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Recently, the national epidemic prevention and control situation has been generally stable (the State Council Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Conference)

  Beijing, April 26th (Reporter Yang Yanfan) The the State Council Joint Defense and Control Mechanism held a press conference on April 26th. Mi Feng, spokesperson of the National Health and Wellness Commission and deputy director of the Propaganda Department, said that with the approach of the May 1 holiday, the flow of personnel has increased. It is necessary to implement prevention and control measures in accordance with the requirements of "Class B and B Management", continuously strengthen monitoring and early warning, closely track the epidemic situation and virus variation at home and abroad, and strengthen the prevention and control of normalized epidemic situations in key institutions and places to facilitate people’s safe and convenient travel, healthy and peaceful holidays.

  "Recently, the national epidemic prevention and control situation has been generally stable, and the epidemic situation in various places has been sporadic, and there are signs of a slight increase in epidemic situations in some areas." He Qinghua, a first-class inspector of the Department of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control of the National Bureau for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the national fever clinic monitoring data showed that the national epidemic situation was generally in a low-level fluctuation state, especially in early April, when the epidemic situation fell to the lowest level since December 2022. After mid-April, the number and proportion of positive cases in a single day showed a slight upward trend.

  He Qinghua said that experts believe that with the passage of time and the reduction of the level of immune protection of some people in China, the epidemic situation in some areas has started to rise slowly recently, and the infected people are mainly concentrated in three types of people: one is the uninfected people, the other is the people whose immune level has dropped, and the third is the people with immunodeficiency. On the whole, experts believe that there is little possibility of a large-scale epidemic in the country in the short term.

  At present, Omicron mutant XBB.1.16 has been imported into China. What is the transmissibility and pathogenicity of this mutant? Chen Cao, a researcher at the Institute of Virology, China CDC, said that on the whole, local cases are still dominated by BA.5.2 and BF.7 and their branches, while XBB and its branches are growing rapidly. Recently, XBB mutants have been dominant in imported cases, and the proportion of XBB mutants in local cases has increased significantly, from 1.5% in early March to 18% in April 10-19. WHO believes that the current evidence shows that the global epidemic risk of XBB.1.16 is lower than that of XBB.1.5 and other prevalent variants. Although it has been observed that XBB.1.16 has certain transmission advantages and immune escape ability equivalent to XBB.1.5 in different countries, including the population in countries where XBB.1.5 is the main epidemic strain, there are no reports of serious hospitalization and death increase caused by XBB.1.16 infection.

  “‘ May Day ’ The large-scale movement of holiday personnel may increase the risk of epidemic spread, but it is unlikely to cause large-scale epidemic spread. " He Qinghua suggested that the public should strengthen self-health monitoring during travel or travel and pay close attention to the epidemic situation of infectious diseases in the destination. During the journey, do a good job of personal self-protection and maintain good hygiene habits.

  Guo Yanhong, director of the Medical Emergency Department of the National Health and Wellness Commission, said that during the "May 1" holiday, it is necessary to ensure people’s medical treatment and further strengthen the monitoring and analysis of the epidemic situation. Preparations for fever clinics, treatment beds, medicines and equipment will be strengthened, and the training of medical personnel and consultation visits of experts will be strengthened.

  Han Jinghua, deputy director of the Transportation Services Department of the Ministry of Transport, said that it is expected that the business passenger traffic and self-driving trips will hit a new high in the May 1 holiday since 2020. The transportation department will dynamically update and timely release road network operation information such as congested and slow-moving sections through multiple channels, formulate plans for unblocking and diverting bypass for key sections, and guide self-driving personnel to reasonably choose travel time and travel routes.

  Li Xiaoyong, deputy director of the Market Management Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said that in order to prevent and control the epidemic situation during the May 1 holiday, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism instructed A-level tourist attractions to strictly implement the requirements of "limited quota, reservation and peak shifting", reasonably control the upper limit of tourist reception, strengthen the management of key nodes such as entrances and exits, key tourist spots and indoor performance venues, improve the guidance system, optimize the setting of tour routes, and prevent large-scale and long-term crowd gathering.

The number of treasures "hidden" has changed dramatically in 70 years | the per capita increase is 23 kilograms! A large number of fruits and vegetables are placed on the plateau people’s dining table

According to the statistics of Xizang Autonomous Region government, thanks to the expansion of vegetable planting area in plateau and the popularization of healthy eating concept, compared with the initial period of the 13th Five-Year Plan, in 2020, the per capita food consumption of Tibetan farmers and herdsmen decreased by 126kg, and the per capita vegetable consumption increased by 23kg. The food consumption of Tibetan people changed from staple food to non-staple food, and the diet structure of plateau people became more diversified and healthy.
Since the peaceful liberation of Tibet for 70 years, the Party and the government have always regarded the "vegetable basket" project as an important task to improve people’s livelihood. By promoting the construction of protected vegetable production bases, cities and towns have solved the constraints of climate and other factors on vegetable production, and the vegetable production capacity has been significantly improved. In 2020, the vegetable planting area in Tibet will reach 258,200 hectares, with an annual output of 843,400 tons. According to the latest population data of 3,648,100 in Tibet, the per capita possession of local vegetables exceeds 230 kilograms.
Vegetable farmers in Bailang County, Shigatse City, Tibet are picking in greenhouses (photo taken on May 28, 2016). Xinhua News Agency reporter Jue Guo photo
Early in the morning, Lausanne, a citizen of Lhasa, came to the Bayi Agricultural Products Market in Lhasa, not far from home, to buy food.
"In the past, Baba was the staple food for three meals a day. Now, I only eat Baba for breakfast, and I basically eat stir-fry and rice at noon and evening." Lausanne said with a smile, "I couldn’t eat vegetables before, but now I can buy all kinds of vegetables and fruits."
Daguo, from Ningzhong Township, Dangxiong County, is a merchant in Bayi Agricultural Products Market. His booth is full of fresh yak meat. Not far away, Wu Fangzhen, a fruit seller from Chongqing, ushered in the first transaction after the stall-a Tibetan aunt bought a bag of fresh air-delivered lychees.
"I have been in Tibet for almost 20 years. At first, I washed dishes in restaurants in Lhasa. Later, with savings, I took a fancy to Lhasa’s spending power and sold fruits." Wu Fangzhen said.
The small booth is filled with a dazzling array of fruits, including bananas and apples, as well as tropical fruits such as durian and jackfruit. Customers who come to buy are in an endless stream, many of whom are regular customers.
Lhasa citizens choose vegetables at Bayi Agricultural Products Market (photo taken on June 4, 2021). Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Yiqing photo
In old Tibet, vegetables were synonymous with luxury goods, and eating vegetables was the privilege of the upper class aristocrats. Many serfs never even tasted vegetables all their lives.
On May 23, 1951, the Central People’s Government and the local government of Tibet signed the Agreement on Measures for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet, and Tibet was peacefully liberated. The following year, soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army stationed in Lhasa reclaimed more than 2,300 mu of wasteland on a barren beach in the western suburbs, and set up a "Bayi Farm" with more than 300 people, which not only planted highland barley, but also planted Chinese cabbage, radish, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, apples and other fruits and vegetables.
Tan Rongsheng, the son of Tan Guansan, the former political commissar of the 18th Army, said that the output of vegetables planted by the People’s Liberation Army reached the highest level in Tibet at that time. Many people couldn’t believe their eyes. They didn’t expect such good vegetables to grow on the land where they lived for generations.
According to Deji Zhuoga, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Lhasa Pure Land Bayi Farm Co., Ltd., Bayi Agricultural Products Market belongs to Bayi Farm, which is still able to continuously produce fruits and vegetables and contribute to the balanced diet of Lhasa citizens.
Children at Hongxing Community Bilingual Kindergarten in Jixiong Town, Gongga County, Shannan City are having lunch (photo taken on November 25, 2020). Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Yufeng photo
The changes in the diet structure of plateau people are not only reflected in Lhasa. In Ali area, known as the "roof of the world", with the completion of vegetable production bases in recent years, local people have also eaten "home-grown" fresh vegetables, ending the history of little local vegetable output and relying on long-distance transshipment from other places.
Gaize County is a pure animal husbandry county with animal husbandry as its pillar industry in Ali area. The long-term shortage of vegetable supply led to the imbalance of local people’s diet structure, which increased the risk of cardiovascular diseases and was not conducive to the improvement of physical fitness and health level. Today, the vegetable shed in Gaize County Industrial Park is full of spring, and 33-year-old Yang Jin is working.
"In the past, we seldom ate green leafy vegetables. Now that we have eaten our own vegetables, we still have a net income of 3,000 yuan per month, and we are practical and happy. " Yang Jin said.
Text reporter: Si Yuan, Jin Yiqing.
Photo shoot: Jin Yiqing, Zhang Rufeng, Jueguo
Video shooting: Si Yuan
Poster shooting: Pubuzhaxi
Poster production: Zhang Chen, Tenzin Nubu

Price increase against the trend? The dilemma of the beauty market is reversed. Lack of motivation. International big names are the first to shout "improving morale" | Industry dynamics

Cailian News Agency, January 11th (Reporter Luo Yuchen) At the beginning of the new year, the domestic beauty market is still waiting for recovery in a difficult situation, and international brands have taken the lead in starting a new round of price increases. Cailian reporter learned from the offline counter that many international beauty brands plan to raise prices after the Spring Festival, covering all products, with an increase of 5%-10%.

Different from the international big-name "Passion Shouts Up", many flagship stores of domestic brands such as Polaiya, owned by Polaiya (603605.SH), Winona and Mao Geping, owned by Betani (300957.SZ) all reported that they had not received the price increase notice. It is worth noting that although domestic brands have not publicly raised prices on a large scale, it is not uncommon to "quietly" raise the prices of popular items by upgrading and changing packaging.

For the phenomenon of brand price increase in the downward period, Zhang Yang, the founder of Solution Consulting, believes that customer unit price is an important part of brand differentiation. In the downward period, the advantage of low-priced brands is difficult to sustain, and the profit of a single product cannot be supported, so a series of problems arise; A brand with premium power is "selling a single order and earning a single order". After all, "profit space is research and development space" can support the brand to develop better in a difficult situation. She pointed out that the signal released by the downward brand price increase is actually to gain more room for manoeuvre, and more and more domestic brands are gradually realizing this problem.

International big names shout up at the beginning of the year

Near the Spring Festival, there are crowds in the vicinity of Wulin Square in the central business district of Hangzhou. The reporters of Cailian Association visited a number of surrounding shopping malls and learned that there are indeed many brands that are planning to raise prices after the Spring Festival. The sales of Estee Lauder, Dior, Guerlain, Clinique and perfume brand LeLabo all clearly stated that "it will rise after the holiday". However, according to the sales representatives, the new round of price increase is still in the brewing stage, and the range of price increase has not yet been determined, so only a relatively vague range is given.

"It is estimated that it will rise to 620 yuan to 660 yuan, and the increase in perfume will be even greater." Dior brand sales pointed to an air-cushion powder cake with a price of 600 yuan on the shelf. When the reporter questioned whether the 10% increase was too large, she responded: "Many brands have to raise their prices, not only our family, but also perfumes."

For the reasons of price increase, brand sales have different opinions. "We will go up across the board. Maybe every product will go up by 20 yuan -30 yuan. Now nothing will go up, right? All kinds of costs are rising. " Clinique brand sales blamed the price increase on rising costs. Judging from the sales of Guerlain brand and Estee Lauder brand, the price increase is more customary, "every February is the price adjustment period".

It is understood that in 2022, the beauty industry experienced two rounds of price hikes in March and July respectively due to cost pressure, involving different brands. Affected by this, some brands said that due to the price increase in 2022, there is no price adjustment plan in the short term. "This lipstick has risen in 22 years, from 370 yuan to 385 yuan, and there will be no price adjustment for the time being." Gucci brand sales introduction said.

It has been pointed out that since 2021, the costs of raw materials, transportation and warehousing have been rising continuously, and brands are indeed facing certain cost pressures, so they have started to raise prices one after another. With the general decline in the prices of various bulk raw materials in Q3 in 2022, this kind of cost load has been reduced, but the sharp fluctuation of exchange rate has put new pressure on the profits of imported goods.

Beauty cosmetics wait for the dilemma to reverse.

Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics show that the domestic beauty market is still in a difficult period.

Since August, 2022, the domestic retail sales of cosmetics have been declining for four consecutive months year-on-year. Even though it was promoted by the "Double Eleven", the retail sales of cosmetics in November still failed to reverse the trend, falling by 4.6% year-on-year. Considering that the discussion on the "Double Twelve" promotion was not hot, the retail sales of cosmetics in December was hardly optimistic, and "six consecutive declines" might be inevitable.

Under the downward pressure, more and more brands are forced to clear out. Since 2022, CROXX, YES! IC, Fangji and a number of former cutting-edge domestic brands announced the clearance or closure of stores, and overseas brands even withdrew in large numbers, including young brands such as The Oriental and Huda Beauty, as well as old brands such as Shuizhiao, Yidi House and Feishi Shop, which have been deeply cultivated in the China market for many years.

Even if it has not been eliminated, the severe living environment has forced a number of brands to make substantial adjustments, and channel adjustment bears the brunt. Brands such as Yueshi Fengyin, Maybelline and Heyan have reduced their offline channels and started to attack online in an all-round way. However, time has passed, the online channel dividend period has passed, and the traffic cost has risen. An interview with a new domestic brand revealed that the brand began to specialize in online at the end of 2021, but the actual situation is far less than expected, and online competition has become unprecedentedly fierce.

(Editor Liu Yan)

This article comes from Luo Yuchen, a reporter from Cailian Association.

"Football Manager 2024" homeless evaluation 8.4 points this damn and wonderful football.

At one o’clock in the morning, I took my eyes off the screen at the end of the game.

The coke can creaked when I pinched it.

"Buy clique, eat kickbacks, no tactics, substitution suicide; One will be unable to exhaust the three armies, so please give me a class, Tenghage. "

I opened "Football Manager 2024", which is a completely different world line-Manchester United is no longer the fish-eating team that was slaughtered by others, but once again embarked on the journey of triple crown.

This time, the official will also use the "parallel world" model as a propaganda point, but in fact it is to start a season without initial transfer.

The reason why "Football Manager" can make players fondle it, not only because it brings a parallel football world, so that you can make up for those regrets in reality, but also because it can help you become the uncompromising supreme leader of the team and make the players who are already millionaires bow to you. And you are in charge of their life and death: criticism, fines, decentralization of the reserve team, immediate dismissal, as long as you see them unhappy, then the game can satisfy you.

Of course, Football Manager can do more than that. It can satisfy almost all your wishes for the football world. Its player database is accurate to amateur leagues that ordinary people can participate in. The complexity of tactics allows you to accurately reproduce the concept of real football masters, and the freedom of operation gives you the possibility of doing everything in detail, and also allows you to entrust AI with full responsibility.

It can be said that whether you are a fan or not, Football Manager will gradually make you feel the charm of the whole football world.

Damn football, football is wonderful.

Compared with the previous generation’s minor repairs, this "Football Manager 2024" has made many fruitful changes. After about 50 hours of exploration, I think the most important adjustment in this work is the upgrade of the positioning ball system.

In fact, no matter corner kicks, free kicks or foul balls, they only account for a small part in football matches. Many times, it is difficult for you to see the team score goals directly with them.

But that doesn’t mean the set-pieces aren’t important. It is a unique part of tactics, which can directly create opportunities beyond defense and is also a magic weapon to defeat the strong with the weak.

Whenever I talk about the famous corner kick, I always think of the Champions League final between Manchester United and Bayern Munich at Camp Nou in 1999.

Dozens of seconds ago, Manchester United just equalized the score with a close-range shot, and in the subsequent corner kick, Beckham scored a long pass with precise guidance, Sheringham headed the ferry in front, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who was ambushed later, succeeded in overtaking at the last stoppage time.

At that time, Johansson, the president of the Football Association, was ready to present the Big Ear Cup to the Germans. However, when he walked out of the player’s aisle, he was shocked: "Why are the winning teams crying, while the losing team is dancing?"

It was this scene that Sir Alex Ferguson witnessed that led to the famous saying "Football, bloody hell".

This is the charm of the positioning ball, which has the power to create miracles in a moment. Now in Football Manager 2024, you finally have a chance to create a unique set of set-pieces tactics.

The game will provide complete guidance. You only need to answer a few questions briefly, and the coaching staff can help you tailor a set of appropriate corner kick tactics. After that, you can adjust each player’s position and responsibilities in detail.

You can let the air bully in the team attack the middle road, as long as you reach the ball, it will pose a fatal threat, but it will also be surrounded by heavy troops on the opposite side; If you send him to the near post or the far post, you can disperse the enemy’s defensive forces, but it will be easier for the goalkeeper to catch the ball or give the opposing players more reaction time.

Therefore, you need to let many attacking players take care of each other. Some people are responsible for pushing forward to distract the enemy, some people ambush in situ to try to head the ferry, some people meet at the top of the restricted area to fight for the second point, and some people secretly ambush a fatal blow. Only in this way can we find a chance in the well-defended attack zone 3.

Actual combat effect

Almost the same goal in the same game proves the power of a good corner kick tactic.

The tactical freedom of "Football Manager 2024" is not limited to this. You can refine the corner kick to play an inner arc ball or an outer arc ball, arrange players to open a tactical short corner kick near the corner flag area, or throw the football into the restricted area with a "Grenade tactic" when the foul ball is close to the restricted area. It can be said that in this generation, you can’t reproduce the volley world wave connected by two people, and no matter what set-pieces tactics you want to build, you have everything in the game.

It is worth mentioning that it may be because this generation has more options to "interfere with the opposing goalkeeper" when deploying players. In every season of "Football Manager 2024", the main goalkeeper will encounter much higher risk of injury than previous generations, and often will be absent for weeks or even more than a month because of cracked palms. Although this may weaken the team’s strength, it finally gives those substitute goalkeepers more opportunities to play.

Expert: This is the fracture price.

It’s hard to buy people, and it’s even harder to sell them.

Transfer transaction has always been the top priority in running the team, but this book has added two new mechanisms to the process of selling players.

Before selling the players, you can have a cup of tea with their agents and talk about whether any team wants to buy them.

They will tell the truth and take the initiative to help you contact the team to make an offer if there is an opportunity. And if even they don’t like the deal, you can almost give up.

Moreover, your conversation may only be regarded as a casual chat by the players, which is much milder than putting them on the transfer list or recommending them directly to other clubs, and will not make the players have any opinions on you.

If you are not satisfied with the quotation found by the broker, you can contact the middleman again and ask them to help you broker several deals, and you need to pay them an expensive intermediary fee. Fortunately, their feedback speed is usually fast enough to save you a lot of time.

These two new mechanisms seem to provide you with more means to sell players, but they don’t actually make the transfer transaction in Football Manager 2024 easier.

The reason is that this generation has the most outrageous rising speed of players’ worth, the most stingy team budget and the most savvy AI.

In the second summer transfer window of the game, Osman, who scored 16 league goals in a season, was worth 230 million euros, but even if I wanted to sell him, other teams had no money at all. Bayern and Manchester United, the only ones who have made an offer, are only willing to pay a mere 50 million.

However, the transfer budgets of the powerful teams in this play are surprisingly small. Even Newcastle, which is kept by Saudi local tyrants, has only 6 million euros left, while the middle and lower reaches, such as Bournemouth and Burnley, simply have no money left.

And according to the official, the AI ? ? coach in this game will also become more rational when buying people, not only paying attention to the player’s ability and potential (CA/PA), but also considering whether his key attributes meet the needs.

Therefore, even if Football Manager 2024 adds some auxiliary trading systems, it will only benefit marginal players who are not worth a few dollars. And if you want to sell the stars at a good price, it may be even more difficult than the previous ones.

What’s even more embarrassing is that even if your team has an oil dad in Football Manager 2024, you can’t wave money and hit people casually, because the fiscal fairness policy of this play is very strict.

Even if your transfer budget is as much as 300 million, but limited by financial fairness, you may only spend 60 million of it to buy people, and if you accidentally spend too much, you will have to sell players to even the bill or take the risk of suspension.

Of course, it does not rule out that it is caused by a BUG in the pre-experience version.

This is another problem for the coaches. At least, it is the first time for a player like me who has been playing the Football Manager series for seven years to run into a financial fairness policy in the game. Perhaps when you are thinking hard about how to balance the accounts, you can finally understand that it is not easy to manage the team’s finances in reality.

New league, new position

This generation of "Football Manager" also introduced Japan’s third-class J League for the first time.

The level of players in J1 League matches that of the British Championship, but limited by the prestige of the League, it may be difficult for you to dig up high-potential calves from Europe-even if the development of Japanese football is not what it used to be, they are not willing to bet their future on this far east island country. Moreover, the J League, which starts in spring and ends in autumn every year, is far from the European League, which usually starts in autumn. If you want to sign foreign aid, you may have to wait until the end of the whole season before they can join the team.

In addition, your experience in other leagues can basically be applied to J League. Compared with some low-level leagues, the budget of J League is quite sufficient. After all, the Kobe Victory Ship, which I expected to rank eighth when I started the file, also has a transfer budget of about 10 million euros available.

Let’s focus on the team itself again, and look at an optional position added by the full-backs in this game-Inverted Full-Backs (IFB).

This change is probably to better conform to the ever-changing football tactics. Although Barcelona had a similar tactical design in cruyff’s time, it was Guardiola who now coached Manchester City that really carried it forward.

The side and back waist will be retracted when controlling the ball, and will come to the back waist position to help the defenders create opportunities to pass the ball forward, while when there is no ball, they will return to the back line for traditional defense work. Representative players in this field are Cancelo in Manchester City, kyle walker today and Ram in Bayern.

Correspondingly, the central defender also increased the position of free agent. Similar to the flank and waist, he will insert forward to help the team pass the ball when holding the ball, and will retreat to the back line when defending. This new tactical requirement is different from the traditional "scavenger" and beckenbauer-style freemen, and it is also a play created by Guardiola for stones.

In order to cooperate with these two new positions, the players’ positions have become more intelligent now. For example, when the side and back waist push forward, you will see that the remaining three defenders also adjust their positions during the running, transforming the four-defender system into a defensive state more similar to that of the three-defender.

Of course, in fact, most players don’t really play tactics that carefully, but these brand-new designs can be regarded as providing a completely different system for those players who like to study tactics.

Other piecemeal changes

After upgrading the lighting and turf materials, the picture of "Football Manager 2024" has made gratifying progress. With the further adjustment of player animation and football trajectory in the previous work, it will also bring a lot of improvement to your watching experience.

The official comparison chart (the left is the previous work and the right is the present work)

In addition, when you created the coach, this book also added some optional accessories, including glasses, medals and face color. Of course, for me, I’m even more surprised to find that Football Manager doesn’t know when to pinch a female coach-although this is just an old function that has been around since last year.

What is limited to our play is still the pre-experience version of the game launched two weeks in advance, so there are still many outrageous bugs in it. For example, when adjusting the lineup in the game, you may find that after changing the positions of two players on the list, only an animated performance was played, but they still stayed in their original positions and did not move.

However, from last year’s experience, I believe that these bugs can basically be fixed after the game is officially released.

general comment

Perhaps Football Manager 2024 looks a little similar to the previous generation, but only when you actually experience it can you find that its changes in all aspects have changed the whole football world. It has made some outstanding upgrades to the set-piece system, added two brand-new tactical positions for the players, and also made some fine-tuning to the transfer trading system, plus some screen improvements, which is enough to make you feel that it is different from the previous experience.

Under the premise that "Football Manager 2025" has decided to switch to the Unity engine and there are many unknown factors, perhaps "Football Manager 2024" is the best simulation football game you can play under the traditional framework.

Li Kaier was interviewed: I feel very excited about the debut of Italy in the final on the 6th.

On August 5th, Beijing time, the China men’s basketball team beat Cape Verde 86-66 in the first game of the Trentino Cup to advance to the final, and will compete against the Italian team on August 6th. Li Kaier didn’t appear in the first game. He said in an interview with CCTV that he would join the first show in the final (August 6). Some China fans went out to watch the photos of the China men’s basketball team and took photos with a group of national men’s basketball players, including photos with Li Kaier on the sidelines.

Li Kaier completed naturalization at the end of July, and then went to Slovenia to meet the China men’s basketball team. It’s just that Li Kaier didn’t play in the previous warm-up match with Egypt or Cape Verde, and he will make his debut against Italy.

Li Kaier’s mother and wife, both of whom have already flown to Italy, naturally want to witness Li Kaier’s joining debut. However, in the face of the weak Cape Verde team, Joljevic did not send Likel to play, but against the strong host Italy, which became his best opportunity to make his debut.

Li Kaier himself also exposed the training video through social media, and wrote: "Ready to debut, looking forward to the first battle." Li Kaier’s meaning has been quite understood. His first show will be against Italy. "I will play tomorrow, and I am very excited about it!"

Some China fans had already gone to the scene to watch the China men’s basketball team beat Cape Verde by 20 points, and also took a series of photos with China men’s basketball players, including a photo with Li Kaier on the sidelines.

The fan also wrote through social media: "The changes brought by Qiao Shuai are visible to the naked eye. Xiao Cui played really well today, and Zhang Zhenlin completely pushed up the front line. China team cattle. "

Romano: Szoboszlai will cancel the contract for 70 million euros and may leave the team this summer.

Live on May 21st, Romano reported that the price of the termination clause of Red Bull midfielder Szoboszlai in Leipzig was 70 million euros.

Early this morning, Leipzig beat Bayern Munich 3-1. After the game, when asked about his potential transfer in the summer by German Sky Sports, Szoboszlai avoided answering. He directly said, "The next question …"

Romano said that Szoboszlai’s termination clause cost 70 million euros, and it is believed that the Hungarian international will leave the team this summer.

Szoboszlai, 22, made 44 appearances for Leipzig this season, contributing 9 goals and 13 assists.

(goblin killer)

The Clippers’ promotion probability is only 3%! Wei Shaohong scored 37 points to be himself: but he may not stay in the team next season?

37 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, 17 of 29 shots and 3 of 6 of 3 points, which may be Wei Shao’s best game this season. He was regarded as a "cancer" in the Lakers, and finally found himself in the Clippers. However, the Clippers, who lacked peppers, still lost, with a total score of 1-3, and were on the verge of elimination.FiveThirtyEight, a well-known data website, shows that the Clippers have only 3% chance to advance to the next round.

I was shouted "Don’t vote" by Lakers fans.

When was Wei Shao’s most heartfelt scene in the Lakers? There should be many answers. The home game against Knicks may be one of them. In the fourth quarter, the Lakers led by 6 points, and Monk passed the ball to Wei Shao in the bottom corner. Wei Shao was preparing to shoot, and the Lakers home fans actually shouted "No!" Wei Shao hesitated for a while, but he made a move. The three-pointer missed, and the heavy eyebrows made up the ball.

That three-pointer was really not a good time to shoot, but the shouts of the fans shook Wei Shao’s confidence. That was the root of his former MVP. After joining the Lakers, Wei Shao was asked to change, and his biggest change was that his confidence was gradually disappearing.

The Clippers provided a stage for him, and he became the starting point guard of a team with championship ambitions. The Clippers signed Wei Shao in order to let him do what others in the team can’t do: break through the basket and create easy shots for teammates.

In the 11 games between Wei Shao’s joining and George’s injury, the Clippers were 5 wins and 6 losses, but in the last 6 regular season games, they won 5 games. With leonard’s two consecutive injuries, Wei Shao became his old self again. G4 may be the best game Wei Shao played for the two teams in LA. His explosiveness showed once again, and his defensive strength was also always online. He also made three three-pointers and did not hesitate to shoot.

The Clippers can offer limited salary for renewal.

Wei Shao himself once said how wonderful it is to stay where he wants to stay. This is in sharp contrast to last season. At that time, he publicly denied that Lakers teammates let him be himself on the court. The Clippers are more tolerant of Wei Shao and let Wei Shao play in a familiar way.

However, such beauty will not last forever. Whether or not the Capsicum can make a comeback in this year’s playoffs, they are still the core of the Clippers. Wei Shao will turn 35 next season, and his athletic ability will not last forever. No matter how confident he is, his jump shot will not become a stable offensive weapon.

Major General Wei became a free agent during the offseason.If the new labor terms come into effect before next season, the Clippers, which exceed the luxury tax threshold of $17.5 million, will not be able to provide Wei Shao with a salary of 120% more than the veteran’s basic salary. Therefore, the future of both sides is full of uncertainty.

If Wei Shao is forced by home fans to dare not shoot, his prospects in the NBA are undoubtedly dark. After a nightmare in the Lakers, this version of Wei Shao seems to have disappeared forever. For Wei Shao, he needs a team that can support him, give him room to play and trust his defense. For example, the wizards of the past, and now the Clippers. It is predicted that Wei Shao should at least get a full middle-class contract. As long as Wei Shao stays in a state, even if the clippers can’t give it, there will be a family who is willing to pay.

Not all stars can grow old gracefully. This night, Wei Shao became Wei Shao again, even if it was only a short-lived glory, it was enough to move people.

When you set foot on your way home, your hometown is meaningful! They gave up the World Cup for the honor of their motherland.

All football players are obsessed with the World Cup, and the depth of this obsession is different. Some people can sacrifice many things in order to participate in the World Cup. They may give up the opportunity to fight for their motherland and become a planning football player, while others will try their best to stay healthy, or even deliberately foul and stop playing in order to perform better in the game. Some people will even do whatever it takes to compete for the highest honor in the football world, but others are willing to give up the World Cup for the honor of their motherland. These people are called fools.

In 2000, at the age of 13, Messi traveled across the ocean to Spain alone and joined the La Marcia Football Youth Training Camp in Barcelona. During the youth training camp, Messi showed amazing talent and skills, which opened his magnificent career as a player. After several years of hard training and unremitting efforts, Messi obtained Spanish nationality in 2005 and officially became a member of the Barcelona team. At that time, the Spanish Football Association couldn’t wait to throw an olive branch to Messi, but at the same time, the Argentine Football Association didn’t realize this rising genius on the other side of the ocean. Some coaches refused to recruit Messi into the national team, and some officials mistakenly wrote Messi’s name as Miki.

But even in the face of these obstacles, Messi, who has dual nationality, still chooses to represent Argentina in football matches. Messi once said that he was an Argentine and only wanted to play for the Argentine national team, so he finally became the representative of Pampas Eagle. At the same time, he also missed the opportunity to play in Spain and the era that belonged to the matador dynasty. If Messi had chosen to stick to Spain, he might have won the World Cup 12 years earlier than now. His road to the king of the ball may not be so tortuous and arduous, but Messi never regretted it.

Like Messi, Rakitic is also a football player with a high sense of responsibility and honor. His parents fled to Switzerland to escape the war and gave birth to him there. Although Rakitic was born in Switzerland, grew up there and made his debut in Barcelona Club, he always thought he was Croatia. When Swiss and Croatian Football Associations extended olive branches to Rakitic at the same time, he made a brave choice and joined the Croatian team without hesitation. Although Switzerland was a top team in the world all the year round, Rakitic still chose to represent his own shortcomings and not participate in the competition in the motherland. This decision symbolizes his high recognition of his lineage, culture and social responsibility.

At the same time, many people don’t understand Rakitic’s practice, but Harland, who is the most valuable in football, must feel the same way. Harland is one of the super stars who can rival Mbappé in today’s football. He has dual English and Norwegian citizenship. However, Harland chose to join the Norwegian team instead of the English team. Although many people think that if Harland wants to win more team honors like Mbappé, he should join the English team, Harland still chose to play for his native Norway. For Harland, the feelings of home and country are one of his most important things. Although team honor and football status are also very important, they are not closely related to his family, culture and hometown.

Harland was born and raised in Norway when he was young, so he was full of deep affection and recognition for his hometown and family. He is a child of Norway, with the blood of the glacier giant flowing in his body, and he will give everything for the Norwegian team. The world is never short of those who have given up higher honor for their motherland. They are not afraid of difficulties, and they do not regret their death, even if they suffer setbacks, they are indomitable. Some people laugh at them for being stupid, but they don’t know that these people deeply love their hometown and cultural traditions. Feelings are the power to inspire people to disperse the haze and ride the wind and waves. These seemingly stupid choices are the real reason why these people are great!