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The Battle at Lake Changjin and other films won the honor of Zhang Ziyi by the media of the film channel.

Special feature of 1905 film network On the evening of September 3rd, the 2022 Film Channel Media Honor Night, hosted by the Film Channel Program Center and co-sponsored by the Tongzhou District People’s Government of Beijing, was held in the Central District of the Grand Canal Cultural Tourism Scenic Spot in Beijing (Tongzhou) — — Tongzhou Canal Cultural Square was held.

The 15 media attention honors that attracted much attention and expectation were announced one by one that night. In the end, it won the honor of the jury and became the most concerned film by the media. The director who is most concerned by the media is obtained by; The first director’s tube is honored by the chapter "Poetry" in "My Father and I". The hero and heroine who are most concerned by the media are awarded respectively. The host of the movie channel, Ying Ling and Yun Wei co-chaired the party.

The Battle at Lake Changjin’s "My Father and I" and other films have received media attention.

Zhang Ziyi first won the honor of new director;"I look forward to reporting to the audience with a feature film."

In the past 19 years, as a national mainstream media, the film channel has gathered media strength and public attention, and made continuous efforts to promote the vigorous development of China films. With the help of the film channel, media honor has become a high-profile film honor, representing the media’s continuous concern for the film industry.

In 2022, for the first time, Media Honor opened its voting channel to the media of the whole society, and convened media practitioners from all over the country to participate in the selection with a professional, objective and true professional attitude. From August 26th to September 1st, a total of 12,370 media people from 1,421 media organizations participated in the voting.

In the end, the film The Battle at Lake Changjin won the honor of the jury of the Media Honor Night of the Film Channel. The film also won the single honor of screenwriter and visual effects. Jiang Defu, the film producer, first thanked all his colleagues in the film industry for their support of The Battle at Lake Changjin and the 230 million viewers’ love for the film. He also expects Bona Film to bring you more excellent works in the future.

Click to watch the video:The Battle at Lake Changjin was honored by the jury of the Media Honor Night of the Film Channel.

The film that receive that most media attention belongs to Me and my fath. Zhang Ziyi, who directed the chapter "Poetry", won his first directorial honor. From the actors who have won many awards to the director who is the most concerned by the media, Zhang Ziyi is filled with emotion: "Life is very meaningful, and there will be many unexpected things that will happen like that. You will change your perspective and challenge obstacles that you have never encountered." Having gone through the limitations and fragility of his first novel, Zhang Ziyi also gained unprecedented courage. At the scene, she also said that she looked forward to one day being able to report to the audience with her own feature-length works.

The "sister" in the poem, as the smallest honor winner of the night, won the honor of a new actress who was most concerned by the media. The new actor who received the most media attention was won by. In the middle school, he grew from a young soldier to the cutest and bravest volunteer army. In the future, he also looks forward to using this spirit to walk more steadily and further on the road of performance.

Yolanda won the honor again.

Zhang Songwen won the most popular actor in the media.

Yolanda, an actress who just won the "Hundred Flowers Award" not long ago, once again won the most attention of the media by virtue of her accurate performance in the Chinese Doctors on the media honor night. People in the media praised her performance "Even if the mask covers her face, it is still rich in temperature", which can convey emotions with her eyes and let us see the nobility of angels in white’s soul. In his speech, Yolanda expressed gratitude for meeting the role of Wen Ting. The person who presented her with the honor made no secret of her appreciation of Yolanda’s acting skills: "I am willing to cooperate with her with zero pay."

Click to watch the video: Yolanda won the media honor night of 2022 movie channel, and the heroine who received the most attention from the media gave a speech.

Movies that touched countless audiences helped Zhang Songwen win the title of the most popular leading actor in the media. Li Dazhao, a revolutionary ancestor, traveled through time and space again at the last moment of his life through Zhang Songwen’s performance, connecting with the young audience. Zhang Songwen said with emotion that it is a great encouragement for him to gain such a heavy affirmation in the 20th year after graduating from Beijing Film Academy. I will always remember the role I played and continue to be an actor with the strength he gave.

Click to watch the video: Zhang Songwen delivered a speech on the honor of the leading actor who received the most media attention in the media honor night of 2022 movie channel.

The supporting actor and actress who are most concerned by the media are awarded the honor of the middle and the leading role respectively. The representative of "Back to Tibet" received the honor instead of Kimba, who was filming a new film in Tibet, and thanked him and the whole team for their hard work under difficult conditions. Qi Xi used "children nourished by movies" to describe his feelings along the way as an actor: "This time, the children were really encouraged." In addition, Muye Wen, the director of Miracle Stupid Kids, also won the most attention from the media after Hundred Flowers Award.

Click to watch the video: Actor Qi Xi shares her feelings of getting the most attention from the media as a supporting actress.

Filmmakers gather in Beijing City Sub-center.

The canal surges to witness the new miracle of the Millennium city.

After the innocent rain, a tower shadow recognized Tongzhou. On the Media Honor Night of 2022 Film Channel, filmmakers and media people gathered in the Beijing City Sub-center, which not only witnessed the dust of 15 honors settled, but also became the starting point for filmmakers to set off and climb the artistic peak again.

Click to watch the video: MoMo Wu, CiCi and Snow Kong sang "The Light Falling in Life" on the same stage.

Musicians and singers such as,,,,,,,, Julia,,,, Zhang Yingxi, Chen Xiaoduo also sang the waterfront of the Millennium City Canal, bringing many melodious movie music and classic songs to the audience.

Click to watch the video: Dany Lee and Li Wenhan sang "The Sense of the Times"

Click to watch the video: Justin sings the movie Sniper and the song Young Man.

Click to watch the video: Dai Peini brings songs to skewer.

In order to cooperate with the Media Honor Night of the 2022 Film Channel, the Media Center of the Film Channel also launched the "Direct Media Honor Night of the Film Channel" to broadcast live media. Follow the host of the movie channelGuo WeiDan LiQiaojunRoman, boating on the surface of the Grand Canal, strolling around the Moon Island in the Grand Canal Forest Park, riding the Green Heart Park, and visiting the intersection of the five rivers and the first line of Daguanglou & HELIP; … In addition to natural beauty,Wildfire and Spring Breeze Fight against the Ancient City, Mozart in Outer Space and beginning of the great revival.The location of the film is to combine the Beijing City Sub-center with the film more closely.

The Media Honor Night of 2022 Film Channel came to a successful conclusion by the canal. Tongzhou, the Millennium city in the new era, will embark on a new journey together with China films, and work together to write a wonderful chapter in the future. The media honor of the film channel will also continue to live up to its mission, be upright, innovative and brave, witness the media people to advise the development of the film with truth, and sincerely accompany the filmmakers to illuminate the road of light and shadow with their feelings.

Eight men’s and women’s physiological knowledge actually cheated many people! It’s time to correct your ideas.

In life, we will come into contact with all kinds of knowledge from the internet, but many times we don’t know whether the articles we see are true or not. Especially about physiological knowledge, it is easy to be misled and has always produced some incorrect prejudices. Next, let’s talk to you about some common misunderstandings about men and women’s physiology.

(1) the more hair, the stronger the desire?

I believe many people have heard this sentence, so that they see some women with strong hair in their lives with different eyes. In fact, this statement is completely nonsense. Whether the hair is strong or not is related to two factors, namely hormone secretion in the body and genetic influence. There is no connection between the two and sexual desire!

(2) The color of private parts is dark, because it is frequent?

This is also a very common prejudice against women. Many people think that the dark color of women’s private parts is caused by sexual confusion. In fact, there is no connection between the two. The color depth of women’s local skin is determined according to the distribution of melanocytes in the body and is influenced by sex hormones. After puberty, the level of sex hormones will also rise and the color will become darker, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

(3) No sexual life, no gynecological diseases?

This statement is also wrong. Women’s private parts have a natural barrier to resist the invasion of external germs. Once this barrier is broken, it will cause germs to enter the body and cause gynecological diseases. When the body’s resistance drops, the hormone level is abnormal and the local hygiene is not paid attention to, it may lead to gynecological diseases.

(4) Is it healthier to wash below?

This is a well-known advertising slogan before. Many women will buy lotion to clean their private parts when they are healthy. In fact, in a healthy situation, there is absolutely no need to wash with lotion. Women’s vagina has its own flora balance. Cleaning with lotion will destroy the normal acid-base balance, but it will cause gynecological diseases. It only needs to be cleaned with water every day.

(1) Can food supplement be aphrodisiac?

Most of the so-called food supplements are based on shape, and the more common one is to eat kidney. Kidney is mainly composed of protein and fat, which is a food with high cholesterol. Eating too much will not only fail to make up the kidney, but also cause the burden on the kidney, leading to the deficiency of the kidney.

(2) The longer Ding Ding, the stronger his ability?

There is no correlation between the length of male "little brother" and sexual ability, which is a normal physiological phenomenon just like the height, height and thinness of our human body. As for the ability, it is entirely individual difference and cannot be judged by appearance.

(3) coitus interruptus can also use contraception?

It is very unreliable to say that coitus interruptus can use contraception, because sperm is not only excreted when men ejaculate. Sperm will be discharged in the process of life, and coitus interruptus is very likely to lead to unintended pregnancy. It is recommended to wear condoms for contraception!

(4) Will a man masturbate with impotence?

Men masturbate moderately in daily life, which will not only lead to "impotence", but also relieve psychological, physical, spiritual and other pressures. This is a normal physiological demand and does not need to give themselves too much psychological burden. But be careful not to overdo it!


Yao Jian ‘an. Too much body hair does not mean strong sexual desire [J]. Self-care, 2013 (4): 6-6.

Let nature take its course when dealing with masturbation among young people [J]. Health Must Read, 2007,163 (02): 58.

It is forbidden to reprint # Health Science Qualifying Competition ##39 Health Super Group # without the permission and authorization of the author.

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Badminton in China, desperate reversal

How much can a badminton match burn? Not long ago, the Sudirman Cup gave the answer.

China Badminton Team defeated Japan 3-2 in the semi-final in the Sudirman Cup World Badminton Mixed Team Championship in 2023 (hereinafter referred to as "Su Cup"), and then defeated South Korea 3-0 in the final to achieve the "three consecutive championships" of Su Cup.

The China badminton team fought for seven hours in the game of reversing the Japanese victory, and finally achieved a comeback, which is legendary. Relevant insiders told China Newsweek that this was a "great reversal" example that could be recorded in the history of China badminton team.

Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifan, who witnessed this reversal and finally won the championship together with the China Badminton Team, have returned to Chengdu Shuangliu Table Tennis and Badminton Base and started preparing for the Hangzhou Asian Games.

After training, they recalled the trip to China Newsweek.

Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan helped Guoyu advance to the final of the Soviet Cup. Photo/Zhongxin Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Bo

Try again 100 times, and you may not win.

May 20th is the semi-final day of the Soviet Cup, and the China badminton team will face the old rival Japanese team.

In the first match of that day, the China Badminton Team did not send Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong, who ranked first in the world, but Feng Yanzhe/Huang Dongping, who ranked seventh in the world. Because "IELTS Team" used too much physical energy to beat Indonesian team hard before, but Feng Yanzhe/Huang Dongping met Japanese team Yamashita Gongping/Shinohara Cailiu twice, and both won.

Contrary to expectations, Feng Yanzhe/Huang Dongping failed to beat their opponents as expected to continue their record of total victory, and the total score of China badminton team fell behind 0-1.

In the subsequent men’s singles competition, Shi Yuqi, ranked tenth in the world, played against Nara Okada, ranked third in the world. Shi Yuqi reversed the victory and tied the total score of both sides to 1-1.

In the women’s singles competition, Chen Yufei, the world’s fourth Tokyo Olympic champion, lost to Akane Yamaguchi, the world’s number one, and China’s total score was 1-2 behind Japan.

In the next men’s doubles competition, Liu Yuchen and Ou Xuanyi, the men’s doubles team, were once pushed to the edge of the cliff. They fell behind at 16:20 in the deciding game, and if they lost another point, they would lose the men’s doubles point, while the Chinese national badminton team would also stop the semi-final with a big score of 1-3 and miss the Su Cup championship.

Many spectators at the scene began to leave, thinking that the fate of China’s semi-final exit could not be rewritten. Many viewers in front of the TV also turned off the TV.

The commentator said at that time: "China is facing four match points when the whole team is out! Will miracles happen? We are waiting for a miracle. "

The combination of Liu Yuchen and Ou Xuanyi was reversed. Photo/Zhongxin Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Bo

Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifan clearly remember that Liu Yuchen/Ou Yiyi said to himself before playing: "We will win this point and then let you play."

But when they saw their opponents holding four match points, Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifan began to feel complicated and tangled.

"We are very unwilling. We really hope that our teammates can create miracles, but according to the normal situation, we have a hunch that it is difficult to catch up." Chen Qingchen said that he and Jia Yifan were really ready to take the racket back into the bag.

But then, the miracle that Honggang expected really appeared.

The Japanese team only needed one more point to advance, and returned the ball out of bounds three times in a row, so that the Liu Yuchen/Ou Weiyi team scored three points in a row. With the score approaching, Liu Yuchen/Ou Weiyi also completely let go of their hands and feet. They fought more and more bravely and scored 3 points, completing a magical reversal on 22-20.

Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifan really came out, and helped the China badminton team finally win.

In the semi-final, the China badminton team played for nearly seven hours before defeating the Japanese team, and in the final, it took three and a half hours to win the championship from the Korean team.

"After the game, everyone resumed and thought that if we played the game against Japan 100 times again, we might not win, but now we won!" Jia Yifan told China Newsweek that in his national team career, there have been many thrilling games in the past, but there has never been a game like this one in which teammates "pulled back" the fate of the team when they were so far behind.

"In fact, we are also very sober. This Su Cup is the first stop of the Paris Olympic Games. It is very exciting to win the championship, but we still have to start from scratch. We also hope that all our teammates can realize their highest dreams in the Paris Olympic Games." This is Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan’s voice.

Su cup can’t be lost.

In Chen Qingchen’s view, the reason why the China badminton team can withstand such pressure is to start from the preparation before the Su Cup.

This year, the Su Cup was held in Suzhou, China, which was the first badminton world competition held in China in three years after the international sports events returned to normal order. Zhang Jun, chairman of China Badminton Association, gave the whole team a "vaccination" at the preparatory meeting of the Su Cup: "The pressure of this competition will definitely be great, and all players and coaches should try their best to eliminate interference and concentrate on the field."

Chen Qingchen recalled: "At the end of April, we also participated in the Asian Championships in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. From the end of the Asian Championship to the opening of the Su Cup, it is less than two weeks, about 10 days of preparation. Under normal circumstances, players should adjust for a few days after the end of the last race, but in order to prepare for the Su Cup, almost everyone did not adjust, so they directly went into the Su Cup to prepare for the war. "

Jia Yifan thinks that the Soviet Cup is different from the Tokyo Olympic Games. "In the Tokyo Olympic Games, Chen Qingchen and I didn’t win the gold medal in the women’s doubles, but in our opinion, it is also a good result to try our best to win the silver medal. We didn’t lose anything. The Su Cup is different. The China Badminton Team has been the champion for a long time, and we were once a member of the previous Su Cup champion team. If we lose, the final feeling is that we once had it, but this time we lost it in our hands. "

In May 1987, the Board of Directors of the International Badminton Federation was held in Beijing, at which it was decided to set up the World Badminton Mixed Team Championship from 1989. In memory of Dick Su Diman, the founder of Indonesian Badminton Association and former vice president of International Badminton Federation, and to thank him for his contribution to the world badminton, the champion cup of this competition was named "Sudirman Cup".

Since the 4th Sudirman Cup in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1995, China has shown a strong dominance in the Su Cup. Counting this championship, China won 13 championships, including one for four consecutive championships, one for six consecutive championships and one for three consecutive championships.

In the memory of Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifan, I lost the Su Cup on the Australian Gold Coast in 2017 and failed to achieve seven consecutive championships, which is always my own heart.

Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan fought in the Su Cup. Photo/Zhongxin Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Bo

In Chen Qingchen’s view, the Su Cup can be reversed and finally won, which is the result of the failure and the experience and promotion of all the national badminton players over the years. "Numerous large and small events in the middle have enabled this team to accumulate more experience, which has also improved everyone’s experience and pressure."

After the match against the Japanese team, Jia Yifan watched the video of the men’s doubles chasing points at the last minute. "I see the slow motion captured by the camera, and I feel that there is a blaze in the eyes of Liu Yuchen and Ou Xuanyi, which is a state of selflessness. In that state, both of them will no longer pay attention to the score, nor will they think about the consequences if the China badminton team loses at home and loses the championship. At that moment, they certainly don’t have any other thoughts. Therefore, we must also do it without distractions to win. "

In addition, the relationship of unity, trust and mutual tolerance among teammates of the national team is also the "password" for the national team to achieve a great reversal.

"Every round of the Sudirman Cup team competition is a three-win system of five games. Regardless of the semi-finals and finals, the opponents are also very high-ranking and very powerful opponents, which means that there may indeed be losses and wins during the competition. After all, no one dares to clap his chest and say that the China team can beat their opponents 3-0 every game, so there will be a fault tolerance rate in such a game. " Chen Qingchen told China Newsweek.

"Like Yu Fei and Dong Ping, although we didn’t get points in the semi-final, the feelings between us are very good, and it is impossible to complain about the teammates who lost points. On the contrary, we will try our best to forget the previous results, try our best to make up for our teammates and regain the advantage for the team. This time, some of them lost points, and we came to the top. Then next time, it may be that we lost points and they came to the top. "

She laughed when my hands and feet were cold.

According to official public data, the box office of this Su Cup is about 30 million yuan, and Guoyu fans have a huge momentum. Jia Yifan revealed: "We started from the hotel to participate in the competition, or returned to the hotel after the competition, and fans always called our names at the door of the hotel. Many fans and friends gave me private messages and rushed to grab tickets, saying that they would spend huge sums of money to watch our game … "

The cheering of fans, the concern of family members and the expectation of the media have invisibly put more pressure on the athletes. The nature of the Sudirman Cup team competition also makes it easy for every athlete to bear the burden of "wanting to win and being afraid of losing", fearing that his poor performance will drag down the team and be accused of "pulling his legs" by the outside world.

Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifan both said that they were under great pressure before the game.

"From the first day I came to Suzhou, I was in a tight state until Chen Yufei won the championship with the last ball landing team in the final, and I felt relieved from the pressure." Chen Qingchen recalled.

In Jia Yifan’s eyes, partner Chen Qingchen is a person with a strong sense of national honor and collective honor. She revealed that during the more than 10 days of preparation for the Sudirman Cup, Chen Qingchen was really pressured by "only winning but not losing" and had too many tears.

"She is not satisfied with the quality of training, crying; Poor sleep quality, crying; Thinking that the game is 2-2 may not be able to stand the pressure, or cry. " In the face of Jia Yifan, whose partner is under pressure and is the team’s happy fruit, there is no good way.

"The women’s doubles match was scheduled for the last game. Our performance may determine whether the team can move on and decide the ownership of the champion. If we don’t perform well, no one can remedy it later, so we are really afraid of dragging our feet on this group. " Chen Qingchen said. "I always put pressure on myself like this, and the effect may not be good, but as Jia Yifan said, I made the difficulty to the extreme before the game, and I didn’t think it was difficult when I encountered difficulties again in the real game."

Compared with Chen Qingchen, Jia Yifan chose another way to go out for a walk. "I wanted to find a bookstore to visit, but I ended up in a lottery shop. 30 yuan had a scratch, and I scraped out 300 yuan." Jia Yifan was in a good mood in an instant, and his training state increased greatly.

Chen Qingchen also felt "beaming" emotionally. She also listened to Jia Yifan’s suggestion, went to the bookstore to buy a book and went back to the dormitory to read it. Her mood was much calmer and she completed the final stage of high-quality preparation.

Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifan often observe teammates such as Chen Yufei and Shi Yuqi. Before the big game, teammates were struggling together.

Jia Yifan observed very carefully. "You see Chen Yufei, even if she won the Olympic champion, she is also in a state of pressure to prepare for the competition. She is also a person who encounters adversity, doubt and pressure, and her emotions will be written on her face, but she is always full of fighting spirit to meet the next challenge and eager to prove herself. The same is true for Shi Yuqi. When preparing for the Su Cup, I watched him turn back and sprint with the young players to practice his physical fitness. Young athletes are very aggressive, but Shi Yuqi will always benchmark a performance goal and practice until he wins. "

Chen Yufei and Shi Yuqi fought in the Su Cup. Photo/Zhongxin Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Bo

"In fact, my teammates and I may encounter some emotional ups and downs. At first, as teammates, they may not ask directly, but everyone has a high emotional intelligence, and they will find an opportunity to give some comfort and encouragement with some’ tips’ to help each other decompress. In fact, there are many such small things in the team. Often these encouragements are all about seeing the truth in the details, which is very warm. " Chen Qingchen said.

Jia Yifan told China Newsweek: "We are finally going to play the Japanese game. The experienced physical fitness coach urgently asked us to warm up by turning back. All the teammates came to high-five us one by one, and I was nervous at that time. "

"Just when my hands and feet were cold, I saw Chen Qingchen laughing and laughing. She said let me try it, so that I could relax." Jia Yifan said.

Author: Ye Everest

Do you know all the cold knowledge about World Football Day?


World Football Day

These world cup cold knowledge

Do you know all about it?

Although the cold winter is coming, the football enthusiasm has not diminished. Tonight we will have a wonderful match between Croatia and Brazil, and today is the World Football Day recognized by the United Nations. Come and learn about the cold knowledge about the World Cup with Xiaobian and feel the charm of football!

Why is this year’s World Cup in winter?

In the past memory, the World Cup is always associated with summer, full of sweat, passion, beer and cheers. This time, however, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 was held in winter, which was mainly due to the Qatari climate.

Qatar is located in the desert area of the Middle East, with a tropical desert climate. In summer, the temperature is generally 25-46 degrees Celsius, and the highest temperature can soar above 50 degrees Celsius. This is really too hot for a player who wants to run for 90 minutes, and there is even the danger of heatstroke.

Of course, even in winter, the highest temperature in Qatar at the end of November can exceed 30℃, but the stadiums in Qatar are basically equipped with cooling systems to ensure that football players can play at a suitable temperature.

Why do players spit water?

This scene often occurs in football matches. Players take a sip of water and then spit it out immediately like gargling. Many friends will misunderstand when watching the ball. "Why do they spit everywhere?"

In fact, this is a way for players to drink water. The professional name is "carbohydrate gargle", which can effectively improve sports performance and relieve sports fatigue. It is a "scientific plug-in" for athletes on the field. They need to cheat their brains in this way without affecting their state, in order to quickly restore their physical functions and continue to play.

Why is there no British team in the World Cup?

There is no British team in the World Cup because there is no only football association in Britain.

In 1863, Britain, as the birthplace of modern football, established the world’s first football association: the English Football Association. In 1886, the football associations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland jointly established the World Football Council and made unified rules. Later, FIFA generally joined football associations everywhere, so four football teams in Britain were invited to participate in the World Cup, namely, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What is offside?

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is in full swing, attracting countless fans to watch. In the first half of Argentina’s game against Saudi Arabia, it was blown offside six times, which made people confused. Many new fans will ask a question, what is offside?

Offside refers to the moment when the attacker passes the ball, the receiver stands closer to the goal than the penultimate defender, and at the same time closer to the opponent’s goal than the ball, and tries to prepare for the attack from this position. In other words, offside is an act that has a clear purpose, produces intentions quickly and puts them into practice. On the court, it is often seen that players are sentenced to offside because they start too fast and fall into the offside trap of their opponents.

The offside rule was formulated by the British Football Association in 1870. In the football match at that time, the audience often saw such a scene: when one side launched an attack, most of the attacking players had gathered in front of the other side, ready to start shooting when they received the ball, so the game between the two teams was mainly concentrated in front of the goal, and there was little wonderful cooperation. The offside rule is precisely to adjust this excessively unbalanced offensive and defensive relationship and make the game more exciting.

Source: Yellow River News Network

Celebrating the "August 1st" Double Embracing Flowers More Brilliant —— Futian District held the "August 1st Cup" Double Embracing Basketball Friendly Tournament

In the hot summer, the red star is passionate. On the occasion of the "August 1st Army Day", the "August 1st Cup" basketball friendly match jointly organized by Shenzhen Futian District People’s Armed Forces Department and District Veterans Affairs Bureau kicked off in the basketball court of Futian District People’s Armed Forces Department. The leaders of the District People’s Armed Forces Department delivered a speech for the competition, and the leaders of the District Veterans Affairs Bureau announced the opening of the competition. A total of 12 teams participated in the competition, which will last until August 15th.

In the competition, the players competed on the same stage in the spirit of "friendship first, competition second", cooperated with each other, struggled hard and fought against the fierceness, which not only showed their style and level, but also showed the rich relationship between the army and the people. The audience present cheered loudly for the players one after another, and the atmosphere was very warm.

This basketball friendly match has set up a platform for mutual understanding, mutual exchange, mutual learning and joint development between the military and the land. It is not only a contest of skills between the military and the land, but also an emotional communication, which has deepened the friendship between the military and the land, and achieved the purpose of strengthening physical fitness, strengthening joint construction and common development.

It is understood that Futian District has a profound tradition of double support and co-construction, and has been rated as "Guangdong Double Support Model Zone" for seven times in a row, forming a double support brand with Futian characteristics. The military and the people share the same breath, share the same destiny and unite as one heart, and promote the double support work in the jurisdiction to a new level.

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2-1, Serie A was cold, 31% possession +4 shots won, and the top 4 were shuffled, and Mu Shuai smiled.

Against the background of Napoli gradually ending the suspense of winning Serie A this season, the competition for the second place in the standings is particularly fierce. Originally, Inter Milan occupied a certain advantage, but their instability was not completely reassuring. You know, in the last three rounds, they once lost to Bologna. In the 26th round of Serie A, the "Nerazzurri" was once again upset.

In this battle, Inzaghi led a team to challenge spezia. In terms of starting price, Inter Milan reached 325 million euros, which is nearly seven times that of its opponent. lautaro and Lu Kaku, the highly anticipated combination, once again fit together. However, the "Nerazzurri", which has an absolute advantage in paper data, is inseparable. In the 5th minute, after lautaro got the ball at the top of the arc, he made a decisive long-range attack. Unfortunately, Drogovsky’s ten-finger pass was more secure, and he tried to keep the door open.

In the 12th minute, lautaro’s penalty kick still failed, which is regrettable. From the 19th minute to the 28th minute, Lu Kaku and mkhitaryan also joined the attack, but unfortunately they either kicked the ball. On the other hand, spezia got an attack opportunity in the 33rd minute. At that time, Agudelo led the ball into the penalty area in the frontcourt and was defended by acerbi to the bottom line. He barely finished picking the pass, but unfortunately hit the crossbar, and the attack ended. Under the constant waste of opportunities by the two teams, the first half ended soon, and the two sides were still 0-0!

In the second half, in the 46th minute, Inter Milan launched an attack with a long pass in the backcourt, and then moved the ball in the restricted area one after another. Finally, lautaro headed the ball to the net. Unfortunately, Lu Kaku was offside in this attack, so the score has not been rewritten. In the 55th minute, Enzola entangled with two defenders including acerbi on the right side of the penalty area, took the ball with his back and successfully made the ball for Daniel Maldini, who pushed the ball from the front of the penalty area and spezia led 1-0 at home.

The second goal of this game happened in the 83rd minute, when Inter Milan got another penalty, this time Lu Kaku took the penalty and hit it. The good times didn’t last long. After 4 minutes, Inter Milan also sent out a penalty. Enzola scored from the 12-yard line and spezia declared the game over 2-1. According to statistics, spezia was completely suppressed. Their possession rate was only 31%, and the number of shots was only 4, which was 24 times less than that of their opponents. However, spezia was still able to win, so we had to sigh their good luck!

After this battle, spezia was 6 points higher than the relegation zone and ranked 17th, which seemed to be a little reassuring. Inter Milan’s points are still fixed at 50 points, ranking second, which also makes Mourinho see new hope. You know, after the first 25 rounds, Rome scored 47 points and ranked fourth. It seems that it is not stable to stay in the top four, but Inter Milan are invincible this time. If Mourinho leads the team to win, then their points can be at the same level as Inter Milan, so it will be more secure to fight for the fourth round.

In the future, if Inzaghi’s team is still not stable, then it is not impossible for them to fall out of the top four. You should know that Lazio and AC Milan are eyeing the position of the "Nerazzurri", and a big reshuffle seems to be brewing!

[Appreciation of AI Painting Works-Antique] The first attempt to use AI painting, the effect is shocking

AI painting, that is, artificial intelligence painting, has broken through the limits of human beings, thus allowing painting analysis to enter a broader field of vision with humanistic spirit as the starting point and the foothold. Through artificial intelligence, a new field of painting art is opened. Artificial intelligence painting is usually mysterious, gorgeous, deep, complex and has a strong sense of the times, reflecting extraordinary imagination. Symbolizes the future development direction of painting.

As we all know, the level of AI has now reached a terrible level. AI painting is very popular recently, and the author himself has tried it, and the result is really surprising.

After thinking, I chose the tone of ancient style and tried to do the first AI painting.

The final output results are really surprising, and individual photos have reached the point where it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.

(As I am a beginner, I am not proficient in the use of AI painting software, and the computer equipment used is relatively old, so I only output the above four pictures.)

What picture should AI draw next time? You are welcome to leave comments, and I will try my best to meet your requirements.

The national football team plays today! Hit the Asian Cup semi-finals, the two favourites to win the championship are out, which is a lesson for Japan and South Korea.

The quarter-finals of the U20 Asian Cup are in full swing! China men’s soccer team is about to face the powerful Korean team in the quarter-finals! In the two Asian Cup knockout matches completed before this, the two favourites to win the championship were all out!

Host Uzbekistan vs Australia! Uzbekistan successfully drew Australia and dragged the game into a cruel penalty shootout. In the final penalty shootout, Uzbekistan advanced to the top four of the U20 Asian Cup with a total score of 6-5. Another game, the same is to defeat the strong with the weak! Iraq beat Iran 1-0 to advance to the top four! Two other places will be promoted soon. China and South Korea, Japan and Jordan will compete for the last two semi-finals of the Asian Cup!

China U20 men’s soccer team returned to the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup after 9 years! In the death group, China suffered a severe reversal when it led Japan 1-0 in the opening match, and got a good start 1-2. After that, the national football team broke out in desperation, defeated Saudi Arabia 2-0 in the qualifying battle, and drew Kyrgyzstan 1-1 in the final qualifying key battle to successfully qualify for the second place in the group! In the face of South Korea, the China team has no retreat, and it is expected that the national youth players will show their fighting spirit and fighting spirit and do every detail as they did against Saudi Arabia.

Against the powerful Korean team, the China men’s soccer team is not without opportunities! This year’s China U20 national football team clearly identified its position, adhered to the defensive counterattack and achieved great success, which was also able to miraculously qualify in the death group! Now, if we continue to stick to the defensive counterattack strategy, the miracle is likely to be continued! After three group matches, China U20 national football team’s ability to fight is constantly improving, and the goalkeeper’s brave play and the defense of China men’s football team are reassuring!

The future of China Men’s Football Team is in Xinjiang! Up to 7 players in the current U20 National Youth Team are from Xinjiang! Those who can’t kill us will only make us stronger! Every time the South Korean team fails to attack, it is an accumulation of opportunities for the national youth soldiers! With a good defense, China only needs a defensive counterattack to kill South Korea and advance to the Asian Cup semi-finals!

If miracles have color, it must be red! Looking forward to our national youth fighters, in the life-and-death war with South Korea, there will be no regrets! China’s men’s soccer team won the U20 Asian Cup, dating back to 1985, and the men’s soccer team in South Korea and China looked forward to a miracle.