Lv Xiaoming, a famous basketball player, and Chen Jiawei, a rope skipping teenager, helped China’s sports development with 361 during the Asian Games torch relay.

Lv Xiaoming, a famous basketball player, and Chen Jiawei, a rope skipping teenager, helped China’s sports development with 361 during the Asian Games torch relay.

Flames jump in the sun, cheers spread in the crowd, and the torch relay of Hangzhou Asian Games is in full swing. In this grand ceremony, the torchbearers holding the flame high are undoubtedly the focus of the camera. They are outstanding representatives from all walks of life, but also important messengers of the Asian Games spirit.

As professional athletes in their respective fields, Lv Xiaoming, a famous basketball player, and Chen Jiawei, a jumping rope star, are also among the torchbearers of the Hangzhou Asian Games. With vigorous posture, they hand in hand with 361 to pass on "China Love" to the next stick.

Lv Xiaoming, a famous basketball player, loves never to leave.

"As long as you get to the stadium, you are very passionate, that is, love! Basketball is very important in my life. " Lv Xiaoming used to be a famous defender in China Men’s Basketball Professional League, and became the assists king in CBA League for three consecutive seasons, and was also selected for the China Men’s Basketball Team. Because of his love for basketball, he still paid attention to the future and development of basketball in China after retiring, and took root in basic basketball training. Over the years, he trained a large number of young players and became one of their first mentors. He also opened the basketball camp-"Lv Xiaoming basketball camp" in his own name, and now the training camp has become a resounding signboard in the field of domestic basketball youth training, which has been recognized by both inside and outside the industry.

Lv Xiaoming’s love for sports and his support for youth sports coincide with 361. For a long time, 361 has invested a lot of resources and energy in the field of youth sports, and its own IP "Touching the ground and burning" has been established as a professional basketball event, which has specially added junior group events. On May 13th, Lv Xiaoming and 361 jointly launched the # Assisting Future # program, and jointly launched the "Touching the Ground and Burning Young basketball camp" in Chengdu, and served as the head coach of 361 Junior Basketball, personally guiding the younger generation of basketball fans and igniting their basketball enthusiasm and dreams.

Chen Jiawei, a jumping rope star, insists on making breakthroughs.

Chen Jiawei, who has been selected into the national skipping team for many times, participated in the World Skipping Championships and the Asian Skipping Championships, and is a member of the lecturer group of the Guangzhou Skipping Association. At the age of 17, he has achieved * in various competitions at home and abroad and won numerous awards.

Chen Jiawei’s close friend relationship with 361 was established in sports, and he was a loyal user of 361. In his view, 361 brand is professional, young and energetic, and its sports equipment surprises him in comfort, wear resistance, scientific and technological content and design. Now he wears professional rope skipping equipment provided by 361 in every training and competition, especially the rebound and shock absorption of rope skipping shoes and other scientific and technological applications have greatly helped him.

Chen Jiawei is a representative in the field of youth sports, and 361 continues to empower more teenagers who love sports like him. Not long ago, in the 2023 World Rope Skipping Championship, 361 helped China rope skipping national team to win 20 gold, 11 silver and 5 bronze medals, and broke four world records in succession, contributing to promoting the health of Chinese teenagers.

For ordinary people, skipping is a simple and economical way of exercise, which can be used for entertainment and physical exercise, but for professional skipping athletes, it is a sport that needs repeated practice, and it takes persistence day after day to achieve a breakthrough and achieve good results.

Chen Jiawei once said: "If I encounter difficulties in training, I will practice more myself, such as speed skipping. If I can’t break my best result, I will work harder on speed. Of course, the speed of training may be boring and you need to jump very simply, which requires long-term persistence to break through yourself. "

Chen Jiawei’s love for the sport of skipping rope is also poured behind her persistence. Chen Jiawei said frankly that he was selected by the teacher to join the skipping team at first, and he held the mentality of "giving it a try", but he gradually became fond of this sport in the process of trying, and now skipping has become a career he loves. Not only that, Chen Jiawei said that sports are contagious and influenced by himself. Many students around him also love sports as much as him, and often run and play ball together.

andThree hundred and sixty-oneHand in hand to help "China loves, from generation to generation"

Both Lv Xiaoming and Chen Jiawei are influencing more teenagers with their own personal experiences and practical actions, and vividly interpreting the connotation of "China’s love is passed down from generation to generation".

Nowadays, Lv Xiaoming and Chen Jiawei, as athletes who have made great achievements in their respective fields, have been selected as the torchbearers of the Asian Games to participate in the torch relay, which is also recognition and encouragement for their professional strength in sports. At the same time, 361, as a national sports brand of China *, has been deeply involved in the field of sports specialty for many years, committed to providing sports enthusiasts with high-quality sports equipment and support, and has sponsored many large-scale international sports events such as the Asian Games and the Olympic Games, and has become one of the most important "boosters" for the development of sports in China. The combination of professional athletes and professional sports brands will provide strong support for the development of sports in China.

The torch relay of the Asian Games is connected with the past, symbolizing inheritance and conveying a positive spirit. With the help of this important ceremony, Lv Xiaoming and Chen Jiawei passed on their persistence and love for sports to more people. At the same time, as the official partner of the four consecutive Asian Games, 361 is once again facing the world, so that more people can see the strength and elegance of China’s national sports brand!


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