The young footballer will not admit defeat: a victory at the end of three years.

The young footballer will not admit defeat: a victory at the end of three years.

  On August 15th, Beijing Evening News reported that in recent years, the Hundred Teams Cup has opened a children’s group, which has truly realized that football starts with dolls, and many parents have teamed up with their dolls to participate in the Hundred Teams Cup. There is such a team called "elite football team" in the primary school group of the 31st Beijing Evening News Sports Window Hundred Teams Cup this year. These children have teamed up to participate in the Hundred Teams Cup children’s group since they were five years old. This year, they are all seven years old.

  Two years ago, parents (Weibo) formed this "elite football team" for their children and participated in the 29th Hundred Teams Cup with great interest. I didn’t know that on the field, I didn’t win one of the five games, and I lost 21 goals, which made the children cry. Ms. Wang, the parent of striker Xiao Jiang, said: "My son always watches Guoan players play football and especially likes Guoan team. We also support him to play football, but we didn’t expect such a big gap with others. Our original plan was like the national football team in 2002. The goal of the competition was to score a goal and win a game, and strive to qualify for the group. As a result, we didn’t score a goal, but it was all a net negative goal. " In fact, Xiao Jiang’s family is the staff of the Guoan team. The family fully supports Xiao Jiang and the elite team, and they are somewhat unyielding.

  In the second year, elite teams began to train every weekend. As long as parents have time, everyone will gather in the Olympic Sports Park to charter the venue and let the children train together. The weekend training was really effective. In the 30th Hundred Teams Cup, the elite team finally scored for the first time. But after five games, the dolls still haven’t won a victory.

  This year, the dolls of the elite team have all been promoted from kindergarten to the first grade of primary school. The distance between schools has not widened the distance between elite young players, but the strength of the team has expanded. Mr. Chen, the leader of the elite team, said: "In recent years, we will meet with all the strong teams in Beijing every weekend, and we will learn from each other. The children’s level has improved and our parents have also known each other. The children exercised with the ball and the parents became friends with the game. "

  This year, in the first match of the 31st Hundred Teams Cup, the elite team swept their opponents 11-0 and won their first victory in the Cup. The little players clap their hands with the team leader and coach again and again to celebrate the victory. This kind of happiness can’t be exchanged for any money. However, in the next four games, the elite team won 2 games and lost 2 games, and still failed to qualify for the group. However, parents say that they just love watching children’s energy, winning laughter and losing tears, and they can face setbacks positively and act like men. Next year’s Hundred Teams Cup, we will come again.

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