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Hip-hop in China: Let the reality show show the charm of music and the beauty of human nature.

   Xinhuanet Beijing, September 12 (Reporter Zhang Chun) The final of "Hip Hop in China" has ended, and GAI and PG One both won the championship with the same number of votes. This result was quickly interpreted as soon as it was released: the mystery behind it, business opportunities and fighter planes … … There are different opinions, and even they are called "textbook-style variety ending", and the behind-the-scenes team of the program also gave a clear response: this probability is one in a billion.

   Times will affirm our innovation.

   At the first time after the broadcast of the championship battle, Chen Wei, the chief producer of the program, and Che Che, the director, were interviewed by reporters. The first thing they faced was the problem of double champions. Producer Chen Wei said frankly: "This is a thing that will not happen in theory, but since it happened in such a small chance, it is also an act of god.

   In Chen Wei’s view, the real winner of this program is hip-hop culture and rapper in China. After all, the popularity of "Hip-hop in China" has made this niche music type onto the public stage. But from the initial point of view, Chen Wei was a little surprised to finally achieve such success. "We knew it would be an explosion, but we didn’t expect it to be a phenomenal program with the significance of the times." Therefore, Chen Wei firmly believes: "When we create and don’t follow, the times will affirm our innovative behavior, and users will also affirm it."

   This season’s boom made the team naturally think of the follow-up plan. "We just promoted the first step, let everyone know about hip-hop and like hip-hop, and know that there are so many good hip-hop music and so many high-level singers in China; In the second season, we will show you more hip-hop rapper and hip-hop music. " In the future that Chen Wei looks forward to, there will be more confident and open behavior in the second quarter. "We will go out and let China’s hip-hop culture go to North America, the birthplace of hip-hop, and then we will hold this North American division with hip-hop in China in North America."

   As a hip-hop culture promotion program, Hip-hop in China not only popularized hip-hop culture, but also brought hip-hop players to the stage, fully demonstrating their personalities and attitudes. When talking about these hip-hop singers, Chen Wei also said, "After you really get in touch with them, you will find them very cute. Their personalities are also some of the personalities shared by young people in this era, but they will carry him through the special carrier of hip-hop music."

   Reality show shows musical charm and beautiful human nature.

   Director Che Che, before Hip-hop in China, made a music program Heroes on Earth, which focused on electronic music culture, but unfortunately it was not successful in terms of viewing performance. When it comes to Hip-hop in China, the two programs are similar in that they both choose a relatively small music category as an incision, but the difference is that "Hip-hop in China" has actually improved in the core technology of the reality show with the joint efforts of our creative collective. " Che Che said, "That is to say, the so-called drama reality show, which is the biggest difference from Heroes on Earth, is actually at the reality show level."

   Che Che defined Hip-hop in China as a drama reality show. In the face of questioning the handling of program editing, he said: "We don’t have a script, and we haven’t taught any producer or any player to say anything or do anything. In other words, in fact, the whole process of it is real and has not been packaged. " As for the criteria for the final selection of shots in the program, "it is what he did in the early stage, and whether his performance on the stage and in the competition can bear the scenes we need in the post-production, that is to say, the so-called male actors all strive for themselves in the middle of the early expression."

   It is precisely because of this that the program "Hip Hop in China" itself has a stronger sense of plot, and Che Che Che bluntly said: "During the whole program, strong plot and strong reversal are of course a bright spot, or a selling point of this program. But I want to say, in fact, there is not only a variety show with strong plot and strong reversal, "China has hip-hop". I think that the charm of music and the beauty of human nature can actually be displayed in this plot and rules, which is actually the reason for the success of this program. "

On the first day of pre-sale, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Bright Stars", which set a record for Chinese movies at the box office, was refunded by more than 1 million people or was caused by mistakes i

According to the data of the ticketing platform, as of December 16, the number of refunds for "Twinkle, Twinkle and Bright Stars" exceeded 1 million, and the average refund rate of the two platforms was 18.1%.

Usually, the film refund rate is generally 2% to 8%, and some netizens think that the pre-sale box office of the film is "filled with water". In this regard, some netizens in the official Douban group of "Twinkle, Twinkle and Bright Stars" analyzed that the extremely high refund rate was caused by the mistakes of the theater and the film.

Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, bright stars is a fantasy romantic film directed by Chen Xiaoming and Zhang Pan, written by Zhang Pan, Duan Yule, Wang Yichao and Chen Xiaoming, starring Qu Chuxiao and Karlina, and starring Jinna and Jiang Yunlin. The film was created by the original team of the same name online drama, and it was scheduled to be released in major theaters across the country on December 30, 2023. And open the pre-sale on December 5.

The online drama "Twinkle, Twinkle, Bright Stars" was launched in iQiyi in January 2022. According to Yunhe data, the average effective broadcast of each episode during the hot broadcast period exceeded 19.95 million, making it the most popular drama in 2022.

The movie Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Stars, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle On December 6th, the pre-sale box office of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Bright Stars" exceeded 100 million 23 days before its release. As of December 17th, the total pre-sale box office of Twinkle, Twinkle and Bright Stars has exceeded 258 million yuan.

This article comes from: Hot Express


The Spring Festival Evening of 2023 Fashion is coming! Liu Wen and Anne Hathaway are amazing, but the cat is the hottest.

On the first Monday of May every year, Met Gala, with the title of "Fashion Spring Festival Evening", is celebrated."Metropolitan Museum of Art Charity Dinner"The date of the event.

Since its establishment in 1948, the dinner has a history of 75 years.

Every year, the dinner will choose a theme to wear, such as "China in 2015: Mirror Flowers and Water Moon" and "God-given Body: Fashion and Religion" in 2018.

In 2019, "Kemp: Fashion Notes" and in 2021, "In America: Fashion Words" and so on, celebrities from all walks of life have a lot of out-of-the-box or "spicy eyes" shapes.

This year’s theme is "karl lagerfeld: The Line of Beauty", as the name implies, to commemorate Lafayette who died in 2019.Karl Lagerfeld.

Galeries Lafayette designed and worked for Chanel, Fendi, Bowman and Chloe before his death.(also has its own brand of the same name), influence from the 1970s to the present.

Therefore, this time, in addition to the Chanel design and medieval Chanel dresses directly worn by many celebrities, the brands cooperated by various stars also started with his classic design elements, bringing the shape of "Lafayette style".

At the same time when beautiful women gather, the red carpet with spicy eyes, great shock and drama can’t be less.

(Guess who they are …)

Please welcome the supermodel team first:

Liu Wen, the eldest cousin who participated in Met Gala for the eleventh time, wore Tory Burch dress. White camellia with black and white color matching and skirt, very Chanel ~

China supermodel He Cong, who was present together, wore a shirt and dress of SACAI brand, which was matched with Galeries Lafayette’s iconic black gloves.

(In the middle is Zhang Ning, editor-in-chief of China edition of VOGUE, and she wears the brand of Chloe).

Ji Niangniang wore a high-definition dress for Chanel’s catwalk more than ten years ago. When taking pictures, a whole "Dapeng spread its wings", and the divorced sister was in excellent condition.

Anok Yai, an American supermodel with long legs, is also quite eye-catching this year. She wears a custom-made gold fringed skirt designed by Prabal Gurung, and her skin is so good that it shines.

Muse Devon Aoki of Galeries Lafayette in the Millennium wore a black and white dress designed by her friend Jeremy Scott.

(Beauty is already the mother of four babies)

Little KK also attended this time, wearing Lowe Loewe, and also announced that she was pregnant with a second child.

The design of Galeries Lafayette’s eponymous brand worn by Kapai this time was one of Galeries Lafayette’s favorite muses before his death.

Ken bean of Kardashian’s family wore Marc Jacobs this time, and she hated the height of the sky in black, and her figure was as hot as ever.

And naomi campbell, who participated in Met Gala for the 16th time.(wearing Chanel)

Elena who entered the stadium in flat shoes.(The dress is yohji yamamoto)

Miranda kerr dressed in Dior Gauteng

Italian supermodel VC in Balenciaga dress

Joan Smalls in Tom Ford

After watching the supermodels, let’s move on to see the shapes of celebrities.

One of the hottest guests this time is the great beauty Anne Hathaway.

She is in wonderful condition, wearing Versace, Bulgari and a medieval camellia headdress, which combines the style of Versace’s iconic golden pin skirt and Chanel tweed.

Annie was in a good mood during the interview, and also interacted with the host to show the next dance, which fascinated the netizens. The comment area is like:

Another beautiful woman is Nicole Kidman, wearing the pink long skirt that was once worn in Chanel No.5 perfume advertisement.

This advertisement in 2004 can be regarded as a masterpiece of perfume advertisement, which belongs to the unprecedented and unprecedented.

Now Nicole has put on the dress of that year and performed the classic again..

Several other beautiful women have good looks, such as Amanda Siefried in Oscar de la Renta.

Margo Robbie in Chanel

The model elder sister wearing Gucci wore sunglasses when she appeared this time, paying tribute to Lafayette who has been wearing sunglasses, which is quite cool.

In addition to ken bean, kim kardashian also came to Kardashian’s family.(There were rumors that the Kardashian sisters would not show up this year.).

She is wearing a custom-made Elsa Schiaparelli Pearl skirt, lined with an iconic wrap skirt.

Compared with the previous style, it seems that there is not so much memory this time?(What do you think? )

Pete, her ex-boyfriend who walked the red carpet with her last year, also came.

After their respective admission this year, they were photographed in a friendly and warm conversation.(dog head)

Kylie Jenner, the youngest sister of Kardashian’s family, was also present. She wore a custom-made Jean-Paul Gaultier shawl with bright pink and blue.

Rihanna, a beauty entrepreneur with a second child, and Valentino, A$AP Rocky, appeared.

The eponymous brand of Lafayette worn by Yang Ziqiong after the new Oscar winner.

Song Hye Kyo, who had just been screened for "Glory of the Dark", also attended and wore Fendi.

You two have a group photo ~

Also pictured with Song Hye Kyo is Jenny Jin of Blackpink, who is wearing a small Chanel dress.

Gu Ailing wore a long red wine dress by China Hongkong designer Robert Wun.

In fact, because of the theme requirement of "Galeries Lafayette", most of our color selection and matching are concentrated on black and white gold powder, so we all put together details and accessories.

(Lizzo, a singer who wears Chanel customization, is full of pearl elements)

For example, Dabu and his wife, nicola peltz, wear Valentino custom-made clothes, and Dabu wears a pearl necklace.

Nicola wore her mother’s 94.78-carat "Oriental Star" diamond necklace directly.

Also wearing a big diamond necklace is Dua Lipa, the co-chairman of the dinner. In addition to wearing a Chanel medieval bride dress, Tiffany also borrowed a 100-carat diamond necklace.

There is also Florence Pew wearing an exaggerated feather headdress.

(Valentino Gao Ding)

Carla bruni with a fan

Lily Collins with Carl’s name sewn on her skirt.

(The skirt brand is Vera Wang of Wang Weiwei)

Billie Eilish

Kristen Stewart where the neutral wind goes to the end

Kadibi created two styles, and this pink Miss Sohee was photographed when she went out of the hotel to the venue.

After arriving at the venue, I changed into a black and white camellia dress by China designer Chen Peng.

Teacher ka’s every move is really happy ~

Compared with the diverse shapes of female celebrities, the shapes of male guests are mostly black.

Cai Xukun

(Prada custom)

Yimei James McAvoy

Jackson Wang

(Gambling king’s daughters He Chaofeng, Jackson Wang, Yang Ziqiong)

Bradley Cooper

However, there are other ways, such as pedro pascal who became a "daddy" for many people after The Last Survivor.

Valentino, red trench coat shirt with black shorts, worn by Big Brother, is really a killer on the red carpet.

Since it is the highest-level red carpet activity in the fashion circle, drama is definitely indispensable.

The appearance of some celebrities is highly discussed.

One of the most out-of-the-loop shapes this time is Jared Joseph Leto’s cat doll shape, which has sprouted many people, and also surprised Lizzo, a singer who went to the red carpet at the same time, by asking people around him, "Who is he? !”

The inspiration for wearing cat costume came from Lafayette’s cat Schubert, and Leto directly became Lafayette’s darling.

Look at the reaction of this dog on the field at that time. It is estimated that it is also the reaction of many onlookers. Haha ~

(The reporter knows how to grasp the camera! )

In addition, "a cat" appeared, pod cat Doja Cat!

This elder sister made up as a cat this time after attending the red diamond burst model in Elsa Schiaparelli brand fashion show some time ago.

Even when she was interviewed, she kept "meowing" to answer, which made the host stunned.

(the clothes are Oscar de la Renta)

After seeing the shapes of the two cats, netizens made up the scene after Leto and the pod cats met: fight and fight!

There are several other styles that many people don’t understand, such as the singer Erykah Badu who wears Marni.

The two of neutral wind …

Singer janelle monae, cross-dressing at the scene.

Singer Li Nacha’s "crazy" degree is also a bit high this year, directly incarnating the Pearl Cat.(sea monster? ), flying all over the red carpet …

According to the off-site video taken by netizens, some guests were wrapped and carried into the car and sent to the scene for fear of revealing the shape? ? ?

(netizens haven’t discussed who it is, or maybe it’s a dress? )

In addition, this guest actually went to the scene by bike, hahaha.

(singer David Byrne)

Met Gala has many new and old faces this year, and we are familiar with many celebrities.

The red carpet tidbits are constantly on the court.

In addition to taking pictures of celebrities, the photographers on the field actually took pictures of Xiaoqiang passing by, which is really ridiculous in the fashion circle.

(Met Gala Guest in 2023: new york Xiaoqiang)

Which celebrity style do you think is the most brilliant and relevant this year? Let’s discuss it together!

Beauty giants will raise prices again! Your beauty is more expensive.

Zhongxin. com, July 11th Title: Beauty giants will raise prices again! Your beauty is more expensive.

Zhongxin Financial Reporter Zuo Yukun

"Estee Lauder has increased the price of cosmetics across the board, and a bottle of cream has increased by tens of yuan overnight." "The price of skin care products in duty-free shops is as low as the foot, and I am embarrassed to start with more than 30% off."

In the recent beauty circle, these two diametrically opposite sounds overlap. What is the wind blowing in the "beautiful industry"?

Data Map: Customers buy cosmetics at the duty-free shop in Haikou Riyue Plaza of Zhongmian Group. China News Service reporter Luo Yunfei photo

Price increase again! This year’s "Score Two"

In July, the brands of cosmetics giant Estee Lauder quietly started a new round of price increases.

A salesperson of Hailan Mystery, a high-end skin care brand owned by Estee Lauder, told the China-Singapore financial reporter that the price adjustment of the counter began around July 2. "Not all of them have gone up. The main price increases are creams, eye creams, refined milk, etc., but they are really popular and not to be sold."

"This is the second price increase this year, with an average increase of 50-100 yuan." The salesperson said.

Xiao Chen, a long-term consumer of Estee Lauder brand skin care products, recently found that the price of a set of "eye cream+face cream" she often bought recently increased in 140 yuan in official website. "I just bought a set of 618, and suddenly I saw the price increase in official website. I am happy that I bought the goods before the price increase, but I am sad that it will be expensive to buy them later."

The price changes of the same product in Estee Lauder flagship store in June (above) and July (below).

An Estee Lauder brand salesperson in Beijing also confirmed the price increase to reporters: "The price increase of a single bottle is basically tens of yuan, but it is not only rising in China, but also the overall price adjustment of the group. We received the notice in early June."

According to the salesperson, Estee Lauder basically raises its price twice a year, and the last price adjustment was in January this year.

The reporter combed social platforms and media information and found that besides Estee Lauder, other brands of L ‘Oré al Group, such as helena rubinstein and Guerlain of LVMH (Moet Hennessy-louis vuitton Group), also adjusted their prices in July. Even the make-up lines of luxury brands such as GUCCI and Burberry also showed a trend of rising prices, and the increase of skin care products was mostly around 5%.

Big dive! Duty-free and purchasing have "broken prices"

But it is also the Estee Lauder brand, which is another scene among the consumer groups who buy through duty-free shops and purchasing.

"Two bottles of Estee Lauder 15ml eye cream suit, the flagship store should be around 1000 yuan. I spent more than 400 yuan at the beginning of the year to buy it in a duty-free shop, thinking I had made a big profit. As a result, since the end of June, the price of duty-free shops has directly’ dived’ to 297 yuan, 238 yuan or even 218 yuan. The one I bought at the beginning of the year has not been opened yet, and I feel a big loss. " Consumer Ms. Liu told reporters.

Price difference between flagship store (left) and duty-free shop (right).

"The activities of Hainan Duty Free Shop are very strong and the channels are assured. Sometimes the date is not very good, and some may only have a shelf life of more than half a year. " Ms. Liu said, however, large discounts of duty-free shops can only be purchased with information about outlying islands, and some that don’t need information about outlying islands may cost about 50 yuan.

In addition to tax-free channels, the situation of "fracture price" also appears in the purchasing world. Meng Ming (pseudonym), an employee in the beauty industry, is also a makeup agent. The sharp price drop is not good news for her.

"For example, an eye shadow of TF brand, the price of the official flagship store is 750 yuan, and the previous purchasing price is basically stable around 450 yuan. In May of this year, foreign shopping malls were discounted to more than 300 yuan, so I started with a batch of goods. As a result, the goods have not been sent to China yet, and they have dropped by more than 100 yuan, which makes me and my customers very embarrassed. " Meng Ming said.

As for the reasons for the continuous downward adjustment of prices, she mentioned that in recent years, due to the epidemic, tourists have decreased and international freight rates have increased, and many goods in foreign shopping malls cannot be sold, so they will choose to reduce prices. Especially if there is a new version, the shopping mall will clear the old version.

In addition, a new low-cost channel is quietly emerging in the beauty industry recently, that is, bonded warehouse sources that also enjoy policy dividends. In addition to the conspicuous "bonded warehouse" label on the shopping platform, such products also appear in the live broadcast of many anchors, and the price can even be as low as 2-3 fold of the flagship store.

"This kind of goods are basically delivered directly from bonded warehouses around the country, and they also enjoy preferential policies such as taxation. A more remarkable feature is that there is often an’ import tax’ when paying." Meng Ming said that bonded goods also have their own channels and policies, but the price drop is also related to the epidemic.

"First of all, most of China’s bonded warehouse cosmetics come from duty-free shops in South Korea and Japan, and outbound travel has dropped sharply, and a large amount of inventory will flow into China with strong consumption power; Secondly, Shanghai and Shenzhen, the key areas of bonded warehouses in China, have seen outbreaks this year, which is estimated to have also led to a backlog of some goods. Merchants will also ship at reduced prices in order to turn over funds and prevent expiration. " Meng Ming explained.

Data map: cdf Haikou Duty Free Shop. Photo by Wang Ziqian

Is the price increase for "price reduction"?

"Brand price adjustment is normal, especially for international brands, which basically only go up or down. Because the price reduction will have a serious negative impact on the main consumers of the brand, it will make them think that the product is’ not worth the money’. " Mr. Cheng, who has been engaged in the beauty industry for many years, told reporters that the price increase of this round of beauty giants may be precisely because they are "anxious".

In the first quarter of this year, the performance of major beauty giants in China or the Asia-Pacific market was generally not very good. In the first quarter, Shiseido Group’s sales in China decreased by 20.6% year-on-year, Amore Pacific’s sales in China decreased by 10%, and Estee Lauder Group’s sales in Asia Pacific decreased by 3.91% year-on-year.

On the one hand, the price of raw materials has risen, and the goods can’t be sold. On the other hand, it is necessary to maintain the posture of’ can’t reduce prices’. Under the contradiction, the price must be raised first, because there is room for’ price reduction’ when the price is raised."Mr. Cheng said.

In the past 618 shopping festival, many beauty brands began to "shop" for discounts: brands that have always been stingy with gifts launched the promotion of "buy a bottle of formal clothes and send a bottle of formal clothes" for the first time in the live broadcast room; The prices of liquid foundation, moisturizing cream and other products that have never been discounted are almost halved. This price reduction or "disguised price reduction" is actually a compromise of beauty giants.

At the beginning of this year, Procter & Gamble brand announced that due to the rising transportation, materials, labor and other costs during the epidemic and the rising prices of raw materials brought about by global inflation, all its top ten products had raised prices. Subsequently, in its third-quarter financial report released in April, Bao’s clean sales increased by 7% year-on-year, which was directly related to the price increase.

"Overall, as an important starting point for stimulating the performance of international beauty companies, how to grasp the common goal of China consumers or international beauty companies." It is generally believed in the industry. (End)

The core technology of "making the brain" serves the important needs of the country

In today’s world, the level of human science and technology has reached an unprecedented height. With the entry into the intelligent era, a new round of scientific and technological and industrial revolution characterized by the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing industry has flourished, and technical groups in many fields have broken through and merged, which has promoted profound changes in manufacturing production methods. Countries all over the world have taken a series of major measures, hoping to rely on the manufacturing revolution with intelligent manufacturing as the core, consolidate the foundation of innovation and development of manufacturing industry, and build new kinetic energy and new advantages. As a manufacturing power in the world, China has listed intelligent manufacturing as the main direction determined by Made in China 2025, which is not only the key to promote the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry, but also an important strategy to become a manufacturing power in the world.

Professor Song Xuan from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in south university of science and technology of china, whose main research direction is artificial intelligence and its related fields, including big data analysis, data mining and urban computing, has applied the research results to disaster emergency and epidemic prevention of major infectious diseases, and achieved good results. At present, in the series of research in the field of intelligent manufacturing, it contributes scientific research strength to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing in China and accelerate the pace of building a manufacturing power in China.

Intelligent analysis of data model is committed to tackling the key core technology of "intelligent brain"

Since 2013, China’s development strategy has specifically pointed out that "the country’s strength depends on the real economy and cannot be bubbled" and "the innovation-driven development strategy is deeply implemented to enhance the core competitiveness of industry". "Made in China 2025" clearly emphasizes the need to accelerate the integration and development of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing technology, and take intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of deep integration of the two; Efforts will be made to develop intelligent equipment and products, promote the intellectualization of production processes, cultivate new production methods, and comprehensively improve the intelligent level of R&D, production, management and service of enterprises. Intelligent manufacturing can effectively improve the production efficiency of manufacturing industry, shorten the product development cycle and reduce the defective rate of products, which is the key to building a digital China, realizing "Made in China 2025" and breaking the chip blockade.

The national science and technology strategy points out that "it is necessary to cultivate a large-scale team of young scientific and technological talents, focus on the policy of cultivating the strength of national strategic talents, and support young talents to take the lead and play the leading role." As a young scientist born in 1980s, Professor Song Xuan is currently presiding over the national key R&D project "Multi-dimensional data space and service theory of manufacturing product life cycle value chain". The project focuses on the key technology of "manufacturing brain", which is the key theoretical model and technical method of tackling the problem, and provides technical support for the intelligent upgrading of high-end manufacturing industries (such as automobile manufacturing) in China.

Professor Song Xuan said that there are some problems in the process of data storage and analysis in manufacturing industry, such as chaotic data interface, inefficient storage, low level of intelligence and opaque information, which affect the quality of product collaboration and data value-added in manufacturing industry and are not conducive to the sustainable development of manufacturing intelligence. In view of this situation, the project puts forward a set of multidimensional data space and service theory of manufacturing product life cycle value chain, which integrates data sharing and integration and data analysis service. The multi-dimensional collaborative data space prototype model theory of product life cycle value chain based on blockchain proposed by this project can guide safe and efficient data sharing and assist product R&D collaboration; The data analysis method based on deep learning and knowledge generation technology proposed by the project can realize causal inference, speed up the traceability of problems and shorten the product development cycle. Taking intelligent manufacturing as an opportunity and the actual upgrading demand of manufacturing industry as a guide, the project focuses on the two cores of "manufacturing brain": data flow and intelligent analysis, which is of great significance for China’s manufacturing industry to build a competitive advantage in the industrial chain and further improve the intelligent level of manufacturing industry. The project also puts forward a set of multi-dimensional data space and service theory of manufacturing product life cycle value chain, which integrates data sharing and integration and data analysis service.

Professor Song Xuan believes that intelligent manufacturing needs a "manufacturing brain", and manufacturing data is the "blood" of "manufacturing brain"; Algorithm models such as deep neural network are the main part of "manufacturing brain" and play the role of thinking and decision-making; Data flow is collected in the "manufacturing brain", which can automatically complete data analysis, intelligent decision-making and product life cycle prediction and deduction, and realize efficient intelligent manufacturing. The theory of multi-dimensional collaborative data space prototype model of product life cycle value chain based on blockchain proposed by Song Xuan can guide safe and efficient data sharing and assist product R&D collaboration. The data analysis method based on deep learning and knowledge generation technology proposed by the project can realize causal inference, speed up the traceability of problems, shorten the product development cycle, and predict and simulate the product life cycle.

Building an urban brain platform and focusing on building a smart city

From December 2019 to December 2022, with the liberalization of the epidemic, the pneumonia epidemic in Covid-19, which lasted for three years, finally came to an end, and the epidemic situation was gradually controlled. In this epidemic prevention and control, Professor Song Xuan led the project team to develop the "novel coronavirus (Covid-19) communication modeling, prediction and simulation deduction platform driven by human flow big data and AI", which played an important role. Based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the model of potential infection sources and risk areas was mined on the city scale, and the communication modeling, prediction and simulation deduction platform for COVID-19 was built. For the big data analysis and AI modeling platform for novel coronavirus communication, the prediction and simulation deduction model was complete. Made outstanding contributions to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

In addition, Professor Song Xuan, as the project leader, has developed an "epidemic prevention chain" APP on the mobile device side. The APP on the mobile phone side can assess the risk of epidemic or major infectious diseases (such as new crown pneumonia, seasonal influenza, etc.) in real time by sensing the contact between users and others and analyzing various urban environmental big data (such as crowd density, air quality, environmental humidity and temperature, etc.).

In fact, as early as 2011, the big data analysis and modeling of people flow carried out by Song Xuan’s team contributed to the fight against viruses and natural disasters. In March 2011, after the earthquake in Japan and the Fukushima nuclear accident broke out, Song Xuan led the team to develop a number of emergency flow prediction models and a system to help the Japanese government analyze the evacuation and migration of victims after the disaster and formulate more efficient post-disaster reconstruction policies. In 2016, in response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the research of Song Xuan’s team helped the International Telecommunication Union to analyze the flow of people in West Africa and the spread and infection of Ebola virus, which played an important role in the prevention and control of Ebola virus.

Professor Song Xuan has been deeply involved in the field of artificial intelligence for 15 years. He deeply realized that the main place for modern people to live and work is the city, and the core of urban management is to make people’s life in the city safer, more comfortable and more convenient. With the proposal of building a smart city, Song Xuan now pays attention to urban data and tries to alleviate or solve various "urban diseases" such as traffic congestion, environmental pollution and natural disasters. His team realized the simulation and prediction of the large-scale movement of urban people by building a modeling model of urban mass people movement, thus realizing efficient urban intelligent management. Song Xuan is currently tackling key problems and building an urban brain platform, bringing together all aspects of urban informatization and the whole process of urban management through high and new technologies to carry out control and support, so as to ensure travel safety, give full play to the efficiency of urban infrastructure, improve the operational efficiency of transportation system and the level of urban governance, alleviate all kinds of "urban diseases" to the greatest extent, and help urban governance to be more scientific, refined and intelligent.

"Scientific research should always serve the public" is precisely with such a sense of mission and responsibility. In the future scientific research, Song Xuan will always focus on his mission, aim high and live up to his youth, take data as the core and science and technology as the weapon, and strive to build an intelligent brain, help build a smart city and build an intelligent manufacturing power.