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What is the solution to the abnormal sound of golf brakes?


Solution to abnormal sound of golf brake;

1. If it’s screaming, first check whether the brake pads are running out (the alarm disc sounds). If it’s a new disc, check whether there are any foreign objects caught between the brake disc and the disc.

2. If it is muffled, it is mostly a problem with the brake caliper, such as the wear of the movable pin and the falling off of the spring piece;

3, if it is filar silk called more problems, calipers, brake discs, brake pads may have problems. In case of abnormal brake sound, it is recommended to go to the repair shop for inspection and treatment in time for driving safety. Golf is a classic hatchback small family car launched by FAW-Volkswagen. In terms of body size, its length, width and height are 4199mm, 1786mm and 1479mm respectively, and its wheelbase is 2578 mm.

4. It is recommended to go to 4S for inspection and solve it for you free of charge. Possible situation and treatment: If it is screaming, the first thing to check is that the brake pads are almost used up (the alarm sounds). If it is new, check whether there is any foreign matter between the brake disc and the brake disc.

What is culture? Culture can nourish heart and ambition.

Culture is not knowledge, culture is the pursuit of beauty! Expressed in more concise words, it can be abbreviated as: culture is the sum of language and words.

"Culture" can be expressed in four sentences:

1. Self-cultivation rooted in the heart:

Self-cultivation can be divided into two main contents. First, knowledge literacy is reflected in a person’s IQ; The second is humanistic accomplishment, which is reflected in a person’s emotional intelligence. Therefore, self-cultivation is improved through learning and cultivation the day after tomorrow, so as to achieve the realm of internalization in the heart, externalization in behavior, and integration of knowledge and practice.

2, don’t need to remind others consciously:

Self-awareness means that you know something and take the initiative to do it. The difference between humans and animals is that there are two lives: one is the life of the body; The second is the life of culture. Take away the "culture" tendon, people are just ordinary animals, and people are conscious.

3. Freedom on the premise of constraint:

Freedom is self-determined, without restrictions and constraints. The freedom advocated is a kind of freedom that is harmless to others in society, and it is based on goodness and justice. We should realize that freedom not only means the desire to be liberated from bondage, but also means the responsibility to respect the value of others’ existence. Only within reasonable limits and by using reasonable means can we achieve real freedom.

4. Kindness for others:

The first paragraph of the classic of Chinese studies "San Zi Jing" says: "beginning of life, human nature is good. Sex is similar and learning is far away. " This means that when people are born, their nature is good and their temperament is very similar. But with the different changes and influences of their living environment, everyone’s habits will be different.

If you treat others well, others will treat you well. If you are full of kindness, you can warm the people around you. In daily life and work, it is necessary to be helpful and kind to others, unite with leaders and colleagues, actively create a relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere, and construct harmonious interpersonal relationships.

According to the traditional concept of human beings, culture is a social phenomenon, which is the product of long-term human creation, but also a historical phenomenon and the accumulation of human society and history. To be exact, culture is the way of thinking, values, lifestyle, behavior norms, art and culture, science and technology of a country or a nation that can be passed down and spread. It is a universally recognized ideology that can be passed down for human communication and a sublimation of perceptual knowledge and experience of the objective world.

Culture is the total system of symbols (mainly words, supplemented by images) and sounds (mainly language, supplemented by phonology and notes) created and commonly recognized and used by people in the process of constantly knowing and transforming themselves and nature.

Culture, the afterlife of this life, is the behavior of some people to carry out their life beliefs. When the noblest place in a person’s temperament blooms in all aspects of life, when a person’s aesthetic taste is enough to give life a kind of elegance and flavor-that is culture.

Culture is the best nourishment.

Everything in the world is supported.

The grass and trees are in the wild, and the rain and dew are born to help; Body and mind are in the study, and kissing ink can nourish them.

If the study is a person’s spiritual sanctuary, then the long thing in the study is the pearl in this sanctuary.

Ancestors said: when writing, you can raise pens, when grinding, you can raise ink, when washing, you can raise paper.

When the library is in the library, the supplies of the study room can be spent over the years; If you are always close to things, your body and mind will be spiritually influenced.

Culture is the best nourishment.

The nourishment of life comes from the pursuit of life interest, but also from the immersion of long things.

In the rooms of ancient literati in China, there must be pens, ink, paper and inkstone for the case, and piano, chess, books and paintings for the lent. Besides, there are all kinds of elegant things.

Nowadays, when we see these old things in the study from a distance, we can hear the excited voices of the ancients and see their sincere faces as long as we understand them with our hearts.

They camped in the study, or played in Tibet, or lived in seclusion … and nourished by culture, which built a bright world for us.

Playing with Wen Zang can nourish the heart.

Culture is formed over time, and the way to hide and play can nourish the heart.

Elegance and vulgarity are often the first criterion in the way literati look at artifacts.

Whenever you see a thing, you should judge its advantages and disadvantages, define the realm of elegance with the mind of a gentleman, and create a true rhyme and taste that conforms to the literati’s aesthetics.

There are many beautiful things in the room, and the world is better than Taoyuan.

In the name of the post, the truth is orderly, and Mo Chi is fragrant; Appreciate the boxing stone, clear the supply, exquisite smoke and clouds, and the muscles and bones are towering;

Product green grass and bamboo, elegant room, case into a secluded field; Virtual Lu Qing Kuang, sitting in the dust to release concerns, elegant things Ming Zhen Yun;

Open-minded, all wonderful; Xuan Lang in Zhang’s room is natural and unrestrained.

By writing things in style, you can nourish your spirit.

Gewu, when there is an aesthetic seed, nourishes itself from the traditional scale.

Ancestors said: the piano is silent, the staff is light, the cup is elegant, the bamboo is cold, and the stone is impressive …

In addition to leisure and entertainment, there is a poetic charm in the study, which makes people physically and mentally idle.

If you do what you want from your heart, you will be a man, and you will not be detained, but you will not go beyond the rules.

It is the highest state to understand the nature within a certain statute, conform to the rules and set an example for future generations.

From things and devices, from devices and people, we can make our conscience in things and nourish our true qi in edification.

Living in seclusion with literature can raise your ambition.

China’s philosophy is a philosophy of leisure, and living in leisure can raise one’s ambition.

As the poet Ni Si said:

Reading books on righteousness and reasoning, learning the words of calligraphy and calligraphy, sitting quietly, talking with friends, drinking half drunk, watering flowers and planting bamboo, listening to the piano and playing with cranes, burning incense and frying tea, and going to the city to watch the mountains mean playing chess. Apart from the above, although I have other pleasures, it is not easy for me.

Life is leisure, and long things are companions. Whether reading, posting, burning incense, playing the piano, playing chess or drinking tea, long things in the study are the carriers.

Getting a period of leisure and happiness constitutes a brilliant aesthetic philosophy, which affects the world’s pursuit of leisure and elegance.

Today, we are far away from the luxury of spirit, and today’s dignitaries and rich people do not have such a life, because cultural life is not only material wealth, but also spiritual nobility, which is a real affair.

In this sense, the pursuit of beauty with culture is to immerse beauty in life.

If life is a flower, then culture is soil. May you and I live in peace in our daily life and drop the seeds of beauty and bloom the most wonderful flower.


Why can’t James be ahead of Kobe, and all the players only serve Kobe but not James?

There are indeed some controversies and different opinions about the respect and recognition of Kobe and James by players. However, this cannot be simply used as a criterion to evaluate who is greater. It is normal that every player and everyone has their own preferences and opinions.

Kobe Bryant and James are both excellent players, and they have excellent performances in personal ability and leadership. Kobe Bryant is famous for his scoring skills and winning ability. His sense of competition and dedication make him one of the greatest players in the history of the Lakers. James is famous for his comprehensive skills and basketball IQ. His leadership and teamwork spirit make him one of the greatest players in modern basketball history.

Both Kobe Bryant and James have achieved great success and achievements in their own time. Kobe has five championship rings, while James has four. They also have outstanding performance in personal honor and statistics. Therefore, it is unfair to simply attribute their achievements and contributions to other players’ comments on them.

Every player has his own characteristics and style, and their performance and influence on the court are also different. Therefore, players may have different views on Kobe and James. But in any case, we should objectively evaluate their achievements and pay tribute to their influence in basketball.

Finally, there are many great players in basketball, no matter Kobe, James or other players, they all have their own unique values and contributions. We should respect everyone’s opinion, rather than simply attribute the greatness of players to the evaluation of other players.

In addition, there are many differences between Kobe and James in their careers, which is also the great place to evaluate them. Kobe Bryant was the scorer of the Lakers in the early stage of his career, and gradually developed comprehensive skills and leadership in his subsequent career. His winning ability and team leader position in the competition are also his important characteristics. James, on the other hand, showed all-round skills and leadership early in his career. His physical fitness and basketball IQ made him an all-round player. His organization and leadership ability in the competition is also one of his important characteristics.

In addition, the game styles of Kobe and James are also very different. Kobe is an excellent scorer, and his shooting skills and winning ability make him an important offensive weapon in the game. James, on the other hand, is an all-round player. His physical fitness and basketball IQ enable him to play well on both offensive and defensive ends. His organizational ability and leadership also made him an important commander in the game.

Therefore, evaluating the greatness of Kobe and James should take into account their overall performance and contribution, and not just attribute it to other players’ views on them. Kobe Bryant and James are both one of the greatest players in modern basketball history, and their achievements and contributions can not be ignored. We should respect each player’s achievements and contributions, instead of simply attributing their greatness to other players’ comments on them.

Arsenal are super nervous about tuchel’s appearance in Munich.

Declan Rice (West Ham United) proved himself to be the next generation of English midfielders in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in 2022, and his performance was limitless.
After joining the West Ham senior team in the 2016-17 season, Rice steadily gained opportunities, playing more than 30 games each season and starting 34 league games in the 2018-19 season. This season, he scored 3 goals and assisted once in 35 games. If you play the remaining two games, that means you will only miss one game.
As we all know, West Ham United has set a transfer fee of at least 100 million pounds (about 166.3 billion won) for Rice, because he knows the interests of many clubs. It is a kind of confidence to recruit people if you have money.
The British online media "Inside Football" reported an interesting situation on the 18th (Korean time) citing exclusive news. "Arsenal are trying to bid 85 million pounds (141.4 billion won) for Rice," he said. Rice, who signed a contract with West Ham United until June 2024, knows very well that this summer is a good time to leave. So is West Ham. It plans to improve its competitiveness by raising the amount of 16 million pounds (about 26.6 billion won) higher than the market price.
In addition to Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Juventus, Real Madrid and other big clubs have also been the targets of rumors, and Bayern Munich, which recently appointed Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel, has also shown interest in Rice. .
Simple and clear. It is said that tuchel overestimated Rice’s ability and asked the management to bet that he must be present during the team reorganization. It means that Rice’s combat effectiveness and the ability to attack and defend are enough.
Considering that Arsenal will play in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) next season, coach mikel arteta is trying to recruit Rice. Rice lived up to her name in the first and second rounds of the Champions League semi-final against Alkmar, which set off transfer rumors.
Rice, who can choose teams, is on the rise. In this transfer market, fate seems to depend on who catches it.

Congratulations! Manchester City will celebrate the championship at home, and all the remaining three rounds can be rotated. The sword refers to the miracle of triple crown.

As Arsenal lost 0-1, Manchester City won the championship three rounds ahead of schedule. In this way, Manchester City can celebrate the championship directly at home, regardless of the result against Chelsea. It is conceivable that Etihad Stadium will become a sea of joy. For Guardiola, this is also a huge advantage: Manchester City can rotate in the remaining three rounds of the Premier League, and they can concentrate on preparing for the FA Cup final and the Champions League final, pointing to the miracle of triple crown.

Manchester City’s remaining three league opponents are Chelsea, Brighton and brentford. It was originally thought that the title race between Manchester City and Arsenal would last until the end, which may affect the results of the Champions League and the FA Cup. But I didn’t expect Arsenal to lose points in a row, and even the champion was "sent" in advance. Manchester City fans felt that happiness came so suddenly. Now Guardiola can focus on the remaining two games. As long as he wins two more games, Manchester City will become the triple crown.

The first is the FA Cup final between Manchester City and Manchester United on June 3rd. This season, Manchester City and Manchester United each won one game in the league. The two teams will definitely go all out in this final. Tenghage has led Manchester United to the Carling Cup this season. If he wins the FA Cup again, his first season of coaching Manchester United will be fantastic. Guardiola’s team is in full swing. He can take a break from the main force in the league and play against Manchester United with the strongest array. The hard power of the Blue Moon is stronger than that of Manchester United, and Gua Shuai’s confidence in winning the championship is still sufficient.

Then there is the Champions League final on June 11th. Manchester City’s opponent is Inter Milan, which also has the upper hand in terms of hard power. The Blue Moon eliminated Leipzig, Bayern and Real Madrid all the way to the final, with high gold content, while Inter Milan eliminated Porto, Benfica and Milan to enter the final. The confrontation with Manchester City will be a real test for them. Considering that the final is a missed game, there is still the possibility of an accident, so Inter Milan is not completely without a chance.

However, for Guardiola, this is indeed an excellent opportunity to win the triple crown. Winning the Premier League early is like a timely rain for him, which can make the main players who have played for a season and their physical fitness has reached a critical point get a good rest. Moreover, after this Manchester City swept Real Madrid 5-1 in two rounds, the confidence of the players has reached a very high level. They can play with ease against any opponent. Do you think Manchester City won the triple crown this season? Welcome to post your insights in the comments section.