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Hip-hop in China: Let the reality show show the charm of music and the beauty of human nature.

   Xinhuanet Beijing, September 12 (Reporter Zhang Chun) The final of "Hip Hop in China" has ended, and GAI and PG One both won the championship with the same number of votes. This result was quickly interpreted as soon as it was released: the mystery behind it, business opportunities and fighter planes … … There are different opinions, and even they are called "textbook-style variety ending", and the behind-the-scenes team of the program also gave a clear response: this probability is one in a billion.

   Times will affirm our innovation.

   At the first time after the broadcast of the championship battle, Chen Wei, the chief producer of the program, and Che Che, the director, were interviewed by reporters. The first thing they faced was the problem of double champions. Producer Chen Wei said frankly: "This is a thing that will not happen in theory, but since it happened in such a small chance, it is also an act of god.

   In Chen Wei’s view, the real winner of this program is hip-hop culture and rapper in China. After all, the popularity of "Hip-hop in China" has made this niche music type onto the public stage. But from the initial point of view, Chen Wei was a little surprised to finally achieve such success. "We knew it would be an explosion, but we didn’t expect it to be a phenomenal program with the significance of the times." Therefore, Chen Wei firmly believes: "When we create and don’t follow, the times will affirm our innovative behavior, and users will also affirm it."

   This season’s boom made the team naturally think of the follow-up plan. "We just promoted the first step, let everyone know about hip-hop and like hip-hop, and know that there are so many good hip-hop music and so many high-level singers in China; In the second season, we will show you more hip-hop rapper and hip-hop music. " In the future that Chen Wei looks forward to, there will be more confident and open behavior in the second quarter. "We will go out and let China’s hip-hop culture go to North America, the birthplace of hip-hop, and then we will hold this North American division with hip-hop in China in North America."

   As a hip-hop culture promotion program, Hip-hop in China not only popularized hip-hop culture, but also brought hip-hop players to the stage, fully demonstrating their personalities and attitudes. When talking about these hip-hop singers, Chen Wei also said, "After you really get in touch with them, you will find them very cute. Their personalities are also some of the personalities shared by young people in this era, but they will carry him through the special carrier of hip-hop music."

   Reality show shows musical charm and beautiful human nature.

   Director Che Che, before Hip-hop in China, made a music program Heroes on Earth, which focused on electronic music culture, but unfortunately it was not successful in terms of viewing performance. When it comes to Hip-hop in China, the two programs are similar in that they both choose a relatively small music category as an incision, but the difference is that "Hip-hop in China" has actually improved in the core technology of the reality show with the joint efforts of our creative collective. " Che Che said, "That is to say, the so-called drama reality show, which is the biggest difference from Heroes on Earth, is actually at the reality show level."

   Che Che defined Hip-hop in China as a drama reality show. In the face of questioning the handling of program editing, he said: "We don’t have a script, and we haven’t taught any producer or any player to say anything or do anything. In other words, in fact, the whole process of it is real and has not been packaged. " As for the criteria for the final selection of shots in the program, "it is what he did in the early stage, and whether his performance on the stage and in the competition can bear the scenes we need in the post-production, that is to say, the so-called male actors all strive for themselves in the middle of the early expression."

   It is precisely because of this that the program "Hip Hop in China" itself has a stronger sense of plot, and Che Che Che bluntly said: "During the whole program, strong plot and strong reversal are of course a bright spot, or a selling point of this program. But I want to say, in fact, there is not only a variety show with strong plot and strong reversal, "China has hip-hop". I think that the charm of music and the beauty of human nature can actually be displayed in this plot and rules, which is actually the reason for the success of this program. "

The movie "Pintable" started, and Eric Wang and Jiang Shuying spelled out a new social relationship.

1905 movie network news The urban love movie officially started. Director and screenwriter Wu Jing, actors, actors, actresses, actresses, actresses, actresses, actresses, writers, etc. attended the launching ceremony. Focusing on the living conditions of contemporary young people, the film "Patching the Table" tells the story of two young people living in Shanghai who got to know each other through an accidental dinner, familiar with fireworks and unfamiliar strangers. From the dining table to life, they gradually got a new understanding of "eat well and love well".

Eric Wang Jiang Shuying’s 19-year-old friends cooperated with urban migrant workers for the first time to "take a child" to grow up together.  

Lu Shigu, played by Eric Wang, is a code farmer engaged in science and technology industry. Because of family of origin’s reasons, he is introverted and inarticulate, and has a Buddhist attitude towards life, but he has unique views on food. Zhang Jiayi, played by Jiang Shuying in the film, is an out-and-out foodie who is good at finding all kinds of wonderful food to cure boring life. Although Eric Wang and Jiang Shuying are co-starring for the first time, they have known each other for 19 years. Both of them are acting undergraduates of Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2004, and their previous tacit interaction in variety shows also left a deep impression on the audience.

It is worth mentioning that this role interpretation is a brand-new attempt for Eric Wang. From the previous "swindler in northern Myanmar" to a "lonely and gentle code farmer", the shape and people have made a 180-degree reversal. From manager Lu, who is feared by everyone, to Lu Shigu, who is lonely in his heart, how will Eric Wang perform differently? Aroused the curiosity of countless audiences.

In addition, the cross-border surprise joining of the musical prince Zheng Yunlong also attracted much attention. Not only that, there are also "famous mouths" familiar to the public in the official announcement list. What kind of opinions do they have about urban life and love? What kind of taste will they bring to this film with "food" as the main line? Stay tuned.

Concept poster warm heart release "food+love" double-line theme to cure internal friction

Earlier, the movie "Table Fighting" released a concept poster. In the poster, the tablecloth is laid on the dining table, waiting for the delicious food to be served. Its artistic conception is similar to that of the film curtain, which means that the good play is about to appear. There are two men and women sitting at the table. Although they don’t show their faces, they can also see that they are talking happily. "Eat well, love well" will undoubtedly show the film temperament. "Patching the Table" is a film with a strong flavor of life, in which the characters gradually establish feelings in the process of sharing food and life. The characters in the film are the epitome of countless young people working in big cities. Although busy work is overwhelming, annoying bosses are unreasonable and trivial things in life are trivial, they can find energy in the healing of food and friendship.

The film "Pinning the Table" advocates young people to socialize boldly, actively create warmth and romance in anxiety and busyness, and pursue their true selves. The main characters in the film are two urban men and women who work in Shanghai. Because of the delicious food, they become "rice partners" and warm each other in constant familiarity. As a new social relationship popular in recent years, "partner" refers to friends or partners who get together for something. The purpose of dating is clear and the mode of getting along with each other is natural, which is especially common in today’s fast-paced youth groups.

The film "Patching the Table" was produced by producer, directed and written by Wu Jing, starring Eric Wang and Jiang Shuying, starring Li Xueqin, Zheng Yunlong, Fu Seoul and Liu Jia, specially starred by Wang Caiping and Jiayi Du, and especially by Wu Mian. I expect to meet you in 2024.

China A-share game sector strengthened against the trend on Wednesday.

  China news agency, Beijing, March 13 (Reporter Chen Kangliang) China A shares were "cold" on Wednesday, and all the major stock indexes fell, but the game sector strengthened against the trend.

  According to the data of Oriental Fortune, a financial data service provider, the game sector rose by 4.52% that day, leading the way. In terms of individual stocks, the share prices of Dasheng Culture, Huicheng Technology, Caesar Culture and century huatong all gained daily limit (up by 10%).

  Wang Liying, an analyst in orient securities, said that the main reason for the strength of the game sector on that day was that with the recovery of the popularity of the A-share market, the rotation effect of the sector was enhanced, and the game sector had the momentum to make up for the increase due to the relatively small increase in the previous period. In addition, there are many positive news about the game industry recently, including the upcoming Game Developers Conference and the expected return of Blizzard games to the China market, which are conducive to activating the popularity of this sector.

  According to media reports, the annual Global Game Developers Conference will be held in the near future. As an influential industry summit in the global game industry, this conference will show the latest progress of AI-enabled games with artificial intelligence (AI) as the key word.

  Zhang Heng, an analyst at Guosen Securities, said that the current China game version number is normalized, which is conducive to the stable release of high-quality products; New technologies such as AI are expected to promote the game industry to reduce costs, increase efficiency and innovate interaction methods, thus bringing about business model innovation. Combined with the valuation level of the sector, we are optimistic about the investment value of the game sector.

  As far as the overall performance of the market is concerned, as of the close of the day, the Shanghai Composite Index reported 3043 points, a decrease of 0.4%; The Shenzhen Component Index reported 9604 points, a decrease of 0.27%; The growth enterprise market index reported 1895 points, down 0.57%. (End)

FIFA: Saudi Arabia is the only bid for the 2034 Football World Cup.

Xinhua News Agency, Geneva, October 31 (Reporter Shan Lei) On October 31, FIFA announced that Saudi Arabian Football Association was the only football association to submit an application for hosting the 2034 Football World Cup before the deadline.

FIFA confirmed that it has received an application from Saudi Arabia to host the 2034 World Cup, and Saudi Arabia is the only country that has expressed its interest in hosting the 2034 World Cup.

Previously, FIFA had announced that the only application for hosting the 2030 World Cup was jointly submitted by the Football Associations of Morocco, Portugal and Spain. At present, these three countries have confirmed their willingness to bid. As the centenary celebration of the World Cup will be held in 2030, FIFA plans to hold a World Cup in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay, and these three countries have also confirmed their willingness to host the World Cup.

Like Morocco, Portugal and Spain, Saudi Arabia still needs to pass the FIFA audit. If these bidding countries can meet the requirements of FIFA and go through the whole bidding process, then FIFA will determine its right to host at the FIFA General Assembly at the end of 2024.

Photo: Li Ming

Yuanxiao is delicious, so you should eat it skillfully and eat it well.

  Today is the Lantern Festival, also known as Shangyuan Festival, Xiaoyuanyi Festival, Yuanxi Festival or Lantern Festival, which is an important festival in Chinese New Year customs. The first month is January, which is called "Xiao" in ancient times. The fifteenth day of the first month is the first full moon night in a year, so it is called Lantern Festival. On this happy day of the whole family, Yuanxiao, which symbolizes reunion, happiness and sweetness, is a must-have food for every household. Professor Zhang Zhilong, a special expert in the State Council, a famous Chinese medicine practitioner in Tianjin, and the chief physician of the Acupuncture Department of the Affiliated Hospital of Zhongyan, suggested to the public that Yuanxiao should be eaten skillfully when it is delicious, pay attention to protecting the mouth and stomach at the right time, choosing people to eat to prevent diseases, choosing cooking methods to reduce blood sugar and fat, eating in moderation, reasonable collocation and exercising after eating, so as to eat nutritious and healthy.

  Eat the mouth-protecting stomach at the right time

  Three Yuanxiao and a half bowls of rice can be eaten with extra meals.

  Zhang Zhilong said that the main material of Yuanxiao is glutinous rice. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that glutinous rice has the effect of warming the body and moistening dryness. "Herbal Classic Shu" records that glutinous rice "supplements the spleen and stomach and benefits the lung and qi. If the spleen and stomach are supplemented, the middle warmer and the stool is solid. Warming can nourish qi, and gas filling is self-heating. " Therefore, eating Yuanxiao in moderation can achieve the effects of warming the spleen and stomach, resisting the cold and regulating qi. There are bean paste, black sesame seeds, peanuts and various nuts in the stuffing of Yuanxiao. Nut raw materials have high nutritional value, and bean paste is also rich in nutrients. However, Yuanxiao, the size of table tennis, is a "three high" food with high sugar, high fat and high fever. The saying "three Yuanxiao and half a bowl of rice" is reasonable.

  First of all, a lot of white sugar and lard will be mixed into sweet stuffing such as sesame or bean paste, which tastes sweet and delicious, but contains a large amount of sucrose and oil. The oil content of three medium-sized Yuanxiao is equivalent to the oil of a plate of cooking. Secondly, generally speaking, the glutinous rice flour used in three Yuanxiao is equivalent to the rice used in one rice bowl, with an energy of about 175 kilocalories. After eating three or four sweet dumplings, you have basically absorbed the calories of a normal meal of rice. Therefore, Yuanxiao should not be eaten more, and the intake of staple food should be reduced appropriately, and it should be avoided to be used with foods with high sugar and high fat, so as not to induce other diseases.

  In addition, in addition to nutritional factors, Yuanxiao is sticky and easy to stay in the stomach and stagnate the spleen, so it is not suitable for dinner. Especially when breakfast is eaten on an empty stomach, it is easy to have indigestion, pantothenic acid and heartburn. It is suggested that Yuanxiao be eaten as dessert or at 90 o’clock after breakfast in the morning or at an extra meal in the afternoon, two or three at a time. It is best to eat warm food, not too hot or too cold, too hot can easily cause oral or digestive tract mucosal burns; Too cold is easy to hurt the stomach and affect digestion. It is best not to eat Yuanxiao for supper, otherwise it will increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract. It is best to exercise for more than two hours before going to bed after eating Yuanxiao.

  Choose people to eat and prevent diseases.

  Seven groups of people should be careful when eating Yuanxiao.

  "In addition to timely and appropriate consumption, Yuanxiao, as a food with high sugar, high oil, high calorie and difficult to digest, is not suitable for everyone. Sugar friends’ and’ wind friends’ need to eat Yuanxiao scientifically and not let’ sweetness’ become a burden. " Dr. Song Linling from the Department of Gout, Zhu Xianyi Memorial Hospital of Tianjin Medical University said.

  Song Linling said that the main raw material of Yuanxiao is glutinous rice flour. Compared with wheat flour, glutinous rice flour is more likely to raise blood sugar. At the same time, its stuffing is rich in sugar and fat. Sugar in food can raise blood sugar, and fat is also a master of making blood sugar rise persistently. Therefore, Yuanxiao has a great influence on blood sugar, so "sugar friends" should be temperate in eating Yuanxiao. For patients with hyperuricemia or gout, eating Yuanxiao needs more attention. Because the stuffing of Yuanxiao contains a lot of fructose, after eating a lot of fructose, the fructose content in blood increases, which accelerates the release of purine, thus increasing the serum uric acid, especially in gout patients.

  First of all, when blood sugar is well controlled and stable, you can eat Yuanxiao in moderation; If the blood sugar fluctuates greatly, the control is not ideal or there are serious complications, it is best not to eat it. Secondly, if you eat Yuanxiao, you must reduce the staple food accordingly. Eat three Yuanxiao and lose half a bowl of rice. Third, stuffing-free dumplings are more "safe". Yuanxiao stuffing not only contains sugar, but also contains a lot of solid oil, which has considerable heat. Small dumplings without stuffing are more in line with the dietary requirements of "sugar friends" and "wind friends". Fourth, eating Yuanxiao can be matched with some low-fat and high-fiber foods, such as beans, vegetables, bacteria and algae, and cooking methods such as steaming, boiling and stewing are used. The staple food is high-fiber coarse grains to slow down the speed of blood sugar rise. Special reminder to "sugar friends" is to be wary of sugar-free traps. With the improvement of people’s health awareness, many businesses have also launched sugar-free Yuanxiao. In fact, sugar-free Yuanxiao just does not add sucrose, but also contains starch, oil and so on. Eating more is easy to raise blood sugar and blood lipid.

  Zhang Ming, deputy director of the Nutrition Department of the Third Central Hospital of our city, said, "In addition to patients with diabetes and gout, patients with hyperlipidemia, hypertension and some gastrointestinal diseases, as well as the elderly and infants under 3 years old, eating Yuanxiao in large quantities also has certain risks." Patients with gastrointestinal diseases, including esophagitis, gastroenteritis, gastroesophageal reflux disease, intestinal malabsorption, digestive tract ulcer, etc., eating a lot of Yuanxiao may aggravate the original gastrointestinal diseases. Patients with biliary and pancreatic diseases had better not eat fried yuanxiao. Most elderly people have decreased digestive function, tooth loss, and slow swallowing reflex, which may cause the throat of Yuanxiao to get stuck due to rapid swallowing, resulting in difficulty in breathing or even suffocation. Therefore, the elderly must not eat Yuanxiao while it is hot, but chew slowly. For infants, glutinous rice is sticky, and children under 1 year old are likely to stick Yuanxiao in the esophagus; Children aged 1-2 are not easy to chew peanuts in glutinous rice balls; Children with respiratory diseases should eat Yuanxiao as little as possible to avoid aggravating their illness; Older children should not rush to eat the whole Lantern Festival, but should divide it into 1/3 to 1/2 to prevent accidents.

  Cooking hypoglycemic lipid by selective method

  Steaming is a healthy way to open Yuanxiao.

  Zhang Ming also reminded the public to pay attention to the date of food production, whether the packaging is well sealed, whether the shape of Yuanxiao is complete, and whether there are obvious cracks and powder removal. After purchase, it should be frozen and stored in time, and it should be taken out quantitatively within the validity period. Pay attention to check whether the appearance of Yuanxiao produced on the spot is gray, dark and moldy, and whether there is any odor. The deteriorated Yuanxiao with hard skin and slightly sour taste is likely to cause food poisoning. Yuanxiao is best to buy as you eat, and don’t store it for too long. When purchasing fillings, we should pay attention to the nutritional value, learn to read the nutritional label of food, choose varieties with clear ingredients and few additives, and try to choose low-sugar and low-fat varieties.

  Zhang Zhilong suggested that people cook Yuanxiao by boiling and steaming to avoid frying Yuanxiao. Fried yuanxiao is not only unsafe to splash, but also increases its heat, and it is easy to destroy nutrients and produce carcinogens.

  When cooking Yuanxiao, you should master four points: boiling water. Boil the water with strong fire, then put the Yuanxiao into the pot, gently push it away with the back of the spoon, and let the Yuanxiao rotate a few times so as not to stick to the bottom of the pot; Cook gently. After the Lantern Festival is boiled in the pot until it floats, it is necessary to quickly switch to slow fire. At this time, if it is still cooked with strong fire, it will break if it keeps rolling, and it is easy to cook outside and hard inside. Add cold water. After the Yuanxiao is put into the pot, an appropriate amount of cold water should be added every time it is opened, so as to keep it in a rolling state. After boiling for two or three times, it can be cooked for a while, and then it can be taken out for eating. The dumplings cooked in this way are soft and hard, sweet and delicious; Change the soup frequently. After the Yuanxiao is cooked in two or three pots, the soup thickens, which greatly restricts the activity of water molecules, so it should be boiled in water. Otherwise, it will be cooked slowly and easily caught. (Zhao Jin)

What is the solution to the abnormal sound of golf brakes?


Solution to abnormal sound of golf brake;

1. If it’s screaming, first check whether the brake pads are running out (the alarm disc sounds). If it’s a new disc, check whether there are any foreign objects caught between the brake disc and the disc.

2. If it is muffled, it is mostly a problem with the brake caliper, such as the wear of the movable pin and the falling off of the spring piece;

3, if it is filar silk called more problems, calipers, brake discs, brake pads may have problems. In case of abnormal brake sound, it is recommended to go to the repair shop for inspection and treatment in time for driving safety. Golf is a classic hatchback small family car launched by FAW-Volkswagen. In terms of body size, its length, width and height are 4199mm, 1786mm and 1479mm respectively, and its wheelbase is 2578 mm.

4. It is recommended to go to 4S for inspection and solve it for you free of charge. Possible situation and treatment: If it is screaming, the first thing to check is that the brake pads are almost used up (the alarm sounds). If it is new, check whether there is any foreign matter between the brake disc and the brake disc.

Smooth sailing, China table tennis advances into "Grand Slam"

  Fukuhara Ai

    Men’s singles three tigers will advance to eight generals

    According to Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, 21st, in the men’s singles table tennis competition of the Beijing Olympic Games, with the typical "China speed" and "three tigers in table tennis", they easily beat their opponents and advanced to the quarterfinals.

    Before the game, China’s main rivals, South Korean star Ryu Seung-min, German "golden boy" Bohr and Belarusian samsonov, were eliminated by other opponents, and they missed the opportunity to compete with China players.

    Wang Liqin, the former king, eliminated Shi Lage, a famous European player, 4-0. Earlier, Wang Hao eliminated Han Yang of Japanese team 4-1. Ma Lin, who started at the same time as Wang Liqin, also beat Greek glinka by the same score at another table.

    Three China players advanced to the quarter-finals, reflecting the amazing "China speed": Wang Hao took 29 minutes, Wang Liqin took 25 minutes and Ma Lin took 26 minutes.

    The first two rounds were bye-bye. As the seed player, the "Three Tigers of Guoping" didn’t show up until the third round. On the same day, she played two sets in a row, first reaching the top 16 at noon and then entering the top 8 at night.

    On the next match day, Wang Hao will meet Gao Lize, Wang Liqin will fight Tan Ruiwu and Ma Lin will fight Sang Eun Oh. Only two European players, Croatian primorac and Swedish persson, will also compete in the semi-finals. The prospect of China’s men’s singles gold medal is becoming clearer.

    Women’s singles three will break into the semi-finals

    China’s Zhang Yining, Guo Yue and Wang Nan all made it to the semi-finals of women’s table tennis singles at the Beijing Olympic Games on the evening of 21st.

    Last night, the women’s singles quarter-finals started. Zhang Yining first played against Feng Tianwei of the Singaporean team, fighting for four sets, and Zhang Yining beat her opponent 4-1.

    Wang Nan met Tieyana of Hongkong team in China in the quarter-finals. The two sides have played against each other many times in history and know each other well. However, Tieyana was in a very poor state yesterday. She lost the first two games with a disparity score of 5: 11 and 4: 11. Although she pulled back one game with 13: 11 in the third game, the fourth and fifth games reappeared in a depressed state, losing two games with 2: 11 and 4: 11. In this way, Wang Nan defeated his opponent by a total score of 4: 1 and entered the semi-finals.

    Young Guo Yue’s opponent in the quarterfinals is Wu Xue of Dominica. There was no suspense in the game, and Guo Yue easily won 4-0 in straight sets.

    In the other quarter-final, Li Jiawei of Singapore defeated Wang Chen of the United States, becoming the only non-China player in the women’s singles semi-finals.

    Shi Zhihao, head coach of China women’s table tennis team, believes that all three players of China team have played their normal level so far, and China team will continue to strive for winning the women’s singles gold medal tomorrow.

    The semifinals and finals of women’s table tennis singles will be held on the 22nd. The two semifinals will be played against Zhang Yining against Li Jiawei and Guo Yue against Wang Nan. (Meng Xin)

    Fukuhara Ai smiled and left.

    Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, August 21st-Japanese player Fukuhara Ai used to cry when she lost, but after losing to China’s Zhang Yining in the women’s singles eighth final of the Beijing Olympic Games on August 21st, Fukuhara Ai left the field with a smile.

    "I’m quite satisfied with my performance in this competition, and I’m also very satisfied with my performance in the whole Beijing Olympic Games. If I get out of 100 points, I can get 90 points," Fukuhara Ai said.

    After the match with Zhang Yining on the 21st, Fukuhara Ai’s journey to the Beijing Olympic Games stopped: "I am in a good state of mind, and it is an honor to play against a world champion like Zhang Yining at the Olympic Games." On the 20th, Fukuhara Ai also told reporters that Zhang Yining might not play well due to the pressure at home. On the 21st, Fukuhara Ai told reporters, "I miscalculated yesterday, and Zhang Yining was not nervous at all in today’s game, and played very well."

    However, Fukuhara Ai also has regrets in this Olympic Games, that is, she failed to win a medal. She said: "It is a pity that the Japanese team failed to win a medal in both the team and the singles, but we have brought everything we usually train into full play, and there is nothing to regret if we tried our best."

    Put on a spare racket.

    Zhang Yining’s heart is half cold.

    "When the referee asked me to play with a spare racket, my heart went cold at once." Zhang Yining said after the game on the evening of 21st.

    According to Zhang Yining, when the match with Singaporean player Feng Tianwei was about to start, the referee suddenly informed her that her racket was unqualified and asked her to play with a spare racket. "I don’t know what’s wrong with my racket now, maybe it’s because the glue is too thick. The sponge on the spare racket is still three years ago, and the quality is much worse. I’m a little lacking in confidence before the game starts. "

    Before the game, Zhang Yining was generally thought to beat Feng Tianwei easily, but the game was full of tension. Zhang Yining struggled to win the first game with 13: 11, and lost the second game with 12: 14. Zhang Yining won the next three games, but the scores were very close, with 14: 12, 12: 10 and 13: 11 respectively.

    "After changing the spare racket, the temperature and radian of the power are somewhat different from those of the normal racket, and it is very awkward to fight. It’s not easy to beat your opponent. " Zhang Yining said.

    After the game, the referee took away Zhang Yining’s spare racket, and it is said that it will be tested again. Zhang Yining reluctantly told reporters that she had temporarily lost a racket. According to Xinhua News Agency

    Jiao Zhimin:

    National ball dominance does not depend on sea tactics.

    China table tennis team is getting closer and closer to achieving the goal of "Grand Slam" in this Olympic Games. Jiao Zhimin, a famous former China table tennis player and world champion, who now lives in South Korea, wrote an article revealing the secret.

    Jiao Zhimin revealed: "The founder of’ straight double-sided play’ is Liu Guoliang, the coach of China table tennis national team. He is a typical backhand player. Liu Guoliang realized that it was hard to hit the backhand straight, so he tried to stick rubber on the back of the racket to hit the ball. I didn’t expect this to become an opportunity for China table tennis to make a milestone development. Then Marin and Wang Hao became familiar with this style of play. Among them, Wang Hao can master the double-faced play more skillfully, making it reach the peak. "

    In the eyes of most people, China table tennis dominates the world, relying only on a huge basic training system and a steady stream of talents. However, as a world champion who used to be the standard-bearer of table tennis in China, Jiao Zhimin has a different view. "China table tennis coaches are always faced with the problem of how to dominate the world. They have been racking their brains to study new technologies. As a result, there are even players who play table tennis alternately with their left and right hands in China, who can hit the ball forehand in any direction, although this technology is not mature enough to appear on the international stage. "

    "Foreigners think that table tennis in China relies on the sea of people tactics because they don’t see the efforts made by coach China to develop new technologies." Jiao Zhimin said.

Editor: Shang Yanrong

30 most classic symphonies, cultivate elegant temperament

Johann sebastian bach is one of the outstanding composers in the Baroque period. His representative works include Aria on G String and Brandenburg Concerto. Aria on the G String is one of Bach’s most famous works. Its beautiful melody and complex composition make it one of the representatives of Baroque music. The Brandenburg Concerto is a set of six concertos, which shows Bach’s exquisite use of different instruments and outstanding creative talent.

George frideric handel is a German composer in the Baroque period. His representative works include Royal Fireworks Music and Messiah. Royal Fireworks Music was written for the celebration of King George II of England, and Water Music is one of Handel’s classics. The Messiah is a religious oratorio, especially the Hallelujah Hymn.

Joseph haydn is an Austrian composer in the classical period. His works are rich and colorful, including symphonies and sonatas. Genesis is a masterpiece of his religious music, which contains aria and chorus, and expresses praise for God’s creation of the world. In addition, Haydn’s symphonies and sonatas have also become one of the classics of classical music.

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HIFI classical music famous songs
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Antonio Vivaldi, an Italian composer in Baroque period, is famous for his string concerto The Four Seasons. Among them, the first movement of Spring in Four Seasons is the most well-known, which vividly depicts the scene of spring and is the pinnacle of Vivaldi’s music.

Ludwig van Beethoven is a German composer in the classical period, and his nine symphonies are regarded as the pinnacle of classical music. Among them, the chorus part of the Ninth Symphony creatively introduced chorus, which became a pioneering work in the history of music. In addition, Beethoven’s violin sonatas, piano concertos and other works are also highly respected.

Mozart was an Austrian composer in the classical period, and his music works were rich and varied. Piano Concerto No.21 and Symphony No.40 among piano concertos are both one of Mozart’s most popular works. The Marriage of Figaro is one of his most famous operas, while Serenade of Strings is a deeply loved chamber music.


Quintet "Trout" in A majorAmong them, the third movement, "Humor", is the most famous. This work shows Schubert’s unique melody and emotion.

String Quartet No.14 in D minor "death and the maiden"This work expresses deep thinking and dramatic musical structure, and is considered as one of Schubert’s most outstanding chamber music.


symphonie fantastiqueIt is famous for the solo of four harps in the second movement, and it is a symphony with romantic atmosphere.


A Midsummer Night’s DreamIncluding the familiar wedding March, it is music based on Shakespeare’s play of the same name.

Violin concerto in e majorAll three movements are very popular and are one of Mendelssohn’s four violin concertos.


symphony no. 1 in d major titan waartAlso known as Beethoven’s Tenth Symphony, the fourth movement imitates the melody of Ode to Joy.

The second, third and fourth symphoniesBrahms’s symphonies are full of depth and emotion, and they are masterpieces of romantic music.


19 nocturnesAmong them, the first three songs are the most famous, which show Chopin’s unique contribution to the poetic expression of piano.

The first and second piano concertosEspecially the second movement of the first concerto is extremely feminine and has unique aesthetic feelings.

Robert Schumann

Childhood sceneThe seventh "Dream Song" is the most classic, expressing Schumann’s deep attachment to the children’s world.

carnivalA piano solo work with a strong romantic flavor.


hungarian rhapsodyThe second and sixth songs are the most famous, showing Liszt’s rich piano skills and romantic enthusiasm.

Piano concerto no.1 in e majorCombining elements of scherzo, it is a concerto full of creativity and individuality.


tchaikovsky: piano concerto no.1This work is famous for its romance, passion and technical requirements, and it is one of the classics in the piano concerto.

Swan LakeIt is famous for its gorgeous music and beautiful dance, especially the waltz.

The NutcrackerThe music of this ballet is one of Tchaikovsky’s most popular works, including Waltz of Flowers and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.


Symphony No.9 "From the New World"Especially the second movement, which is famous for its moving melody, is an outstanding work of dvorak.

Slavic dance musicA series of dance music with strong national characteristics shows dvorak’s love for Czech culture.


Nocturnal, the sea, the afternoon of the shepherd.These works show Debussy’s unique contribution to impressionist music, full of color and imagination.


Mother goose suiteIt is famous for its relaxed and humorous music, including the Camellia Trio.

PoleroIt is a famous orchestral work of Ravel, which is popular for its dynamic and enthusiasm.

bedrich smetana

my motherlandEspecially the second movement "vltava river" is one of Smetana’s representative works.

the bartered brideThe music of this opera is one of the most famous works of Smetana.


Piano concerto in a minorIt is one of the masterpieces of Grieg’s piano works, full of excitement and passion.

Pearl gent suiteIncluding "Morning Music" and "Anitra Dance", it is one of the most famous orchestral works of Grieg.


Finnish songIs one of sibelius’s most famous works, expressing his love for Finland and yearning for freedom.

Sad Waltz, Violin Concerto: Showed his deep and Nordic music language.


Paganini rhapsodyIt is famous for the complexity and romantic feelings of its variations, especially the 18th variation.

Piano Concerto No.2Especially the second movement is praised for its affectionate and beautiful melody.

The above are just some of the composers and works you mentioned, and each composer has rich music creation. I hope these brief introductions can stimulate your interest in classical music. Welcome to continue to learn more about these great composers and their music works.

Illustration of baseball rules

There is a non-folding line on the left side of each base. If you run 5 meters after getting on the base, you can’t turn back to the original base unless someone is on the previous base bag.

If the strike is not more than 5 m in the court, it is also a foul ball. Count a good ball and strike again. If it is the third good ball, strike out.

The batter stepped on the orange bag when running the base, and stepped on the white bag after getting on the base. All the defenders stepped on the white bag.

When the fly ball is caught, only the batter is ruled out, and all other base runner will return to the original base bag and start over.

After the defender steps on the base bag after streetball, base runner is banned from the game. There is no need to touch and kill base runner, and the game continues.

Don’t slip off the base, leave the base or steal the base. All of them will be judged as out. base runner can only leave the base after the batter hits the ball.

The home plate of the batting seat in the official competition must be made of white rubber, and the red safety plate is extended backwards directly below.

Map of Lele Baseball Field (Elementary Edition)

Baseball competition rules

First, the provisions of the strike and run:

# When swinging, be sure to make sure the surrounding clearance before swinging.

1. When hitting, you can try but not exceed the ball. Otherwise, you will score a good ball.

2. When hitting, you can’t swing the stick after the run-up. Otherwise, you will get a good ball.

3. After the second strike, swing an empty bat or hit a foul ball, and still strike out.

4. The attacking team must step on the orange base plate when rushing to the base, and the defending team must step on the white base plate.

5, do not use sacrificial touch, offenders plan a good ball to continue to hit.

6. Don’t slide the base. Sliding the base will be ruled out regardless of the result.

7. Don’t leave the base or steal the base. base runner must step on the base plate after getting on the base and wait for the batter to hit the ball before leaving the base. Otherwise, he will be sentenced out.

8. If the batting approach is less than 5 meters, a foul ball will be awarded, and one ball will be counted.

9. The result of throwing the stick is not judged out, but it is necessary to warn you to throw the stick and force the substitution.

10, base runner ran to the next base more than 5 meters can’t turn back the line, you must continue to move forward, unless the plate has other base runner.

Second, the defense regulations:

Players should avoid colliding with each other, and the catcher should stand back three meters to defend.

1. The official game adopts the 9-player system. If the starter is replaced, he can play again. After the alternate player leaves the game, he is not allowed to play again.

2, the pitcher does not throw the ball and stands on the pitcher’s board to defend, but also has to hit the next game.

3. Before the batter swings, the defender can’t go ahead of the pitcher’s board to defend.

4. Don’t touch and kill. The defenders will all be banned by stepping on the base. If the ball touches base runner, it will not be ruled out, and the game will continue.

5. When infield players (including pitchers) stop catching base runner and return the ball to home plate or pitchers, base runner should not take the opportunity to start or provoke to leave the base, but should return to the occupied base plate and wait for the next bat to swing before moving forward.

Third, on base and out

Runners can step on the white base bag after getting on the base.

1, 3 strike out (including the third ball out of bounds) 3 strike out to change teams.

2. In addition to the fielder passing the ball, all base runner can walk a base.

3. After the fly ball is received, the batter is ruled out, and the game is stopped. It is not allowed to pass and kill base runner on other bases. All base runner must return to the original base (you can step on the white base) and wait for the next swing before moving forward.

Fourth, the outcome judgment:

1. The official game is limited to 6 minutes, and the team with more scores wins.

2. If the match is not finished within 50 minutes, the winner will be judged by the final score.

3. If the game is tied in six games, the seventh game can be extended when there is time left, and the deadlock breaking system is adopted. If not,

  The time is decided by the captains of both sides guessing fists or tossing coins.


Break through the deadlock system: the last three batters in the previous game occupy 1.2.3 bases respectively, and the game is played with two outs. After the outs, the offensive and defensive exchanges are made, and the one who scores more points wins.

Five, equipment regulations:

1. The bat is 70cm long, covered with PU foam, and has an anti-swing base at the bottom.

2, baseball is orange PU foam 70 grams weight 27 cm circumference.

3. The hitting base is a rubber white home plate with two retractable black pipes on it.

4. Each base is 38x38x0.7 cm square rubber double parallel base board.

5. Only use both hands to catch the ball when defending, and do not use gloves or hats to catch the ball.

China men’s basketball team won by 20 points, Cui Yongxi and Wang Zhelin played well, and they will play against strong European teams.

Li Kaier definitely won’t play in the China men’s basketball match against Cape Verde. Cape Verde’s strength is not bad, and it is a positive team in the World Cup. Zeng Fanbo, Yu Jiahao and Sun Minghui had a truce, Zhao Jiwei was put on the bench, and Zhao Rui took the place in the starting lineup.

Four teams from Italy, China, Cape Verde and Turkey participated in the Trentino Cup. The competition lasted for two days, and the winner of the first day will play the final the next day.

Qi zhou scored the first goal in the basket, Zhou Peng fouled twice in a row, and tavares, the first center in the Champions League basketball game, played. His height reached 221cm, and qi zhou had no advantage over him. The opposite three points are very stable, and the difference is opened to ten. He Xining, Zhang Zhenlin and Zhu Junlong successively hit three points and scored a wave of 11-0 lead!

Hu Jinqiu and Wang Zhelin played at the same time, Wang Zhelin scored 2+1 at the basket, and then made four consecutive fouls and made one penalty. In the first quarter, China led by 4 points.

Hu Jinqiu hit a 3-pointer from the bottom corner, Zhao Jiwei was knocked down by Correa for a layup, and Zhang Zhenlin directly plugged Zhao Rui into the inside and scored easily. The opponent’s defensive strength has improved, and the score difference is shrinking. Qi zhou stepped out in time to beat tavares to the basket. A bunch of walking players in Cape Verde made a lot of mistakes.

Zhao Jiwei was blocked by his opponent, Fang Shuo hit a three-pointer on the buzzer, and China led by seven points at half-time.

Cui Yongxi’s soft touch hit the first goal in the second half, and Zhao Jiwei once again helped Cui Yongxi to smash in the air! Very hot! The opponent also hit three three-pointers. After playing, Wang Zhelin succeeded in continuous attack, and Fang Shuo scored 2+1. Both teams were efficient in attack. Zhu Junlong and Fang Shuo hit three points successively, among which Fang Shuo scored another three points! China has led by 17 points after three quarters.

Zhang Zhenlin made an empty layup, Cui Yongxi made a wonderful breakthrough on the pull rod and made a counter-layup. The opponent hit three points in a row and the momentum of chasing points was very strong. Cui Yongxi hit a key three-pointer, and he and Zhang Zhenlin were really surprises for the men’s basketball team. Cui Yongxi dunked again and became the last thigh. Hu Mingxuan also ushered in the opportunity to play, and Cui Yongxi scored three points again. There are too many differences. qi zhou and Wang Zhe are not even on the team. We use substitute players such as He Xining, Hu Mingxuan and Fu Hao. Fu Hao also hit a three-pointer, and the game was decided.

In the end, China won a big victory 86-66!Among them, the third section has great advantages. In this game, both Wang Zhelin and Cui Yongxi played well, and Cui Yongxi alone could cut out five excellent goals. This game also basically laid a place in Cui Yongxi’s 12-person list! The next game is likely to be against Italy, a strong European team. It is also possible that Li Kaier stayed against Italy, so he didn’t play in this game.

As there is no technical statistics released for the time being, it will take some time to have more specific information.

China team starting: Zhao Rui, Cui Yongxi, Zhou Peng, Zhang Zhenlin and qi zhou.