Do not set off physical fireworks! Here is the correct way to open the "fireworks" at the opening ceremony of Hangzhou Asian Games.

Do not set off physical fireworks! Here is the correct way to open the "fireworks" at the opening ceremony of Hangzhou Asian Games.

The highly anticipated opening ceremony of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou will be held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium ("Big Lotus") on the evening of September 23rd. With regard to the highlights of the opening ceremony, the reception desk has "spoiled" a thing or two through an interview with Sha Xiaolan, the general director and producer of the opening ceremony, and the 16-second trailer released on September 16th. So what kind of surprise will the opening ceremony of Hangzhou Asian Games present? The answer will be revealed on September 23rd. One thing is certain, and the difference between the opening ceremony of this Asian Games and previous large-scale events is that no fireworks are set off throughout.

In the impression of many viewers, for the opening ceremony of large-scale sports events, the grand fireworks show is always the finale of the repertoire. Without fireworks, how will the lively "atmosphere" of the opening ceremony of Hangzhou Asian Games be reflected? In this regard, Sha Xiaolan said frankly in an exclusive interview with the media on September 17, "We have made great determination to cancel the fireworks display."

"As we all know, as long as fireworks are set off, there will be smoke and dust in the air and there will be pollution. No fireworks is to express our environmental protection concept to the whole world. " Sha Xiaolan said that canceling the physical fireworks display is adhering to the green, intelligent, thrifty and civilized concept of hosting the Asian Games, and passing on the concept of environmental protection at the most concerned moment like the opening ceremony.

Sha Xiaolan emphasized that not setting off physical fireworks does not mean that the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games will be less exciting, and the team will innovate and present better audio-visual effects with the power of science and technology. "We use digital technology, 3D animation, AR technology, etc. to show fireworks in front of TV viewers and live audiences."

Fireworks made by virtual technology are even brighter and more beautiful than the real fireworks. "Let me give you an example. Watching fireworks at ordinary times must be looking up, but watching fireworks on TV can see fireworks overlooking the angle of view, that is, fireworks blooming in the bustling scenes on both sides of Qianjiang River. Looking down, what kind of effect will the fireworks look from top to bottom? "

At the same time, Sha Xiaolan also gave a viewing guide: everyone watched the opening ceremony electronic fireworks display through TV, mobile phones and other ports, and the overall viewing effect was better than the scene. The creative team will display the grand occasion of the electronic fireworks display on the banks of Qianjiang River, the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center and the "Big Lotus" in a 360-degree panoramic view from the angles of leaning, leaning and side view through digital technology, which will be a highlight moment of the opening ceremony.

Previously, the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games had successfully completed the fourth rehearsal. Next, the creative team will re-adjust the video, costumes, props and some equipment, and will choose the opportunity to rehearse again before the official performance.

(Headquarters reporter Sun Rui Chen Menghao)


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