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Song Dandan’s "Peach Blossom House" famous scene, suffocating paternalistic authority was scolded for hot search.

After "Fifty Kilometers of Peach Blossom House" was broadcast in the first season, the awkward social interaction between Song Dandan and young people triggered a heated discussion. Since the second season of "Fifty Kilometers of Peach Blossom House" was broadcast, Eric Wang has become the only guest who has been shut out by Song Dandan. The life scene with the nature of the workplace has been constantly enlarged under the lens, and the misplaced intervention of the concept of the order of the young and the old has finally staged a situation of "countless minutes of embarrassment" led by Song Dandan. The high-density stalk-making ability and variety scenes in Taohuawu are even compared to the replica of Flowers and Teenagers 2, which will once again push Song Dandan, as the focus figure, to the forefront.

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"Nine Minutes of Awkwardness in Peach Blossom House" was pushed to the hot search, and Song Dandan became the storm point of this embarrassing incident.

To put it simply, the second season of "Fifty Kilometers of Peach Blossom House" was initially made like a meeting for newcomers to the workplace. This season’s program not only involves performance appraisal, but even "democratic voting" to send the guests with the lowest contribution value to the uninhabited island.

The life scene with the nature of the workplace has been constantly enlarged under the lens, and the misplaced intervention of the concept of the order of the young and the old has finally staged a situation of "countless minutes of embarrassment" led by Song Dandan.

The high-density stalk-making ability and variety scenes in Taohuawu are even compared to the replica of Flowers and Teenagers 2, which will once again push Song Dandan, as the focus figure, to the forefront.

△ Image content: Song Dandan forces everyone to dance in groups.

Song Dandan’s condescending speech with elders’ color was criticized for "selling the old by leaning on the old", including the bonfire party arranged by force in the program and the social terrorism activities from women’s group dance to group dance, but there were also criticisms on the understanding of the intergenerational gap between Song Dandan and young people, the recognition of efficient communication, and the push-pull vague speech of other guests (except Eric Wang).

△ Image source: Weibo User Comments

As early as the first season, Song Dandan’s awkward social interaction with young people triggered a heated discussion. The appearance of Eric Wang this season exposed the social problems of Song Dandan and other young guests. Eric Wang, who has received much attention and controversy because of ipartment, can be regarded as a "model" with strong personal will and self-persistence. Since the second season of "Fifty Kilometers of Peach Blossom House" was broadcast, Eric Wang has become the only guest who has been shut out by Song Dandan.

Obviously, under the social norms embedded by the concept of the order of the young and the old as the underlying logic, it is not simple for the younger generation to balance truth and confront paternalistic authority in a discourse circle full of workplace meaning, but in a collective community basically composed of young people,Paternalistic speech and subjective intimacy can not simply be attributed to the intergenerational gap.

Transferring the truth and keeping it true

The real boundary in the collective discourse circle

In the collective community,Transferring the truth becomes a kind of safety fence for self-protection.

Song Dandan’s paternalistic speech and performance-oriented program arrangement made this variety show a career test. This also means that young guests are bound to face a difficult choice: one is to disobey parents’ authority but be criticized. For example, Li Xueqin suggested that everyone should not rob the job, and Song Dandan immediately refuted and criticized it after a reasonable division of labor; The other is to transfer one’s true thoughts to conform to the group norms led by Song Dandan.

Obviously, most of the guests chose the latter. In fact,In the situation of collective expression or even collective aphasia, surrendering the truth becomes the best measure to escape the pressure. By surrendering the truth, the guests create their own security boundary.However, the security boundary shaped by individuals themselves is weak and narrow, which can’t withstand the impact and blow from the top pressure, and even further encourages the overlooking from the top.

△ Image source: Weibo User Comments

Obviously, transferring the truth is not an effective and reasonable way of collective discourse expression.In pushing and pulling, it not only intensifies the contradiction itself, but also wears away the power that really dares to refuse.In the presentation of the program, the real voice needs two factors, one is the absolute authority and the confidence given by the authority, the other is the paid warmth and collective voice without the authority.

As an old guest who has participated in the first season of the program, Song Dandan is carrying a kind of overlooking psychology of "I have more experience", and her paternalistic authority and the intervention of leadership thoughts are more reasonable to promote the attitude of "I should lead the overall situation". At the same time, it is obvious that the newcomers who just met can’t gather quickly and form a consistent resistance strategy in a short time, which also makes Song Dandan’s voice more and more intense while other guests can only listen to the arrangement.

△ Image content: Song Dandan proposed to hold a party.

It can be seen that the group norms of respecting elders and giving priority to experience in the program have become a chain that binds young guests, and the blade behind it is constantly wearing away and consuming their true selves.

On the surface, it is Song Dandan’s criticism that makes others breathless.Behind it, it profoundly reflects the helplessness of other young guests in the face of paternalistic authority and the reluctance to surrender the truth and conform to the norms.

Some netizens even commented that "if it is quiet, it will be different."

△ Image source: Weibo User Comments

Through the embarrassing nine minutes, we can see,In the collective discourse circle, the real boundary always gives way to the existing social norms or those shaped and formed by others to a certain extent.As the only Eric Wang who firmly refused Song Dandan’s arrangement, he won the applause of other guests, but others still couldn’t escape the arranged bonfire party and group dance.

What needs to be broken from transferring the truth to maintaining the truth is not only the shell of self-protection, but also the iron wall formed by existing norms.

Fuzzy intergenerational gap

True paternalistic authority

Undeniably, paternalistic authority is vividly interpreted in Song Dandan. The unspoken "I’m good for you" is vividly presented in Song Dandan’s lecture hall on marriage experience and life principles.

In the program, Song Dandan tells his own experience, which is classified as inferiority complex. namely"People’s strong inferiority complex will make you very rude inexplicably, so when someone is rude to me, I think he must be too inferior."

△ Image source: Song Dandan’s inferiority theory

It is naturally inappropriate to discuss this truth out of context, but in the collective community dominated by Song Dandan at that time, some netizens could not help but put this truth in the existing relationship, seeing it as a way for Song Dandan to establish and maintain its own authority, and even slightly smacked of PUA.

For example, "Li Xueqin was rude to me, so Li Xueqin felt inferior".

Regardless of whether the logical transformation from "inferiority leads to rudeness" to "you are rude to me, so you feel inferior" is smooth or not, such truth and expression actually contain hidden authoritarian ideas and commanding consciousness.

When forming a new collective, establishing authority is the first task of such elders. At the same time, the formation of Song Dandan’s natural leadership situation also proves that the establishment of authority is unnecessary. In the "inferiority theory" she conveyed,I am also rationalizing my psychological burden and strengthening the personality trial of "inferiority" that the younger generation needs to bear for being rude to her.

This proves that,Long-term paternalistic authority has become a habit and a matter of course, spreading around like cells integrated into capillaries.

△ Image source: Weibo User Comments

However, it is obviously inappropriate to blur such behavior with forced guidance into an intergenerational gap. Even from the idea of "for everyone’s good",Song Dandan’s self-identity and self-dedication, which obviously bears the imprint of the times, will inevitably hit a wall in the social circle dominated by the younger generation.

For example, in the part of holding a bonfire party and performing a program, the problem is not only that singing and dancing is no longer the first choice for the younger generation to break the ice, but also the oppressive feeling that Song Dandan forcefully binds others together on the grounds of "group building".The friction behind this and the audience’s anger were not that Song Dandan proposed to hold a bonfire party, but forced others to participate in it.

△ Image content: Dylan, Li Xueqin opposed the bonfire party

If surrendering the truth is the self-protection and compromise of the younger generation in the face of paternalistic authority, thenIt is Song Dandan’s responsibility to build his own authority blindly in dealing with young people.

In the collective life composed of young people, it is the correct starting point to integrate into dialogue. Equating experience with life experience, and molding one’s absolute authority on this ground is actually to further widen the intergenerational gap, and also to throw off the responsibility that one should bear in integrating into the new social rules.

It is much simpler to simply export ideas than to change behaviors. Song Dandan chose to form a collective around himself by creating authority. On the one hand, he was afraid that the patriarchal ideology in the traditional concept would be impacted and his position would be impacted. On the other hand, he was afraid that he would be difficult to integrate into the collective formed by young people.

Obviously, the generational divide cannot be a shield for paternalistic authority, and the gap that has already formed also needs to be changed by the elders.

Light produces shadows, but shadows follow light. Listening and dialogue can win the recognition of the younger generation more than instilling stories.

△ Image content: Song Dandan criticized everyone

Beyond parental authority and intergenerational conflict

Can you spy on an intimate relationship?

Song Dandan’s speech drew the audience back to "Family with Children" overnight, showing a kind of intimate relationship between mother and child/mother and daughter that she wanted to build.

Song Dandan was given an intimate perspective on the childhood filter with children at home, but after too oppressive "doting", intimate relationship became another generation term of suffocation.

In such a dialogue and exchange, the oppressive and compulsory export of the concept of elders makes the intimate relationship give way to the superficial discipline and conflict.But what is undeniable behind it is the goodwill from the perspective of self.For example, the initial intention of Song Dandan’s proposal for the party was to quickly narrow the distance between the guests, but there was a deviation in the choice of ways.

△ Image content: The initial intention of holding a party in Song Dandan

Aside from the specific realistic situation, the original intention of the elders is naturally to consider their younger generation, but the misplaced background of the times and the embedding of role identity make the original intention of the elders distorted in the process of communication.Behind it also reflects a kind of intergenerational trauma that continues in society.

Intergenerational trauma refers to the trauma that is transferred from the first generation of survivors of traumatic events to their next generation or the next generation through the mechanism of PTSD, which is manifested in excessive control or the transmission of social norms and beliefs.

When contemporary trauma becomes a microcosm of the times, elders hope to pass on their own trauma in the process of growing up, resulting in a forced discipline and output. "Fulfilling my (parents’) wishes" is a simple manifestation of intergenerational trauma.Adding what you think is right or wrong to the younger generation blindly has become a way for elders to heal their own wounds but express goodwill inappropriately.

△ Image content: Song Dandan provides marriage advice to Dong Xuan.

However, the intimate relationship without the connection of blood and kinship in the program obviously cannot quickly run into the contradictions brought about by the intergenerational gap. The expression of intimate relationship will inevitably give way to the community with interest attributes.

This also shows that when the intimate relationship with self-awareness of elders is rejected, we should reflect on whether it is in line with the public interest in the process of establishing intimate relationships. Simply put,The intimate relationship formed by Song Dandan’s self-identity collides with the newly formed public community with interest attributes, and the already misplaced and untimely intimate relationship is more prominent in the conflict of interests.

The intergenerational gap is the product of the times, which is difficult to bridge in a short time, but changing paternalistic authority can make the communication of intimate relationship more open and direct. Breaking the parental filter of "I am good for you", the true colors of the younger generation are equally colorful.

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The "Beijing Eight Articles" regulation plan is released, and the down payment ratio of the second suite is not less than 50%

  Yesterday, the city issued a notice on several measures to promote the stable and healthy development of the city’s real estate market, and put forward eight measures for real estate regulation. It is clearly pointed out that for households with one set of housing, if they apply for commercial personal housing loans to buy ordinary self-occupied housing again in order to improve their living conditions, the down payment ratio will not be less than 50% regardless of the loan record; For those who purchase non-ordinary self-occupied houses, the down payment ratio shall not be less than 70%.

  (Reporter Zhu Kaiyun) Yesterday, the general office of the municipal government forwarded the notice of the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Committee and other departments on "Several Measures for Promoting the Stable and Healthy Development of the Real Estate Market in this Municipality" and put forward eight measures for real estate regulation and control in this Municipality.

  First, we should increase the supply of residential land and rationally adjust the land supply structure. Increase the supply ratio of low-priced and medium-sized ordinary commercial housing, strictly implement the 90/70 policy, increase the just-needed supply, and take into account the improvement demand.

  Second, it is necessary to increase the supply of land for self-occupied commercial housing. Except Dongcheng, Xicheng and Shijingshan District, other districts should arrange a number of land for self-occupied commercial housing to enter the market as soon as possible during the year.

  Third, it is necessary to further improve the land transaction rules, strengthen the transaction mode of "controlling land price and limiting house price", limit the housing price in the supply link and incorporate it into the conditions of land auction and auction. Encourage real estate enterprises to own some houses as rental housing to meet the rental demand.

  The fourth is to implement differentiated housing credit policies. The down payment ratio for the first set of ordinary self-occupied housing is not less than 35%, and the down payment ratio for the first set of non-ordinary commercial housing is not less than 40%. However, except for self-occupied commercial housing, two-limit housing and other policy housing. For households with one set of housing, if they apply for commercial personal housing loans to buy ordinary self-occupied housing again in order to improve their living conditions, the down payment ratio shall be no less than 50% regardless of the loan record; For those who purchase non-ordinary self-occupied houses, the down payment ratio shall not be less than 70%.

  Fifth, the relevant municipal departments should strengthen the management of commodity housing transactions and supervise real estate development enterprises and their sales behavior. For projects with obviously high quotations, the issuance of pre-sale permits will be stopped, and existing home sales will not be filed. For projects that have gone through the pre-sale or cash sale procedures, all the houses for sale shall be made public at one time within the specified time, and the regulations of clearly marked price and one room and one price shall be strictly enforced, and the actual sales price shall not be higher than the declared price. At the same time, the above information should be clearly marked in a prominent position in the trading place.

  Sixth, it is necessary to strengthen the management of real estate brokerage institutions and their brokerage activities, and fully implement the supervision of stock housing transaction funds. Real estate brokerage institutions and real estate brokers should be entrusted to release real housing and price information, and should not occupy housing information or drive up housing prices.

  Seventh, the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee and other relevant departments should carry out joint law enforcement inspections, focusing on investigating and dealing with property hoarding’s illegal acts such as hoarding houses, driving up house prices, publishing false houses and price information, and publicly exposing them, and relevant information should be included in enterprise credit files.

  Eighth, earnestly strengthen organizational leadership. Establish a joint meeting system to strengthen the supervision of the real estate market in this Municipality, and be responsible for guiding, coordinating and promoting the supervision of the real estate market in this Municipality.


  The city deployed the real estate market inspection work during the National Day.

  (Reporter Zhu Kaiyun) Yesterday, the city held a briefing on the law enforcement inspection of the real estate market. The meeting informed the Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Municipal Development and Reform Commission about the law enforcement inspection and the current real estate market situation, and asked real estate development enterprises and real estate brokerage institutions to standardize their operations according to law, strictly prohibit property hoarding and other illegal acts, and clarify the serious consequences that enterprises should bear in violation of regulations; At the same time, the multi-departmental joint law enforcement inspection work during the National Day was further deployed.

  The meeting pointed out that the management of real estate development enterprises and their sales behavior requires that real estate development projects that require pre-sale permission or record the sale of existing homes should disclose all the sales houses at one time within the specified time. Real estate development enterprises in the sale of commercial housing projects, we must strictly enforce the price tag, one room and one price, the actual sales price shall not be higher than the declared price; All saleable houses and their prices and other related information must be clearly marked in a prominent position in the trading place, and the clearly marked price should not be turned into "oral notification", and property hoarding should not be used to delay the opening time or control the houses, so as to deliberately create a tense atmosphere for the houses; It is not allowed to mark false information or use deceptive and vague language to mislead consumers and infringe on consumers’ right to know, choose and fair trade. Real estate brokerage institutions and personnel shall engage in real estate brokerage activities in accordance with the law, and be entrusted to release real housing and price information, and shall not occupy housing information or drive up housing prices; It is strictly forbidden to engage in off-site fund-raising financial services such as down payment, self-financing, self-guarantee and the establishment of a fund pool; Real estate brokerage services shall be clearly marked, and price fraud shall not be carried out by using false or misleading contents and methods of marking.

  The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Construction and Construction Committee said that the problems in the real estate market are not only economic issues and management issues, but also people’s livelihood issues and social issues. Some chaos in the real estate market will be dealt with strictly, severely and quickly. In the next step, the Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development will continue to strengthen law enforcement and investigation, strengthen joint supervision and comprehensive management with the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Municipal Bureau of Land Planning and other departments, and severely crack down on property hoarding, bid up housing prices, seize housing, publish false housing information and other illegal acts. Citizens can report violations of laws and regulations in the real estate market transaction process.


  Provident fund loans will cancel the guarantee service fee from now on.

  (Reporter Zhu Kaiyun) In the future, Beijing Provident Fund loans will no longer charge guarantee service fees; Buying a second-hand housing provident fund loan, in addition to no longer paying the guarantee service fee, the loan evaluation fee has also been greatly reduced. Beijing Housing Provident Fund Management Center released the policy of benefiting the people yesterday. From today, the depositor does not need to pay the guarantee service fee when applying for provident fund loans, and the maximum charge standard of second-hand housing evaluation fee has been lowered from 1,500 yuan/piece to 600 yuan/piece.

  The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Housing Provident Fund Management Center said that the launch of the New Deal in Beijing is to further benefit people’s livelihood and better serve housing provident fund depositors.

  Experts said that in the past, under normal circumstances, the common guarantee methods of provident fund loans were joint liability guarantee and mortgage guarantee of Beijing Housing Loan Guarantee Center. Among them, the guarantee of the guarantee center involves the guarantee service fee, and the charging standard is three thousandths of the loan amount, and the minimum charge is 300 yuan. The appraisal fee for second-hand houses is charged according to three thousandths of the appraisal value, with the lowest charge of 300 yuan and the highest charge of 1,500 yuan.

  The person in charge of the provident fund center said that according to the "Regulations on the Management of Housing Provident Fund": "Applicants who apply for housing provident fund loans shall provide guarantees." In the future, when a depositor applies for a personal loan of housing provident fund, the Beijing Housing Loan Guarantee Center can provide the depositor with a phased guarantee before the pre-mortgage registration (or mortgage registration) of the purchased house, and the depositor does not need to pay the guarantee service fee. This means that employees who apply for provident fund loans will be exempted from the guarantee service fee ranging from several hundred yuan to thousands of yuan.

  In addition, the Provident Fund Center also introduced an evaluation competition mechanism, and selected six first-class real estate appraisal agencies, including Beijing Guosheng Real Estate Appraisal Co., Ltd. and Beijing Huayuan Longtai Real Estate and Land Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd., to provide better, more convenient and efficient services for paid employees.

  The Provident Fund Center said that the adjustment of loan-related fees is based on the date of acceptance, that is to say, the depositor will no longer pay the guarantee service fee for the newly accepted loans from today, and the highest charging standard for the second-hand housing appraisal fee will be lowered to 600 yuan/piece.

Increment of inclusive finance’s service to rural revitalization and expansion

  Inclusive finance is an important force for rural revitalization. Since the beginning of this year, financial institutions have made active efforts in inclusive finance, drawing fresh water from finance to irrigate all kinds of agriculture-related entities, especially to solve the problem that financing is difficult and expensive for small and micro-agricultural entities. How to get through inclusive finance’s blocking points in agriculture-related fields? How to improve the service coverage of inclusive finance? Next, we need to continue to deepen the writing of inclusive finance.

  Building a Multi-service System

  Inclusive finance has made great progress since it was put forward. The inclusive finance concept has not only been deeply rooted in people’s hearts, but also established a multi-level supply and service system. From the perspective of agriculture-related financial services, various financial institutions actively promote rural revitalization, focus on the field of financial services, actively rationalize the mechanism, expand the scope and improve the quality, and accurately irrigate the living water of finance into the fields.

  Recently, the State Council issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting High-quality Development in inclusive finance", which pointed out the direction for the implementation of inclusive finance. The "Implementation Opinions" proposes to guide all types of banking institutions to adhere to positioning and healthy competition. Promote all kinds of banking institutions to establish and improve a long-term mechanism that dares to lend, is willing to lend, can lend and will lend. Experts said that banking institutions should not rush into the field of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers". Different banks should develop characteristic financial products based on the characteristics of their own customer groups and serve the field of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" step by step.

  From a macro point of view, financial institutions are accelerating the construction of inclusive finance, and the path and road map of inclusive finance’s service to agriculture, countryside and farmers have become clearer. For example, large and medium-sized banks set up inclusive finance business department to extend the service scope of inclusive finance by establishing franchise mechanisms such as separate credit plans; Local corporate banks combine their own positioning, strengthen inclusive finance’s strategic orientation, and use their popularity and geographical advantages to serve small and micro, "three rural" customers; Policy banks will cooperate in lending business in key areas in inclusive finance.

  Ye Yindan, a researcher at China Bank Research Institute, said that it is of great significance to emphasize the construction of multi-level financial services when serving rural revitalization. Constructing multi-level financial services can meet the financing needs of small and micro enterprises and farmers in rural areas. Traditional financial institutions have high approval standards for loans to small and micro enterprises and farmers, and it is difficult to meet their financing needs. The construction of multi-level financial services can introduce more non-bank financial institutions and social capital to participate in rural financial services, provide more flexible and convenient loan channels, help small and micro enterprises and farmers solve capital problems and promote their development and growth.

  With the deepening of inclusive finance, the coverage of financial services has gradually expanded, especially the basic financial services in counties and rural areas have developed rapidly. At present, 97.9% of the country’s banking institutions cover villages and towns, basically realizing that villages and towns have institutions, every village has services and every family has an account. At the end of the third quarter of 2023, the balance of agricultural loans in local and foreign currencies was 55.8 trillion yuan, up 15.1% year-on-year, and the growth rate was 1.1 percentage points higher than that at the end of last year. In the first three quarters, it increased by 6.63 trillion yuan, an increase of 1.17 trillion yuan.

  The continuous growth of agriculture-related loans is the concrete embodiment of "agriculture, countryside and farmers" of precision drip irrigation in inclusive finance. The relevant person in charge of the State Financial Supervision and Administration said that comprehensively promoting rural revitalization is an important task of building an agricultural power in the new era, and more financial resources should be allocated to the fields of agriculture, rural areas and farmers to better meet their diversified and multi-level financial needs.

  Guarantee investment in key areas

  Since the beginning of this year, banking institutions have focused on farmland construction, rural characteristic industries and other key areas, strengthened services in inclusive finance, increased sustained investment in agriculture, and achieved remarkable results in rural revitalization.

  Inclusive finance should strengthen the foundation of farmland construction for rural revitalization. This year, the Guiding Opinions on Financial Support for Promoting Rural Revitalization in an All-round Way and Accelerating the Construction of an Agricultural Power issued by the People’s Bank of China and the State Financial Supervision Administration clearly stated that in accordance with the requirement of gradually building all permanent basic farmland into high-standard farmland, we should focus on key areas such as soil improvement and farmland irrigation and drainage facilities, give differentiated policy inclinations in the subject of loans, repayment methods and loan term, and explore and promote comprehensive improvement in the whole region to help build, transform and upgrade high-standard farmland.

  "inclusive finance can play an important role in promoting the construction of high-standard farmland." Ye Yindan said that the construction of high-standard farmland needs a lot of capital investment, including investment in land consolidation, water conservancy facilities and agricultural machinery. However, due to the lack of funds for farmers and grass-roots village collectives, it is difficult to bear high investment costs. At this time, institutions in inclusive finance can provide financial support for its high-standard farmland construction by providing loans and credit guarantees, so as to alleviate the pressure of capital investment.

  In addition, it is also the focus of inclusive finance’s efforts to help rural characteristic industries with credit, and financial institutions should increase the financing of characteristic industries. "With this working capital, the Hakka smoked chicken factory in the village will be able to produce at full capacity." Li Zhenqiu, head of Tianbei Village Stock Economic Cooperative in Dajishan Town, quannan county City, Jiangxi Province, said that at the end of each year, the local Hakka smoked chicken sales increased substantially. In the past, due to the lack of working capital, the village collective cooperatives had problems such as falling behind in production capacity and losing customers. In order to broaden the financing channels of characteristic industries, quannan county United Rural Commercial Bank launched the appointment of "financial village officials" to inject financial living water into agriculture-related industries such as agricultural enterprises, cooperatives and large-scale farmers. From January to October this year, the "financial village official" model issued a total of 2.683 billion yuan of agricultural loans, benefiting 9664 farmers.

  "Characteristic industry is an important sector to realize rural revitalization, and it is the key to increase farmers’ income and stabilize agricultural development. There are weak links in its development that need effective support from inclusive finance services." Wu Dan, a researcher at China Banking Research Institute, said that the bank’s inclusive business should meet the needs of differentiated products and services in key rural areas and enhance the sense of financial acquisition of rural inclusive groups. Inclusive finance’s support for rural industries should be orderly and focused, and the characteristic industries in key rural areas should be accurately drip-irrigated, so as to solidly promote China’s rural revitalization and achieve comprehensive achievements.

  Inclusive finance enables the development of key rural areas, which can touch the capital demand of agricultural business entities with large quantity, wide range and small amount. Experts said that with the support of financial institutions’ inclusive business, the development of rural key areas can obtain periodic and regional resource scheduling, and the problem of information asymmetry of agricultural entities will be gradually solved, which will promote the more rational allocation of financial resources to the "three rural" areas and promote the sustainable development of rural small and micro-business entities.

  Innovating and optimizing financial products

  Innovating and optimizing financial products and reducing financing costs are the important goals of inclusive finance’s development. For a long time, whether it is individual farmers or village collective organizations, the high financing cost is a common problem, which restricts the development of rural industries. Judging from the current rural financial products at the grass-roots level, inclusive finance, an individual banking institution, has the characteristics of single loan product structure, high interest rate and slow lending, and the phenomenon of high customer access threshold and low loan availability is more common.

  For example, in order to reduce financial risks, many banking institutions generally have additional mortgage guarantee requirements for financial products. This form of mortgage guarantee has undoubtedly raised the threshold for capital access for the majority of small farmers with light assets. In addition, due to the current situation of cumbersome credit procedures and insufficient humanized services in grass-roots financial institutions, and the fact that grass-roots financial institutions will consider financial risk prevention, they often use restrictive means to curb the actual demand for agricultural credit.

  Experts said that financial institutions should enrich financial products and services that support the development of farmers and optimize credit loan services for farmers. Credit loans have high requirements for financial institutions’ financial technology level and asset strength. It is not only time-consuming and laborious to tailor credit files for users by traditional methods, but also requires huge financial support. In order to comprehensively promote the implementation of rural revitalization strategy and help the development of new rural collective economy, financial institutions need to constantly innovate credit loan products to meet the financial needs of agricultural customers.

  The credit business of rural collective economic organizations is an important part of inclusive finance and agriculture-related loans of China Construction Bank. "Collective Credit Loan" is a credit loan product developed by CCB for rural collective economic organizations. Recently, the first "collective credit loan" in China was successfully launched in Shaanxi Ankang Cailiang Community Economic Cooperative, with a credit amount of 5 million yuan. The head of the grass-roots government team of the institutional business department of CCB said that in order to help rural areas revitalize high-quality development, CCB has provided "accurate portraits" for more than 13,000 rural collective economic organizations across the country, provided credit evaluation for financing services, improved the convenience of financing for rural collective economic organizations, and solved the pain points of less products, expensive services and long process in the rural market.

  Reduce financing costs and strengthen the resilience of agriculture-related subjects. Experts said that for commercial banks, continuously innovating loan products and reducing financing costs are conducive to rapidly increasing the scale of inclusive loans and expanding new customer groups while consolidating existing customers. In the future, commercial banks need to innovate the digital business model to solve the problem of expensive financing, further strengthen the docking of scenes with agriculture-related subjects, so as to adapt to the needs of different industries and different customer groups, and then promote the expansion of financial services to rural areas.

There are 16 most beautiful and fashionable hairstyles, but the effect is different. I can’t help but want to have a try after reading them.

Hairstyles, as an important aid to improve the face value, have always been the favorite of many sisters who love beauty. Today, I have selected 16 most beautiful and fashionable hairstyles for everyone, and the effect is different. I can’t help but want to try them after reading them.

Half-covered short hair has always been loved by the majority of sisters, showing a rich level as a whole, which can well modify the head shape and face shape, simple, fashionable and generous, and it is difficult to think of beauty.

Usually, you can also pin the hair on the side to the back of your ear, which is also very neat, which can better highlight your beautiful side face. The high facial features make people feel very excited at first glance.

The hair on the top of the head can also be ironed, showing a fluffy sense of lines as a whole, but not too curly, relatively natural, beautiful and not old-fashioned.

Hairdressing can prevent the hair from sticking to the scalp, effectively increase the fluffy effect of the hair roots, and enhance the aesthetic feeling of the skull top.

Of course, most women in life still have long hair, which is easy to sweat. At this time, we might as well try to shovel the sideburns short, which will bring us a refreshing feeling immediately.

If you are bold enough, you can also shorten the whole periphery and make some carved patterns on it, which is not only refreshing, but also very artistic, especially if you tie up the long hair on it, you will turn your head high wherever you go.

Perm can be said that most women like it. It can create an effect that haircut can’t achieve, and make you more beautiful and fashionable. Especially this style is hot, and the whole curl is relatively soothing.

Hot modeling can not only show fluffy radian, but also show feminine softness. It can be said that most women are suitable for it, and it is not only fashionable but also old-fashioned after reading it.

Of course, if the hair is particularly soft and rare, it is more suitable for a small curly perm. A small curly perm not only shows a large amount of hair, but also is full of elasticity, which makes people look more overseas.

For example, this kind of full-head, small-curl perm, with a split style, can also well modify the head shape and face shape, make your hair more abundant and make your facial features more perfect.

Small curls and full-head perms are sometimes too explosive. At this time, we might as well tie the hair on the top of our head. This semi-tied hair style is particularly age-reducing, which makes the foreign fashion still small.

Speaking of perm, I have to mention long curly hair. Presumably, most sisters with long hair want to have a full perm, from the end of the hair to the root of the hair. The overall effect is very fluffy. At first glance, it is full of fashion.

As long as the hair is long, the hair on the top of the head is easy to stick to the scalp, whether it is soft or hard. At this time, choosing full-head perm can effectively increase the support of the hair roots on the top of the head and play a good role in the whole head shape.

In terms of curl, you can choose according to your own hair quality. The curl of fine and soft hair can be small in the middle, and the curl of coarse and hard hair can be large in the middle. Combining with your own hair quality, choosing the right curl will not only make you more fashionable, but also keep the curl for a longer time.

Why do so many women like long curly hair? Because in most of our cognition, the goddess should have such a hairstyle, which is elegant, fashionable and romantic.

Which of the 16 most beautiful and fashionable ladies’ hairstyles do you like best? Welcome to leave a message. If you want to see more fashionable hairstyles, don’t forget to follow me.

I need you to be my friend, because you know how to listen to me and pay attention to me, thank you, and I hope you and I will go together in the future hair style.

Congratulations! Manchester City will celebrate the championship at home, and all the remaining three rounds can be rotated. The sword refers to the miracle of triple crown.

As Arsenal lost 0-1, Manchester City won the championship three rounds ahead of schedule. In this way, Manchester City can celebrate the championship directly at home, regardless of the result against Chelsea. It is conceivable that Etihad Stadium will become a sea of joy. For Guardiola, this is also a huge advantage: Manchester City can rotate in the remaining three rounds of the Premier League, and they can concentrate on preparing for the FA Cup final and the Champions League final, pointing to the miracle of triple crown.

Manchester City’s remaining three league opponents are Chelsea, Brighton and brentford. It was originally thought that the title race between Manchester City and Arsenal would last until the end, which may affect the results of the Champions League and the FA Cup. But I didn’t expect Arsenal to lose points in a row, and even the champion was "sent" in advance. Manchester City fans felt that happiness came so suddenly. Now Guardiola can focus on the remaining two games. As long as he wins two more games, Manchester City will become the triple crown.

The first is the FA Cup final between Manchester City and Manchester United on June 3rd. This season, Manchester City and Manchester United each won one game in the league. The two teams will definitely go all out in this final. Tenghage has led Manchester United to the Carling Cup this season. If he wins the FA Cup again, his first season of coaching Manchester United will be fantastic. Guardiola’s team is in full swing. He can take a break from the main force in the league and play against Manchester United with the strongest array. The hard power of the Blue Moon is stronger than that of Manchester United, and Gua Shuai’s confidence in winning the championship is still sufficient.

Then there is the Champions League final on June 11th. Manchester City’s opponent is Inter Milan, which also has the upper hand in terms of hard power. The Blue Moon eliminated Leipzig, Bayern and Real Madrid all the way to the final, with high gold content, while Inter Milan eliminated Porto, Benfica and Milan to enter the final. The confrontation with Manchester City will be a real test for them. Considering that the final is a missed game, there is still the possibility of an accident, so Inter Milan is not completely without a chance.

However, for Guardiola, this is indeed an excellent opportunity to win the triple crown. Winning the Premier League early is like a timely rain for him, which can make the main players who have played for a season and their physical fitness has reached a critical point get a good rest. Moreover, after this Manchester City swept Real Madrid 5-1 in two rounds, the confidence of the players has reached a very high level. They can play with ease against any opponent. Do you think Manchester City won the triple crown this season? Welcome to post your insights in the comments section.

The Lakers beat the Grizzlies 2-1 at home 111-101, Morant scored 45 points and James was severely hit.

Dillon Brooks, This Is For You!

When the first quarter of Lakers Vs Grizzlies ended today, the score of 35-9 was matched with Dillon Brooks’ stiff expression on the bench. There is no better way to "speak with the game".

After winning the second game, he made a mockery of lebron james with a big mouth, and his face was too ugly.

Then today’s Grizzlies came up and were beaten by the Lakers with a single-quarter difference record (26 points) in playoff history.

People can’t help but think of the famous line in "Bright Sword":

"Xie Baoqing, Xie Baoqing, why do you say you provoke Li Yunlong?"

This game is the first time for the Lakers to welcome the audience to participate in the playoffs in Staples since 2013 (the 20-21 season was partially allowed), and the momentum shown by the Lakers after the opening not only stunned the Grizzlies, but also made the home fans high.

Of course, Morant, the Grizzlies’ main player, came back with an injury today, and the team didn’t want to give up easily. From the second quarter, the grizzly bear began a long journey to fill the pit.

In this section, Morant scored 12 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists in a single quarter, gradually bringing the Grizzlies back to the game. However, when the Grizzlies hit 28-18 in a single quarter and narrowed the difference by 37-53 at the end of the half-time, Tommy Tam was alive again.

At the beginning of the second half, he violently hit LeBron’s "Little James" between his legs when he returned to the defense. As tough as LeBron, he fell to the ground.

Recently, it was the outlet for the League to crack down on the "fork". Harden was just punished two days ago, and Tommy Tam dared to hit the gun at this time, which is worthy of the title of "brain-dead".

The referee also satisfied him and directly left the game for a second-class malicious foul.

In this case, the Lakers played a slightly conservative way, and did not respond resolutely to the attack of the Grizzlies. Fortunately, Thick Eyebrows scored 15 points and 4 rebounds in this section to hold the opponent’s onslaught. The Lakers still lead 88-68 after three quarters.

However, it still gave the Grizzlies, especially Morant, hope to overtake. Morant, who was injured in the fourth quarter, completely started the "Bear King" mode. In this quarter, he made 9 of 12 shots, 6 of 3 shots and 4 of 22 points in a single quarter, and the immortal ball kept on leading the Grizzlies to fight back strongly, once catching up with 99-108 and reducing it to single digits.

However, the pit was dug too big in the early stage and eventually lost to the Lakers 101-111 away.

James scored 25 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists, Thick Eyebrows scored 31 points and 17 rebounds, Russell scored 17 points, 4 rebounds and 7 assists, Ba Cun Basement scored 16 points and 5 rebounds, and Reeves scored 13 points and 6 rebounds.

Morant scored 45 points, 9 boards and 13 assists, Bain scored 18 points and 5 boards, and jaren jackson scored 13 points and 5 boards.

The next match between the two teams will be held in Los Angeles in two days (4.25 Beijing time).

"The level of men’s football in China has been declining all the way," said the director of the General Administration of Sports.

On the 12th, the first session of the 14th National People’s Congress held the third "ministerial aisle". The first person to walk on the ministerial aisle was Gao Zhidan, director of the State Sports General Administration.

Gao Zhidan said that for a long time, the development of China’s three major sports, especially men’s events, was not satisfactory, and the level of men’s football was declining all the way. There were even many chaos in the football industry, which was in sharp contrast with the requirements and expectations of the CPC Central Committee and the people of the whole country.

Gao Zhidan said,It is a sign of a sports power that the three major goals should be achieved, and it is also a short board that we must make up to speed up the construction of a sports power.

Gao Zhidan pointed out that recently, in view of the serious problems in the field of football, we have been deeply rethinking and studying solutions and ways, and we are prepared to systematically treat them from the aspects of ideological education, style construction, deepening reform and doing a good job in current work.

In the spirit of re-taking the Long March Road, we should do a good job in all the work of the three big balls, focus on the outstanding problems such as lack of spiritual integrity and not hard work style in the current work of the three big balls with the determination to eliminate the disease with strong drugs and punish the chaos with heavy punishment, and persevere in changing the work style, being strong in responsibility and grasping implementation.Resolutely crack down and severely punish corruption and "fake gambling" in football and other fields.Correct the wind and discipline, be strict in discipline, improve the system, strengthen the rules, and comprehensively repair and reconstruct the good ecology of the healthy and sustainable development of the three balls.

On March 12th, the first meeting of the 14th National People’s Congress held the third "ministerial channel" interview. This is Gao Zhidan, director of the State Sports General Administration, interviewed by the media. Xinhua News Agency reporter Cai Yang photo

When talking about how to revitalize football in China, Gao Zhidan said that the current reform of football and basketball has entered the deep water area, and the task of deepening the reform and achieving a breakthrough is arduous and arduous. We should unswervingly follow the road of reform, innovation and development, further emancipate our minds, be upright and innovative, and start with the construction of management system, talent system, training system, competition system and guarantee system, and constantly improve the "three big balls" development path with China characteristics. We should face up to the problems, strengthen our confidence, face up to difficulties, accurately understand and implement policies and measures such as the overall plan for football reform and development in China, promote the modernization of the "three-ball" governance system and governance capacity, promote the standardized development of the league’s governance system, be firm and orderly, consistently take the road of "three-ball" development and reform in China, revitalize the "three-ball" and play a good role in football turnaround. We must strengthen the foundation and plant a strong talent base.

We should settle down, start with dolls, give full play to the advantages of the national system, make good use of the vitality of the market mechanism, promote the healthy development of campus football, promote the large-scale growth of young football talents, and consolidate the reserve talent base. We should start from the grass roots, actively support the development of youth football clubs, give more support and guarantee to social football in terms of policies, funds and talents, and promote the benign interaction between social football and professional football.

We should start from the foundation, constantly improve the football competition system and professional league system, smooth the growth channel of outstanding young players from campus football, social football to professional football, and train more outstanding reserve young players and transport them up.In the process of doing a good job of reserve talents, we should resolutely abandon the mentality of quick success and instant benefit, and build a path and channel for the cultivation and growth of reserve talents step by step, so as to revitalize China football for a long time.

Disclaimer: This article was transferred from China News Network (ID: CNS 2012), Beijing Youth Daily, Jiefang Daily and Shangguan News. Thank you!