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Zhiyuan Artificial Intelligence Research Institute were held in Beijing.

Details: Beijing Radio and Television Station Kashgar Media Center visited the Third Division Media Center to exchange ideas and create a "good media" with "integration".

On March 15th, the Media Integration Center in Kashgar visited the Media Integration Center in the Third Division, aiming at strengthening the media cooperation and exchange between the military and the local areas, and jointly exploring the new direction, new ideas and new measures for the development of deep media integration in the new era.

Details: The large-scale news action of "Chasing Light" of Kaifeng Radio and Television Station, the third division, was broadcast.

Kaifeng Radio and Television Station’s "Chasing Light" large-scale media news action broadcast: "Dreamers" on the road to becoming rich.

Details: Kaifeng Radio and Television Station focuses on new quality productivity! This newspaper held a mobilization meeting for comprehensive reform of media integration and digital intelligence transformation.

On the afternoon of March 15th, the mobilization meeting for the comprehensive reform of media integration and digital intelligence transformation in 2024 was held in Yanfu Popular Newspaper Group. All employees of the group actively participated in the reform with full mental state and strong responsibility, and played the March of "Going to the next mountain and sea together". Zhou Jin, Party Secretary, President and Editor-in-Chief of the Group, made a speech on reform mobilization.

Details: Yanfu Newspaperman National Party Newspaper Media Red Culture and Education and Training Symposium was held in Yudu County.

On March 15th, the national symposium on red culture and education and training of party newspaper media was held in Yudu County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province. Li Yong, executive vice minister of propaganda department of Xiangtan Municipal Committee, Wang Guoqiang, deputy general manager of Hunan Daily Wenlv Group and director of education and training center, Fan Gaonong, deputy general manager of Jiangxi Newspaper Media Group, Liu Xiaoyang, member of the county party group and director of the Central Red Army Long March Assembly and Departure History Museum attended the meeting.


摘要:在习近平总书记视察开封十周年之际本报今日推出特刊:牢记嘱托看变化 开封新时代报告。







Details: Henan Daily Xiantao Rong Media Center: Rong Media Center accelerates the creation of new local mainstream media.

Xiantao Media Center will follow the working idea of "changing style, improving ability, improving quality and efficiency, and accelerating the creation of local new mainstream media", strictly manage the party, strengthen the guidance of party building, strictly guide public opinion, further highlight the priority of mobile, and expand the media matrix; Strengthen the awareness of fine products and renew news reports; Both internal and external publicity will be carried out to show the image of Xiantao, which will provide strong public opinion support and spiritual motivation for Xiantao to "strive for a new 100 billion yuan and build a demonstration area".

Details: The 20th anniversary symposium of Hubei Daily’s client-side popular daily column "Stargazing" was held.

On March 17th, a symposium on the 20th anniversary of "News Review in the Age of Intellectual Media" —— the famous column of Popular Daily "Xiao Tiao Guan Xing" was held in Jinan Borrowing Bookstore. The event was co-sponsored by Shandong Literary Critics Association, Journalism Research Institute of Dazhong Daily and Cultural and Sports Editing Center of Dazhong Daily, undertaken by Shandong Popular Reading Research Institute, and co-organized by Jinan Bookstore. More than 20 experts and scholars from universities, literary circles and the press in the province attended the event.

Original title: "Concern | Create new quality productivity! Beijing Radio and Television Station Artificial Intelligence Media Innovation Laboratory Unveiled "

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The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a blue warning of cold wave+strong convective weather+strong wind.

  CCTV News:According to the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory, the Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a blue warning of cold wave, strong convective weather and strong wind at 6: 00 on November 5.

Central Meteorological Observatory (in China)At 06: 00 on November 5,continueIssue a cold wave blue warning

  Affected by strong cold air, it is predicted that the temperature in the eastern part of northwest China and most parts of central and eastern China will drop by 6 ~ 10℃ from 08: 00 on November 5 to 20: 00 on November 7. Among them, the temperature in parts of central and eastern Inner Mongolia, central and southern Northeast China and central and eastern Jianghuai will drop by 12 ~ 14℃, and the local temperature drop can reach more than 16℃ in southeastern Inner Mongolia, southwestern and eastern Jilin, central and northern Liaoning and central and northern Jiangsu. The lowest temperature appeared on the morning of the 7th, and the lowest temperature 0℃ line will be located in northern Hebei, southern Beijing, southwestern Shanxi, Guanzhong Plain in Shaanxi and southeastern Gansu, and the lowest temperature in most areas along the Yangtze River will drop to about 10℃. There are 4 ~ 6 northerly winds in the north of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and the gusts are 7 ~ 9, and the local level can reach 10; From 5th to 6th, there were 6-8 winds in Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea and East China Sea, and the maximum gust was 9-10.

  Central Meteorological Observatory (in China)At 06: 00 on November 5,continueIssue a blue warning of strong convective weather

  It is estimated that there will be 8-10 thunderstorms or hail weather in parts of southern Anhui, north-central Jiangxi, south-central Hunan, southern Guizhou and north-central Guangxi from 08: 00 on November 5 to 08: 00 on November 6. There will be short-term heavy precipitation in parts of central and southern Anhui, central Jiangsu, western Zhejiang, central and northern Jiangxi, eastern Hubei, most of Hunan, southern Guizhou, most of Guangxi, Hainan Island and other places, with a maximum hourly rainfall of 30-40 mm and a local area of more than 50 mm.

  It is estimated that the main influence period of strong convection is from day to night today.

  Central Meteorological Observatory (in China)11moonfivesun06timecontinueIssue a gale blue warning

  It is estimated that from 08: 00 on November 5 to 08: 00 on November 6, there will be 5-6 grades and 7-6 gusts in central and northern Xinjiang, central and southern Inner Mongolia, eastern Qinghai, central Gansu, Ningxia, northwestern Shaanxi, Shanxi, central and western Hebei, Beijing, eastern Tianjin, northern Henan, eastern Shandong, western Liaoning, western Jilin, southern Heilongjiang, southeastern Hubei, northern Hunan and northwestern Jiangxi. The Bohai Sea, the Bohai Strait, most of the Yellow Sea and the northern part of the East China Sea will have strong winds of magnitude 7-8 and gusts of magnitude 9, among which the winds in the Bohai Strait, parts of the northern and central parts of the Yellow Sea can reach magnitude 9 and gusts of magnitude 10-11.

  From 08: 00 on November 6 to 08: 00 on November 7, there will be strong winds with grades 7-8 and gusts 9-10 in the Bohai Sea, the Bohai Strait, most of the Yellow Sea, the northern part of the East China Sea, the Taiwan Province Strait, the bashi channel, the east of Taiwan Province and the northeastern part of the South China Sea. Among them, the winds in the Bohai Strait, the northern and central parts of the Yellow Sea can reach 9 and the gusts are 10-11; There will be strong winds with 5~6 grades and gusts of 7~8 grades in northern and southern Xinjiang, northern Tibet, central Qinghai, western Gansu, most of Inner Mongolia, most of Heilongjiang, central and western Jilin, northwestern and southern Liaoning, most of Hebei, central Beijing, eastern Tianjin and central and eastern Shandong.

Guests from both sides of the Taiwan Strait gather in Qingdao, Shandong Province to talk about economic and trade exchanges and industrial cooperation.

  Zhongxin. com Qingdao, November 25 (Hu Yaojie and Zhang Xiaopeng) The cross-strait (Qingdao) economic and trade exchange and cooperation conference was held in Shinan District, Qingdao, Shandong Province on the 25th. The conference attracted more than 200 guests from the political and business circles on both sides of the Taiwan Strait to talk about cross-strait economic and trade exchanges and industrial cooperation.

  At the meeting, Zhou Ning, vice president of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait, said in his speech that Taiwanese businessmen and enterprises are supporters, participants and beneficiaries of the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. He believes that with the all-round advancement of Chinese modernization, it will be more favorable for Taiwanese businessmen and enterprises to rely on the strong development support of the motherland and the development stage will be broader. The Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits will continue to improve policies and measures that benefit Taiwan compatriots and enterprises, protect the legitimate rights and interests of Taiwan businessmen and enterprises in accordance with the law, and help them integrate into the new development pattern and participate in high-quality development.

  Li Zhenghong, president of the All-China Association of Taiwan Province Compatriots Investment Enterprises, said that the steady and rapid growth of the mainland economy has injected a shot in the arm for Taiwan-funded enterprises to take root in the development of the mainland. Taking Qingdao, the venue of the conference, as an example, he said that accelerating the construction of a new development pattern and promoting high-quality development have provided new impetus for Qingdao’s development and expanded a broader space for Taiwanese businessmen to share new opportunities for Qingdao’s development. In the future, the National Friendship Association of Taiwan Province Compatriots Investment Enterprises will continue to play a bridge role, leading more Taiwanese businessmen to pay attention to, invest in and take root in Qingdao, and continue to write a new chapter for economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between Qingdao and Taiwan.

  Zhang Liansan, director of the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of Shandong Province, said that Shandong and Taiwan Province have always had frequent exchanges, close cooperation and fruitful results. Taiwan-funded enterprises have made positive contributions to promoting high-quality economic and social development in Shandong. In the future, the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of Shandong Province will continue to promote cross-strait economic exchanges and cooperation, deepen cross-strait integration and development in various fields, and improve the systems and policies for promoting the well-being of Taiwan Province compatriots.

  At the conference, a centralized signing ceremony was held, and a number of cooperations were carried out and theme exchanges were carried out. An exhibition on the achievements of economic and trade integration between Qingdao and Taiwan was held at the conference site, which showed the elegance and development achievements of some Taiwan-funded enterprises in Qingdao. It is reported that this conference, with the theme of "integrating development and creating a win-win situation", is jointly sponsored by Qingdao Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office and Qingdao Taiwan Province Compatriots Investment Enterprise Association, aiming at promoting cross-strait economic and trade exchanges and cooperation. (End)

What is "Jiangnan"

Author: Hu Yifeng

At the opening ceremony of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, the "osmanthus drum", qiantang bore, green water and green mountains, elegant national style, poetry and painting of Jiangnan and the humanistic Asian Games complement each other, which vividly shows the freshness, agility, massiness and elegance contained in the cultural image of "Jiangnan". Looking back at the literary and artistic works that have been popular in recent years, such as the dance drama "Never Gone Radio Wave" and "Only Green", and the Spring Festival Evening program "Memorizing Jiangnan" and "Jibu Bridge", many of them have their own "Jiangnan style". So, what is "Jiangnan"? How is the "Jiangnan Faner" tempered?

In the Song Dynasty, Liu Yong’s "Looking at the Tide of the Sea" begins with the saying that "the southeast is victorious, the three Wu cities are prosperous since ancient times", and the "three Wu" and "Qiantang" here are important geographical symbols and pronouns of Jiangnan. The description in the poem, "Sanqiu Guizi, Shili Lotus", "Qiang Guan Qing, Ling Ge Pan Night" has been passed down through the ages, which can be described as exquisite. But it is somewhat exaggerated to say that this place has been prosperous since ancient times. Even if we put aside the corner of Hangzhou, from the perspective of the broad "Jiangnan", this "land of beauty" repeatedly chanted by poets has gone through a long evolution process before it has completed its own cultural shaping.

Photo of Wu Guanzhong in Suzhou Water Street

"Jiangnan" literally means south of the Yangtze River, but its meaning has changed in different contexts. Jiangnan, which is commonly known today, is also known as Jiangdong or Jiangzuo in history. "Jiangdong", which is "thinking about Xiang Yu so far and refusing to cross Jiangdong", generally includes "Jiangnan" in people’s minds today. The TV series "nirvana in fire" is set in the Southern Liang Dynasty in the south of the Yangtze River, and Mei Changsu’s nickname is "Jiang Zuo Mei Lang". There was a "Jiangnan Road" in the Tang Dynasty, covering a vast area, including most areas south of the Yangtze River. Since then, "Jiangnan", as the concept of administrative division, has changed with the changes of dynasties, and gradually withdrew from the historical stage until the Qing Dynasty. As a geographical concept, "Jiangnan" is gradually fixed as Suzhou, Songjiang, Changzhou, Hangzhou, Jiaxing and Huzhou in Taihu Lake Basin. It is also in the historical evolution of cultural exchanges and accumulation that culture has outperformed the frequent changes of administrative divisions with its unique charm, and fixed the poetic Jiangnan in the history of Chinese civilization.

In fact, in the eyes of people in the Central Plains in the pre-Qin period, Jiangnan was a barbarian land with tattooed hair, and its man Shang Yong was aggressive, which was quite different from the "Jiangnan Fan" that people are familiar with today. From the Qin Dynasty to the early Han Dynasty, most areas in the south of the Yangtze River were still in the primitive agricultural era of "plowing with fire and water". Although "there are no people who are frozen and hungry, and there is no family with a daughter", and because "the south of the Yangtze River is wet and her husband dies young", the image of this land in people’s minds at that time is not lovely. When Jia Yi was demoted as a teacher of Changsha King in the Western Han Dynasty, he was worried about life in the south, fearing that he would not live long. However, it didn’t take long for the situation to change quietly. After the Han dynasty, the global temperature dropped, and the climate in the south of the Yangtze River became suitable for farming and living, which ushered in a godsend opportunity to change one’s life and rebuild oneself. If land reclamation and economic development have laid a material foundation for the prosperity of Jiangnan, then profound and extensive cultural exchanges have continuously injected vitality into the formation of "Jiangnan Faner".

Historically, during the Qin and Han Dynasties, the Han Dynasty, and the period from the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Three Kingdoms, especially after the Yongjia Rebellion in the Western Jin Dynasty, the Anshi Rebellion in the Tang Dynasty, and the Jingkang Rebellion in the Northern Song Dynasty, the cultural spread and integration with the large-scale migration of population as the carrier conformed to the general trend of natural environment changes, refreshing the face of Jiangnan again and again, and prompting "Jiangnan" to enter its own cultural time.

Historian Qian Mu thinks: "When the Eastern Jin Dynasty crossed to the south, the Yangtze River basin formally represented the traditional China". After Yongjia, a large number of aristocratic families from the Central Plains took refuge in the south. Most of them had high cultural attainments. The elegant aristocratic culture injected poetic connotation into Jiangnan at that time, which effectively promoted the transformation from "wuyue Wind" to "Jiangnan Culture". "Sui Shu" wrote about the cultural situation in the Southern and Northern Dynasties, saying: "Clothes and objects, pictures and notes, and broadcasting and moving, all belong to Jiangzuo. On the occasion of the Jin and Song Dynasties, there were many studies, and between Qi and Liang, the history was rich. " During this period, many important cultural achievements came from northern immigrants or their descendants. Fan Zhen’s Theory of Deity Extinction, Zhong Rong’s Poems, Zhou Xingsi’s Thousand-Character Works and Liu Xie’s Wen Xin Diao Long are all examples. In the Tang Dynasty, the wealth and prosperity of Taihu Lake basin became more and more obvious. "It was endowed with the world and Jiangnan lived in the 19th … Zhejiang and Zhejiang lived in the 19th, while Susong Changjiahu was based on the 19th of Zhejiang." After the Anshi Rebellion, "most of the gentry crossed the river east with their families", in the words of the poet Li Bai, "all the well-dressed men in the world avoided Soochow, and Yongjia moved south, but they were not satisfied here". According to some scholars’ statistics, from the perspective of the number of poets in the whole Tang Dynasty, the north far surpassed the south, but after the Anshi Rebellion, the number of poets in the south increased substantially, which was comparable to that in the north.

People’s West Lake Feng Zikai information picture

With the change of Jingkang, the Song Dynasty moved southward, and Jiangnan made further efforts on the road of cultural development. As Jin Fu said in Qing Dynasty, Jiangnan was just a country before Han and Tang Dynasties. Since Qian Liu stole it, the Southern Song Dynasty was peaceful, and the people gathered together to make a land monarch, so it became a fortune. According to research, this great population migration began in 1126 (the first year of Jingkang) and lasted until 1279, with a total population of 5 million, which greatly exceeded the population in the south. Long-lasting immigrants spread throughout the Yangtze River basin and even today’s Hainan Island, and the largest distribution of immigrants is in Jiangnan, where the political center of the Southern Song Dynasty is located. On the one hand, "most of the scholars in the northwest are in Qiantang", where many scholars and great scholars gather, and scholars such as Li Qingzhao and Xin Qiji stay, which greatly promotes the development of culture and scholarship; On the other hand, the gathering of a large number of professional artists has promoted the prosperity of citizens’ culture. According to The Old Story of Wulin, there were more than 20 places of entertainment "Wazi" inside and outside Hang Cheng in the Southern Song Dynasty, and the audience reached more than a thousand people for a long time. There are more than 50 cultural performances and more than 500 artists. They either tell historical stories and folk legends, or perform acrobatic circus or acrobatic shadow play.

When the stars move, the text will follow. When history marched into the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Jiangnan culture was presented to the world in a mature and gorgeous manner. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, on average, more than one out of every seven scholars came from Jiangnan. A quarter of the top scholars in the Ming Dynasty came from Jiangnan. Jiangnan accounted for more than half of the top scholars in Qing Dynasty, so that Wang Wan, a scholar in Suzhou, called the top scholar a local "native product". The pride in the imperial examination field reflects the overall improvement of Jiangnan cultural strength. As the cultural symbols of this period, most of the famous works such as Dream of Red Mansions, Sanyan Erpai and Peony Pavilion are imprinted with Jiangnan, and it is these cultural classics that directly shape the image of Jiangnan that has been passed down to this day.

It can be seen that "Jiangnan Faner" is a product of history. As the saying goes, "the southeast is endowed with wealth, and the literati in the left of the river are lost". The description of the scenery in the south of the Yangtze River and the interpretation of the cultural spirit in the south of the Yangtze River are the key points to promote this historical process. As mentioned above, "Jiangnan" generally corresponds to Taihu Lake Basin geographically, and its most moving, popular and refined expression is "there is heaven above and Suzhou and Hangzhou below". If you compare "Jiangnan Faner" to a gorgeous costume, Suzhou and Hangzhou are undoubtedly the most competent models. The fame of Suzhou and Hangzhou has spread hand in hand, and it is inseparable from the literati’s wonderful pen. According to Chai Degeng’s research, Suzhou and Hangzhou even started from Bai Juyi, and Suzhou and Hangzhou were mentioned five times in his poems, such as "Suzhou and Hangzhou were once famous counties", "Suzhou and Hangzhou are famous counties in the south of the Yangtze River" and "I am 57 years old, and I am honored" in Three Songs of My Year. Party A and Party B have three subjects, and Suzhou and Hangzhou are the owners. I am even more proud that I have worked in Suzhou and Hangzhou.

Among Bai Juyi’s many poems about Jiangnan, Recalling Jiangnan is the most popular, which vividly expresses his attachment to Jiangnan. When we read this famous article, we will find that "water" is one of the most important contents in Jiangnan images. Geographically, "the terrain leans to the southeast, and Wu Zhi is in the lowest position in the southeast, so it is advisable to have more water". In this water town, Zeguo, the ancestors explored a complete water conservancy system, "to drain it in case of prostitution, and to irrigate it in dry years." From Xie Lingyun’s Poems on Mountain Living and Zhang Yuan’s Poems on Southern Expedition in the Southern Dynasties to Su Shi’s Poems and Songs on the South of the Yangtze River, to Zhu Ziqing’s Poems and Songs on Qinhuai River and Feng Zikai’s Poems and Songs on the South of the Yangtze River in modern times, the appearance rate of "water" is probably the highest.

There are many boats when there is more water. Water and boats constitute the unique geographical environment and lifestyle of Jiangnan, and also shape the aesthetic background of Jiangnan style. The Night Sailing Boat by Zhang Dai in Ming Dynasty is a online celebrity book with a score of 9 on a reading website, and its creativity comes from the unique landscape of "Night Sailing Boat" prevailing in the south of the Yangtze River. In water towns, boats are used in all aspects of life. There are "book boats" for buying books, "account boats" for collecting rent, "doctor boats" for visiting doctors, "wedding boats" for marrying brides, and "incense boats" for serving pilgrims. Jiangnan people, "not only husbands can operate boats, but also women can." There are also groups who make a living on the boat, just as the fishing song in Yangcheng Lake sings, "A net boat is the world, and the reed is used as a tile cabin as a bed." The bow of the boat cooks food, and the clothes are hung in the boat. " The ship in the south of the Yangtze River has a meaning beyond daily necessities and directly involved in cultural production and consumption. Chongzhen’s "Songjiang Prefecture Records" records that "at the beginning, there were sailing boats, mountain boats, seat boats and long-distance boats, but now they are wave boats, floor boats, Zhu Lan, Cuimu, Jingru and Jinglu", which shows that the boats are diverse and rich. Li E, a Qing Dynasty writer, wrote the Book of Lake Boats specially for the cruise ships in Hangzhou West Lake, which recorded nearly 100 kinds of cruise ships. In the Qing Dynasty, Suzhou, Jinling and other places also provided catering services for cruise ships, which were called "traveling boats" and "fire eating boats". Ships are not only used to swim the lake, but also used as a "stage". In this regard, there is a vivid record in the notes of the Qing Dynasty, "Su Jun feasted on the gods of the New Year, and every time he played on the bow of the Huqiu Mountain Pond. There is a theater in the boat, and dishes are prepared at the stern. The audience also called Sha Fei, Niu Tongue and other ships to be alongside them. ""Every year, we race the city and drive the railing barge in partnership.Traveling between Shanbang and Yefangbang, hoping to sell their skills. Every time you arrive at a boat, you must put on your robe and hat, hand in your eyes, and bow in the front cabin. Moving out, the value of the cable ranges from one to two hundred. " Even Martino Martini, a missionary who came to Hangzhou in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, said, "It’s true that rowing on the lake is more comfortable and pleasant than anything else in the world.". In modern times, all kinds of ships active in water towns are still an indispensable part of Jiangnan style. In Lu Xun’s "Social Drama", he watched the play on the bow and cooked the arhat beans on the boat, which is the case. When Feng Zikai lived in Tongxiang’s hometown, he often put books, clothes and other things into the "painting boat". Wherever he shook it "by night", he went ashore to sketch and paint, and the interesting works such as "The Barber Shop in the Wild" and "Three Empresses" were born in this way.

Culture in the south of the Yangtze River is picturesque, full of melodies, intoxicating and profound, which is dizzying and unforgettable. For thousands of years, Jiangnan Faner, which has been refined in the frequent interaction between nature and humanity, history and humanity, fortune and human feelings, has been active in the literary world with its unique charm, condensed in local customs and folk customs, and engraved into people’s lives and memories.

Guangming Daily (16th edition, October 20th, 2023)

Source: Guangming Net-Guangming Daily

Liu Yifei was photographed in the hospital and was accidentally worn by netizens. The baby was white and glowing.

On September 17th, some netizens ran into Liu Yifei filming in the hospital on the public platform, which triggered a heated discussion.

The netizen wrote in the photo: "The goddess is beautiful. The yellow skirt is really beautiful, white and thin. It is very eye-popping in the crowd."

In the exposed photos, Liu Yifei’s head is long and white, and she caresses the little girl’s hair from time to time, which is very gentle.

Another netizen also took photos at the scene and praised Liu Yifei: "This woman should only be in the sky, and the world can get a few times."

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"Fairy Sister" Liu Yifei is 36 years old! Tang Yan sent birthday wishes for 9 years in a row, and Kara Wai took a photo of his face. 1314: Happy birthday, Princess Sisi, love you forever.

On August 25th, Liu Yifei, the fairy elder sister, celebrated her 36th birthday, and Tang Yan, Kara Wai, took photos and sent birthday wishes.

At noon that day, Tang Yan took a beautiful photo of Liu Yifei and sent her birthday wishes: "Happy birthday, dear Princess Sissi, may everything you hope for be safe and everything you wish for come true! Everything is beautiful around you! "

It is reported that this is the ninth consecutive year that Tang Yan sent birthday wishes to Liu Yifei.

Later, Kara Wai, who collaborated with Liu Yifei on Ghost Story, took a photo and sent a blessing: "Happy birthday, I love you forever!" She also deliberately stuck 1314, very attentively.

In the photo, Liu Yifei and Kara Wai took a selfie with their shoulders pressed against their faces, and they were in excellent condition.

According to public information, Liu Yifei was born on August 25th, 1987, and she was titled "Sister of the Immortal" when she debuted. She once starred in the Golden Powder Family, Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man, The Condor Heroes, Eight Dragons, Bronze Sparrow, Mulan, Dream of China and other works.

The latest ranking of the Basketball World Cup was released: the French men’s basketball team topped the list, and the China men’s basketball team rose to 16th place.

On August 5th, Beijing time, after each team played in the warm-up match, the strength ranking of the World Cup teams changed. The French men’s basketball team rose to the first place, the American men’s basketball team ranked second, the Australian men’s basketball team ranked third, and the China men’s basketball team rose to the sixteenth place, which was recognized.

As we all know, Li Kaier officially joined the China Men’s Basketball Team and has been training with the team. Although the performance of the China men’s basketball team in the first three warm-up matches was very poor, after the adjustment, the China men’s basketball team won two consecutive victories, beating the Egyptian men’s basketball team and the Cape Verdean men’s basketball team successively, with excellent performance. Although Li Kaier didn’t play, his performance in training was excellent, and he was praised by China men’s basketball coach Jorjevich, which is expected to help China men’s basketball team get Olympic tickets.

In addition, this year’s American men’s basketball team has no big-name stars to join, which also gives other teams a chance to win the championship. At present, the French men’s basketball team, the Australian men’s basketball team, the Spanish men’s basketball team, the Slovenian men’s basketball team, the Canadian men’s basketball team, the German men’s basketball team and the Lithuanian men’s basketball team are all the main players, and they are expected to challenge the American men’s basketball team. In addition, Jokic, the core player of China’s opponent Serbia’s men’s basketball team in the group match, decided not to play in the World Cup, so the strength of Serbia’s men’s basketball team declined obviously and missed the championship.

In addition, from the current situation, the gap between the teams in this World Cup is not big, so the game is bound to be very exciting and worth looking forward to by all fans! ! !

In 2023, 2.3 million people participated in the first month of the National Fitness Online Games, and the exposure exceeded 1.1 billion.

On May 20th, 2023, the National Fitness Online Games was launched for one month. According to statistics, more than 30 events have been launched (including finished events), and the number of direct participants has exceeded 2.3 million. The number of completion certificates for each event has exceeded 1.7 million, and the number of special page views of the event has exceeded 270 million. The exposure of related news dissemination in the whole network has exceeded 1.1 billion. In addition, 2000+ scientific fitness guidance videos were launched on the Mi Gu video platform.

One month after the launch of the national fitness online sports meeting, the number of participants, the amount of certificates issued and the media exposure of the event have increased significantly compared with the same period of last year, giving full play to the unique advantages of the Internet in promoting national fitness. Judging from the growth trend of the number of online events and the number of participants, the 2023 National Fitness Online Games will serve the grassroots fitness people more vertically and accurately, and further lower the technical threshold for people to participate in national fitness through innovative online participation. By introducing ice and snow events to cover the whole sports scene, this event is expected to achieve the goals of "participation of all ages" and new breakthroughs in the number of participants.

Highlights of the event: millions of employees of State Grid walked on foot, and 49 local football associations participated in the national football challenge.

As of May 20th, the 2023 National Fitness Online Games has been launched (including finished games) in more than 30 events, with more than 2.3 million participants. According to the sports, it is divided into five categories: cycling events, walking events, chess games, ball games and exhibition events, which basically cover the daily needs of the masses for sports and fitness scenes.

Among the running events, the China -2023 National Fitness Online Games, the "Walking the Grand Canal" National Fitness Walking, the 2023 Beijing Citizen Online Running Activity, the 2023 Vanke National City Music Running Competition, the healthy running for youth, the third "Iron Man China" online challenge and other events have aroused extensive participation of the masses, with a total number of participants exceeding 1.68 million, which is the sports event with the largest overall participation at present. In particular, a total of 1,003,400 employees of the World Wide Web participated in the online walking activity of "Learning 20 Striving New Journey" held by State Grid Platform S365 in 2023.

In the ball games, the National Football Challenge launched by China Football Association was officially launched on May 15th, and gained wide attention and participation. The preparatory work of China Football Association was earnest and solid, and special notices were issued to all member units in the country to encourage local football associations to participate. At present, 49 local football associations in China are actively organizing events, and the China Football Association also launched the AFC Grassroots Football Day-National Football Challenge event offline.

Highlights of communication: It was unanimously praised by all media, and Weibo’s topic reading broke 200 million.

The 2023 National Fitness Online Games has been highly concerned and widely praised by the media and the masses since its launch. As of May 20th, the exposure of the whole network media of the event has exceeded 1.1 billion. The central media, Internet portals, sports industry media, local newspapers and magazines, self-media and other media have all given continuous follow-up reports on the event activities, thus helping the event to achieve a comprehensive, vertical and three-dimensional full coverage communication.

After the 2023 National Fitness Online Games was launched on April 20th, dozens of central media, such as People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency and CCTV, intensively reported the launching ceremony of the online games, and southern window and other media made in-depth original reports on the games. Interactive videos of badminton Olympic champion Chen Long, freestyle skiing winter Olympic champion Xu Mengtao, swimming Olympic champion Wang Shun, rhythmic gymnastics champion Dani and other athletes were launched on major short video platforms for the first time.

After the events of the 2023 National Fitness Games were launched one after another, the Sports Center of the General Administration of Sport, national individual sports associations, provincial and municipal sports bureaus, local sports associations, national college sports colleges, social instructors of various provinces and cities, and cooperation platforms of various events all carried out diversified fission communication in combination with their own actual conditions, thus making the 2023 National Fitness Online Games go deep into grassroots organizations and people such as grassroots communities, universities and grassroots associations.

Social media platforms represented by Weibo, Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker have successfully helped the online national fitness games in 2023 to achieve accurate and vertical interactive communication. Taking Weibo as an example, the reading volume of related topics in Weibo has exceeded 200 million, including 91.27 million in #2023 National Fitness Online Games, 94.063 million in # Athlete Imitation Show and 24.45 million in # Outdoor Stadium Season. In addition, Weibo jointly promoted the topic # Fashion # with a reading volume of 1.51 billion and # Hello Mayday # with a reading volume of 660 million. On May 13-14, 2023, the National Fitness Online Games ranked among the recommended resources in Weibo, and on May 16, it was recommended by Weibo, which achieved the effect of circle-breaking communication.