OEM Xiaomi car, is it?

OEM Xiaomi car, is it?

It is reported that it will be OEM. On October 19, in response to the above rumors, BAIC Blue Valley responded that the company did not receive relevant information.

Beiqi Blue Valley rose 22.18% for three consecutive trading days in recent days. On the evening of October 18th, it was announced that the daily operation of the company had not changed significantly.

According to reports, informed sources revealed that Xiaomi had approached at the end of August this year to discuss matters related to OEM new energy vehicles, but the two sides failed to reach a final cooperation.

In addition, it is reported that Xiaomi has negotiated with Chery, Brilliance and other car companies, which may be responsible for production, while Xiaomi is responsible for sales, but the specific results are not yet known.

Xiaomi Automobile plans to build a vehicle factory in Yizhuang, Beijing in two phases. The first phase of the factory has been basically completed and put into use, with a production capacity of 150,000 vehicles per year. Lei Jun’s goal in 2024 is to sell 100,000 vehicles.

It is reported that after the first coupe model of Xiaomi Automobile, it plans to launch an SUV model, but it does not consider rebuilding the production line, so it turns to negotiate OEM production with other automobile manufacturers to achieve two-track advancement.

According to the plan, Xiaomi Automobile will be officially mass-produced in the first half of 2024, and it is getting closer and closer to the first half of 2024.

In terms of investment, the financial report shows that Xiaomi’s investment in innovative business such as smart electric vehicles in 2022 is RMB 3.1 billion. By the end of 2022, the size of the R&D team of automobile business was about 2,300 people.

Regarding the configuration and price of Xiaomi car, there have been many reports on the Internet, and even the road test data have been sent online. Insiders pointed out that the high-end version of Xiaomi Automobile is priced at 250,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan.

It seems that everything is ready for Xiaomi to build a car. However, regarding the qualification of building a car, there is no clear official news yet.

There are indications that Xiaomi Automobile is progressing smoothly and getting closer and closer to the press conference. However, at this time, Bloomberg gave rice noodles full of expectations.Spilled itA pot of cold water, they reported that Xiaomi has not got the qualification to build a car.

It is also reported that Xiaomi has obtained the production qualification of electric vehicles, but the official has not officially responded. The mass production of Xiaomi automobile may be unknown before it is officially qualified to build a car.

Since the official announcement of the car in March 2021, more than two years have passed, and Xiaomi has not let consumers see the real appearance of the car. The so-called official map that flowed out before always gave people the feeling of still hiding half her face from us behind her guitar.

So far, all kinds of news about the progress of Xiaomi Auto’s car-making have basically come from the network. The news seems to be a lot, but it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.

Say a few more words

According to Lei Jun, the goal of Xiaomi Automobile in the future is to strive to enter the top five in the world within 15 to 20 years, and Lei Jun also said before that to enter the top five, the annual sales may exceed 10 million.

Xiaomi, who is eager to catch up with the wind, is the only choice for Xiaomi, compared with Baidu, Huawei and other enterprises, and it is a little late to enter the game. However, Xiaomi’s research and development expenses are not too much in the entire automobile industry chain.

In fact, there is not much time left for Xiaomi automobile to enter the market, but if it is to form differentiated competitiveness in a short time, time is even more urgent.

Rumors about Xiaomi automobile are flying all over the sky.For this car company, the core asset is actually Lei Jun.To put it more directly, it is the credibility of Lei Jun.. After all, Xiaomi’s mobile phone has dominated the rivers and lakes for so many years, and Lei Jun’s credibility is still very high, which is much stronger than Jobs who still stays in the United States.


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