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Camping in spring is so pleasant that these precautions are indispensable.

If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, but don’t want to go to mature scenic spots to watch the crowds, then it’s better to find another way to experience a camping trip that truly integrates with nature in this spring day when grass grows and warblers fly.

Camping has become a fashionable way of life for young people. Playing on the grass, watching the sunset on the waves and snorkeling the audience fish are comfortable and pleasant, but they also need a lot of preparation, attention and aftermath, and let Xiaobian summarize it for you.


What equipment do you need for camping

1. Tent

Generally, there are three quarterly accounts, four quarterly accounts and alpine accounts. According to the number of users, it can be divided into single, double, triple and multi-person accounts. The most common is the three-season double account, which is commonly used in ordinary leisure camping activities in spring, summer and autumn. The structure is divided into double-layer and single-layer accounts. Double-layer outer account is windproof and rainproof, and the inner account is breathable. The tent poles are divided into glass fiber poles and aluminum alloy poles. Aluminum alloy poles are lighter but more expensive, while glass fiber poles are slightly heavier but cost-effective.

Leisure camping in spring doesn’t require high tents. Just buy 3-4 people around 300 yuan. When choosing, we should pay attention to the fact that the outer account should be sun-proof and waterproof, the inner account should be spacious and breathable, and the weight and volume should not be too large.

2. Sleeping bag

According to different climatic conditions, choose sleeping bags according to the temperature scale (the index of the warm temperature of sleeping bags). The filling medium is fiber cotton or down. Down sleeping bags are more and more popular because they are easy to compress, small in size and light in weight, but the price is also more expensive. Once they get wet, the heat preservation will be much worse, so we should pay attention to moisture prevention. Fiber cotton sleeping bags are less effective in keeping warm, but the price will be much cheaper.

It’s still a little cold at night in spring. You don’t need to bring down sleeping bags this season, just choose cotton ones. When choosing a sleeping bag, it is based on the comfortable temperature scale, and the filler can be fiber cotton, because the fiber cotton sleeping bag is not only much more affordable than the down sleeping bag, but also has the advantages of moisture resistance and simple maintenance. Of course, if you travel by car, it is ok to bring your own quilt.

3, moistureproof pad/air cushion

In order to protect your body, you must pay attention to moistureproof and antifreeze when camping, which is used to isolate from the ground moisture and maintain your body temperature and sleep quality.

Dampproof pad is very important! Its main function is to isolate the ground moisture, prevent moisture and prevent freezing. If you want to spend the night safely, you can’t do it without a damp-proof pad. At present, there are generally two kinds of foam moisture-proof mats or self-inflating mats on the market.

4, wash bag

A washing bag that can hold towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, soaps, shampoos and other toiletries is a must-have item for outdoor travel. It is best to choose the style with multiple storage bags and built-in lenses, which is convenient to use.

5, wind rope

The function of windbreak rope is to fix the external account. If not, it will be windy and windy at night, so you can’t sleep. If it rains, we will watch the sea in the tent.

6. Ground nails

Diding is to a tent what the foundation is to a house. Without Diding’s tent, the wind blew and ran away. It is even more unsafe if it is windy and rainy.

7. Rainproof cloth/shade cloth

There is nothing to say about this, just to protect against wind and rain. If it is sunny, it will be more free to take shade cloth to build a simple shed than in a tent.


Children’s shoes that are inseparable from pillows should be prepared by themselves, or DIY with clothes and other items is also good.

9. Camping lights

Outdoor lighting includes camp lights, flashlights and headlights. You must remember to bring one kind of lighting tool, which will be used for camping at night. Camp lights are the most practical choice for outdoor camping. They are small, light and easy to carry.

Even if you don’t walk at night, you still need lamps when you walk around. Besides, if you play cards and games at night, how can you be high without camping lights?

10. Outdoor first-aid medicine box

Specifically, a well-stocked first aid kit should include:

Bandages, gauze of various sizes, antibiotic ointment, sterilized dishcloth, washing liquid, painkillers, tweezers, scissors and knives, spray for relieving sunburn pain, and antidiarrheal drugs. So, what accidents will we face during camping in spring-the most common ones are cuts and bruises. When we are playing outside and camping, some trivial things may become dangerous, such as: shuttling through small trees, prickly Woods, encountering cacti, cooking outside, bonfire parties, insect bites, etc., which may cause us unexpected minor injuries, so we should make full preparations in advance.

When you encounter cuts and abrasions, you may wish to use bandages, and at the same time, you can use clean and disinfected rags and antibiotic ointment. Hydrogen peroxide comes in handy when cleaning wounds.

If you sit close to the bonfire and ashes blow into your eyes, you can wash your eyes with salt water. This is a good way.

When bitten, scratched or cut by mosquitoes, you might as well use painkillers, which has a good effect.

If you are unfortunately stabbed by a thorn or a small piece, you can ask tweezers to help you pull out the small piece and thorn, and then use scissors or a knife to cut the bandage and rope.

When you have a headache, you can use aspirin and acetaminophen to relieve the pain. When you have gastrointestinal problems and your stomach is uncomfortable, you can take antidiarrheal drugs prepared in the first aid kit.

In addition to the drugs mentioned above, you need to prepare aloe cream to relieve the pain immediately after sunburn; In hot summer, you should arm yourself with lip balm and sunscreen to protect your skin. In addition, it is also very important to prepare a first-aid medicine box for snake bites.

Finally, Xiaobian wants to remind campers that the first-aid medicine box should be checked regularly, and then the necessary supplies should be added, and the expired drugs should be replaced immediately. Remember: whenever you go camping, you must prepare an adequate and practical first aid kit in advance and be a smart camper.


How much does camping cost?

In a parent-child TV program, the scene of participants building tents is still fresh in everyone’s memory. There is a hole in the spacious tent, and there are two rooms, one for bedroom and the other for cooking.

In fact, the simplest camping doesn’t need such a big tent, and the simplest two-person tent is enough. Camping tents are divided into three-season tents (spring, summer and autumn), four-season tents and alpine tents, and the three-season tent is usually used for camping. If you don’t look for well-known outdoor brands, you can win a cheaper double tent online for more than 100 yuan.

There are three kinds of sleeping bags: cotton sleeping bag, fleece sleeping bag and down sleeping bag. The price of cotton sleeping bags is generally about 100-200 yuan.

Choosing a sleeping bag should be based on the specific conditions of the campsite, mainly depending on the comfort temperature. Generally, the comfort temperature of a thick cotton sleeping bag is about -8℃ to -10℃, but it is just right to use it at 0℃ to -5℃. When the weather is warm and hot, the sleeping bag liner and ordinary air conditioning quilt are enough.

Many online shops sell camping suits, the most famous of which only cost 300-400 yuan, including tents, sleeping bags for two, inflatable cushions, tent lights, flashlights and other large items needed for camping.

Another important content of camping is cooking by yourself, so stoves are essential. The average stove head price is less than 100 yuan, and a complete set of cookware for more than 4 people is about 200 yuan.

If there is a hiking plan, large-capacity hiking bags, trekking poles, headlights, etc. are essential. 50-70L hiking bag is suitable, and the price is about 200-600 yuan, and the basic price of hiking poles is between 70-160 yuan.

In other words, a set of the simplest and complete camping equipment only needs about 600 yuan, and of course, necessary items such as maps, compasses and matches also need to be carried. As most camping sites are free, accommodation is basically free. Accommodation in Hong Kong and Macao costs thousands of dollars. Once camping, the equipment fee is basically earned back, which is really an excellent choice with unique flavor and saving money.


These things can’t be done

Taking a tent and camping in the seaside or mountains with your lover or friends is a very romantic thing for many people. Therefore, it is understandable to add some small links that can create a romantic atmosphere in the process of implementation, but note that some imagination is not suitable for turning into reality, otherwise your beautiful camping life will be ruined.

There is a tent by the water.

It is an ideal camping life for many people to pitch a tent at the water’s edge, by a gurgling stream or on a beach at low tide and fall asleep with the gentle sound of water or waves. Have you ever dreamed of it? However, it is very dangerous to wake up and put your tent near the water. Rising water, flash floods and storms may come at any time, putting you in danger. Therefore, tents should not be tied near water.

In the candlelight by the bonfire

Playing a guitar by a raging bonfire, or lighting candles in a tent to talk with your lover or friend, are you going to try it in this camping trip? However, don’t forget that most tent materials are not fireproof, and some of them burn very quickly. Therefore, don’t use open flames, including candles, in tents, and light bonfires far away from tents. If you want to create an atmosphere, you can use camp lights or headlights instead. If you can, put a fire bucket full of water outside the tent in case of emergency.

Look at the stars on the high hills.

In the high hills, the wind is also quietly, and in the deep and dark sky, stars are like gems, blinking. So, you decided to set up your tent on a high hill and prepare to enjoy the rare night scenery quietly? Please don’t do this. The weather is changeable, the weather is unpredictable, and the high wind strikes first, which will make you unprepared.

Casual clothes and trousers on a spring night

Want to wear casual clothes when camping? I advise you not to do this. In spring, there are many insects outdoors, especially at night, it is best to wear close-fitting long trousers to avoid mosquito bites and branches hanging. If the clothes are wide, you can tie up your trouser legs and cuffs.

Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing a camp. When determining the location of Anza tent, first take out the inflatable cushion and try to spread it on the target ground, and lie down to check whether it is too inclined or has obvious protrusions. In addition, the campsite should be as close to the water source as possible to facilitate washing and cooking.

In addition, it is also necessary to beware of mosquito "harassment". Especially in the south, mosquitoes are inevitable in spring, summer and autumn. This situation will be more serious at night when there is no wind. Therefore, when choosing a camping site, you should not choose the side of a dead pond and dense grass, which are the "hardest hit areas" for mosquito breeding. In addition, mosquitoes will not gather in ventilated places, so when choosing a camp, you can choose a place close to the wind, such as between two mountains or a ventilated tunnel. It is best to prepare some mosquito bite drugs, such as unparalleled drops and essential balm, to prevent mosquito bites.


What else should I pay attention to?

1. In early spring, the temperature is unstable and the temperature difference is very large. When camping, it is inevitable to encounter cold and rainy weather, dense fog, strong convective weather and lightning weather. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to wearing appropriate clothes, not too much, not too little. Generally speaking, you must obtain the local climate information of the tourist destination in advance, and remember to bring a warm coat with you to prevent catching cold.

2. Pay attention to hygiene when going out, and don’t stay in crowded places. Choose places with good air quality, such as climbing mountains, or going to the seaside and forests.

3. In early spring, rain is inevitable. Rain gear is something that must be carried with you when camping. It is best to bring a small folding umbrella or a disposable convenient raincoat. When playing outside in rainy days, you should pay attention to anti-skid, anti-fall and anti-fall when taking pictures, and put personal safety first.

4, shoes must be comfortable, ladies do not wear high heels when traveling. If your feet are red and swollen, soak your feet with hot water before going to bed to dredge the meridians.

When you go out, remember to keep a booklet with you, which records some important contact numbers and other information, which will be of great use when you need help. If it is waterproof, so much the better!

6, spring is a humid season, mosquitoes and bacteria are particularly easy to breed, therefore, we should try to avoid drinking raw water and eating unsanitary food.

7. If you have a history of motion sickness, seasickness and airsickness, you should not eat too much before going out. You should take drugs such as halo tablets in advance or chew gum and foods containing glucose, choose some ventilated places to sit, and deal with them immediately if you are uncomfortable.

8. If there is lightning in the hotel, disconnect the power cord of the indoor electrical appliances and close the doors and windows, so that people can keep a certain distance from the doors and windows.

9, don’t sit in a cool and humid place, so as not to get wet and get sick.

10. People with a history of allergies should pay more attention to the spring outing sites they choose, avoid places with flowers as much as possible, or take anti-allergic drugs such as chlorpheniramine or Anqimin orally in advance to prevent pollen allergy.

11. It’s a good time for outdoor photography with beautiful spring and sunny weather. Before traveling abroad, it is best to check the performance of the camera. The battery should be fully charged and never let the camera get wet.

12, because it is difficult to accurately estimate the length of climbing, should prepare enough drinking water and food and commonly used drugs, such as mosquito repellent, antidiarrheal drugs, mercurochrome, etc.

13, carrying lighters, binoculars, multifunctional knives, etc., can get more fun in the wild.


Matters needing attention after camping

1. Camp cleaning after camping

To protect the natural environment in the wild, the fire must be completely extinguished when the camp is withdrawn. Garbage waste should be taken out as far as possible and put in the designated place. When it is impossible to take it away under special circumstances, the garbage can be dug and buried.

2. Cleaning and maintenance of camping equipment

Tent: After each camping trip, clean up the internal and external tents, tent poles and ground nails. Generally, tents can’t be cleaned by washing machine, but can be washed with non-alkaline cleaning agent. After the tent is finished, it is placed in a ventilated place to dry in the shade, and then placed in a dry and cool place.

Sleeping bag: dry the sleeping bag as much as possible after use and keep it dry. Give priority to local cleaning, minimize the overall cleaning times, and avoid lowering the use index of sleeping bags. Hand washing is recommended, and try not to twist it. Dry it naturally after cleaning to avoid high temperature drying. After drying, pat it gently and store it after natural expansion.

Source: Guangzhou Daily, China Net

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[Beautiful rivers and lakes] Shengzhou, Zhejiang: Rivers and lakes have scenery and rhyme, and people and water are close to each other.

The original garbage dump near Yaoao Natural Village, Zhangpu Village, Shengzhou High-tech Zone has built an ecological park, which has become a good place for villagers to have fun. (Photo/Xu Hui)

The original garbage dump near Yaoao Natural Village, Zhangpu Village, Shengzhou High-tech Zone has built an ecological park, which has become a good place for villagers to have fun. (Photo/Xu Hui)

  Cctv news(Reporter Xu Hui) Before Typhoon Likima landed in Zhejiang on September 9th, 2019, Wang Jialiang, director of Jianglintou Village in Shengzhou Development Zone, made a bet with the villagers that the village would not be flooded as in previous years. In the end, Wang Jialiang won, and Wang Jialiang’s confidence came from the construction of Zhantou flood detention area and Tinghu City Park project.

  Bamboo chops at home become souvenirs

A scene in the boat lake city park. (Photo courtesy of Shengzhou Water Conservancy Bureau)

A scene in the boat lake city park. (Photo courtesy of Shengzhou Water Conservancy Bureau)

  Shengzhou urban area and key economic development zones are low-lying, with Zhantou and Jianglintou administrative villages as the center, forming substantive flood diversion areas in history, so they are called boat lakes.

  "It’s easy to count when you eat in your stomach" is a popular saying in the local area. Because it is affected by floods every year, the people think that the food in the field is their own only after eating it.

  Chen Xiaoni, a villager in Jianglintou, said that villagers have special feelings about water, and life and production are inseparable, but if there is too much water, it will cause disasters. Living in a flood diversion area, my family suffers from floods every year. "Last year, the rainy season flood came. Ten steps in front of our house, the flood rose to level 7. The first floor of low-lying people is flooded. "

  To this end, in Zhantou, Jianglin and other villages, every household has a bamboo raft for the transfer of people and goods when the flood comes.

  Since 2016, Shengzhou City has invested 1.5 billion yuan to start planning and constructing Zhantou flood detention area and Tinghu City Park project, of which 1.3 billion yuan will be used for flood detention area reconstruction and 200 million yuan will be used for landscape improvement project. On September 28th this year, Tuhu City Park officially opened. After the completion, the water area of Zhantou Flood Detention Area Boat Lake City Park is 3.4 square kilometers, accounting for about half of the water area of West Lake.

  After enduring the test of "Lichima", "the bamboo rafts brought by villagers’ families are no longer used and can become souvenirs." Wang Jialiang said.

  The abandonment of bamboo rafts in Jianglintou Village benefited from the new idea of "water resources, water ecology, water environment and water disaster overall management" in Shengzhou City.

  At the same time as the construction of Zhantou Flood Detention Area Boat Lake City Park project, Shengzhou City has newly built 4.85 kilometers of reinforced dikes, 1 dam and 2 sluices.

  The reconstruction project of Zhantou flood detention area is linked with water conservancy projects such as Siming Mountain along the mountain, XinSiming River and Tujiabu Drainage Station on the north side, which protects Shengzhou urban area and the main battlefield of economy and turns water disasters into water conservancy.

  Turning "Dashuike" into "Ecological Lake" and turning the gravel factory into an ecological park.

Xie Lingyun's statue gazes at the clear water of the river in Zhangpu Village, near the Tunxi River. The original sand yard behind the statue was built into a leisure square. (Photo/Xu Hui)

Li Bai’s statue gazes at the clear water of the river in Zhangpu Village, on the edge of Shanxi River. The original sand yard behind the statue built a leisure square. (Photo/Xu Hui)

  Tongxi, located in the upper reaches of Cao ‘e River, is the mother river of Shengzhou. Shengzhou City regards the improvement of water quality as the core of the construction of beautiful rivers and lakes, insists that any pollution must be removed, and comprehensively promotes the treatment of domestic sewage and the rectification of pollution industries.

  Since July 2017, the water quality of the exit section of Shanjiang Shengzhou City has been upgraded from the original Class III water to Class II water, ensuring that the clear water from one river is sent downstream.

  The section from Tujiabu in Shengzhou Development Zone of Tongjiang River to Zhangpu in Sanjie Town, with a total length of 18.7 kilometers, is the essence of the "Road of Tang Poetry in East Zhejiang". Zhangpu Temple and Tinghu City Park have become pearls on the "Road of Tang Poetry in East Zhejiang".

  In addition, Boat Lake City Park has also created the largest single building in tang style in Zhejiang Province, the largest plant exposition park in Shengzhou, the largest waterfront flower sea in Shengzhou, the first artificial beach in Shengzhou and many other "Shengzhou firsts".

  Among them, the Four Seasons Flower Sea in the park covers an area of 150,000 square meters, spreading the beautiful scenery of the four seasons with long grass, towering trees, colorful scenery and beautiful branches of Yushu, becoming an ecological garden and the lungs of the city. Strolling in the urban garden of Tuhu Lake is like walking in a picture.

  There are many cases in Shengzhou where "Dashuike" has turned into an "ecological lake" and the gravel factory has become an ecological park.

  The ecological park next to Yaoao Natural Village, Zhangpu Village, Shengzhou High-tech Zone has become a good place for citizens’ leisure and entertainment, but it was still a garbage storage point two years ago. Wang Lebing, secretary of the village branch, said that after the implementation of the river length system, he reflected the situation that garbage was randomly piled up along the river in the village, sand mining fields and pig farms polluted the river. Soon the sand mining and pig raising factories were banned, and a beautiful park built by the river appeared in front of the villagers.

  Shen Juzhen, who lives in Zhangpu Village, is in front of her house. "There is sand mining in the river, and there is a layer of oil floating on the river. The square in front of my house is full of sand. " Nowadays, the place where sand is piled up is the square where citizens relax. "It is a pleasure to blow the river wind and see the beautiful scenery."

  Humanistic integration "water rhyme" makes water conservancy more interesting

Villagers are fishing under Xie Gongting. (Photo/Xu Hui)

Villagers are fishing under Xie Gongting. (Photo/Xu Hui)

  Never put off till tomorrow what you can, Liu Ruan meets an immortal, visits Dai on a snowy night, Wang Xizhi’s former residence, and Xie Lingyun’s fishing, all of which are numerous cultural allusions, cultural relics and historical sites in the Tongxi River Basin.

  "If the water conservancy project does not do culture, I am sorry for the soil and water here." Xu Zhilin, an expert on water culture in Shaoxing, said.

  It is understood that after preliminary collation and textual research, there were 158 poets chanting the river in the Tang Dynasty alone, with 542 poems and more than 20 related cultural relics protection sites. It can be said that in the "Road of Tang Poetry in East Zhejiang", there are the most poets who wrote poems for Tunxi, leaving the most poems and the most traces. Tunxi (Shengzhou City) is the core area of the "Road of Tang Poetry in East Zhejiang".

  The seven islands in Tinghu City Park are connected by eight bridges, and the name of each bridge is named after historical celebrities and poems related to Tunxi. For example, Yishao Bridge named after Wang Xizhi, Andao Bridge named after Dai Kui, Taibai Bridge named after Li Bai and Zimei Bridge named after Du Fu.

  In order to commemorate Wang Xizhi, Ma Yinchu and other famous people in Shengzhou, the park has planned and built a celebrity island, which has a totem square, a celebrity cultural wall and a celebrity pavilion. Here, you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also learn about the historical changes, cultural stories and customs of Shengzhou.

  Xu Zhilin believes that with the continuous development of social economy and the continuous improvement of people’s material and cultural living standards, the functions of water conservancy are increasingly diversified and integrated. It is necessary not only to meet the needs of avoiding harm and providing water for production and life, but also to build a clear, beautiful, comfortable water environment that is close to people and water.

Everybody! Everybody! Wait for the boat by the west lake, and the team is hundreds of meters! There are too many places with strong flavor of the New Year in Hangzhou. Hi to Yuanxiao.

The first month is the New Year. On the first day of the Lunar New Year, the number of tourists received by various tourist attractions in Hangzhou has exceeded 1.5 million, and the line of boats by the West Lake is 200-300 meters! This Spring Festival, there are too many annual activities in Hangzhou. Let’s start the New Year with a sense of ceremony, such as Spring Festival Market, Lantern Festival and Dragon and Lion Dance.

Where did you play on New Year’s Day?

The parking lot in Lingyin Scenic Area was saturated early in the morning.

The roads in the scenic spot are blocked in crimson.

The scenic area is packed with people.

Photography/Jiang Zhiqing

Sailing around the West Lake by boat is also a big hit.

The team waiting for the boat also meandered for two or three hundred meters

The first day of the Spring Festival Golden Week

Hangzhou tourist attractions (spots) received a total of 1.502 million tourists.

The passenger flow in major scenic spots is generally stable and orderly.

The passenger flow in the West Lake Scenic Area is relatively large.

Photography/Qiu Xiaohua

in fact

There are too many places in Hangzhou with strong annual flavor.

Various Chinese New Year activities have been launched in various places.

Can be high until the Lantern Festival.

Hurry up and market.

shangcheng district

Hefang street welcomes the new year’s custom of the god of wealth

A glimpse of past activities

Qinghefang Historical and Cultural District will hold a New Year’s custom activity to welcome the God of Wealth, continue the "New Year’s memory" of Hangzhou people, carry out block parades, send blessings in the New Year, welcome wealth and send treasures, etc., and cook a new year’s custom cultural feast for everyone.

Activity time: February 14th (the fifth day of the first month)

Venue: Qinghefang Historical and Cultural Block in Shangcheng District

★ For more Spring Festival activities in uptown, please click [here].

gongshu district

Theme new year activities in historical and cultural blocks

This Spring Festival, Dadou Road historical and cultural blocks, Xiaohe historical and cultural blocks and Qiaoxi historical and cultural blocks in Gongshu District are coming with a big wave of Spring Festival activities! There are not only the Spring Festival market, the Lantern Festival, but also the dragon dance performance … to accompany you to the Lantern Festival.

For example, the theme of the Spring Festival activities in Dadou Road Historical and Cultural District is to have a round trip, to welcome the Spring Festival market, to have a round trip, to have a Lantern Festival and other activities, and to reproduce the grand occasion of the traditional festivals in old Hangzhou.

For more details, please click [here].

Universiade Dragon Lantern Lucky Boat

This new year, there are 18 "Universiade Dragon Lantern Lucky Boat" unveiled at the Grand Canal.

These lucky boats are decorated with hand-made fishing lanterns, and the cabins are also combined with dragon elements, adding the atmosphere of the year with dragon window stickers, ornaments and other elements.

In the New Year, I picked up the dragon lantern and sailed on the Grand Canal by the Aoyu lantern boat, which started the year smoothly and made Long Xing Universiade.

Please click [here] for the timetable of the Universiade Dragon Lantern Lucky Boat.

Xihu district

Xixi New Year Plum Exploration Festival and Spring Festival Lantern Festival

The 2024 Xixi Spring Festival and Spring Festival Lantern Festival in Hangzhou revolved around the two themes of Spring Festival Lantern Festival and Qushui Xun Mei, combining the minimalist elegance of China traditional culture and Song Dynasty aesthetics with modern art.

More than 40 meters of "Baizhang Dragon Lantern"

The activity will arrange large-scale year of the loong-themed lanterns and lanterns with wetland characteristics in the North Gate Square of the Park, Jiangcun Market Slow Life Block, Hezhu Street, Wujiawan and other areas, and arrange interactive scenery of plum exploration and Spring Festival theme in Zhou Jiacun Square and Zhou Jiacun Wharf to create a festive atmosphere for the Spring Festival.

Aoshan lamp shed about 5m from Hezhu Street.

Plum blossom aerial photography/Qu Xinyu (in previous years)

During the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, the activities will also explore the traditional folk customs, and carry out various interactive activities such as dragon dancing, lantern parade, water town wedding, God of Wealth parade, lantern parade and NPC interaction, so that tourists can enjoy the charm of traditional folk customs while winding water in Xun Mei.

Activity time: February 10th-March 17th.

Venue: Zhou Jiacun entrance of Xixi Wetland, No.518 Tianmushan Road.

★ For more details of the event, please click [here].

Binjiang District

"Xinxin Going to the Dragon for the Spring Festival" Spring Festival activities in Changhe Old Street

This Spring Festival, Changhe Old Street in Binjiang District will launch a series of activities of "Song Fu Hangzhou Year" with the theme of "Xinxin Going to the Spring Festival with Dragons".

With the pursuit of "the flavor of the year" as the main line, we will awaken people’s memories of the Chinese New Year and celebrate the festive season through year of the loong Grand Collection, non-legacy craftsmen, interactive performances, and New Year’s punch cards.

Activity time: February 10 -25

Venue: Historical and Cultural Block of Changhe Old Street, Binjiang District

★ For more details of the event, please click [here].

Xiaoshan district

The 6th Annual Custom Cultural Activities in Louta Town

This new year, the sixth annual custom cultural activity in Louta Town, Xiaoshan District arrived as scheduled. There are six stations in the activity, namely, catching up with the market with the national tide, appealing to the ancient charm and elegance, experiencing the ingenuity, searching for impressions through the Millennium, exhibiting the beauty of literature and art and the resident photography exhibition in rural areas.

You can purchase mountain products specialties at the National Tide Annual Taste Market, cruise in Hanfu, immerse yourself in the elegance of ancient style, appreciate, experience and understand the intangible cultural heritage, and walk into the rural image museum (Meichuang Space) to feel the long years like water.

Activity time: from now until February 24th.

Venue: Louta Town, Xiaoshan District

★ For more details of the event, please click [here].

Yuhang district

Pingyao Laojie Folk Lantern Festival

During the Spring Festival, the 2024 Pingyao Old Street Folk Lantern Festival was in full swing. The theme of this year’s Lantern Festival is "Bigger than year of the loong", and year of the loong-themed lanterns are on the scene. There are also various dragon-themed lanterns hanging in the old street, which completely fills the atmosphere of the New Year!

During the Spring Festival, there will be activities such as Youlong stepping on the street, Ishigaki lanterns, Liyuan opera, free movies and so on.

Activity time: February 11th-16th.

Venue: Pingyao Old Street, Pingyao Town, Yuhang District

★ For more details of the event, please click [here].

Linping district

Tangqi ancient town celebrates the New Year.

On the second day of the first month, Tangqi Ancient Town will prepare dragon lanterns, DIY lanterns made by year of the loong in the Spring Festival, and the opera performance of Dragon and Phoenix.

Open the hand-made lantern block in front of the ancient stage, and you can receive a limited number of lanterns in year of the loong; At Yubei Wharf, you can experience the activities of Longteng Cake Raising (playing New Year Cake) and New Year Pictures on wooden boards. There is also a shadow play experience activity in the Shadow Play Theatre, which includes three parts: shadow play, parent-child production and interactive display, so that friends of all ages can find the fun of the New Year in Tangqi ancient town.

Activity time: February 11th-15th.

Venue: Canal Tangqi Ancient Town Scenic Area

Super Mountain Plum Blossom Festival

At the beginning of the new year, the 16th Hangzhou Chaoshan Plum Blossom Festival was grandly opened. During the Plum Blossom Festival, Chaoshan Scenic Area will also launch three rich series of experience activities, namely, thinking of "plum blossoms", searching for "plum blossoms" and camping season in the countryside.

You can also go to Meili Chaoshan Hanfu Life Museum to buy clothes and punch out Meihua Road in Hanfu. In addition, in March, the first country holiday camping season in Linping will be held in Chaoshan Scenic Area, mainly including activities such as country holiday experience tour and camping experience exhibition.

Activity time: February 6-the end of March

Venue: Hangzhou Chaoshan Scenic Area

★ For more details of activities in Linping District, please click [here].

fuyang district

Sun Quan welcomes guests to Longmen Ancient Town for Spring Festival activities.

Year of the loong Qi Fu went to Longmen, and fortune prospered to Fuchun. This new year, let’s go to Longmen Ancient Town to start a year of Long Xing’s prosperity and future.

The dragon-shaped device in Longmen ancient town has been lit up, and the dragon-shaped device with its head held high and its tail wagged is entrenched in the sky. When night comes, it is colorful and beautiful.

In the arched square with blue bricks and black tiles, the "Dongwu Emperor" came to welcome guests from all over the world with soldiers and soldiers, and there were performances such as the parade of the Emperor and the immersive flash show, which made people feel as if they were in the "Three Kingdoms" period.

Activity time: February 11-16, Lunar New Year’s Day-Seventh Day (10:00 a.m. and 14:00 p.m.)

Venue: Longmen Ancient Town, Fuyang District

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Lin ‘an District

Celebrate the New Year in Lin ‘an Museum

Lin ‘an Museum will not close this Spring Festival! From New Year’s Eve to the eighth day of the first month, spend the New Year with everyone.

During the Spring Festival, Lin ‘an Museum planned a special exhibition of Tianmu Kiln cultural relics, a photo exhibition of "loong Cultural Hundred Museums Joint Exhibition" and other activities, such as Xinxin punching in the "Dragon" New Year atmosphere device and writing Spring Festival couplets to give a hundred blessings.

★ For more details of the event, please click [here].

jiande city

Yanzhou Ancient City year of the loong Lantern Festival

Yanzhou lights are as bright as day, and the dragon takes off to make the Spring Festival. During the Spring Festival, the ancient city of Yanzhou, jiande city invited you to an appointment to enjoy lanterns and receive blessings.

In the ancient city of Yanzhou, there will be a Song Rhyme Lantern Festival in the Wengcheng of Longshan Academy, Fuyunmen City Wall and Yanzhou Ancient Street. At that time, lanterns will be all over the city, taking you back to the Southern Song Dynasty.

In addition, everyone can change into Song costumes, stroll through the old city wall, visit Song Yun Wenchuang, taste national cuisine, taste creative drinks, and immerse themselves in the Song Yun National Wind Market to experience a different "tidal" life in Song Dynasty.

Activity time: from now until the end of February.

Venue: Yanzhou Ancient City, jiande city

Shou Chang Ancient Town "Looking for the Year of China"

During the Spring Festival, the ancient town of Shou Chang launched the Spring Festival market, dragon-seeking and blessing, majestic gongs and drums, dragon dance in Shou Chang, fireworks feast, dragon lantern festival and other special welcome activities, which continued the spirit of dragon culture in the Millennium ancient town.

Visitors can experience six groups of interactive punch-in points, namely, Universiade dzi, Najifu Molongxu, Happy New Year Pinlongtu, Career Xing yue longmen, Release Vitality Qilongwu, and Pray for Xinfu Dianlongdeng. They can also experience traditional folk-custom intangible items such as tanghua, non-legacy people and ancient-style sachets.

Activity time: from now until February 24th.

Venue: Ancient Town, Shou Chang, jiande city

★ For more details of jiande city activities, please click [here].

Hangzhou’s New Year activities don’t stop there.

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Opening the Lunar New Year with a full ceremony

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Central Meteorological Observatory: There will be strong convective weather in Shaanxi, Chongqing, Hubei, Anhui and Jiangsu.

CCTV News:According to the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory, there will be strong convective weather in Shaanxi, Chongqing, Hubei, Anhui and Jiangsu.

1. Strong convective weather occurred in Jiangsu, Hubei, Guangdong and other places

From 05: 00 to 08: 00 on July 20, short-term heavy precipitation occurred in parts of northeastern Anhui, Jiangsu, eastern Hubei, western Zhejiang, western and southern Yunnan, central Guangdong and eastern Hainan Island, with an hourly rainfall of 20-50 mm and a local area of more than 60 mm; In addition, thunderstorms and strong winds occurred in the northern part of Inner Mongolia.

There will be strong convective weather in Shaanxi, Chongqing, Hubei, Anhui, Jiangsu and other places.

It is expected that from 14: 00 on July 20 to 08: 00 on July 21, Central Inner Mongolia, northern Heilongjiang, northwestern Liaoning, southern Gansu, northwestern and southwestern Shaanxi, central and northern Shanxi, central and southern Hebei, southwestern Beijing, western Shandong, southeastern Henan, most of Anhui, southern Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, eastern and southern Hubei, central and northern Hunan, northwestern and eastern Jiangxi, northeastern and southern Fujian, eastern and southern Sichuan, central and northern Chongqing, northern Guizhou, western and northern Yunnan and southwestern Guangxi. In addition, there will be thunderstorms or hailstorms in central and southeastern Inner Mongolia, southern Gansu, north-central Shaanxi, southeastern Hubei and northeastern Sichuan.

Strong convective weather: At present, it refers to the convective gale (≥ 17.2m/s), hail, short-term heavy precipitation

Third, disaster prevention suggestions

1. Pay attention to prevent casualties and equipment losses that may be caused by lightning, and pay attention to its impact on air transportation;

2. Pay attention to prevent short-term heavy precipitation from causing secondary disasters such as mountain torrents, mudslides and urban waterlogging;

3. Pay attention to prevent the collapse of structures such as sheds and billboards caused by thunderstorms and strong winds, as well as the impact on aerial work, water work and navigation;

4. Pay attention to prevent the possible impact of hail on crops and agricultural facilities.

SARFT talks about historical themes: personal imagination can’t replace historical conclusion

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

On November 30th, the State Administration of Radio and Television and China Institute of History, China Academy of Social Sciences jointly held the "Symposium on the Creation of Historical TV Plays", which deeply discussed the related topics of the creation of historical TV plays. Zhu Yonglei, member of the party group and deputy director of the State Administration of Radio and Television, put forward three suggestions: First, we should firmly establish a grand historical view, grasp the historical development trend of the past, present and future, and persist in guiding the correct creative direction with Marxist historical materialism; Second, we must persist in taking the people as the center, observe the reality in the historical context, and build the spiritual home of the Chinese nation; Third, we should change our creative ideas from time to time, be brave in innovation, strive for perfection and originality in shooting and production, and strive to create a number of outstanding works.

Zhu Yonglei said that China has a long history and complicated historical phenomena. It is necessary to choose from the vast amount of historical information, historical events and historical figures, so as to "choose the right topic, tell a good story and shoot a fine product", select, combine and reproduce historical materials, correctly express history and reproduce history artistically. It is necessary to grasp the essence from the whole and through the phenomenon from the connection, and guide the audience to clearly understand the direction of historical development. "In particular, important issues concerning the construction of the Chinese nation community, such as nationality, culture and national unity, cannot be replaced by personal guesses and inconclusive academic interpretations. In terms of theme selection and characterization, we must firmly grasp the historical trend and the overall process of the development of the Chinese nation, and avoid only the personalization, strangeness and marginalization of history, or just from the standpoint of localities and departments, and we must resolutely oppose the creative direction of historical nihilism. "

The creation of historical drama can’t just focus on emperors and princes, but always turn around the axis of imperial power, making the space of historical drama smaller and smaller, even falling into a dead end. The creation of historical dramas should strive to explore richer historical perspectives, cultural perspectives and life perspectives, and embody the people’s role in promoting creative practice in historical development through vivid artistic images and novel artistic techniques. "Historical TV series should not only have the events in front of the old Wang Xietang, but also have fireworks flying into the homes of ordinary people."

Zhu Yonglei pointed out that the innovation of historical drama is unique and eclectic, which never means abandoning the original and drifting with the flow. At present, there are indeed some creators who lack an accurate understanding and correct grasp of historical materialism and grand historical view. Some works are fictionalized about important historical events and historical figures, and their creative ideas still focus on the power struggle of emperors and generals and the harem life, ignoring the shaping of people’s images and the grasp of historical mainstream trends. There are still a few works that regard historical space as a universal excuse and fig leaf for lacking artistic level and artistic logic, and even a hotbed for breeding dross, which tends to be vulgarized, kitsch and suspended overhead.

He emphasized that promoting the healthy development and creative prosperity of historical TV dramas is one of the priorities of SARFT at present and during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. For key historical dramas, SARFT will provide whole-process service guidance, whole-process quality management, allocate resources for the whole industry, and assemble good writers, good directors and good actors for creative shooting.

Text/reporter Zu Weiwei

Badminton in China, desperate reversal

How much can a badminton match burn? Not long ago, the Sudirman Cup gave the answer.

China Badminton Team defeated Japan 3-2 in the semi-final in the Sudirman Cup World Badminton Mixed Team Championship in 2023 (hereinafter referred to as "Su Cup"), and then defeated South Korea 3-0 in the final to achieve the "three consecutive championships" of Su Cup.

The China badminton team fought for seven hours in the game of reversing the Japanese victory, and finally achieved a comeback, which is legendary. Relevant insiders told China Newsweek that this was a "great reversal" example that could be recorded in the history of China badminton team.

Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifan, who witnessed this reversal and finally won the championship together with the China Badminton Team, have returned to Chengdu Shuangliu Table Tennis and Badminton Base and started preparing for the Hangzhou Asian Games.

After training, they recalled the trip to China Newsweek.

Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan helped Guoyu advance to the final of the Soviet Cup. Photo/Zhongxin Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Bo

Try again 100 times, and you may not win.

May 20th is the semi-final day of the Soviet Cup, and the China badminton team will face the old rival Japanese team.

In the first match of that day, the China Badminton Team did not send Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong, who ranked first in the world, but Feng Yanzhe/Huang Dongping, who ranked seventh in the world. Because "IELTS Team" used too much physical energy to beat Indonesian team hard before, but Feng Yanzhe/Huang Dongping met Japanese team Yamashita Gongping/Shinohara Cailiu twice, and both won.

Contrary to expectations, Feng Yanzhe/Huang Dongping failed to beat their opponents as expected to continue their record of total victory, and the total score of China badminton team fell behind 0-1.

In the subsequent men’s singles competition, Shi Yuqi, ranked tenth in the world, played against Nara Okada, ranked third in the world. Shi Yuqi reversed the victory and tied the total score of both sides to 1-1.

In the women’s singles competition, Chen Yufei, the world’s fourth Tokyo Olympic champion, lost to Akane Yamaguchi, the world’s number one, and China’s total score was 1-2 behind Japan.

In the next men’s doubles competition, Liu Yuchen and Ou Xuanyi, the men’s doubles team, were once pushed to the edge of the cliff. They fell behind at 16:20 in the deciding game, and if they lost another point, they would lose the men’s doubles point, while the Chinese national badminton team would also stop the semi-final with a big score of 1-3 and miss the Su Cup championship.

Many spectators at the scene began to leave, thinking that the fate of China’s semi-final exit could not be rewritten. Many viewers in front of the TV also turned off the TV.

The commentator said at that time: "China is facing four match points when the whole team is out! Will miracles happen? We are waiting for a miracle. "

The combination of Liu Yuchen and Ou Xuanyi was reversed. Photo/Zhongxin Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Bo

Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifan clearly remember that Liu Yuchen/Ou Yiyi said to himself before playing: "We will win this point and then let you play."

But when they saw their opponents holding four match points, Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifan began to feel complicated and tangled.

"We are very unwilling. We really hope that our teammates can create miracles, but according to the normal situation, we have a hunch that it is difficult to catch up." Chen Qingchen said that he and Jia Yifan were really ready to take the racket back into the bag.

But then, the miracle that Honggang expected really appeared.

The Japanese team only needed one more point to advance, and returned the ball out of bounds three times in a row, so that the Liu Yuchen/Ou Weiyi team scored three points in a row. With the score approaching, Liu Yuchen/Ou Weiyi also completely let go of their hands and feet. They fought more and more bravely and scored 3 points, completing a magical reversal on 22-20.

Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifan really came out, and helped the China badminton team finally win.

In the semi-final, the China badminton team played for nearly seven hours before defeating the Japanese team, and in the final, it took three and a half hours to win the championship from the Korean team.

"After the game, everyone resumed and thought that if we played the game against Japan 100 times again, we might not win, but now we won!" Jia Yifan told China Newsweek that in his national team career, there have been many thrilling games in the past, but there has never been a game like this one in which teammates "pulled back" the fate of the team when they were so far behind.

"In fact, we are also very sober. This Su Cup is the first stop of the Paris Olympic Games. It is very exciting to win the championship, but we still have to start from scratch. We also hope that all our teammates can realize their highest dreams in the Paris Olympic Games." This is Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan’s voice.

Su cup can’t be lost.

In Chen Qingchen’s view, the reason why the China badminton team can withstand such pressure is to start from the preparation before the Su Cup.

This year, the Su Cup was held in Suzhou, China, which was the first badminton world competition held in China in three years after the international sports events returned to normal order. Zhang Jun, chairman of China Badminton Association, gave the whole team a "vaccination" at the preparatory meeting of the Su Cup: "The pressure of this competition will definitely be great, and all players and coaches should try their best to eliminate interference and concentrate on the field."

Chen Qingchen recalled: "At the end of April, we also participated in the Asian Championships in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. From the end of the Asian Championship to the opening of the Su Cup, it is less than two weeks, about 10 days of preparation. Under normal circumstances, players should adjust for a few days after the end of the last race, but in order to prepare for the Su Cup, almost everyone did not adjust, so they directly went into the Su Cup to prepare for the war. "

Jia Yifan thinks that the Soviet Cup is different from the Tokyo Olympic Games. "In the Tokyo Olympic Games, Chen Qingchen and I didn’t win the gold medal in the women’s doubles, but in our opinion, it is also a good result to try our best to win the silver medal. We didn’t lose anything. The Su Cup is different. The China Badminton Team has been the champion for a long time, and we were once a member of the previous Su Cup champion team. If we lose, the final feeling is that we once had it, but this time we lost it in our hands. "

In May 1987, the Board of Directors of the International Badminton Federation was held in Beijing, at which it was decided to set up the World Badminton Mixed Team Championship from 1989. In memory of Dick Su Diman, the founder of Indonesian Badminton Association and former vice president of International Badminton Federation, and to thank him for his contribution to the world badminton, the champion cup of this competition was named "Sudirman Cup".

Since the 4th Sudirman Cup in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1995, China has shown a strong dominance in the Su Cup. Counting this championship, China won 13 championships, including one for four consecutive championships, one for six consecutive championships and one for three consecutive championships.

In the memory of Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifan, I lost the Su Cup on the Australian Gold Coast in 2017 and failed to achieve seven consecutive championships, which is always my own heart.

Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan fought in the Su Cup. Photo/Zhongxin Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Bo

In Chen Qingchen’s view, the Su Cup can be reversed and finally won, which is the result of the failure and the experience and promotion of all the national badminton players over the years. "Numerous large and small events in the middle have enabled this team to accumulate more experience, which has also improved everyone’s experience and pressure."

After the match against the Japanese team, Jia Yifan watched the video of the men’s doubles chasing points at the last minute. "I see the slow motion captured by the camera, and I feel that there is a blaze in the eyes of Liu Yuchen and Ou Xuanyi, which is a state of selflessness. In that state, both of them will no longer pay attention to the score, nor will they think about the consequences if the China badminton team loses at home and loses the championship. At that moment, they certainly don’t have any other thoughts. Therefore, we must also do it without distractions to win. "

In addition, the relationship of unity, trust and mutual tolerance among teammates of the national team is also the "password" for the national team to achieve a great reversal.

"Every round of the Sudirman Cup team competition is a three-win system of five games. Regardless of the semi-finals and finals, the opponents are also very high-ranking and very powerful opponents, which means that there may indeed be losses and wins during the competition. After all, no one dares to clap his chest and say that the China team can beat their opponents 3-0 every game, so there will be a fault tolerance rate in such a game. " Chen Qingchen told China Newsweek.

"Like Yu Fei and Dong Ping, although we didn’t get points in the semi-final, the feelings between us are very good, and it is impossible to complain about the teammates who lost points. On the contrary, we will try our best to forget the previous results, try our best to make up for our teammates and regain the advantage for the team. This time, some of them lost points, and we came to the top. Then next time, it may be that we lost points and they came to the top. "

She laughed when my hands and feet were cold.

According to official public data, the box office of this Su Cup is about 30 million yuan, and Guoyu fans have a huge momentum. Jia Yifan revealed: "We started from the hotel to participate in the competition, or returned to the hotel after the competition, and fans always called our names at the door of the hotel. Many fans and friends gave me private messages and rushed to grab tickets, saying that they would spend huge sums of money to watch our game … "

The cheering of fans, the concern of family members and the expectation of the media have invisibly put more pressure on the athletes. The nature of the Sudirman Cup team competition also makes it easy for every athlete to bear the burden of "wanting to win and being afraid of losing", fearing that his poor performance will drag down the team and be accused of "pulling his legs" by the outside world.

Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifan both said that they were under great pressure before the game.

"From the first day I came to Suzhou, I was in a tight state until Chen Yufei won the championship with the last ball landing team in the final, and I felt relieved from the pressure." Chen Qingchen recalled.

In Jia Yifan’s eyes, partner Chen Qingchen is a person with a strong sense of national honor and collective honor. She revealed that during the more than 10 days of preparation for the Sudirman Cup, Chen Qingchen was really pressured by "only winning but not losing" and had too many tears.

"She is not satisfied with the quality of training, crying; Poor sleep quality, crying; Thinking that the game is 2-2 may not be able to stand the pressure, or cry. " In the face of Jia Yifan, whose partner is under pressure and is the team’s happy fruit, there is no good way.

"The women’s doubles match was scheduled for the last game. Our performance may determine whether the team can move on and decide the ownership of the champion. If we don’t perform well, no one can remedy it later, so we are really afraid of dragging our feet on this group. " Chen Qingchen said. "I always put pressure on myself like this, and the effect may not be good, but as Jia Yifan said, I made the difficulty to the extreme before the game, and I didn’t think it was difficult when I encountered difficulties again in the real game."

Compared with Chen Qingchen, Jia Yifan chose another way to go out for a walk. "I wanted to find a bookstore to visit, but I ended up in a lottery shop. 30 yuan had a scratch, and I scraped out 300 yuan." Jia Yifan was in a good mood in an instant, and his training state increased greatly.

Chen Qingchen also felt "beaming" emotionally. She also listened to Jia Yifan’s suggestion, went to the bookstore to buy a book and went back to the dormitory to read it. Her mood was much calmer and she completed the final stage of high-quality preparation.

Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifan often observe teammates such as Chen Yufei and Shi Yuqi. Before the big game, teammates were struggling together.

Jia Yifan observed very carefully. "You see Chen Yufei, even if she won the Olympic champion, she is also in a state of pressure to prepare for the competition. She is also a person who encounters adversity, doubt and pressure, and her emotions will be written on her face, but she is always full of fighting spirit to meet the next challenge and eager to prove herself. The same is true for Shi Yuqi. When preparing for the Su Cup, I watched him turn back and sprint with the young players to practice his physical fitness. Young athletes are very aggressive, but Shi Yuqi will always benchmark a performance goal and practice until he wins. "

Chen Yufei and Shi Yuqi fought in the Su Cup. Photo/Zhongxin Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Bo

"In fact, my teammates and I may encounter some emotional ups and downs. At first, as teammates, they may not ask directly, but everyone has a high emotional intelligence, and they will find an opportunity to give some comfort and encouragement with some’ tips’ to help each other decompress. In fact, there are many such small things in the team. Often these encouragements are all about seeing the truth in the details, which is very warm. " Chen Qingchen said.

Jia Yifan told China Newsweek: "We are finally going to play the Japanese game. The experienced physical fitness coach urgently asked us to warm up by turning back. All the teammates came to high-five us one by one, and I was nervous at that time. "

"Just when my hands and feet were cold, I saw Chen Qingchen laughing and laughing. She said let me try it, so that I could relax." Jia Yifan said.

Author: Ye Everest

Psychology: 99% of emotional problems can be solved by "attitude"

Cultivate the most interesting and practical psychology every day.

Some people say that most of the emotions you can’t maintain well will have root causes.

Regardless of the root cause of this answer, psychology lovers should first make it clear that emotion is subordinate to attitude. Attitude, on the other hand, is a relatively stable psychological tendency held by individuals towards specific objects (others, ideas, emotions or events, etc.). This psychological tendency often contains individual’s subjective evaluation and viewpoint, as well as the resulting behavioral tendency.

Now we know that emotion is a part of the whole attitude. It is in harmony with introverted feelings, intentions and habits in attitude.It is a psychological state of "attitude", which is a complex and stable physiological feedback and experience in physiology.

The "emotion" we are usually familiar with includes not only the sense of morality, but also the sense of value. It is embodied in human behavior, that is, love, happiness, hatred, disgust, beauty and other life feelings or basic attitudes.

Psychology lovers often have the thinking and habit of exploring and analyzing the essence of things, and they know that the attitude (emotional state) understood by ordinary people is not the same as the emotional attitude studied in psychology.

Ordinary people often attribute their attitude and emotion to individual personality, experience and immediate feedback, but completely ignore the root of "attitude". On the basis of this misjudgment, people often make wrong judgments or interpretations of other people’s emotional states.

Therefore, in order to clearly understand people’s emotions, it is necessary to clarify the "attitude" that can cover emotions and all kinds of psychological connections involved.

In the history of psychological development, the definition of "attitude" was first put forward by psychologists Spencer and Bein in 1862. They believe that, from the psychological level, people’s attitude is a kind of opinion that comes out first, and it is a "preconceived idea" and psychological tendency that leads individual judgment and thinking to a certain direction, that is, our daily psychological preparation.

On this basis, influenced by behaviorism in psychological research in 1930s, psychologist allport updated his predecessors’ analysis and judgment on attitude. He believes that people’s attitude is essentially a state of psychological and nervous preparation.

It is mainly organized through people’s life experience, and this "psychological and nervous preparation state" organized through experience affects the individual’s response to the situation. Obviously, allport’s definition emphasizes the role of individual experience in the formation of psychological attitude.

In 1948, psychologist Kreiger proposed that from the psychological point of view, it must be clear that attitude is actually the persistent organization of individuals’ motivation, emotion and perception of certain social phenomena in their daily lives. Like allport, Kreiger’s definition of attitude still emphasizes people’s subjective experience in the present.

However, more advanced than allport, Kreiger regards people as individuals who can think and actively construct things, rather than just passive life experiences.

In 1984, American psychologist Barker made a new conclusion about the concept and definition of "attitude".He believes that "attitude" is actually a psychological tendency of people to others, ideas or things. But he also stressed that people’s attitude is a subjective thing of ideas and opinions.

In modern times, psychologist Myers updated the definition of "attitude" again in 1993, and was recognized as a relatively perfect formulation of attitude so far. Myers believes that from the perspective of psychology, "attitude" is an "evaluative response" that people like or dislike something or someone, and this response is often manifested in people’s beliefs, emotions and tendencies.

Tracing back to the source, we clarify the connotation and extension of "attitude" and the development process of concept definition, mainly to explain the theme of "emotion" After all, emotion is contained in "attitude" and is a part of attitude. If you want to understand emotion and related problems, you should first understand the causes of emotion from the root.

If you look at the individual from the whole, you will obviously come to a biased conclusion; And only look at the overall (attitude) characteristics, but do not carefully analyze the individual (emotional) details, naturally can not see the whole picture of things.

Psychologist Myers believes that people’s attitude will inevitably involve three dimensions: emotion, behavioral intention and individual cognition. As mentioned above, the "emotion" that we usually think is the most familiar and understandable is a part of the whole self-attitude, which is in harmony with the introverted feelings and intentions in the attitude.In fact, individual emotion includes two aspects: moral sense and value sense, which are embodied in subjective feelings and experiences such as love, happiness, hatred, disgust and beauty in daily life.

From the perspective of value goal, people’s emotional expression can be divided into four categories: feelings for things, feelings for people, feelings for themselves and feelings for special things.

If we look at people’s emotions from a changing perspective, then people’s feelings about foreign things depend on the changes and tenses of their own values.According to the different ways and tenses of their own values, the ways people treat emotions can be divided into five specific forms:

Value Increase-Emotional Attitude: Pride

Reduced value-emotional attitude: shame

Value Increase-Emotional Attitude: Embarrassment

Future Value Increase-Emotional Attitude: Self-confidence

Future Value Decrease-Emotional Attitude: Inferiority

Darwin, an evolutionist, believes that the state of human organism and the development of biological organism are both a process of continuous evolution. This evolution process is embodied as follows: the biological species are constantly differentiated and increased,The cell structure in organisms has become more and more complex but more orderly, and the organizational function of organisms has been deepened and strengthened.

Obviously, as a subjective emotion, the emotional development of human beings is also a process of continuous evolution. This evolution is embodied in:

The manifestations of human emotions are constantly differentiating and increasing.

The hierarchical structure of emotion is increasingly complex but more orderly.

The behavior-driven ability of emotion has been constantly evolving and strengthened.

From Darwin’s theory of evolution, we can find that in the process of analyzing human emotions, if we apply the basic ideas of dialectical materialism and biological evolution to the emotional field together, a more scientific concept and judgment method of emotional evolution will be formed.

In this sense, the establishment of a "scientific theory of emotional evolution" by individuals is not only helpful for exploring the "logical structure" and "operational mechanism" of emotions and realizing "scientific emotional calculation and judgment", but also for the survival and quality of life of biological individuals.

In the long run, in today’s intelligent AI, scientific emotional concepts and judgment methods are also of great theoretical significance for scientists to develop emotional robots in the true sense.

We know that,Emotion is a subjective reflection of people’s value relationship. Therefore, the evolution and change of human emotion fundamentally originates from and depends on the evolution of value relationship in reality, that is, the evolution of human value relationship, which promotes the evolution of human emotion.

Objectively speaking, the development process of human value relationship is not only a slow quantitative change process, but also a changing process in which rapid qualitative change may occur. No matter from which aspect, it is a long, tortuous, natural, hierarchical and phased evolution process.

Therefore, if we look at the history of human emotion and its development from different dimensions, such as individual and society, individual and others, we will find that it is unscientific and idealistic to arbitrarily and unilaterally regard "emotion" as a unique thing of someone.

It is also mechanical and dogmatic to divide emotional simplicity into instinctive and dynamic categories. There is an inseparable relationship between emotion and social development, and between emotion and individual experience.

From reality, we can infer that the value relationship between people is in the process of continuous evolution.. Moreover, this evolutionary process can be divided into five basic stages:

Single factor value

Multi-factor value

Variable value
Diversity value

Multi-layer value

On the basis of this reality, there will be five stages of natural evolution of human emotions:

  • 1. Sexual emotion
  • 2. Rigid emotions
  • 3. Flexible emotions
  • 4. Intellectual emotion
  • 5. Rational emotion

Thus, emotion is a process of dynamic change and development, not a static process. In the development direction of emotional evolution, emotion is also manifested in the continuous differentiation and integration of emotion and individual cognition:

In the stage of sexual emotion, people’s cognition and emotion are completely confused and integrated;

In the rigid emotional stage, although people’s cognition and emotion are still in a state of confusion, they begin to show a trend of separation gradually;

In the stage of elastic emotion, people’s cognition and emotion will be further separated, and a new outline will gradually appear;

In the stage of intellectual emotion, people’s cognition and emotion begin to develop independently;

In the stage of rational emotion, people’s cognition and emotion can not only develop independently, but also integrate freely.

From the above classification, although emotion is always the subjective reflection of the human brain on the value relationship, it will continue to evolve and develop under the influence of various changes in reality, and its development and evolution direction fundamentally depends on the development direction of the value relationship in reality.

To sum up, we have described the physiological principle and dynamic evolution characteristics of emotion, and clearly understand that human emotion is not emotion, but a kind of physiological feedback and experience that changes and develops with the value relationship in reality.

In real life, many people lament that they can’t maintain a relationship, and it is easy to attribute the reason to the evolution of the other party and their own persistence, or other external reasons. In fact, emotion is an evolutionary process that constantly changes with the external environment, and it will not always stick to a certain state.

If we can establish a "scientific theory of emotional evolution", clearly know and explore the "logical structure" and "operational mechanism" of emotions, and realize "scientific emotional calculation and judgment", then we will avoid falling into daily physiological emotions and making misjudgments or misjudgments in emotions.It is no exaggeration to say that 99% of emotional problems can be solved in these ways.

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References: Alfred Adler, translated by Zhou Lang. What does life mean to you [M]. International Culture Publishing Company, 2000.

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Tied with Manchester United’s former goalkeeper Schmeichel, Edersen became the second goalkeeper to win the Premier League title five times.

Live on May 21st, after Arsenal lost this round, Manchester City won the Premier League title ahead of schedule.

This is the fifth time that Manchester City goalkeeper Edersen has won the Premier League title in his career. He also tied the former goalkeeper Schumacher of Manchester United and became the only two goalkeepers in history who can win the Premier League title five times.

(Chenpi is not orange)

In 2023, 2.3 million people participated in the first month of the National Fitness Online Games, and the exposure exceeded 1.1 billion.

On May 20th, 2023, the National Fitness Online Games was launched for one month. According to statistics, more than 30 events have been launched (including finished events), and the number of direct participants has exceeded 2.3 million. The number of completion certificates for each event has exceeded 1.7 million, and the number of special page views of the event has exceeded 270 million. The exposure of related news dissemination in the whole network has exceeded 1.1 billion. In addition, 2000+ scientific fitness guidance videos were launched on the Mi Gu video platform.

One month after the launch of the national fitness online sports meeting, the number of participants, the amount of certificates issued and the media exposure of the event have increased significantly compared with the same period of last year, giving full play to the unique advantages of the Internet in promoting national fitness. Judging from the growth trend of the number of online events and the number of participants, the 2023 National Fitness Online Games will serve the grassroots fitness people more vertically and accurately, and further lower the technical threshold for people to participate in national fitness through innovative online participation. By introducing ice and snow events to cover the whole sports scene, this event is expected to achieve the goals of "participation of all ages" and new breakthroughs in the number of participants.

Highlights of the event: millions of employees of State Grid walked on foot, and 49 local football associations participated in the national football challenge.

As of May 20th, the 2023 National Fitness Online Games has been launched (including finished games) in more than 30 events, with more than 2.3 million participants. According to the sports, it is divided into five categories: cycling events, walking events, chess games, ball games and exhibition events, which basically cover the daily needs of the masses for sports and fitness scenes.

Among the running events, the China -2023 National Fitness Online Games, the "Walking the Grand Canal" National Fitness Walking, the 2023 Beijing Citizen Online Running Activity, the 2023 Vanke National City Music Running Competition, the healthy running for youth, the third "Iron Man China" online challenge and other events have aroused extensive participation of the masses, with a total number of participants exceeding 1.68 million, which is the sports event with the largest overall participation at present. In particular, a total of 1,003,400 employees of the World Wide Web participated in the online walking activity of "Learning 20 Striving New Journey" held by State Grid Platform S365 in 2023.

In the ball games, the National Football Challenge launched by China Football Association was officially launched on May 15th, and gained wide attention and participation. The preparatory work of China Football Association was earnest and solid, and special notices were issued to all member units in the country to encourage local football associations to participate. At present, 49 local football associations in China are actively organizing events, and the China Football Association also launched the AFC Grassroots Football Day-National Football Challenge event offline.

Highlights of communication: It was unanimously praised by all media, and Weibo’s topic reading broke 200 million.

The 2023 National Fitness Online Games has been highly concerned and widely praised by the media and the masses since its launch. As of May 20th, the exposure of the whole network media of the event has exceeded 1.1 billion. The central media, Internet portals, sports industry media, local newspapers and magazines, self-media and other media have all given continuous follow-up reports on the event activities, thus helping the event to achieve a comprehensive, vertical and three-dimensional full coverage communication.

After the 2023 National Fitness Online Games was launched on April 20th, dozens of central media, such as People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency and CCTV, intensively reported the launching ceremony of the online games, and southern window and other media made in-depth original reports on the games. Interactive videos of badminton Olympic champion Chen Long, freestyle skiing winter Olympic champion Xu Mengtao, swimming Olympic champion Wang Shun, rhythmic gymnastics champion Dani and other athletes were launched on major short video platforms for the first time.

After the events of the 2023 National Fitness Games were launched one after another, the Sports Center of the General Administration of Sport, national individual sports associations, provincial and municipal sports bureaus, local sports associations, national college sports colleges, social instructors of various provinces and cities, and cooperation platforms of various events all carried out diversified fission communication in combination with their own actual conditions, thus making the 2023 National Fitness Online Games go deep into grassroots organizations and people such as grassroots communities, universities and grassroots associations.

Social media platforms represented by Weibo, Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker have successfully helped the online national fitness games in 2023 to achieve accurate and vertical interactive communication. Taking Weibo as an example, the reading volume of related topics in Weibo has exceeded 200 million, including 91.27 million in #2023 National Fitness Online Games, 94.063 million in # Athlete Imitation Show and 24.45 million in # Outdoor Stadium Season. In addition, Weibo jointly promoted the topic # Fashion # with a reading volume of 1.51 billion and # Hello Mayday # with a reading volume of 660 million. On May 13-14, 2023, the National Fitness Online Games ranked among the recommended resources in Weibo, and on May 16, it was recommended by Weibo, which achieved the effect of circle-breaking communication.

In 2023, the National Track and Field Grand Prix (Zhaoqing Station) closed, and Heilongjiang won 1 silver and 2 bronze.

On April 23rd, 2023, the "Fipley Cup" National Track and Field Grand Prix (the first stop) came to an end in Zhaoqing Sports Center, Guangdong Province. After three days of competition, Heilongjiang athletes won 1 silver and 2 bronze. Among them, Chen Boxue won the silver medal in men’s hammer throw; Zuo Siyu won the bronze medal in women’s 200m; Tao Xue won the bronze medal in the women’s 400-meter hurdles.

Chen boxue

Zuo Siyu

Xue Tao

As the first national outdoor track and field competition this season, this grand prix attracted 777 athletes from 30 national teams. Heilongjiang Iron Man Team sent a total of 30 athletes, male and female, to participate in the competition. Gao Xinglong, Li Jialun and Rona, famous athletes, prepared for training with the national team and did not participate in the competition.

From April 26th to 28th, the second stop of the 2023 National Track and Field Grand Prix will be moved to Kuishan Sports Center in Rizhao City, Shandong Province. At that time, there will be 637 athletes from 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government competing fiercely in 6 units and 47 events. Li Jialun, the high jumper of Heilongjiang Ironman Team, and Rona, the hammer thrower, will participate in this competition.