Manchester City, which is fighting on the third line this season, wants to create team history?

Manchester City, which is fighting on the third line this season, wants to create team history?

At the beginning of the season, Manchester City’s first team brought in Harland, Phillips, Gomez and Akanji, which cost a total of 139.5 million euros.

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First of all, let’s talk about the league. Arsenal has always occupied the top position in the league this season, but in Saturday’s game, Arsenal drew 3-3 at home with Southampton, and the league suffered three consecutive games. In the case of two more games, it was only 5 points ahead of Manchester City, the second place. This third-line Manchester City has given great hope of overtaking in corners, and there will be a showdown between Manchester City and Arsenal. If Manchester City can win Arsenal and win the rest of the games, then Manchester City will defend the Premier League title this season.

Premier League standings

In the Champions League match with Bayern in the middle of the week, Guardiola led the team to advance to the semi-finals of the Champions League with a total score of 4:1 with one win and one draw. This is the third consecutive year that Manchester City has reached the semi-finals of the Champions League. In the first two years, it fell on the way to the finals and semi-finals. With this year’s team configuration and the momentum of beating Bayern, Manchester City vowed to win the first big ear cup in the team’s history this year. Next, Manchester City will play away against Real Madrid, the king of the Champions League, on May 10th and face Real Madrid at home on the 18th. Whoever advances from these two teams will be this year’s Champions League champion. But personally, I am more optimistic about Manchester City’s promotion to the final, and this year is also the best time for Manchester City to win the Champions League.

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In the early morning of this morning, the semi-final of the 2022-2023 FA Cup was held at Wembley Stadium. In this game, Manchester City striker Mahrez scored three goals with a penalty and two sports goals to help the team advance to the FA Cup final. He also became the first player to score a hat trick in the FA Cup semi-final since Alex Dawson of Manchester United in 1958. The team scored 17 goals and conceded 0 goals in the FA Cup this season, becoming another team that reached the FA Cup final without conceding 0 goals since Everton in 1965-1966. The final opponent will be the winner between Brighton Seagull and Red Devils Manchester United.

FA Cup score

Summary: In the current state of Manchester City, it is not difficult to win the Hammers in the league. The key is to compete with Arsenal for the championship by six points. Today’s Arsenal League is in a low state with three consecutive draws. Facing Manchester City’s title race, it is also stressful. There is no doubt that this season’s Manchester City is very promising to hit the triple crown honor. If it really comes true, it will rival Manchester United’s triple crown glory. For Manchester United, this is a challenge to keep the record, and Guardiola will also break the curse that he can’t win the big ear cup after leaving Barcelona and Messi. We will wait and see.


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