Take what you need! In a stale marathon, runners pay for services.

Take what you need! In a stale marathon, runners pay for services.

Inscription: At the beginning, track and field events such as marathon were very far away from us ordinary people. At that time, we could only see that only a few people participated in the competition through TV or newspapers. After all, 42 kilometers was indeed a very long distance at that time. Around 2016, the right to host the marathon was relaxed, and the purpose of relaxation was very clear, that is, I hope to contribute to the national fitness. More than 1,000 marathons can be held in one year, and individual marathons can attract hundreds of thousands of people to sign up for tens of thousands of places. Everyone has a strong desire to exercise, but some people still have doubts about the marathon and think it is not necessary to participate.

The people who started the marathon really loved running, but they didn’t have the opportunity to show themselves and the recording equipment was not perfect, so maybe they didn’t know exactly how many kilometers they had run. It was the marathon that gave them such an opportunity. At that time, not only the registration fee was low, but also the competition for registration was not great. Basically, it was first come, first served. The number of places decided by lottery was only the product of the development of marathon in recent years. Slowly, the registration fee for the marathon has risen sharply, and more publicity has been given to the city while promoting national fitness. The materials distributed by one organizer alone contain too many useless things, and the commercial flavor is too strong, as if everything has gone bad.

However, for us runners, the enthusiasm for participating in the marathon is increasing. Many people think that there is no difference between running and participating in the competition, and it is unnecessary to spend money. This is a big mistake. Runners take money to enjoy the service of the competition. Others provide you with supplies, cheer for you, and take pictures of you, which can better satisfy your vanity and provide like-minded people with opportunities to compete in the same field. Therefore, this is why although the marathon is a bit stale, everyone still enjoys doing it. The reason is that they can get what they want. I just have what you want, so we will take a shot. This is something that anyone can understand.

However, not everyone can finish the marathon. We still have to choose a happy run, a half horse or a whole horse according to our own situation. Moreover, in line with the principle of health, ordinary people should not take part in every horse. It is enough to choose 1-2 marathons close to home a year, take some beautiful photos, send a beautiful circle of friends, gain praise from others and give themselves some motivation to run. Don’t race blindly, it will not only be meaningless, but also consume your body excessively. You will find that you may become old and ugly, and your hair will become thinner and thinner, so the money spent is too worthless. I hope this will resonate with the majority of runners.


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