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The original novel "She and Her Islands" of the hit drama "Fireworks Family" was published.

Reporter Qu Peng
Recently, the group drama "Fireworks Family" of urban women has been broadcasted simultaneously on CCTV-1, Tencent Video and other platforms, involving hot topics such as family of origin, mother-daughter relationship, women’s independence, old and new views on marriage and so on. The original novel "She and Her Islands" is jointly published by Youfeng Culture and Beijing United Publishing Company, which tells the story of an atypical "matriarchal clan" living in modern society. The three generations of women are entangled like vines, tight and supportive, and symbiotic.
She and her islands
Easy and difficult
Youfeng Culture | Beijing United Publishing Company
"She and Her Islands" is a female narrative work with a novel angle. It doesn’t focus the contradiction on a certain character through the background setting to express the suffering of women, such as "Fan Shengmei", which has gradually become faceless, but it is ingenious. By describing the lives and difficulties of several female characters of different ages in an atypical "matriarchal clan" family, it extends a proposition that is more likely to resonate with us: "There are no vampire parents, no Prince Charming and no golden finger.
In the novel, Li Yijin, a cowardly daughter, was controlled by her mother for 30 years, and every time she tried to break free, she fell into the abyss of being kidnapped by her family. Inferiority and stubbornness of the mother, all her hopes are pinned on her children, but she doesn’t know where she will go once her home, which has been numb for half a lifetime, is broken; The majestic grandmother, who has been uncompromising all her life and escorted the whole family on her own, suddenly wants to arrange everything and leave smartly in her octogenarian years. In the author’s view, the three generations of women in the novel are the protagonists of their own lives. "They have their own shortcomings and limitations, they will be jealous, they will quarrel, they will be unable to understand each other because of the generation gap, they will openly hurt the closest people around them, they will also seek help and companionship from their families when they are in despair, they will begin to reflect after half of their lives, they will begin to learn to express their love, and they will begin to find themselves, and they will stand side by side with each other unconditionally to fight against their fate.
Yi Nan graduated from China Renmin University and Stanford University, and is now a screenwriter and part-time writer. She is good at describing the exploration of women’s inner world, focusing on the anxiety and breakthrough, confusion and choice of new urban women, and trying to give these new women more profound significance of the times. He has won awards such as the best serial and the best author of Douban Reading Xiaoya Award. He has published the work Xian Yuan, a collection of novels, Time will heal, be a good girl with a strong heart, and you are on the back of life. The film and television rights have sold many works, including Xian Yuan, She and Her Islands, Conspiracy, Safety Period and Zebra, Do you love me or not?

What software does smart TV use to watch movies? The drama-chasing artifact is recommended to be convenient and easy to use!

The 818 Carnival has passed. Do you have a new TV that has been planting grass for a long time? What software do you need for friends who just got the TV to follow the drama happily? After all, TV, as a household appliance in the living room, plays, movies and variety shows are its most common functions. Today, Xiaobian will recommend several free and easy-to-use drama-chasing artifacts, and collect resources from the whole network to help you find what you want to see.
1. Dangbei Film and Television
Dangbei Film and Television is a kind of resource integration software. Its content is authorized by many platforms, such as iQiyi, Youku, Tencent Video, PPTV, Huashu, etc. It brings together high-quality film and television dramas at home and abroad, and has a large number of ultra-clear and 4K resources, variety children’s animation and other programs. Don’t worry about the content, you can find everything you want.
Recent hit dramas such as Summer of the Band, China New Rap, Pretty Scholar and Happiness Knocking on the Door can be watched for free. It is worth mentioning that the software will also update the topics in real time according to the recent hot spots, such as the classic review of director Chen Musheng’s works and the Qixi topic.
2. Hulu video
Hulu video is a movie-watching artifact for finding good movies. Different from other drama-following software, Hulu video focuses on intelligent recommendation, and helps you find the movie you really want to see through daily recommendation, wonderful preview, rich menu viewing, free watching, screening hall and other multi-dimensional ways. In terms of content, there are many classic old films, such as Godzilla, The Son of the Weather, Happy and Big Big Wolf, and Ip Man, which can be watched for free.
In the "Watch Together" area, you can invite friends and relatives to watch together in my screening room, send barrage to spit and chat, or join other people’s screening rooms to watch the drama with others and experience the fun of watching movies and spitting.
3. renren film and television
Renren Film and Television is a relatively niche drama-chasing software, which may not have the latest popular domestic TV series, but it is a paradise for European, American, Japanese and Korean drama or movie lovers. Friends who like European, American, Japanese and Korean film and television works should not miss it. Naoki Banzawa, Flowers of Evil, Outlaws, and Super Project are all available, and both new and old European, American, Japanese and Korean film and television works can be found on them.
Different from other drama-chasing software, Renren Film and Television has a special function: broadcasting on the side. You can automatically cache the movie offline when you watch it, and you can watch it without the internet the next time, so you don’t have to worry about the bad network and the jam.
4. Pumpkin movies
Pumpkin movie started as a horror movie, and the brand logo is also a demon image. But now it is not just horror movies. Pumpkin movie is a customized product that provides genuine movie and television content, without any advertisement, and the account is universal. Although some movies are not free, for new users, the first login will send members, which is equivalent to being free at first.
In terms of content, there are many foreign films, such as "Intruder" and "5 is the most perfect number", which are all broadcast alone in pumpkin movies, and the resources are still ok.
5. Beep Beep TV Edition
It is also a good drama-following software. Besides the well-known anime dramas and some up main videos, there are also some classic movies, TV series and homemade variety shows to watch. There are domestic TV dramas in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, such as Unnatural Death, Escape is Shameful but Useful, Eighteen-year-old Sky, The Temptation of Going Home, etc. There are movies such as Your Name and Godfather, etc. Recently, there are two self-made variety shows, Happy Buddies and Rap New Generation, which can be advertised free of charge.
The above is the drama-following software I highly recommend, which can be downloaded in Dangbei market. You can install it with one click by searching for the first letter of the application, enriching your TV application and enjoying the big screen life. If you have any recommendations, please leave a message in the comment area to share ~

More than 27,000 people have been enrolled in the 2017 National Civil Service Examination since the 15th.

  BEIJING, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) According to the website of the National Civil Service Bureau, the recruitment of civil servants in the 2017 examination for central organs and their directly affiliated institutions is about to begin, and the registration time is from October 15 to 24, 2016. The written examination of public subjects will be held simultaneously on November 27th, 2016 in provincial capitals, capitals of autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and individual large cities.

  According to reports, more than 120 central authorities and their directly affiliated institutions and units managed by the Civil Service Law participated in this recruitment, and more than 27,000 people are planned to be recruited.

  In 2017, there are five main characteristics in the recruitment of civil servants by the central organs and their directly affiliated institutions:

  First, continue to attach importance to the orientation of employing people at the grassroots level.The recruitment of civil servants by party and government organs at or above the provincial level, except for some special positions and professional positions, is all used to recruit people who have been in grassroots work experience for more than 2 years. The positions below the city (prefecture) level are mainly based on recruiting fresh college graduates, guiding and encouraging outstanding college graduates to apply for grassroots positions and make contributions to the grassroots. In principle, about 15% of the positions below the city (prefecture) level in the institutions directly under the central government will be earmarked for the targeted recruitment of service grassroots project personnel who have expired and passed the examination, with the focus on recruiting university student village officials.

  The second is to appropriately lower the entry threshold for hard and remote areas.Conscientiously implement the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18 th CPC Central Committee on "improving the recruitment system of grassroots civil servants and appropriately lowering the entry threshold in hard and remote areas", and in accordance with the Opinions on Doing a Good Job in the Examination and Recruitment of Grassroots Civil Servants in Hard and Remote Areas issued by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Civil Service Bureau (No.61 [2014] of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security), for positions below the county (district) level directly under the central organs in hard and remote areas, Depending on the situation, measures such as appropriately lowering academic qualifications, relaxing professional restrictions, not limiting working years and experience, and separately delineating qualified scores in written tests should be taken individually or comprehensively to lower the entry threshold. At the same time, measures such as allowing institutions directly under the central government to take out a certain number of posts below the county (district) level to recruit for those who are registered in the city or county or who have lived and worked in the local area for a long time, and implementing the minimum service years of newly recruited civil servants should be taken to stabilize the grassroots civil servants in hard and remote areas.

  The third is to further improve the scientific level of examinations.Continue to order written examination questions for public subjects for posts above the provincial level and below the city (prefecture) level. The "2+X" examination mode is implemented for special professional positions of the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the China Securities Regulatory Commission, eight non-common language positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Commerce, and the positions of the people’s police in public security organs, that is, in addition to the two public subject examinations of administrative professional ability and application, candidates need to take the professional subject examination or foreign language proficiency test in a unified way, highlighting the test of professional ability and quality to meet the actual employment needs of recruitment agencies. Guide some institutions directly under the central government to make interview questions independently according to the characteristics of the industry, and further improve the pertinence and practicability of the questions.

  The fourth is to further strictly inspect the work.According to the standards of good cadres, the recruitment agency will adhere to the principle of having both ability and political integrity and putting morality first. According to the requirements of the position to be hired, it will take various forms to fully understand the political ideology, moral quality, ability and quality, law-abiding, self-discipline awareness, honesty and trustworthiness, study and work performance, and the situation that needs to be avoided, and strictly review the files of the subjects, with emphasis on age, length of service, party age, education and work experience.

  The fifth is to further strengthen the safety of examinations. 《The Ninth Amendment to the Criminal Law has criminalized cheating in national examinations, including the civil service recruitment examination. The competent department of central civil servants will further strengthen cooperation with the central network information office, public security, industrial information, education and other departments, increase the application of anti-cheating techniques and means, and severely crack down on all kinds of exam-related criminal acts of cheating groups and illegal training institutions. Further serious examination of discipline, in accordance with the newly revised "Measures for Handling Violations of Discipline and Discipline in Civil Service Examination", severely deal with cheating personnel in examinations, and constantly improve the integrity archives of civil service examination. Strengthen the warning education and security education for examination staff, strengthen the examination safety management, and establish and improve the accountability mechanism.

Luxury purchase! Manchester United may sign two strikers this summer! Besides Kane, there is Hojlund.

In the summer of 2022, Hojlund officially became an Atalanta player with a transfer fee of less than 15 million euros. In the 2022-2023 season, he contributed 7 goals in 29 rounds. Manchester United needed to pay a transfer fee of 40 million euros to introduce Hojlund. If Kane and Hojlund both join Manchester United, Marchal’s future may be affected. Due to injury, Marchal didn’t get much chance to play this season. So far, Marchal has only played 26 times for Manchester United this season, scoring 8 goals. Rachford is the team’s goal artifact, with a total of 29 goals.

Congratulations! Manchester City will celebrate the championship at home, and all the remaining three rounds can be rotated. The sword refers to the miracle of triple crown.

As Arsenal lost 0-1, Manchester City won the championship three rounds ahead of schedule. In this way, Manchester City can celebrate the championship directly at home, regardless of the result against Chelsea. It is conceivable that Etihad Stadium will become a sea of joy. For Guardiola, this is also a huge advantage: Manchester City can rotate in the remaining three rounds of the Premier League, and they can concentrate on preparing for the FA Cup final and the Champions League final, pointing to the miracle of triple crown.

Manchester City’s remaining three league opponents are Chelsea, Brighton and brentford. It was originally thought that the title race between Manchester City and Arsenal would last until the end, which may affect the results of the Champions League and the FA Cup. But I didn’t expect Arsenal to lose points in a row, and even the champion was "sent" in advance. Manchester City fans felt that happiness came so suddenly. Now Guardiola can focus on the remaining two games. As long as he wins two more games, Manchester City will become the triple crown.

The first is the FA Cup final between Manchester City and Manchester United on June 3rd. This season, Manchester City and Manchester United each won one game in the league. The two teams will definitely go all out in this final. Tenghage has led Manchester United to the Carling Cup this season. If he wins the FA Cup again, his first season of coaching Manchester United will be fantastic. Guardiola’s team is in full swing. He can take a break from the main force in the league and play against Manchester United with the strongest array. The hard power of the Blue Moon is stronger than that of Manchester United, and Gua Shuai’s confidence in winning the championship is still sufficient.

Then there is the Champions League final on June 11th. Manchester City’s opponent is Inter Milan, which also has the upper hand in terms of hard power. The Blue Moon eliminated Leipzig, Bayern and Real Madrid all the way to the final, with high gold content, while Inter Milan eliminated Porto, Benfica and Milan to enter the final. The confrontation with Manchester City will be a real test for them. Considering that the final is a missed game, there is still the possibility of an accident, so Inter Milan is not completely without a chance.

However, for Guardiola, this is indeed an excellent opportunity to win the triple crown. Winning the Premier League early is like a timely rain for him, which can make the main players who have played for a season and their physical fitness has reached a critical point get a good rest. Moreover, after this Manchester City swept Real Madrid 5-1 in two rounds, the confidence of the players has reached a very high level. They can play with ease against any opponent. Do you think Manchester City won the triple crown this season? Welcome to post your insights in the comments section.

Warriors, Lakers brewing four-way deal! Dreaming for James, Butler, and Treyan?

The NBA playoffs were in full swing, and Drummond Green was suspended by the league for an irrational foul on King’s center Sabonis Jr. Although the Warriors were very dissatisfied with the punishment result, fortunately, Green’s absence did not stop the Warriors from winning. The bad news is that the NBA hates Green’s bad behavior, and the Warriors are no longer the favourites supported by the league, which casts a shadow over their championship prospects. Dreamcatcher’s contract expires in one year, and he will have the player option next season. The Warriors management wants to send him away, and this summer will be the best opportunity.

Recently, according to Eddie Bitar, a reporter from the US media bleachers, the Warriors, the Lakers, the Hawks and the Heat are expected to discuss a four-way trading offer this summer, which involves five players including Butler, Trey Young, Dreamcatcher Green, Collins, and a first-round draft pick. The specific trading plan is as follows: 1. The Warriors send Drummond Green to get John Coe. 2. The Lakers sent eight villages (sign first and then change) to get Drummond Green; 3. The Hawks sent Trey Young+John Collins to get the first round signing of Jimmy Butler+Bacun +2023 Heat; 4. The Heat sent Jimmy Butler+the Heat signed Trey Young in the first round in 2023.

For the Warriors, Collins is 25 years old, with a height of 2.06 meters, a wingspan of 2.11 meters and a weight of 103 kilograms. He is a power forward, playing 30 minutes per game this season, contributing 13.1 points, 6.5 rebounds, 1.2 assists and 1 block, and shooting 50.8%. He is a representative figure of the players in the era of small ball in today’s league. He has outstanding running and jumping ability, flying all over the court, soft shooting feel and various offensive means. On the defensive end, he dares to fight physically, can chase and defend the backcourt players with fast speed, and can perfectly match the infinite defense system of the Warriors coach Cole. With the aging of Curry, Clay Thompson, Green and others, the Warriors’ management is making great efforts to cultivate the younger generation represented by Poole, Wiggins and Kumingga. Collins meets the needs of the Warriors’ management in terms of age, experience and tactical integration.

Pelinka, the general manager of the Lakers, hopes to use James’ surplus value to bring the 18th championship trophy to Los Angeles, thus surpassing the Celtics to take the top spot in one fell swoop. Although he recruited a large number of powerful role players before the trade deadline this season, this Lakers team lacks a defensive gate like Green, PJ Tucker and Smart, which often makes them feel powerless whenever they hit the critical moment. The joining of Dream Chasing will solve this problem. He has always praised James’s strength. If he can cooperate in Los Angeles this time, the hope of the Lakers winning the championship will be increased to a certain extent.

The Hawks’ record this season is not as good as expected. Trey Young is not for sale in Atlanta. Not long ago, he was selected as the most overrated player in the league by the American media The Athletic, which made Trey Young’s situation more and more difficult. His agent team will discuss the future development direction of the team with Eagle management after the playoffs. Jimmy Butler is a famous tough guy in the league. He is very comprehensive in skills and confident in shooting. CIC has great lethality and is used to taking over the game at critical moments. In addition, he is also a top-level flank defense expert, with both body shape, attitude and consciousness. Butler is like a restless catfish, and his joining will disturb the whole fish pond of the Hawks. This transaction of the Hawks management is expected to bring them closer to the championship.

The Progress, Risks and Countermeasures of ChatGPT (Attached Download)

Introduction:Large model refers to a model with large capacity and used for deep learning tasks, usually with massive parameters and complex architecture. Large-scale model has better universality, accuracy and efficiency. It can be learned on large-scale data sets through pre-training or other means, and then it can efficiently handle complex tasks such as computer vision and natural language processing through fine-tuning.