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It took her ten years to make Celine the love of women.

  Lead: Who is the most popular with women among today’s big-name designers? If you don’t know Phoebe Philo, it’s not too late. (Article source: Bund Fashion)

Phoebe Philo

  When the news that she left the creative director of Céline was confirmed, there was a "cry" on social media, and many media and commentators paid tribute to Phoebe Philo with "the end of an era".

Céline of Phoebe Philo

  Fans are more anxious: Without Phoebe Philo’s Céline, can you buy it in buy buy with confidence?

  It is precisely because of this that Céline’s spring and summer of 2018, as the last show of her term, has attracted the attention of the whole world. I have to say, she brought us an outstanding closing performance.

  It is after this show that the new sales of 2018 have increased greatly.

Cé line Spring/Summer 2018

  These smart wide shoulder pads are the best witness.

Wide padded shoulder coat

  The most amazing thing is that a few matching double-layer cloak coats, leaving only one button at the neckline, are very cool when walking. This is purely about the beauty of fashion art.

Double cloak coat

  Why do we miss Phoebe Philo so much? It all started 20 years ago.

  From Chloé to Céline,

  The glory of Phoebe Philo began.

  Phoebe, an Englishman born in Paris, graduated from Central Saint Martin at the age of 23. She entered Chloé in 1997 and became an assistant to Stella McCartney, then creative director.

  With excellent taste and design skills, she quickly grew into the second-in-command of brand design in Chloé.

Phoebe Philo, then Stella McCartney's design assistant, in 2000

  In 2001, Stella McCartney left Chloé and started her own business.

  While everyone was speculating who would be Stella’s successor, the brand directly announced the appointment of 27-year-old Phoebe as the new design director.

Stella McCartney & Phoebe Philo

  Since then, Phoebe’s high-waisted jeans, lolita fashion’s doll dresses and wooden wedge-heeled shoes have become the signature items of Chloé.

Phoebe's debut in Chloé
Phoebe's debut in Chloé

  Then, Phoebe suggested to the brand executives to expand Chloé’ s business to the field of bag accessories, so the turnover of handbag accessories began to become the main force of Chloé’ s profit.

  As a result, several classic It Bag were born, such as Paddington and Edith series bags.

Paddington Paddington bags
Edith series bags

  It is said that the first batch of Paddington Paddington bags had been booked before they were actually put on the shelves.

  At that time, Phoebe’s design had its own climate, giving priority to pragmatism, and instead of chasing the trend, it became a trendsetter. 

Chloé 2004 Spring/Summer Series Conference Closing Ceremony

  In 2004, she can be said to be the winner of a double harvest in her love career-she married Max Wigram, an art dealer, and in the same year, she won the designer of the year award of the British Fashion Awards with her impressive sales performance.

  Two years later, Phoebe made an amazing decision to resign from Chloé and devote herself to her family.

  After leaving Chloé for two years, Phoebe was immersed in a sweet family life.

  It was not until 2008 that LVMH invited her to come out of the mountain to save the crumbling Céline at that time that she returned to the public eye.

  However, as a condition, Phoebe asked to stay in Paris only two days a week, and continue to complete the design in London the rest of the time, so that she could continue to accompany her children.

Phoebe Philo's daughter is really super cute!

  Phoebe’s brand debut is the 2010 early spring holiday series released in the form of Lookbook. From this series, we can see the change of her "female identity".

  From a girl to a mother, the design style has also changed from a "girl" to an "independent and powerful commuter woman", but she has always been herself.

Céline 2010 Early Spring Vacation Series

  Let’s take a look at her first fashion collection. This show is mainly based on a large number of earth colors, and the silhouette and leather materials are sharply cut, which has won the first fans for Phoebe.

  Phoebe, who often shows people in a simple and capable style, is simply the best spokesperson of Céline. She has a cold temperament in her bones, a little shy but a firm eye.

The curtain call of the first show of Céline brand

  And this photo of her show curtain call wearing turtle neck, black slim pants and Stan Smith is still regarded as a classic moment.

  This style has also led the trend for a long time, and Stan Smith has become a must-have item for fashionistas.

  Putting your hair in turtle neck is also a styling inspiration that I learned from Phoebe.

  Besides being a fashion designer, Phoebe is more like a fashion idol. Her design seems to take herself as a model of inspiration, and the design origin also falls on her.

  Phoebe’s style in LVMH Prize, she also likes to wear a coat in private.

  As she said in the interview after her debut:

  "My dress style reflects me, and these clothes are an extension of my own style.

  I want to build a wardrobe for women instead of chasing the so-called trend. I want to solve the problem. "

  Looking back at Phoebe’s ten years in Céline, this original intention has always been regarded as her creed in design and creation, and she has carried it out to the end.

  So-called feminism is like this. Take yourself as a starting point to understand the real needs of women.

  If you want to know the private life story of Phoebe Philo, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.

  Because she is too low-key, there is no out-of-the-box high-profile remarks and gossip, and she does not rely too much on social media. She does not have her own INS account, and she lives in seclusion and speaks by her works.

Phoebe Philo and her husband

  Even Céline, which she is in charge of, is so tonality, and there is no explosion joint name that grabs the front page, and there is no grand show device.

  Even when choosing a brand spokesperson, she is only willing to choose those women who can best embody the female spirit, such as Faye Wong, who has great personality and influence, which fits the brand spirit of Céline.

Phoebe Philo and Faye Wong.

  What classic items did Phoebe bring us?

  Phoebe Philo has no intention of chasing the trend, but always creates the trend and becomes the imitation object of others.

  However, her design is destined to belong to a carnival in a small group and become the heart of those who refuse kitsch, have strong personality and really appreciate the beauty of clothes.

Céline 2017 early spring

  Even though they may be expensive and mostly basic, they are fashionable clothes that will not go out of fashion.

  Phoebe’s design is by no means designed for women who just want to please men. Her clothes are full of design sense, durable and practical, but out of date, walking freely and meeting the needs of daily life.

Cé line Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

  Secondly, in her design, she also borrowed the inspiration of men’s tailoring.

  For example, those standard suits, deconstructed or spliced coats, and wide-leg pants, women’s strength has been embodied in these design details, and they have also become the classic design items of Céline.

Cé line Spring/Summer 2018 Collection
Cé line Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

  In its brand debut, Phoebe launched a bag that is still popular today-Cé line Box.

Céline Box
Céline Box

  Then, continuing her magical power of creating "It Bag", Phoebe successively launched three bags that were too hot to work, namely:

  Twisted Cabas that can hold the whole world, Luggage, a smiling face bag with various It Bag lists, and Céline Trio, a small square bag.

Twisted Cabas
Smiling face bag Luggage
Céline Trio
Céline Trio

  Clasp handbags in the autumn and winter 2017 series have also entered the ranks of It Bag.

  On the front, the thin and flat shape seems to have no bright spot, and the slender metal buckle makes it look like a dry folder.

  However, it is this retro modern style in the 1950 s and the texture of jade that makes it a must-have bag for hipsters.

Clasp series handbags

  The spring and summer of 2018 can be said to be the world of transparent PVC materials. Several big brands have successively come up with the design of PVC materials, and PVC can be seen from clothing to bag accessories.

  This time, Phoebe decided to "rub" a wave of hot spots, and also launched a transparent handbag in her farewell work. The bag body was simply printed with the brand Logo and a few lines.

  However, this transparent handbag can not only be sold, but also must be bought with the small wallet inside, and now many shops have sold out, which is really priceless.

  The current trend of "ugly shoes" can be traced back to the source, and it was also brought by Phoebe.

  As early as Cé line’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection, she brought fur slippers and furry high heels.

  Now, if you look at Gucci’s fur loafers or Fenty Puma’s Mao Mao slippers, do you see the shadow of Céline?

  Phoebe’s It Bag, or It Shoes, is actually inspired by clothing history or some national bag accessories, and then redesigned the combination.

  For example, this shoe inspired by Moroccan Babouche slippers, the soles and uppers are made of soft leather, which is particularly good to wear, so it has become a famous "local product".

  In the early spring series of Céline 2016, Phoebe brought an upgraded version of Babouche, with crossed shoelaces, pointed toe caps and a soft and comfortable sense of wearing on the feet. As soon as it was released, it was immediately sought after by many fashionable girls.

  Also belonging to It Shoes, there is a thick heel shoe dubbed "Grandma’s Shoes".

  It also uses soft leather as the vamp, and the elastic band is added at the mouth of the shoe. After wearing it, the foot will be completely wrapped, and the thick heel that looks very heavy makes it like the shoes in grandma’s shoe cabinet, hence the nickname.

Phoebe is wearing grandma's shoes.

  Phoebe’s classic designs in Céline are by no means just those we have listed, and there are still many that have not been listed one by one.

  The autumn and winter 2018 series released not long ago, although completed by the brand team, continues Phoebe’s design style well.

  Anyway, Phoebe’s farewell has become a reality. We still have to look forward to Hedi Slimane’s debut in Céline in September and pay close attention to Phoebe Philo’s next move.

How to get to the property market in third-and fourth-tier cities?

  On April 16th, the Ministry of Finance issued the "Notice on Issuing the Special Fund Budget for Urban Affordable Housing Project of the Central Government in 2019", and the number of planned renovation sets of urban shanty towns in 2019 was also released.

  Compared with 2018, the number of shed renovation sets in 37 provinces and cities in 2019 totaled 2,852,900 sets, which was nearly 51% lower than the planned renovation set of 5.88 million sets in 2018.

  Before the Ministry of Finance announced the start-up of the shed reform plan in 2019 in April, in January 2019, local governments disclosed the relevant data of the shed reform plan in 2019 in their work reports, and the targets of nearly half of the cities were lower than those in early 2019.

  Analysts pointed out that the sharp reduction of the start-up target of shed reform in 2019 indicates that the proportion of commercial housing sales brought by shed reform in the total sales of commercial housing in the country will gradually decrease, and the direct impact is reflected in the benefits of shed reform in third-and fourth-tier cities and below. It will gradually weaken.

  According to the report of Kerui Real Estate Research Center, except for a few provinces such as Fujian, Tianjin, Guangxi, Guangdong and Tibet, the planned construction volume of the remaining 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities has declined to varying degrees compared with 2018, with a decline of more than 50% reaching 15.

  In terms of absolute value, the planned construction starts of Jiangxi, Jiangsu and Anhui provinces in 2019 still exceeded 200,000 sets, ranking among the top three in many provinces and cities, while the construction starts of seven provinces and cities such as Ningbo, Ningxia and Hainan were all less than 10,000 sets due to the small scale of shed reform. Judging from the year-on-year changes, there are ups and downs among provinces and cities, and the overall situation is "falling more and rising less". Five provinces, including Fujian, Tianjin, Guangxi, Guangdong and Tibet, grew year-on-year, with Fujian’s increase being the most significant, reaching 117%. The planned starts of the remaining 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities have declined to varying degrees compared with 2018, with 15 of them falling by more than 50%. It is noteworthy that Shandong, Henan, Guizhou, Hunan and other major shed-reformed provinces all experienced a year-on-year decline of over 70%. We believe that the staged callback in the provinces with a large amount of shed reform in the early stage conforms to objective laws and market expectations. For example, in Henan Province, the actual amount of shed reform in 2018 has reached 1.8 times that in 2016, and the planned target for 2019 is only 150,000 sets, down 77% year-on-year, with a significant decline, and the decline is also expected.

  In fact, before the Ministry of Finance announced the start-up amount of shed reform plans in 2019 in various provinces in April, in January 2019, local governments disclosed the relevant data of shed reform plans in 2019 in their work reports. Through the comparison of these two sets of data, we can also see the changes in the current market expectations for shed reform.

  Among the 19 provinces that can be counted, 7 provinces including Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Henan and Tibet have not changed much in 2019, and the increase or decrease is within 5%. Nearly half of the cities’ targets have fallen to different degrees compared with the beginning of 2019, and the declines in Liaoning, Jilin, Hubei, Shaanxi and other provinces have significantly exceeded 50%. On the one hand, the data disclosed by some provinces at the beginning of the year are more general, which is basically the target construction volume of two years; On the other hand, Hubei, Shaanxi and other provinces have basically overdrawn the future shed reform space due to the large amount of work started in the previous shed reform. It can be expected that the promotion of shed reform to local real estate sales is also weakening. In addition, the amount of construction started in a few provinces such as Fujian and Sichuan is higher than the data released at the beginning of the year, which is also in line with the regulation idea of "governing by the city", and the goal of shed reform also reflects the characteristics of looseness and tightness.

  Chen Sheng, executive director of China Real Estate Data Research Institute, said that according to the previously announced three-year plan, the proportion of shantytown renovation is gradually decreasing.

  According to the previously published three-year plan, another 15 million sets of shanty towns will be renovated in the three years from 2018 to 2020, which is the second three-year plan for shantytown renovation. Prior to this, in 2015, the State Council proposed to renovate 18 million housing units in shanty towns, including dangerous buildings and villages in cities, in 2015-2017.

  Kerui Real Estate Research Center pointed out that from 2015 to 2017, it basically maintained a year-on-year growth trend. In the past three years, the number of starts was above 6 million sets. Although the target for 2018 was slightly reduced to 5.8 million sets, from the actual completion situation, the number of new shanty towns was 6.27 million sets, and the target completion rate reached a new high of 107.4%.

  The overfulfilment in previous years also laid the groundwork for the subsequent shed reform and shrinkage.

  Last October, the executive meeting of the State Council clearly put forward that the scope and standards of shed reform should be strictly improved, and the monetary resettlement policy of shed reform should be adjusted and improved according to local conditions. Among them, it is clearly proposed to adjust and improve the monetary resettlement policy for shed reform, and cities and counties with insufficient commercial housing inventory and high pressure of rising house prices should cancel the preferential monetary resettlement policy as soon as possible.

  The report of Kerui Real Estate Research Center points out that the less shantytown renovation is, the more it conforms to the objective law, and it is impossible to change more and more. On the other hand, some negative effects of vigorously promoting the monetary resettlement of shed reform have already appeared, such as increasing the pressure of local financial liabilities and pushing up the housing prices in the third and fourth lines. The inventory problem based on the third and fourth lines has been initially solved, and it is also reasonable to lower the target of shed reform.

  The insiders believe that the main purpose of shed reform is to meet the housing needs of residents who just need it. With the reduction of the overall number of shanty towns and the end of the task of destocking in various places, some cities and counties with low inventory will gradually withdraw from the monetization of shed reform.

  Kerui Real Estate Research Center believes that the tightening of shed reform policy in 2019 is basically expected, especially in the context of relatively tight local finance, monetized resettlement and other methods will gradually withdraw, and the stimulating effect on real estate sales will also be weakened.

  In addition, the report pointed out that the current scale of shed reform is "halved", first of all, it is an impact on the market expectation level, and it is also releasing a signal that the phased destocking task has been completed, and the promotion of shed reform to real estate sales is disappearing. Previously, the shed reform once directly boosted the sales of about 20% of commercial housing, and this force will never return in 2019 and beyond.

  In addition, the monetization resettlement has also been continuously tightened. As early as October 2018, it was stated at the symposium of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development that the monetization resettlement of shed reform in 2019 will be mainly based on special bonds, and the government’s purchase of shed reform service mode will be cancelled; At the same time, local governments have also proposed that the shed reform will focus on physical resettlement, and the proportion of monetized resettlement will also be reduced, which will have a more direct impact on the sales of commercial housing. Without the drive of funds, the purchasing power of residents will be greatly reduced.

  Zhang Bo, chief analyst of 58 Anjuke Real Estate Research Institute, pointed out that the sharp reduction of the starting target of shed reform in 2019 indicates that the proportion of commercial housing sales brought by shed reform in the total sales of commercial housing in the country will gradually decrease, and the direct impact is reflected in the shed reform in the third-and fourth-tier cities and below will also gradually weaken.

  In Zhang Bo’s view, the direct benefits of shed reform will be accelerated and weakened in the third-and fourth-tier cities in the future, and the third-and fourth-tier cities will usher in obvious differentiation. In the future, the cities in key urban agglomerations will have more population concentration, and the shrinking third-and fourth-tier cities will face further shrinkage of the commercial housing market.

FISU Football World Cup: Beijing Normal University women’s football team beat paulista University in Brazil to win the championship.

On October 31st, Beijing time, the women’s football team of Beijing Normal University beat paulista University of Brazil to win the FIFA World Cup in Jinjiang.

In the just-concluded women’s team final of 2023 Jinjiang Universiade Football World Cup, China’s Beijing Normal University drew 2-2 with Brazil’s paulista University in 120 minutes, and won 5-4 on penalties to win the championship.

The FISU Football World Cup is a global college football event focused by FISU. In 2019, the event was held in Jinjiang, Fujian, and 24 teams from all over the world participated.

The 2nd FIFA World Cup will be held in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province in October 2023. In May 2024, the 2024 FIFA World Cup will be held in Dalian, Liaoning.

Celebrating the "August 1st" Double Embracing Flowers More Brilliant —— Futian District held the "August 1st Cup" Double Embracing Basketball Friendly Tournament

In the hot summer, the red star is passionate. On the occasion of the "August 1st Army Day", the "August 1st Cup" basketball friendly match jointly organized by Shenzhen Futian District People’s Armed Forces Department and District Veterans Affairs Bureau kicked off in the basketball court of Futian District People’s Armed Forces Department. The leaders of the District People’s Armed Forces Department delivered a speech for the competition, and the leaders of the District Veterans Affairs Bureau announced the opening of the competition. A total of 12 teams participated in the competition, which will last until August 15th.

In the competition, the players competed on the same stage in the spirit of "friendship first, competition second", cooperated with each other, struggled hard and fought against the fierceness, which not only showed their style and level, but also showed the rich relationship between the army and the people. The audience present cheered loudly for the players one after another, and the atmosphere was very warm.

This basketball friendly match has set up a platform for mutual understanding, mutual exchange, mutual learning and joint development between the military and the land. It is not only a contest of skills between the military and the land, but also an emotional communication, which has deepened the friendship between the military and the land, and achieved the purpose of strengthening physical fitness, strengthening joint construction and common development.

It is understood that Futian District has a profound tradition of double support and co-construction, and has been rated as "Guangdong Double Support Model Zone" for seven times in a row, forming a double support brand with Futian characteristics. The military and the people share the same breath, share the same destiny and unite as one heart, and promote the double support work in the jurisdiction to a new level.

(Liao Nan)

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Two contracts were signed overnight! Dongqiqi was injured, Davis was the first in history, and the Lakers became the winner.

On August 5th, Beijing time, news came from the NBA free market, and two contracts were signed, among which Nilikina signed the Hornets for a part of the one-year guarantee contract, and Davis reached an early contract renewal with the Lakers, among which Davis also set a record for the first time in history. Dancsics was almost injured in the warm-up match of the national team, and the Lakers gained a lot in this offseason and became the winner.

According to Woj, free agent Nilikina signed the Hornets on a one-year partial guarantee contract.

Nilikina also almost left the NBA. Before he got the Hornets contract, he also received an offer from the French team. He played for the Lone Ranger last season, averaging 13 minutes per game, only contributing 2.9 points and 1.2 assists. He also failed to get the team’s contract renewal, and it is unknown whether he can stay with the Hornets this time.

The Lakers reached an early contract renewal with Davis, and the two sides signed a three-year $186 million contract. There were media reports last month that the Lakers would not offer Davis an early contract renewal. I didn’t expect this to be reached. Among them, the Lakers were full of sincerity, and Davis naturally had no reason to refuse. With the renewal of the contract, Davis’ contract will expire in 2028, when he is 35 years old and will basically stay in Los Angeles. Davis’s performance on the court is still very good, so his attendance rate is a little bad. Once he can stay healthy, he even has the opportunity to hit the MVP.

As Davis reached this contract, he became the first person in history, surpassing Jay Brown, with an average salary of 62 million dollars. With the general increase in league salaries, these records will be constantly refreshed. Brown has just signed the first contract in history that exceeds 300 million US dollars, and then it may be 400 million US dollars, and the annual salary may exceed 70 million US dollars.

Dancsics is preparing for the men’s basketball World Cup on behalf of Slovenia, but in the warm-up match with Greece, his knee went wrong, he collided with his opponent in the first half, then limped off and rested, and he didn’t play in the second half. For this situation, the team is also very cautious. Fortunately, there is no serious problem. If Dancsics is injured at this time, it will not only affect the Slovenian prospects, but also get the lone ranger into trouble.

After successfully renewing the contract with Davis, the Lakers’ operation this summer is still very smooth, and the depth of the lineup has been successfully improved. The new season is still worth looking forward to. This summer, the Lakers not only renewed Russell, Reeves and Hacun, but also signed Vincent, Prince, Hayes and Reddish, plus James and Davis, as well as Vanderbilt, which has the opportunity to become a favorite for the championship.

Prepare for Kim Min-jae’s farewell. Manchester United cash+Lindelov offer. Consider Naples to give me cash!

Prepare for Kim Min-jae’s farewell. Manchester United cash+Lindelov offer. Consider Naples to give me cash!

The latest transfer rumors between Manchester United and Kim Min-jae.

There is a strong interest in Jin Minzai this season. Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, etc., as well as Manchester United, which is intended to reinforce the central defender, have all been mentioned. Recently, even Newcastle United and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) carrying "oil money" have participated in the competition.

It is natural to be interested. This season, Kim Min-jae has surpassed Italy and ranked among the best central defenders in the world. As soon as he entered Naples, he became the core. He made the existence of Kalidu coulibaly unknown in only one game, and led the team to win the league championship with steady performance.

The team closest to him is Manchester United. After the injuries of lisandro Martinez and Rapha?l Varane, Manchester United, which urgently needed to reinforce the central defender, chose Kim Min-jae as the suitable candidate. Reports about transfer rumors are coming out every day in England and Italy.

Manchester United is very active. The Italian media "Il Martino" said, "Manchester United informed Naples that they intend to pay the buyout fee of 56 million euros (about 80.4 billion won) from the first day to July 15." "Manchester United have expressed their intention to pay Min-jae Kim an annual salary of 9 million euros (about 12.9 billion won)," he said. Fabrizio Romano, an expert in European football transfer market, also reported on Kim Min-jae’s Manchester United through his podcast. He said: "Manchester United showed the greatest interest in introducing Kim Min-jae by paying the buyout clause."

And updated the latest news. That is, Manchester United is preparing a deal including cash and players to recruit Kim Min-jae.

The protagonist is Victor Lindelov. This is the resource that was nominated for "sale" with harry maguire in the summer transfer window, and Manchester United hope to use him to lead Kim Min-jae’s signing to a more favorable side. "Il Martino" said, "Manchester United is preparing to pay Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause. But they are also considering including Lindelov in the transaction. " The "Napoli Football" who sent the message from Naples said: "Kim Min-jae is preparing to say goodbye" and confirmed the transfer.

Of course, it is still unknown whether Lindelov’s selection will have a positive impact. Because Naples only wants cash. Il Martino reported that Aurelio De Laurentiis only wanted cash.

The Clippers’ promotion probability is only 3%! Wei Shaohong scored 37 points to be himself: but he may not stay in the team next season?

37 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, 17 of 29 shots and 3 of 6 of 3 points, which may be Wei Shao’s best game this season. He was regarded as a "cancer" in the Lakers, and finally found himself in the Clippers. However, the Clippers, who lacked peppers, still lost, with a total score of 1-3, and were on the verge of elimination.FiveThirtyEight, a well-known data website, shows that the Clippers have only 3% chance to advance to the next round.

I was shouted "Don’t vote" by Lakers fans.

When was Wei Shao’s most heartfelt scene in the Lakers? There should be many answers. The home game against Knicks may be one of them. In the fourth quarter, the Lakers led by 6 points, and Monk passed the ball to Wei Shao in the bottom corner. Wei Shao was preparing to shoot, and the Lakers home fans actually shouted "No!" Wei Shao hesitated for a while, but he made a move. The three-pointer missed, and the heavy eyebrows made up the ball.

That three-pointer was really not a good time to shoot, but the shouts of the fans shook Wei Shao’s confidence. That was the root of his former MVP. After joining the Lakers, Wei Shao was asked to change, and his biggest change was that his confidence was gradually disappearing.

The Clippers provided a stage for him, and he became the starting point guard of a team with championship ambitions. The Clippers signed Wei Shao in order to let him do what others in the team can’t do: break through the basket and create easy shots for teammates.

In the 11 games between Wei Shao’s joining and George’s injury, the Clippers were 5 wins and 6 losses, but in the last 6 regular season games, they won 5 games. With leonard’s two consecutive injuries, Wei Shao became his old self again. G4 may be the best game Wei Shao played for the two teams in LA. His explosiveness showed once again, and his defensive strength was also always online. He also made three three-pointers and did not hesitate to shoot.

The Clippers can offer limited salary for renewal.

Wei Shao himself once said how wonderful it is to stay where he wants to stay. This is in sharp contrast to last season. At that time, he publicly denied that Lakers teammates let him be himself on the court. The Clippers are more tolerant of Wei Shao and let Wei Shao play in a familiar way.

However, such beauty will not last forever. Whether or not the Capsicum can make a comeback in this year’s playoffs, they are still the core of the Clippers. Wei Shao will turn 35 next season, and his athletic ability will not last forever. No matter how confident he is, his jump shot will not become a stable offensive weapon.

Major General Wei became a free agent during the offseason.If the new labor terms come into effect before next season, the Clippers, which exceed the luxury tax threshold of $17.5 million, will not be able to provide Wei Shao with a salary of 120% more than the veteran’s basic salary. Therefore, the future of both sides is full of uncertainty.

If Wei Shao is forced by home fans to dare not shoot, his prospects in the NBA are undoubtedly dark. After a nightmare in the Lakers, this version of Wei Shao seems to have disappeared forever. For Wei Shao, he needs a team that can support him, give him room to play and trust his defense. For example, the wizards of the past, and now the Clippers. It is predicted that Wei Shao should at least get a full middle-class contract. As long as Wei Shao stays in a state, even if the clippers can’t give it, there will be a family who is willing to pay.

Not all stars can grow old gracefully. This night, Wei Shao became Wei Shao again, even if it was only a short-lived glory, it was enough to move people.

When you set foot on your way home, your hometown is meaningful! They gave up the World Cup for the honor of their motherland.

All football players are obsessed with the World Cup, and the depth of this obsession is different. Some people can sacrifice many things in order to participate in the World Cup. They may give up the opportunity to fight for their motherland and become a planning football player, while others will try their best to stay healthy, or even deliberately foul and stop playing in order to perform better in the game. Some people will even do whatever it takes to compete for the highest honor in the football world, but others are willing to give up the World Cup for the honor of their motherland. These people are called fools.

In 2000, at the age of 13, Messi traveled across the ocean to Spain alone and joined the La Marcia Football Youth Training Camp in Barcelona. During the youth training camp, Messi showed amazing talent and skills, which opened his magnificent career as a player. After several years of hard training and unremitting efforts, Messi obtained Spanish nationality in 2005 and officially became a member of the Barcelona team. At that time, the Spanish Football Association couldn’t wait to throw an olive branch to Messi, but at the same time, the Argentine Football Association didn’t realize this rising genius on the other side of the ocean. Some coaches refused to recruit Messi into the national team, and some officials mistakenly wrote Messi’s name as Miki.

But even in the face of these obstacles, Messi, who has dual nationality, still chooses to represent Argentina in football matches. Messi once said that he was an Argentine and only wanted to play for the Argentine national team, so he finally became the representative of Pampas Eagle. At the same time, he also missed the opportunity to play in Spain and the era that belonged to the matador dynasty. If Messi had chosen to stick to Spain, he might have won the World Cup 12 years earlier than now. His road to the king of the ball may not be so tortuous and arduous, but Messi never regretted it.

Like Messi, Rakitic is also a football player with a high sense of responsibility and honor. His parents fled to Switzerland to escape the war and gave birth to him there. Although Rakitic was born in Switzerland, grew up there and made his debut in Barcelona Club, he always thought he was Croatia. When Swiss and Croatian Football Associations extended olive branches to Rakitic at the same time, he made a brave choice and joined the Croatian team without hesitation. Although Switzerland was a top team in the world all the year round, Rakitic still chose to represent his own shortcomings and not participate in the competition in the motherland. This decision symbolizes his high recognition of his lineage, culture and social responsibility.

At the same time, many people don’t understand Rakitic’s practice, but Harland, who is the most valuable in football, must feel the same way. Harland is one of the super stars who can rival Mbappé in today’s football. He has dual English and Norwegian citizenship. However, Harland chose to join the Norwegian team instead of the English team. Although many people think that if Harland wants to win more team honors like Mbappé, he should join the English team, Harland still chose to play for his native Norway. For Harland, the feelings of home and country are one of his most important things. Although team honor and football status are also very important, they are not closely related to his family, culture and hometown.

Harland was born and raised in Norway when he was young, so he was full of deep affection and recognition for his hometown and family. He is a child of Norway, with the blood of the glacier giant flowing in his body, and he will give everything for the Norwegian team. The world is never short of those who have given up higher honor for their motherland. They are not afraid of difficulties, and they do not regret their death, even if they suffer setbacks, they are indomitable. Some people laugh at them for being stupid, but they don’t know that these people deeply love their hometown and cultural traditions. Feelings are the power to inspire people to disperse the haze and ride the wind and waves. These seemingly stupid choices are the real reason why these people are great!

The French team is fighting among themselves! Deschamps: Benzema voluntarily withdrew from the World Cup. Benzema was angry: How dare you say that?

On March 11th, it was reported that French striker Benzema suddenly left the team before the start of the match in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, and the French team said that he had withdrawn from the World Cup due to injury. However, since then, the French media broke the news that Benzema’s departure was not voluntary, but the head coach Deschamps ordered him to leave. Recently, Deschamps accepted an exclusive interview with Le Parisien. In the interview, he said that Benzema decided to withdraw from the World Cup by himself. Benzema also immediately responded to this: You really dare to say! Just shut up.

On November 20th, the new Golden Globe winner Benzema participated in the first training session of the French team. The next day, the French team officially announced that striker Benzema was forced to withdraw from this World Cup because of a quadriceps injury in his left thigh. Benzema returned to Real Madrid overnight and recovered quickly afterwards, playing for Real Madrid.

According to Sergio Valentin, a French journalist, Benzema did not leave the French team voluntarily, but the head coach Deschamps informed him that he had to leave. At that time, Deschamps found that Benzema had not recovered from thigh muscle discomfort, so he went up to him and said, "Karim, I’m sorry you have to leave!" "

As a result, Deschamps explained Benzema’s withdrawal from the World Cup in an interview with Le Parisien a few days ago: "I lost an important player. Benzema was hurt because the World Cup meant a lot to him. He said to me,’ I have no chance’. In this case, there is a truth that Benzema knows very well. The diagnosis of the national team doctor is the same as his diagnosis at Real Madrid. At best, he will resume training on December 10th. Benzema also told the people in Madrid who were concerned about the change of his injury. In my communication with him, he expressed his disappointment that he had to give up. "

"I must clarify that he made this decision for the sake of the team. We stayed together for almost 20 minutes, and when I left, I told him,’ Karim, don’t hurry to leave, you and the coach of the team (Real Madrid) will decide the recovery plan together’. When I woke up the next day, I learned that he had left. This is his decision. He won’t tell you anything else. I understand and respect him. "

In addition, Deschamps said that he called Benzema after he announced his retirement from the national team. He said that he "didn’t see the Real Madrid striker fully determined" to play for the national team. He also said that Benzema has been invited to participate in the competition in France and the Netherlands and will pay tribute to him.

After Deschamps’ interview was released, Benzema immediately updated the social media, exposed the contents of Deschamps’ interview, and wrote the following article: "You really dare to say it."

Then, an expression pack with a black question mark face was released, with the text: "Good night, dear Deschamps". Just shut up.

In this regard, netizens have said, "Isn’t this the scene of leading a classic non-stick pan:" I didn’t let you go, you have to go yourself. " "

"No, not French."

"Deschamps somebody else a champion, a runner-up! A golden globe award is not enough for him to see! If you are the leader of the French Football Association, who do you support? I definitely support Deschamps for the sake of achievement. "

"Almost come on, you’ve been Green’s formula."

"If Benzema is in the final …"

"Sacré is sacred in religion (also got a strange feeling), and in the common saying, it is just a direct irony … it means despicable and hateful, and omg feels very contradictory."

"Hahahaha, it’s my favorite gossip link again."

"After all, the French team, although a little late, still has to wait."

"When I woke up, I learned that he had left."

"Ha ha ha ha, dare to do it."

"One Deschamps and one South Gate, and the vegetables and chickens peck at each other".

The reason of C Ronaldo’s bleak evening scene: mistaking the platform for ability

C Ronaldo has gone far away to the desert, so that the hot sunshine in the desert can cure the injury and pain of the defeated plum ball king!

At the age of c, he has gone to the desert, and his competitive career has been finalized.

Although there is a lot of wealth, it seems to be happy! But its heart is painful!

As we all know, Ronaldo is aloof and arrogant, and I am the only one!

I take the super plum ball king as my responsibility all my life, and pursue honor, glory and data all my life.

C Ronaldo has been a technical career for more than ten years, and his money has been free and his wealth has been satisfactory; It cares more about face, scenery and honor.

During C Ronaldo’s career, during his years in Real Madrid, he won four Golden Globes and four Champions League games, which strengthened his confidence and courage, boasted himself the first, second and third place in the world, was extremely inflated and self-mad.

C Ronaldo’s greatest misfortune is to regard the platform as an ability! It is the real Madrid platform and personal efforts that have made its real Madrid years dazzling!

C Ronaldo left Real Madrid, moved to Juventus and Manchester United, accomplished nothing, and never won the Golden Globe Award, Sir, or the Champions League again! 16 lang in the Champions League every year! Its juventus years are incomplete!

C Ronaldo’s national team was ruined, and fans said that it was lying in the European Cup. Although it was exaggerated, it was not groundless!

C Ronaldo’s World Cup achievement is hands-free, which is a stain on his life! Causing 10 zeros in the World Cup to be bleak. Single-core team leader has the best score in the top 16.

After the dark years after Real Madrid, nothing was achieved after the World Cup.

C Luo Fang understands that it is the Real Madrid platform and Lafayette that have made its brilliant Real Madrid era. I mistook the Real Madrid platform for my ability, woke up like a dream, and wanted to return to Real Madrid and relive the beauty. But the vicissitudes of life, powerless, was rejected by Real Madrid! I have to go to Saudi Arabia to waste the rest of my life!

Life is like this, when you miss the opportunity, it may be a lifetime of regret and regret!