When I go home for the New Year, I want to blow the audience (with 23 beauty products recommended)

When I go home for the New Year, I want to blow the audience (with 23 beauty products recommended)

The Spring Festival is coming soon. Before meeting relatives, friends and classmates from all walks of life, do we have to prepare carefully and whitewash our faces?

In this issue, Xiao Daochang specially compiled a beauty and skin care strategy to help everyone burst into the audience!

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The foundation of skin care is moisturizing. If moisturizing is not done well, no matter how gorgeous makeup is, it is no use.

Xiaodaochang made a word-of-mouth comparison of 22 popular moisturizing creams from six aspects: moisturizing, absorbability, skin feeling, texture, smell and gentleness.

Below 200 yuan, we recommend Muscle Research Extreme Moisturizing Cream and Baique Ling Moisturizing Essence; In the price range from 200 yuan to 500 yuan, we recommend Clarins Moisturizing Cream and Yuemu Source Caffeine Revitalizing Moisturizing Curd; Above 500 yuan, we recommend Estee Lauder fresh and bright red pomegranate cream.

If we only look at the moisturizing effect,FAB soothing repair cream, Elizabeth Ya Dun compound cream, Kiehl’s high moisturizing cream, Estee Lauder fresh and bright red pomegranate cream, SK-II revitalizing essence cream.It will stand out.

Feeling that moisturizing cream is not enough, many people will focus on anti-wrinkle cream. It’s just that anti-wrinkle can’t be achieved immediately. It’s a long skin care project.

Xiaodaochang made a word-of-mouth comparison of 16 popular anti-wrinkle creams from seven aspects: firming anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, absorption, skin feeling, texture, smell and gentleness.

We recommend the price range from 100 yuan to 500 yuan.HBN retinol firming and revitalizing night cream; We recommend the price range from 500 yuan to 1000 yuan.Kiehl’s multiple firming face cream; Above 1000 yuan, we recommend it.Guerlain Royal Orchid Cream.

If we only look at the effect of firming and anti-wrinkle,Helena rubinstein revitalizing and soothing cream, Xiulike firming and firming essence cream, HBN retinol firming and firming night cream, Kiehl’s multiple firming and firming face cream, Clarins revitalizing and elastic night cream.It will stand out.

Time is urgent. If you can’t start from skin care, you need air cushion foundation to save the field. Xiao Daochang measured 14 kinds of air cushion foundations and powder pastes, and recommended 3 kinds of air cushion foundations to Jimei.

The first paragraph isAijing 20 Essence Concealer Foundation. The face is natural, the concealer effect is good, the makeup is ok, and the makeup is slightly removed at the end of the day.

The second paragraph isNARS bright and durable air cushion liquid foundation. Obedience, no floating powder, natural makeup, may not be suitable for large oil skin.

The third paragraph isL ‘Oré al’s Constant Glowing Glossy Matte Concealer Lightpad Cream. The concealer effect is amazing, the skin color is well-balanced, and the makeup feeling is a little thick, but the makeup effect is good.

As the saying goes, "make the finishing point", eye shadow can be said to be the sublimation part of the whole makeup. Xiao Chang measured 22 kinds of eye shadows and recommended two kinds of eye shadow discs to Jimei.

The first paragraph isTOM FORD Magic Classic Four-color Eye Shadow Disc. It has the reputation of "Hermes" in eye shadow. The whole color scheme makes the eye makeup look Leng Yan and intellectual, the addition of peach color reveals a little liveliness, and the silver thin flash point is painted in the center of the eyelid, which is quite layered.

The simple four colors are full in color and fine in powder. After the model tried it out, she commented that the smudge was very good, the flash was a little flying, and the dosage of the deepest color should be controlled, otherwise it would easily turn into smoky makeup.

The second paragraph isUrban Decay Naked Eye Shadow Disc. Warm matte earth color system, with a shimmering pearl, no color can be left idle. After the model tried it out, she made a crazy call, and her eyes were clean and clear, low-key and gentle. The overall color test of the arm is quite harmonious, with high color rendering and fine powder. Matte colors are quite friendly to swollen eyelids.

White becomes a light and becomes the most beautiful baby in the crowd. How to choose whitening essence?

Xiaodaochang made a word-of-mouth comparison of 16 popular whitening essences from seven aspects: whitening, spot fading, lightening, moisturizing, absorption, skin feeling and gentleness.

Below 500 yuan, we recommend.Olay white plastic essence, L ‘Oré al scientific whitening triple white essence, Clinique whitening multi-effect essence.; Above 500 yuan, we recommend it.Ou Tili Zhenmei Brightening and Whitening Essence, Clarins Brightening and Whitening Spot Essence, Kiehl’s Brightening and Whitening Balanced Brightening and Lightening Spot Essence.

If we only look at whitening, lightening and lightening,Ou Ti Li Zhen Mei Brightening Essence, Clarins Brightening Whitening Spotting EssenceIt will stand out.

Among them,Ou Ti Li Zhen Mei Brightening EssenceThis product has a sales history of more than 20 years, and the patented ingredient is grape seed extract. In addition, the formula also contains other antioxidant and repair components, including vitamin E acetate, bisabolol and squalane.

Oh, oh, by the way, hair can’t be ignored, and a beautiful hair fills the temperament in an instant.

In this paper, 14 hot-selling repair shampoos were compared in terms of softness, anti-rashness, cleanliness, refreshment, dandruff removal and smell.

We recommendDove Intensive Nourishing and Repairing Shampoo, Sassoon Repairing Water-nourishing Shampoo, Pan Ting Deep Bubble Hydrating and Moisturizing Water-nourishing Shampoo (nourishing type), Kashi Nourishing and Constant Care Shampoo No.2..

Among them,Dove intensive nourishing and repairing shampooIn addition to the basic repair ingredients such as panthenol and glycerin, keratin with certain moisturizing and exfoliating effects and hydrolyzed keratin with protective effect on hair are also added, and the effect of smoothing and moisturizing is quite good.

Although it uses anionic surfactant SLES (sodium lauryl polyether sulfate), it can reduce the irritation of SLES to some extent by compounding amphoteric surfactant CAPB (cocoamido propyl betaine).

It should be noted that the preservative used in Dove shampoo is Carsone, which has potential contact sensitization. Excessive use may cause itching, redness and swelling of the skin, which is not very friendly to sensitive muscles.

[Special Statement]: The original data used in this article are all from the official website of the e-commerce platform, and the data is objective and true. The brand mentioned in this report only represents this type of product, and does not represent the evaluation status of other models of the same brand.


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