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Look at the "vitality" in the holiday market | Policy "combination boxing" to boost the automobile consumption market

CCTV News:During the "Eleventh" holiday, the reporter visited various places and learned that both the new car sales market of new energy vehicles and the second-hand car trading market showed a rising trend. In addition, with the support of a number of favorable policies, consumer enthusiasm continues to rise.

This holiday, Mr. Zhou, who lives in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, bought a new energy vehicle worth 330,000 yuan, according to "the price of a single vehicle is 300,000 yuan — Mr. Zhou can get a subsidy of 6,000 yuan for the standard of subsidizing 6,000 yuan below 400,000 yuan.

During the "Eleventh" holiday, consumers in Dezhou, Shandong Province can enjoy a one-time subsidy ranging from 3,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan when purchasing new energy passenger cars. In addition, they are exempted from the purchase tax of 4.5% of the car price, the travel tax in 360 yuan, and the replacement subsidy of up to 6,000 yuan and the cash benefit of up to 20,000 yuan given by manufacturers, which makes many consumers feel excited.

Not only the new car market, this holiday, the second-hand car trading market is also stimulated by the policy, and the trading volume has risen linearly. The reporter visited the used car trading market in Huaxiang, Beijing, and learned that the transaction volume of car inspection and transfer has increased by 30%. On October 1 this year, the Ministry of Public Security and other departments issued a policy that when a registered automobile sales enterprise applies for the transfer registration of a small non-operating used car, the public security organ will implement separate endorsement management and issue a temporary license plate. For cities where automobile purchases are restricted, it is clear that used cars purchased by automobile sales enterprises and used for sales do not occupy the number plate index. At the same time, all regions strictly implement the policy of completely canceling the restrictions on the movement of used cars, and cancel the restrictions on the movement of small non-operating used cars that meet the national five emission standards nationwide (including the national key areas for air pollution prevention and control) to promote the free circulation of used cars and cross-regional operation of enterprises.

According to the data of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in 2022, the production and sales of new energy vehicles will reach 3.97 million and 3.86 million respectively in the first eight months, up by 120% and 110% respectively.

Climb the mountain together? Although it is good to climb mountains in summer, remember that safety comes first.

  Although 2020 is just over half past, the most "horrible" activity of the year has been born — — Climb the mountain. No matter whether you have seen the hit drama "The Hidden Corner", you are probably familiar with this stalk. "Climb the mountain together?" It also jumped from a line to a new online hot word.

  Climb the mountain together? Especially in summer. Whether on foot or by bike, how good it would be if you could get into the mountains on a sunny day, breathe the fresh air in the forest, and make a SPA for your lungs to relax your mood and make your body sweat?

  But don’t forget, you must pay attention to safety during climbing.

  "Climb the mountain" in various ways

  Where is the most convenient and fun place to climb mountains in Chengdu? The answer must be Longquan Mountain! I have lived in Longquanyi at the foot of Longquan Mountain since I was a child, and naturally I am keen on "climbing the mountain" in various ways.

  Hiking is the most primitive way to explore Longquan Mountain. The first time I have a definite memory of climbing a mountain was when the whole class went to Baoshi Lake for a picnic in primary school. At that time, I felt that this was an "expedition" to the mountains. I went on the road with a nervous mood and finally ate and drank in a forest by the lake. Everyone had a great time and gained an unforgettable memory of primary school.

  As I grow older, I go to Longquan Mountain more and more times, and my feeling of climbing the mountain has already changed from initial nervousness to enjoyment, because every exploration has surprises and fun. Later, a fitness trail was built on the mountain. With a very mature climbing route and the convenience of the subway, more and more people can hike Longquan Mountain.

  In the past two years, I have discovered a new "Great Crossing Hiking Route", from Longquanyi on one side of Longquan Mountain to Shijing Temple on the other side through the mountain path. Until now, I will take it several times a year with great pleasure. On foot, there are countless routes that can be explored, and you can go to almost any hidden corner of Longquan Mountain.

  Compared with hiking, cycling is a faster and more convenient way, because relying on cycling can reach far destinations that are difficult to reach by walking alone. Great changes have taken place on the mountain in recent two years because of the construction of Longquan Mountain Forest Park. In short, Longquan Mountain has become more fashionable. Sometimes, I will invite friends to ride bicycles specially, spend a day punching cards in various online celebrity shops in the mountains, or take a photo at the newly-built observation deck at the top of the mountain and send a circle of friends to catch up with the trend. Although cycling uphill is a little hard, it is really a rare enjoyment every time I slide down the hill.

  There is a more interesting way — — Running. In the Longquan Mountain Cross-country Race held in May this year, a parent-child group was set up especially for children under 7 years old. I did not hesitate to sign up for my baby and invited another family to have a general mobilization!

  Although it is nominally a "running" race, it counts if you stop and go, as long as you can complete the prescribed route within the closing time. For the baby, this game is more like a game, and the parent-child group itself does not have a ranking award. Completion is victory. For parents who accompany running, it can be regarded as a weekend to relax and enjoy a family mountain climbing trip in the name of running competition.

  The match day is coming soon, and the weather is sunny and sunny. Our two families set off together at the starting point, and the two babies couldn’t wait to run on the track. Soon, I began to turn to the dirt road up the mountain. The breath of nature seems to have a natural attraction to the children. On the rugged mountain road, a flower, a stone and a butterfly will make them excited. When parents go to the mountains, the green plants and fresh air are easy to relax. Walking up the mountain road, the whole family played freely on the mountain path together. From the smiles of the adults and the laughter of the baby, we can see how much everyone enjoyed it!

  There will also be some minor difficulties in the track, such as a slightly steep soil slope when going downhill, and the children will use their hands and feet to find a way to descend to the bottom of the slope; Or after a long path full of weeds, the children naturally became cautious and passed slowly before the adults hurriedly reminded them to be careful. Many parents’ first reaction to cross-country running is, how can children finish it? Judging from the experience of taking the baby to participate in this time, as long as the children are given a suitable opportunity, most parents will be proud of their baby’s performance.

  After more than three hours, we completed the 8km track and reached the finish line. In addition to successfully completing a cross-country race in Longquan Mountain, the two children have completely become one through getting along all the way, and each has gained a good friend, which is great! (A Le)

  Go climbing by bike

  The road for cycling should have ups and downs, and it is best to have mountains, water and vegetation. By this standard, Pujiang is a good place.

  If it’s just a two or three-hour leisure ride, go west from the county seat along Puming Road: the easiest thing is to ride all the way to Chaoyang Lake and then return by the original road. This road is covered with trees and there are not many cars. There is a refreshing downhill slope across Chaoyang Lake archway, with a green river on the left and a cliff statue in the Tang Dynasty on the right, where Feixian Pavilion is. Not far from here, you will reach the Chaoyang Lake. You can call back or turn halfway to Bai Yunxiang to experience the tranquility and cleanliness of beautiful countryside.

  When you get to Chaoyanghu Town, pay attention to the signpost and turn left. The curved road will take you all the way to Bai Yunxiang. At the end of the town, there is an egret pavilion on the right. If the time is right, you can not only overlook the lake, but also see a large number of egrets. If you want to continue walking in town, you can ride from the path beside the temple to the other side of the lake, where there is a pavilion. Stop your car and walk not far until you reach the wind stone on the lake. The road to Bai Yunxiang has a good surface, but it fluctuates greatly. You can also ride around the lake. There are 20-kilometer and 40-kilometer routes with different distances and slopes. It is best to have local riders to lead the way. I don’t need to say anything.

  Riding a bike without ups and downs is like being in love without an orgasm. The essence of riding is to accumulate painful uphill all the way and then squander the cool downhill. The word "pleasure" is actually invented to describe the feeling of sloping. The mountaineering riding in Pujiang can be divided into three levels: the rookie level can turn over and turn to the mountain, that is, after crossing the Chaoyang Lake archway, go in the direction of Chengjia, cross the mountain to Chengjia Tea Township, and travel to and from the county seat for about 40 kilometers; The other route is on the edge of the county seat, basically in the Daxi Valley Scenic Area, from the cardboard factory around the city road up the mountain and down from Guangming Township Government. The whole journey is less than 20 kilometers, but the rising height is quite high.

  The challenge level is Guanmao Mountain, where a "318" cycling route has been specially built — — About 3000 meters of road, the whole journey rises more than 300 meters, the steepest place looks up at the front road wall, so you must lean over and press the front of the car to prevent the front wheel from leaving the ground.

  This is not the most terrible. The route of masochistic class is Taiqing Taoist Temple, whose road is as steep as Guanmao Mountain, but the climbing length is much longer. If you beat Taiqing Taoist Temple, congratulations, you can start from Pujiang and take a walk along National Highway 318 to Sichuan-Tibet Line.

  Riding there is not only burning calories, you can cross the water-turning bridge in Wulong Valley, enjoy the farmhouse music on the top of Guanmao Mountain, enjoy the large tea ridges trimmed like French gardens, and catch up with the right season. You can also buy freshly picked tea leaves from farmers in the field and take them home to scramble eggs. (scattered flower building)

  This mountain has beautiful scenery.

  Which mountain can bear the name of "the famous autumn mountain in Chengdu"? If I have to choose, my choice is Puhong Road. For people who love cycling, the word "autumn mountain" means more thrilling and steep bends than just a few Japanese bars or tofu shops.

  This is a mountain road from Puyang Town, Dujiangyan to Hongkou, which was built with Shanghai’s assistance after 2008. Riding Puhong Road is an upgrade challenge for Chengdu cyclists after riding Longquan Mountain. It is steeper and has more mountain bends. The great god who rides a bike is always competing for how many minutes his record is, waiting for the friends to worship him.

  If a "vegetable leg" like me can do it at one go, it is perfect to stop halfway. Once in autumn and winter, I rode Puhong Road with a student from Southwest Jiaotong University. I happened to see my teammates in the post bar the night before. The destination was the same and the time was the same. So I made an appointment to meet at 7: 00 in the morning. After a bowl of hot and sour powder in Xipu, we set off together.

  Riding any road, starting from the starting point is the most perfect arrangement. Referring to the guide, with the help of navigation, after a fork in the road, we finally reached the starting point of Puhong Road at the foot of the mountain. The starting point milestone is like the starting line. After the mood is brewed, the challenge really begins. There are only one or two concentrated residential areas at the foot of the mountain. Soon after departure, it is the first viewing platform, overlooking the distant towns. After that, everyone will face a lonely journey on Puhong Road, which can only be completed by biting their teeth alone. Except for cyclists, private cars and one or two old women selling melons and fruits, there are few traces of smoke on Puhong Road.

  The sound of mountain bike chain sliding clearly rings in the ear, and the gear is adjusted to adapt to the sudden steep mountain road. After turning a corner, it will be another corner. Looking down, the curves of mountain roads are layered like distant mountains and jungles. The greater the challenge, the more attractive the scenery of Puhong Road is. There are too many green trees all over the mountain, from bamboo forest to ginkgo forest, and trees with unknown names. The higher you go, the richer the level of the scenery becomes. Because a sudden mountain fog drifted away, it deepened the psychedelic and surprise of Puhong Road. It’s like crossing the forest in northern Europe, and it’s like walking into the coldness and coolness of the first minute of John Lennon’s Imagine》MV.

  The forest in Hongkou is hazy because of fog, and time seems to flow more slowly because of the fatigue of riding. I don’t know how many kilometers to get to the destination, Kazyakou. Behind him, yellow fog lights flashed and the car passed slowly. My teammates are slightly better than me and have disappeared in front. When the strange cycling team overtook me, they shouted to me loudly: "Come on, young man, don’t stop, we will be at the pass soon!" " But I don’t know who said "there are still three kilometers". This short three kilometers uphill is enough to make people afraid.

  After some struggle and turtle walking, I finally rode to Kaziyakou. Kazyakou is 1450 meters above sea level, and the journey of riding Puhong Road usually ends here. From the starting point of Puhong Road to Kazyakou, 14 kilometers, we rode for about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

  Standing on the viewing platform of the pass, the fog is still thick, and you can’t see the distant mountains. I sent a circle of friends, quoting Li Jian’s lyrics, "The fog is like a big lie". The canteen on the pass has shelter from the wind and rain, but usually people who ride Puhong Road only stop for a short time to take pictures and then go down the mountain along the original road.

  20 minutes down the mountain, all of a sudden, the dense fog dispersed, and the sun spread all over the mountains, deep valleys and slopes of Puhong Road. This alone is enough to make people look forward to the unforgettable landscape when they challenge Puhong Road next time. Thank you for the construction of Puhong Road, so that more Chengdu people can see the beautiful scenery of the hills here. (Islands)

  Going the wrong way is more interesting.

  Self-driving is too fast, walking is too slow, and many scenery can only be fully experienced by cycling. And cycling is a very good exercise method, which is very helpful to improve the cardiopulmonary function (the disadvantage is that beginners ride for too long and their buttocks hurt). I first entered the cycling pit because I wanted to go out to play on National Day, but there were traffic jams everywhere. Later, I suddenly found that my bike would not be blocked, and then I started.

  In recent years, I have also found many good places to ride around Chengdu.

  Longquan Mountain, the nearest mountain around Chengdu, has a lot of people riding, and it is not difficult. It is the recent large-scale road construction, and the car dealership is slow. The only thing that can be seen is Fujiwara Tofu Shop. Qingcheng Mountain, maybe I took the wrong route. I went to the "Qingcheng Mountain on the Road" hotel at that time. After entering the mountain, the slope was so large that I couldn’t pedal at all. It was completely unsuitable for cycling. I pushed the car for an hour in the last four kilometers and was drenched into a dog by heavy rain. I laughed in the rain. Puhong Road, which is said to be the holy land of bending party, has good scenery and few cars. Personally, it is considered as the best route for climbing around Chengdu. Baiyan Temple, the place to see Ginkgo biloba leaves, has many tourists every November. The section from the village to the temple is super steep, so I can’t ride it anyway, so I pushed it up. There was also a bicycle climbing race here, which was played by the great god. Baita lake, passing by on the way to Baiyan Temple, has a small slope to climb the mountain. After climbing it, you can ride along the lake. There is a white pagoda with lush vegetation. It is a good place that few people know … …

  But what impressed me the most was the Xiling Snow Mountain. It was a very hot summer. I used two days on weekends to go camping alone with my bike carrying my tent and sleeping bag. Because I was worried that the management of the scenic spot was strictly forbidden to set up tents, when I was approaching Xiling Snow Mountain, I just found a branch road and rode in, and started climbing along the stream.

  There is a big puddle in the middle of the stream, which is clean and cool. There are many children swimming in the stream. Into the mountains, the weather has become very cool, and then up, there have been several farmhouses, and there have been many tourists, I think, it should be mistaken into an individual scenic spot.

  Thunderstorm and rainstorm during camping that night scared me to sleep, and I was afraid that the tent would be washed away by water. I can still see fireflies flashing outside in the tent, and then I drew them when I went back. Early the next morning, while I was still sleeping, a group of old tourists came to lift my tent to see what was inside (I set it up in a cornfield).

  At that time, I thought, sometimes going the wrong way is actually more interesting, but I still suggest that everyone go out to play and follow the plan, and don’t have any accidents.

  I made a reservation in a circle of friends at that time. The place was called "Guanzi Mountain", and later I checked it. This scenic spot is called "Longwozi", and there are still many strategies on the Internet. Relatively unpopular, few people, there is a hiking route, you can play with water in summer, remember to bring a swimsuit and mosquito repellent.

  (Xiao Qian)


  Summer is a good time for outdoor exercise. During climbing or riding, you must remember — — Safety first!

  1. Put on the right sports shoes

  It’s hot in summer, and everyone likes air-permeable sandals. Many people may not realize that they need to change a pair of sports shoes when they are facing a hill that is not too difficult and crawling for fun. A good pair of sports shoes has both cushioning effect and anti-slip and wear-resistant performance, which is very necessary.

  2, do what you can to prepare drinking water.

  In the process of climbing the mountain, we should pay special attention to what we can do, step by step, and don’t be bravado. It is worth noting that it is easier to go up the mountain than down it. When going down the mountain, you should pay attention to the protection of your knees and don’t rush down with the trend. Take a proper rest during exercise and pay attention to the supplement of water.

  3. Pay attention to sun protection and mosquito prevention.

  Even if it is cloudy, there are ultraviolet rays, so we should do a good job of sun protection in any form of outdoor sports. It is an essential step to apply sunscreen, and it is also best to wear sun hats, sun sleeves or sun-proof skin clothes. Mosquitoes are ruthless, and outdoor sports should be well protected against mosquitoes.

  4. Know the weather and other conditions in advance

  Summer is the season with high incidence of natural disasters, so you must know something about the weather before going out. Whether climbing mountains or riding, you must avoid thunderstorms. In addition, try to go hand in hand and take care of each other — — In short, go out happily and go home safely!

Sports running app

Sports Running app is a mobile phone application specially designed for runners, which aims to help users record running data, improve running skills, make running plans and participate in running activities. The software provides rich functions and personalized services, which enables users to run more scientifically and conveniently.

Sports running app is suitable for runners, athletes, fitness experts and other people, and supports various scenarios such as outdoor running, indoor running and running training. Users can record running route, speed, distance, time and other information through the software, and monitor data such as heart rate and burning calories in real time. In addition, the software also provides running skills teaching, training plan making, social interaction and other functions.

Sports running app 1

1. Accurate recording of running data: GPS positioning technology is adopted to accurately record running route, speed, distance, time and other information.

2. Heart rate monitoring: By connecting Bluetooth devices, the heart rate data can be monitored in real time to help users adjust their exercise intensity.

3. Teaching of running skills: A rich teaching video of running skills is built in, covering warm-up, stretching, training and other aspects to improve users’ running skills.

4. Training plan formulation: According to the user’s goals and physical condition, make a personalized training plan to help users run scientifically and reasonably.

1. Event registration and result inquiry: support all kinds of running event registration, which is convenient for users to participate in running activities.

2. Fitness Mall: Provide all kinds of running equipment, nutritional products and other commodities, so as to facilitate users to purchase the required items.

3. Social interaction: Users can pay attention to friends’ dynamics, participate in interaction, share running experiences and photos, and increase running fun.

1. Personalized training plan: According to the user’s goals and physical condition, make a personalized training plan to help users run scientifically and reasonably.

2. Multi-scene support: Support outdoor running, indoor running and running training.

3. Comprehensive data statistics: provide comprehensive data statistics function to help users analyze running results and optimize exercise plans.

As a professional running assistant software, Sports Running app has many advantages such as accurate recording, heart rate monitoring, personalized training plan and social interaction, which can help users to run more scientifically and conveniently. At the same time, the software also provides a wealth of functions and services, such as running skills teaching, training plan formulation, event registration and so on.

The secretary of the county magistrate accompanied the workers to the construction site to celebrate the year.

Pay attention to

January 31st.

Lunar new year’s eve

Thousands of families welcome the new year, celebrate and reunite.

Li zegang, secretary of the county party Committee

Tang Zuhong, deputy secretary of the county party committee and county magistrate.

Run a line

Kindly visit and express condolences

The broad masses of workers who still stick to the front line of work during the Spring Festival

Thank them

In order to ensure the safety, happiness and peace of the people in the county.

And accelerate the construction of "people-rich county, strong city, beautiful new Changyang"

The selfless dedication made.

And through them to the workers on all fronts in the county

Extend New Year greetings and cordial greetings.

On New Year’s Eve, the construction site of Qingjiang Pumped Storage Project is still in full swing. The project builders actively obey the call of the state and the need of epidemic prevention and control, voluntarily give up the opportunity to return home to reunite with their families during the Spring Festival, stick to the front line of the project in obscurity, race against time to speed up the construction progress, and promote the early completion of the project and strengthen the county and benefit the people.

Accompanied by Wang Xiaojun, general manager of Hubei Qingjiang Hydropower Development Co., Ltd., Li Zegang and his party went deep into the adit, listened carefully to the introduction of the project leader on the progress of the project construction, and looked at the daily implementation of the safety production work on the site in detail.

Li Zegang affirmed the progress of the project construction, demanding that the concept of safe development should be firmly established, the bottom line thinking should be strengthened, and the awareness of safety precautions should be constantly raised. On the fundamental premise of ensuring construction safety and project quality, the project construction progress should be accelerated in a scientific and overall way, and the 20th Party Congress should be celebrated with first-class performance.

In front of the headquarters of Qingjiang Pumped Storage Project, Li Zegang and his party posted Spring Festival couplets and hung the word "Fu" with the builders, and took a group photo as a souvenir. In order to make the workers feel at ease and have a good Spring Festival, the project department prepared a rich reunion dinner for the workers, and everyone got together to send each other blessings and drink together.

On behalf of the county party committee and government, Li Zegang presented the workers with a "red envelope" for the Spring Festival. The scene was full of laughter, warm atmosphere and rich flavor of the year.

During the dinner, Li Zegang sent a happy New Year greeting to the family of Wu Jiao, the project leader, via video link. "Happy New Year to the old man, your son is still in Changyang first-line construction site and can’t come back to accompany you for the New Year. You must take good care of yourself. Please rest assured that he will come back to see you here just like at home." He wished send warm well, caring for the warm heart and pushing the atmosphere to a climax again.


Li Zegang and Tang Zuhong

Visited condolences successively.

Sanitation workers and relocated households

County epidemic prevention and control headquarters

Huaxin cement Changyang company

Huaxin (Changyang) New Building Materials Industrial Park Project Headquarters

State grid Changyang power supply company

Shenran natural gas company

They sent the cordial care and good wishes of the Party and the government to the broad masses of workers who stuck to their posts and insisted on production during the Spring Festival. At the same time, they asked everyone not only to have a good year, but also to live a safe, peaceful, civilized and clean Spring Festival.

Reporter Yan Junze

Editor Tian Jian Li Jingwen Wang Meng

Final appeal: Tian Niandong

Original title: "The secretary and the county magistrate accompany the laborers in the construction site to keep their tongues warm and their hearts sweet"

The young footballer will not admit defeat: a victory at the end of three years.

  On August 15th, Beijing Evening News reported that in recent years, the Hundred Teams Cup has opened a children’s group, which has truly realized that football starts with dolls, and many parents have teamed up with their dolls to participate in the Hundred Teams Cup. There is such a team called "elite football team" in the primary school group of the 31st Beijing Evening News Sports Window Hundred Teams Cup this year. These children have teamed up to participate in the Hundred Teams Cup children’s group since they were five years old. This year, they are all seven years old.

  Two years ago, parents (Weibo) formed this "elite football team" for their children and participated in the 29th Hundred Teams Cup with great interest. I didn’t know that on the field, I didn’t win one of the five games, and I lost 21 goals, which made the children cry. Ms. Wang, the parent of striker Xiao Jiang, said: "My son always watches Guoan players play football and especially likes Guoan team. We also support him to play football, but we didn’t expect such a big gap with others. Our original plan was like the national football team in 2002. The goal of the competition was to score a goal and win a game, and strive to qualify for the group. As a result, we didn’t score a goal, but it was all a net negative goal. " In fact, Xiao Jiang’s family is the staff of the Guoan team. The family fully supports Xiao Jiang and the elite team, and they are somewhat unyielding.

  In the second year, elite teams began to train every weekend. As long as parents have time, everyone will gather in the Olympic Sports Park to charter the venue and let the children train together. The weekend training was really effective. In the 30th Hundred Teams Cup, the elite team finally scored for the first time. But after five games, the dolls still haven’t won a victory.

  This year, the dolls of the elite team have all been promoted from kindergarten to the first grade of primary school. The distance between schools has not widened the distance between elite young players, but the strength of the team has expanded. Mr. Chen, the leader of the elite team, said: "In recent years, we will meet with all the strong teams in Beijing every weekend, and we will learn from each other. The children’s level has improved and our parents have also known each other. The children exercised with the ball and the parents became friends with the game. "

  This year, in the first match of the 31st Hundred Teams Cup, the elite team swept their opponents 11-0 and won their first victory in the Cup. The little players clap their hands with the team leader and coach again and again to celebrate the victory. This kind of happiness can’t be exchanged for any money. However, in the next four games, the elite team won 2 games and lost 2 games, and still failed to qualify for the group. However, parents say that they just love watching children’s energy, winning laughter and losing tears, and they can face setbacks positively and act like men. Next year’s Hundred Teams Cup, we will come again.

  Our reporter Chen Ying J080   

  Our reporter Ping Liu photo J163

Howard: Harden is a younger Kobe. I could have stayed with the Lakers longer.


Dwight Howard, whose name was once a big MAC in the NBA, was a common rival of Yao Ming and Kobe Bryant. However, time flies and Howard’s career has experienced ups and downs. Recently, he talked about James Harden in a program and evaluated his cooperation with Kobe.

Howard said that he regards James Harden as a younger Kobe Bryant. Although he didn’t mean to disrespect James, at that time he felt that his combination with James could become a new OK combination. He believes that cooperation with James will be better than cooperation with Kobe. If he can carefully consider his decision without emotion, he will probably stay with the Lakers.

Recalling the 2012-13 season, Howard and Kobe only cooperated for one season, and then they had an open conflict. Howard accused Kobe of being a "bully", while Kobe retorted that Howard was not tough enough. In the offseason in 2013, Howard chose to join the Rockets and became a teammate with James Harden.

However, the cooperation between Howard and Harden did not achieve much success. Although Harden gradually played the level of a historical offensive player, Howard began to decline seriously from the Lakers period. His personal level and reputation plummeted, and he finally joined the Eagle in 2016 and began his wandering career.

Last season, Howard moved to Taiwan Province League in China, trying to find himself. However, although he used to be the top center in NBA, the passage of time and his own changes have made the world of Warcraft in the inside thread a memory.

For Howard, his career is full of regrets and possibilities. If he can get better cooperation with Kobe Bryant and Harden respectively, or be more stable during the Lakers period, his career may be different. However, the reality is cruel, and now Howard needs to face his own decline and new challenges.

Nevertheless, Howard’s experience is still instructive to many fans. His career tells us that even in the face of difficulties and challenges, we need to stick to our beliefs and try to find ways to cooperate with others in order to succeed. Although Howard’s career can no longer be brilliant, his story is still worth remembering and thinking about.

After divorcing Pippen, Larsa has changed multiple boyfriends. Jordan’s son is the best, and his brother and sister are excited.

The NBA star continued to take a vacation, and time passed so quickly that it came to August in a blink of an eye.

In the past 2-3 months, Pippen’s ex-wife Larsa Pippen has become one of the most concerned celebrities in the league. Her popularity once surpassed Booker’s ex-girlfriend Jenna, as well as former NBA champion khloe kardashian and the famous kim kardashian.

When it comes to Kardashian, many fans will think of it as "the best defensive team in the NBA". Once upon a time, Larsa and Kardashian sisters were close friends, especially kim kardashian and khloe kardashian. They used to go out on vacation, attend parties, fashion activities and be models together. Two years ago, Larsa took a fancy to tristan thompson, who was dating khloe kardashian at that time. Larsa and Thompson went out for a room date many times. Khloe kardashian didn’t know all this, but Larsa told Thompson about dating directly in an interview with TV station to show off. khloe kardashian was very angry, and the Kardashian sisters broke up with Larsa.

Larsa and Pippen, a famous NBA player, had a long and wonderful time after they got married. Larsa gave birth to four children for Pippen, and their marriage lasted for 23 years. Two months ago, when Larsa was interviewed, he recalled his married life. Larsa said: "I am actually very happy after 23 years of marriage. I have to exercise with Pippen four times a day. During the 23 years of marriage, I almost never stopped." Hearing Larsa’s words, many fans gave Pippen a thumbs-up in succession. It seems that Pippen was also "gifted" in those days.

Perhaps the 23-year marriage has exhausted all the novelty, and Pippen occasionally goes out to make love, so Larsa divorced Pippen in a rage. After the two sides separated, Larsa began to look for boyfriends. His goal was aimed at the NBA, from Molander to Timberwolves star Beasley, as well as tristan thompson and Larsa.

At the end of last year, Larsa started dating Jordan’s son markus jordan in Miami. They spent Christmas and New Year together, and now they have been dating for more than half a year. A few days ago, Marcus took Larsa to play golf. Three hours ago, Larsa took a photo of himself and his boyfriend Marcus. Although Larsa is 16 years older than Marcus, there is no generation gap between them.

In the past several boyfriends, Marcus is the richest and treats Larsa with the most care. Marcus used to be called Aunt Larsa, but now he is called Baby directly. Some fans said that it was very exciting for Larsa to do this, and her ex-husband Pippen was very angry.

Radio Cobb: The Vancouver White Hat of the American professional league team is very interested in Azar.

Live on May 21, according to Spanish radio Cobe, the future of Real Madrid winger Azar is uncertain at present, and the American Major League team Vancouver White Hat is very interested in him.

Azar’s contract with Real Madrid expires on June 30, 2024. The player expressed his hope to fulfill the contract when he won the King’s Cup, and some teams are paying attention to his situation, one of which is Vancouver White Hat.

Azar’s performance has not improved this season, and he will miss the league match with Valencia this weekend due to physical discomfort.


Lampard: Arsenal’s deliberate loss is disgusting! Altta’s tough reply is unwilling to give in.

According to JBO Sports, Chelsea coach Frank Lampard expressed great dissatisfaction with Arsenal’s intentional loss. In the match between Arsenal and Nottingham Forest, Nottingham Forest stubbornly resisted under the pressure of relegation and finally defeated Arsenal with a score of 1:0. This result caused Arsenal to miss the championship completely, while Manchester City won the championship before the current round.

It is reported that the Chelsea team is extremely dissatisfied with Arsenal’s losing behavior. Head coach Lampard said in an interview with the media: "I think Arsenal’s behavior lacks professional ethics and sportsmanship. Every team should be responsible for its own achievements, rather than pushing the responsibility to others. "

Lampard also said that the team should win the game with its own strength, rather than relying on others’ losing behavior to qualify for the championship. He believes that this behavior is not only unfair to Chelsea, but also affects the reputation of the entire Premier League.

Arsenal manager Artta dismissed the accusation. In an interview, he said: "Our players made all efforts in the game, but we failed to win in the end. This is a difficult game and we didn’t lose on purpose. "

However, this incident still caused extensive discussion outside. Some fans and the media believe that this kind of losing behavior is an insult to sportsmanship and professional ethics and should be condemned and punished. Others believe that the team has the right to decide its own game strategy, and other teams have no right to interfere.

In any case, the occurrence of this incident will undoubtedly have a certain impact on the reputation of the Premier League. In the future, league organizers need to consider how to avoid such similar incidents from happening again to protect the fairness and competitiveness of the league.

Reversed by 3-1, super cold! Bayern set a shameful record in the history of the team and forced the suspense of the Bundesliga title.

At 0:30 on May 21st, Beijing time, in the 33rd round of Bundesliga, Gnabry failed to save the goal, and Bayern was reversed by Leipzig 3-1 at home.

This is the first time Bayern lost to Leipzig at home, and it also ended the unbeaten record of 11 games against Leipzig in various competitions.

After losing this crucial game, Bayern was only one point ahead of Dortmund in the case of one more game, and it is very likely that it will miss the Bundesliga’s 11 consecutive championships. After getting the key 3 points from Bayern, Leipzig has opened a gap of 4 points with Freiburg, the fifth in the league, with only one round left, and locked a seat in the Champions League ahead of schedule.

Game review-

In the 25th minute, Mueller passed the ball straight, and Gnabry broke through the restricted area with the ball and scored a goal from the near corner. Bayern took a 1-0 lead.

In the 33rd minute, Szoboszlai volleyed in the middle of the restricted area and was saved by Sommer.

In the 39th minute, Cancelo made a cross from the left, and Koeman headed the ball from close range and missed the right post.

In the 41st minute, after Szoboszlai buckled the defender, his left foot shot slightly higher than the crossbar.

In the 64th minute, Leipzig made a quick counter-attack. After Nkunku’s right cross in the restricted area was blocked, Lemmo Middle Road followed up and pushed the goal, and Leipzig equalized the score 1-1.

In the 74th minute, pawar was awarded a penalty for kicking Nkunku. Nkunku personally took the penalty and Leipzig overtook the score 2-1.

In the 84th minute, hand ball in Mazravi’s penalty area was awarded a penalty again, and Szoboszlai scored a penalty kick, and Leipzig extended the score to 3-1.

Since then, neither side can rewrite the score again, and finally Bayern lost to Leipzig 1-3 at home.

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