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Shandong International Trade and Investment Innovation Case Exhibition and Exchange Meeting Held in Jinan

Reporter Ren Leilei
On December 19th, the "Exhibition and Exchange Meeting of International Trade and Investment Innovation Cases in Shandong Province in 2023" was held in Jinan, sponsored by Shandong Provincial Committee of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Popular Newspaper Group and undertaken by Qilu Yidian. The purpose of the conference is to discover and promote a number of replicable and referential international trade and investment innovation cases, sum up experience, build consensus, help enterprises to explore and innovate, strengthen their confidence, and jointly discover, cultivate and store business opportunities.
At present, the world’s century-old changes are accelerating, economic globalization is facing a countercurrent, international trade and investment are under pressure in both directions, and the global innovation map and economic structure are being profoundly adjusted. Enterprises in our province face difficulties, dare to try, keep innovation, forge ahead, and try their best to grab orders, expand markets and stabilize exports. From January to October this year, the total import and export volume of the province increased by 2.8% year-on-year, exports increased by 2.4%, and imports increased by 3.4%.
Meng Xiangdong, Party Secretary and President of Shandong CCPIT, delivered a speech.
Meng Xiangdong, Party Secretary and President of Shandong CCPIT, said that standing at a new historical starting point and shouldering new historical tasks, the CCPIT will base itself on its functional orientation, connect government and enterprises, integrate inside and outside, smooth supply and demand, continue to work hand in hand with the industrial and commercial circles, focus on the two major tasks of "weaving the enterprise network and expanding the circle of international friends", and strive to become the first choice for overseas industrial and commercial circles to enter Shandong and the first channel for Shandong industrial and commercial circles to "go global".
Speech by Bi Sidong, Party Secretary, Chairman and President of Popular Newspaper Group
Bi Sidong, Party Secretary, Chairman and President of Popular Newspaper Group, reviewed the founding history of Qilu Evening News, and said that Popular Newspaper Group will focus on its main business, aim at building a platform with national influence commensurate with the status of Shandong Province, and drive the group’s new round of reform and innovation with scientific and technological innovation, so as to accelerate the reshaping of the influence of party media in the all-media era. Constantly strengthen reform and innovation, constantly strengthen the strength of the media, and create a good public opinion atmosphere for Shandong’s economic and social development.
Wu Changqi, Professor of Shandong University and Dean of School of Management, delivered a keynote speech.
At the meeting, Wu Changqi, Professor of Shandong University, Dean of School of Management and Executive Deputy Director of Peking University Institute of International Management, gave a keynote speech entitled "Internationalization Development Strategy of China Enterprises in a Multipolar World". He profoundly expounded the challenge of "distance cage" faced by China enterprises to go global from the aspects of cultural distance, institutional distance, geographical distance and economic distance, and put forward his own suggestions on the internationalization development strategy of China enterprises.
It is reported that this year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of Shandong CCPIT. On December 19th, 1978, the provincial party committee and government approved the establishment of Shandong Council for the Promotion of International Trade in Qingdao. Over the past 45 years, the Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade has worked hand in hand with enterprises, actively seized the opportunity of economic globalization, effectively responded to the impact of the international financial crisis, and jointly wrote and witnessed one innovation case after another and business legends in the history of opening up in our province.
Representatives from four enterprises, including Lushang Group Freda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shandong National Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd., Jinan Pate Machinery Co., Ltd. and Shandong Longteng Wood Industry Co., Ltd., shared innovative cases of international trade and investment.
At the meeting, 16 innovative cases of international trade and investment in the province were released. These innovative cases were recommended by the Council for the Promotion of International Trade in 16 cities in Shandong Province and collected by Qilu Yidian. After initial evaluation, re-evaluation, comprehensive expert evaluation opinions and online popularity voting, they were produced. Innovative cases cover traditional manufacturing, high-tech fields, service industries, investment institutions and other fields, and have made progress in international trade and investment innovation, which has a leading role in demonstration.

Funny jokes: 10 jokes

1. Master puzzle master, do you never drink? "sin, sin. ""Don’t you drink before you become a monk? " "sin, sin." "I don’t understand this. How can it be a sin to drink before becoming a monk?" "You pig with no understanding at all, how many times have I said" drunk "!"

2. hilarious joke: eating jiaozi in the dumpling shop, the boss’s soup is delicious, holding a bowl and holding another bowl, stirring it in the soup pot with a spoon, suddenly seeing a turtle inside, smiling at the boss’s wife and saying, "Boss, no wonder your soup is so delicious, it’s enough!" The proprietress came and took a look, and her face changed. She looked up at the upstairs and shouted, "Smelly boy, the bathroom door is not closed again, and your turtle has fallen into the soup pot!" "

3. Husband and wife were shopping when suddenly the wife said, "A beautiful woman just gave you a look." The husband said, "She’s not in love with me, is she?" The wife said, "Love yourself! Probably people think that you are like the worker who cleaned the range hood for her family last time. "

4. I lied to my parents about sleeping at my best friend’s house for one night and secretly climbing the mountain with my boyfriend. My mother, who had just arrived at the top of the mountain in the morning, called. I deliberately said sleepily, "What’s wrong with mom? I haven’t woken up yet!" " Mom roared: "You sleepwalked for more than 20,000 steps, and you dare to tell me that you didn’t wake up?"

On Saturday afternoon, I took my five-year-old daughter Mei Mei for a walk in the park. Not far away, a fashionable and beautiful girl is holding a beautiful pet dog. Mei Mei ran over and danced to tease the puppy, praising the puppy for its beauty! The pretty girl looked at Mei Mei and proudly said to the puppy, "Good baby, did you hear that? Miss Sister praises you for your beauty! " I was very angry when I heard the pretty girl talk like this, so I took Mei Mei and turned to leave. When the pretty girl saw it, she quickly said to the puppy, "Will you be angry if my sister ignores you?" I was about to get angry, but my daughter Meimei asked the pretty girl leisurely, "Sister, you are beautiful, and this puppy is beautiful, too. It must have been born to you, right?"

6. When I was in junior high school, the landlord was very rebellious. Once, because of the teacher’s complaint, I was beaten by my mother when I came home from school. At that time, my brain was caught in the door and I knocked down my mother’s adult. Then she sat on the ground and cried silently, which made my heart cry. The landlord knelt down and apologized. I’m sorry I won’t fight back again! Mom gave me a look and asked, Really? I gave a sincere thank you, and she stood up slowly, walked to the balcony and took out a pole. . .

7. In my sophomore year, I made a female friend and took her home to meet my mother. Since then, my mother has ordered me to change my clothes, shoes, socks and even bags into NIKE. It was not until graduation that I broke up with my girlfriend because of different places that my mother was relieved to allow me to have other choices in brand. I asked my mother why. Mom smiled and said something that I still don’t understand: sons are the pride of mom! Your girlfriend is as beautiful as a star, and I don’t want anything to happen to you …

8. When I was at school, the school suddenly launched an anonymous grading assessment for the class teacher, just to say that I can counterattack. As a result, after class, I was called to lecture and said that I didn’t respect the teacher behind my back. It was all anonymous, so how did I know that I voted for 59 points? With a blink of an eye, I went, and the whole class evaluated 100 points. I was very polite to bring my name, and I was the only one who was anonymous.

9. Women usually call sanitary napkins bread. Once my period came early, I went to borrow them from my female colleagues. I didn’t bring them around, so I had to ask a woman who was not very familiar. I sat next to her and whispered, Do you have any bread? She stood up directly, opened the drawer and replied loudly, I have no bread, but I have cookies. Do you want to eat them? Take them all! I’m messy ~

10. The son said: You haven’t given me lucky money yet! I said ask your mother for it. The economy is in crisis this year. Then show him my wallet. My son looked at me piteously, pulled out a red envelope and stuffed it into me and said, Dad, it doesn’t matter, I’ll give you lucky money this year!

Video | 2023 "the belt and road initiative" China-Europe Basketball Champions Cup won the championship at the Serbian Zlatibor Club in Chongqing.


In this game, the confrontation between the two sides is very fierce. Hualong. com reporter Chen Yi photo

Hualong. com (Wang Xurui) At 19: 30 on September 17th, the 2023 "the belt and road initiative" China-Europe Basketball Champions Cup was held in Yubei District Gymnasium of Chongqing, and Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Rent Club beat Serbian Mettala Basketball Club 86-74.

In the first half of the campaign, Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Rent got a hot start, with a wave of 13-4 to stop the opponent, but the opponent’s tactics were adjusted in time, and the hit rate rose sharply. After half-time, Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Rent fell behind Mettala by 38-46.

The scene of the game. Hualong. com reporter Chen Yi photo

In the second half of the game, Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Rent quickly entered the state again, playing a wave of offensive climax to overtake the score, and then the two sides played back and forth, and they did not open the difference. Until the last moment of the last quarter, Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Rent relied on the successive goals of Lu Wenbo and Wang Yibo to pull the difference to 10 points and finally won.

Serbian Zlatibor Basketball Club won the championship. Hualong. com reporter Chen Yi photo

The China-Europe Basketball Champions Cup is jointly sponsored by Chongqing Sports Bureau and Yubei District People’s Government, and the competition adopts the points system. After three days of fierce competition, Serbian Zlatibor Basketball Club won the championship, Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Rent Club won the second place, Shanghai Jiushi Shark Club won the third place, and Serbian Mettala Basketball Club won the fourth place. Wu Qian, a player from Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Rent Club, was named the most valuable player in this tournament.

Enthusiastic Chongqing audience. Hualong. com reporter Chen Yi photo

It is worth mentioning that this is also a showdown between China and Serbian men’s basketball after the World Cup. The list of participating players includes powerful players such as Wu Qian, Wang Yibo, Guo Haowen, Li Tianrong, Luo Hanchen and Ren Junwei.

"This China-Europe Basketball Champions Cup is an intercontinental club cup held in China, which provides CBA teams with an opportunity for intercontinental confrontation and a head-on collision between CBA high-level clubs and European basketball clubs." The relevant person in charge of the organizer said that the purpose of this competition is to improve the competitive level of professional basketball in China and Europe, help China’s professional basketball go abroad, and also devote itself to promoting the exchanges and cooperation between China and Europe’s basketball industry for a long time.

Brief introduction of the participating teams:

1. Shanghai Jiushi Shark Club

In the 2001-02 CBA championship, he once trained many national players such as Zhang Wenqi, Wei Liu, Wang Ligang, Peng Fei and Zhang Zhaoxu, and Yao Ming played for him for many seasons in his early career.

2. Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Rent Club

In the CBA regular season of 2022-23, he ranked first in the regular season with a record of 35 wins and 7 losses, and successfully broke through many difficulties in the playoffs and reached the finals.

3. Serbian Zlatibor Basketball Club.

He won the championship of Serbian Basketball League (KLS) and the first honor of Adriatic League (ABA) season.

3. Serbian Mettala Basketball Club.

The team has a long history. Founded in 1948, it has repeatedly entered the top four in the country. Many players in the team have been selected for the Serbian national training team, the U20 national team and the college students’ national team.


Refuse to renew the contract, goodbye 76 ers! The only winner of Harden’s departure from the team, Beard, brought you attention.

It is getting closer and closer to the team training camp in the new season. It seems that there is no perfect solution to the farce between Harden and the 76ers, and the Clippers have already thought that the transaction is unlikely to happen. In this case, the subsequent development of Harden and the 76ers will definitely get widespread attention, because in the new labor agreement, if Harden refuses to attend the training camp of the 76ers on the premise of health, then the 76ers will have the right to stop Harden after his contract expires. How far the contradiction between Harden and the 76ers will develop is the focus of everyone’s attention. Refuse to renew the contract, goodbye to the 76ers. Harden joined you and you are the biggest beneficiary when Harden left the team.
Harden and the 76ers are on the verge of parting ways. Even if there is no deal, even if Harden compromises and returns to the 76ers, people believe that he will only fight for himself and will not sacrifice for the team. Even many people hope that Harden can play alone. In short, the possibility of good cooperation between Harden and the 76ers is slim. It is only a matter of time before Harden leaves the 76ers. In this way, 76ers defender Thales Maxi is considered to be the biggest winner, and he may become the core defender of 76ers from next season. If Embiid leaves Philadelphia because the 76ers are gradually away from the championship, Maxi will become the core boss, and his data is also considered to be rising.
In an interview, Lu Hanlun, Maxi’s trainer, was very much looking forward to Maxi’s future. When talking about Maxi’s expectations for next season, Hanlun said: "If Torres (Maxi) can’t score 25 points per game, I will really feel very disappointed." Indeed, no matter from what point of view, Maxi’s continuous progress, at least the data continues to improve, is a matter of course. As Maxi’s trainer, Hanlun clearly knows what Maxi has experienced in this offseason, how hard he has trained, and what kind of state he has shown during training. From this perspective, Hanlun thinks Maxi is stronger than before, which is easy to understand.
From the perspective of the team’s role, Maxi will also benefit from the Harden incident. Previously, although Maxi was also one of the cores of the 76ers’ outside attack, he was only the third core besides Embiid and Harden. The ball rights of the 76ers are concentrated in the hands of the two big brothers, and Maxi plays the role of a ball-free terminator. As Harden drifted away from the 76ers, Niknas (the new coach of the 76ers) needed another ball-holding core, which naturally fell on Maxi. It is easy to predict that Maxi’s strength will increase after hard training and his role in the team will continue to rise in data.
In the past season, Maxi averaged 20.3 points, 2.9 rebounds and 3.5 assists, and his shooting percentage and three-point shooting percentage reached 48.1% and 43.4% respectively, but his playing time was limited to 33 minutes, so the data was also limited. Next season, Maxi’s playing time will definitely increase, and his scenes will also increase. Once Harden leaves, he will become the core of the 76ers. If Embiid also applies for a deal, Maxi will become the core boss of this 76ers. It can be said that Maxi is the biggest winner in Harden’s farce of leaving the team.
Maxi is in a very good position, and he is expected to produce more outstanding data, which is also what people don’t understand about the management of the 76 ers. After the end of the season, Maxi, who is about to enter the last year of his rookie contract, has the right to renew his contract with the 76ers in advance, but the 76ers refuse to renew their contract with Maxi in this offseason. They will continue to examine Maxi’s performance next season and then decide what kind of contract to offer him. In fact, it is wise for the 76ers to give Maxi an early contract renewal. At least they should get in touch with Maxi and exchange ideas and opinions. If you stay and renew your contract after the end of next season, the 76 ers will probably only be given a top salary.
On the other hand, Maxi can be in this situation now. He still wants to thank Harden, who was selected as the 21st pick in the 20th first round. Although Maxi had already scored 17 points per game before Harden joined the 76ers, it must be admitted that Maxi only came into the public’s sight after the former MVP came to the 76ers, and was well known by fans. Without Harden’s joining, many people might not know Maxi. Whether Harden joined or left, Maxi benefited from it.

After James retires, who will be the next face of the NBA?

After the opening of the 2023-24 season, it will also be James’ 21st season in the NBA, and James is about to celebrate his 39th birthday, which is a step closer to James’ retirement. The topic of retirement has to be put on the agenda. Who will be the next face figure in the NBA after James’ retirement?

Although James was still able to score 28.9 points, 8.3 rebounds and 6.8 assists last season, it was obvious from last season that James was completely unable to compare physically with a few years ago, and the offensive end was still excellent in the regular season, but it has become the norm for the defensive end to leak people, and there are often situations in which the defense is not active, which is completely impossible in previous years. After entering the playoffs, James defended actively, but because the defensive end consumed a lot of physical strength, the offensive end obviously declined. People have to feel that time makes people old, and James has entered the end of his career. After Lao Zhan retires, who can hold up the facade of the NBA?

1. Curry

The first person I can think of now is Curry. Curry is 35 years old, and his playing style doesn’t eat the body. Now he is still in the peak state. Curry is not only the most influential player in the era of small ball, but also his hard honor is the first person under James, with four championships, two MVPs, two scoring titles and four times, which is enough to support Curry to become a new alliance facade.

2. Durant

Durant is only 34 years old this year. Although he has suffered a serious injury, he is still in the same state after coming back. He is still the best scorer in the league. He already has two FMVPs, one MVP, four scoring titles and six hard honors. The Suns he joined are the first favourites to win the championship next season, and this former Wang also has a chance to win the facade of the league.

3, the letter brother

Brother Alphabet, who is only 28 years old this year, has surpassed many Hall of Fame players, including one FMVP, two MVPs, one best defensive player, five bouts of play and four times of one defense. Last season, he averaged 31.1 points, 11.8 rebounds and 5.7 assists. He has not even reached the real peak, and now he has the strength of the top five in the league, and the future should not be underestimated.

4. Jokic

Also at the age of 28, Jokic became the darling of the league after leading the Nuggets to win the first championship in team history last season. He had an FMVP, two MVPs, and played for three times. Last season, he averaged 24.5 points, 11.8 rebounds and 9.8 assists, almost becoming the third player in NBA history to average a triple-double on the regular court. After entering the playoffs, he was still at ease even in the face of a top inside defender like Thick Eyebrows, averaging 30 points and 10 assists in the playoffs.

Now the NBA is facing a very embarrassing thing. After James retired, it is reasonable to say that Curry and Durant took over, but Curry and Durant are not young. Not everyone is like James, and they can still maintain such terrible athletic ability at the age of 38. And the next thing that can lift the situation is the letter brother and Jokic, but both of them are international players, which is not what the league wants to see. Tatum, which the alliance strongly supports, has not yet gained anything.

Who do you think will be the first player in the league after James retires?

76 people suffered heavy losses! Badly injured or reimbursed for the season, bid farewell to the NBA!

76 people suffered heavy losses! Badly injured or reimbursed for the season, bid farewell to the NBA!

On August 3rd, Beijing time, the 76ers suffered a huge blow in the NBA playoffs. Their captain harel, while checking his knee, accidentally found a serious problem with his knee, that is, his knee. In this case, harel’s chances of next season will be greatly reduced, and he is likely to make a complete break with the NBA.

Harel got the status of a free agent in the summer. At first, they didn’t think he would return to the 76ers, but in the end, they signed a basic salary contract with the 76ers. The 76ers changed their coach, and harel wanted to try. However, no one expected that his physical condition would be so bad that it might even affect his career.

Harel had an MRI because his right leg and knee suddenly became swollen in the previous exercise, and it turned out that he had strained the anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus of his left leg. This kind of injury is still very serious, and it is estimated that it will be ruined next season. If so, the 76ers will probably lay off Li Dai, because the contracts they signed with Li Dai are all veterans. If Li Dai can’t bring them any benefits, they will also lay off Li Dai.

Harel’s situation is rare. He didn’t even realize how serious his injury was, which would probably lead to the end of his NBA career. In the 22-23 season, harel’s strength was greatly reduced, because there were not many playing opportunities. His average playing time was only 11.9 minutes, and he got 5.6 points and 2.8 rebounds, which made him lose the chance to be selected in the playoffs, so he returned to the 76ers.

Originally, I just wanted to spend the rest of the season in a daze, but after the season ended, he suffered another big injury, which made his future gloomy. After all, the recovery from this injury is a very long process. Even harel, 29, wants to reach his peak again, which is not an easy task. Moreover, there are many players in the 76ers. Reed and Bamba have signed contracts, which means that harel is likely to be traded, and then he will bid farewell to the NBA, and it is difficult to come back, because no team will attach importance to him.

Arsenal are super nervous about tuchel’s appearance in Munich.

Declan Rice (West Ham United) proved himself to be the next generation of English midfielders in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in 2022, and his performance was limitless.
After joining the West Ham senior team in the 2016-17 season, Rice steadily gained opportunities, playing more than 30 games each season and starting 34 league games in the 2018-19 season. This season, he scored 3 goals and assisted once in 35 games. If you play the remaining two games, that means you will only miss one game.
As we all know, West Ham United has set a transfer fee of at least 100 million pounds (about 166.3 billion won) for Rice, because he knows the interests of many clubs. It is a kind of confidence to recruit people if you have money.
The British online media "Inside Football" reported an interesting situation on the 18th (Korean time) citing exclusive news. "Arsenal are trying to bid 85 million pounds (141.4 billion won) for Rice," he said. Rice, who signed a contract with West Ham United until June 2024, knows very well that this summer is a good time to leave. So is West Ham. It plans to improve its competitiveness by raising the amount of 16 million pounds (about 26.6 billion won) higher than the market price.
In addition to Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Juventus, Real Madrid and other big clubs have also been the targets of rumors, and Bayern Munich, which recently appointed Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel, has also shown interest in Rice. .
Simple and clear. It is said that tuchel overestimated Rice’s ability and asked the management to bet that he must be present during the team reorganization. It means that Rice’s combat effectiveness and the ability to attack and defend are enough.
Considering that Arsenal will play in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) next season, coach mikel arteta is trying to recruit Rice. Rice lived up to her name in the first and second rounds of the Champions League semi-final against Alkmar, which set off transfer rumors.
Rice, who can choose teams, is on the rise. In this transfer market, fate seems to depend on who catches it.

Jose Mourinho saw through the hypocrisy of Serie A, the arrival of a new official announcement, which spread to Rome and Milan, and Inter Milan changed coaches to speed up.

As the "traffic manager" of Serie A, Mourinho’s every move always attracts media coverage. After leading the team to win the 29th Serie A match, Rome ranked third in the standings. When the Portuguese coach was asked about his feelings, he said bluntly: To be exact, Rome ranked fourth, after all, Juventus actually accumulated 59 points. At that time, people thought that "madman" had become modest, but now people know his implication!

You know, before the start of the 31st round, Serie A officials announced the restoration of Juventus’ deducted 15 points, while allegri’s team did rank third in the standings and Rome was fourth! As for Juventus’ resumption of deducted points, Mourinho also revealed more, saying that this kind of thing can’t be taken seriously, and even more bluntly, Serie A actually returned the points of the "Bianconeri" in January, just delaying the official announcement!

Starting with Mourinho’s words, we can understand the hypocrisy of Serie A. After all, it is Serie A that wants to thoroughly investigate financial fraud, and it is also Serie A that wants to severely punish financial fraud teams. After Juventus was deducted 15 points, Serie A even reported that it would continue to deduct the "Bianconeri" points and not rule out the possibility of kicking the team out of Serie A. Now it seems that everything is more like taking part in accidental amusement!

In fact, during the deduction of points from Juventus, an interesting thing happened, that is, the Naples Fans Association and the Italian Association for the Protection of Environment and Consumer Rights applied to deprive Juventus of its achievements in three seasons from 2018 to 2021. Among them, because the "Bianconeri" won the Serie A championship in 2018-2019, the relevant parties thought that the trophy should be given to Naples, the second place at that time.

However, it is obvious that Serie A can return Juventus points, and naturally it will not listen to the suggestions of fan associations and other organizations and further make things difficult for the "Bianconeri"! Of course, at present, people including Agnelli are still grounded, and the appeals of a number of people are rejected, which seems to be the last stubbornness of Serie A!

On the other hand, Juventus’ recovery of points has had an impact on the pattern of Serie A’s competition for the fourth place. Before the start of the 31st round, the difference between them and Lazio, which ranked second, was only 2 points, and it is entirely possible to place them in the second place before the end of the season! However, the rankings of Rome, AC Milan and Inter Milan declined, with Rome ranked fourth and Milan ranked fifth and sixth respectively.

Judging from the competitive state, it remains to be seen whether the Milan duo can grab the top four in Serie A and then qualify for the Champions League next season, which also means that the change of coach of the "Nerazzurri" is on the agenda! According to Matteo Barzaghi, a reporter from Inter Milan, if you can’t win the top four in Serie A and qualify for the Champions League next season, then Inzaghi will leave the team and the player’s contract renewal will be suspended!

Indeed, the Champions League has become a major factor in Inter Milan’s continued life. So far this season, Zhang Kangyang has won more than 80 million euros in prize money through the Champions League competition, which means that he doesn’t need to sell key personnel during the summer transfer window, and if he can finally win the championship, the team will still have 20 million euros in prize money. Obviously, it is very necessary for Inter Milan to play in the Champions League. If it can’t be done, then Inzaghi’s class will not be regrettable!

The registration of the Society Competition 2008 2023 Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Innovation Competition was officially launched.

The registration channel for the 2023 Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Innovation Competition was officially opened! The contest was co-sponsored by China Artificial Intelligence Society and Yuhang District People’s Government of Hangzhou, undertaken by Zhejiang Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City (Haichuang Park) Management Committee, and co-organized by Beijing Iron Man Technology Co., Ltd. Based on an international perspective, the competition will focus on cutting-edge technology and application innovation, promote academic exchanges, personnel training, technological development and cross-border application and integration in the field of artificial intelligence, and build a talent exchange platform and industrial ecosystem for artificial intelligence.

Algorithm challenge

Track 1: imaging NLP-medical imaging diagnosis report generation

Track 2: Giga Rendering-A New Perspective Rendering Based on a Billion Pixel Sparse Image

Hardware challenge

Track 1: Service Robot Competition for the Elderly

Track 2: Deep Learning Smart Car Competition

Track 3: unmanned competition

Algorithm challenge

Track 1: It is divided into four stages: registration-team formation, preliminary, semi-final and final.

Sign up & Team up (March 10th–April 20th)

The opening time of the registration system is 10:00 Beijing time on March 10th, 2023, and the deadline is 12:00 noon on April 20th, 2023.

Preliminaries (March 21st–April 21st)

Rematch (April 28th–May 19th)

Final (June 9)

Track 2: It is divided into three stages: registration-team formation, online competition and final competition.

Sign up & Team up (March 10th–May 4th)

The opening time of the registration system is 10:00 Beijing time on March 10th, 2023, and the deadline is 17:00 Beijing time on May 4th, 2023.

Online Competition (March 10th–May 10th)

Final (June 9)

Hardware challenge

Registration & Team Building (March 10th-May 20th, 2023)

Final (June 6-June 9, 2023)

Competition official website: https://gaiic.caai.cn/

Algorithm challenge

Event e-mail:

Track 1 data@tsinghua.edu.cn

Track 2 challenge@gigavision.cn

QQ group for event exchange (choose one):

Track 1 566353409/75834321

Hardware challenge

Event Email: bd@artrobot.com

Event exchange QQ group:

Track 1 558080765

Track 2 558719690

Track 3 480558608

04 tournament award

Algorithm challenge

The total prize money of the competition is 850,000-920,000 RMB, and all prizes are pre-tax.

Hardware challenge

The total prize money of the competition is 400,000 RMB, and all prizes are pre-tax.

Champion: 20,000 yuan/team, and the instructor 10,000 yuan/team.

Runner-up: 15,000 yuan/team and 8,000 yuan/team for the instructor.

Third runner-up: 10,000 yuan/team, and the instructor is 5,000 yuan/team.

First prize: 3,000 yuan for each team and 2,000 yuan for each instructor, a total of 5 teams.

Second prize: 2000 yuan per team, a total of 10 teams.

Third prize: 1000 yuan for each team, a total of 15 teams.

* The above is the award setting of a single event, and there are three events in the hardware event.

Other awards:

Creative Award: 4,000 yuan/team, totally 4 teams.

05 media cooperation