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Game recommendation in August 2023: Mecha, magic, strategy, start the fantasy adventure in August.

In August, the game lineup was enriched again. In addition to masterpieces such as Armored Core 6 and Bode Gate 3, there are also many interesting indie games. A9VG continues to recommend new tours in August. What games do you want to play? Come and have a look with me.

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Duguang Danqing Record (Preemptive Experience Edition)

Date: August 1st.

Platform: PC

Language: Chinese

Type: clearance action, adventure, ink and wash style

Introduction: The 2D+Z-axis horizontal board action fighting game under the mythical background has the style judgment and mechanism of the fighting game, which needs rich elements such as action combo through reaction and operation, clean and refreshing action, multi-role and hidden mechanism, nonlinear main line play, chess cultivation mode and so on.

Thronefall (Preemptive Experience Edition)

Date: August 2nd.

Platform: PC

Language: Chinese

Type: strategy, urban construction, tower defense

Introduction: In Thronefall, we try to strip away all unnecessary complexity in the classic strategy game and combine it with a proper amount of slashing. Build your base during the day and defend it at night until your last breath. Can you find the right balance between economy and defense? Do you need more archers, thicker walls or extra mills? Will you keep the enemy out with a longbow, or will you ride at them? Tonight will be a difficult night, but nothing is more gratifying than seeing the sun rising over your little kingdom and welcoming a new day.

Bode Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3

Date: August 3rd (September 6th, PS5 edition)

Platform: PC

Language: Chinese

Type: RPG

Introduction: Gather your team, return to the forgotten country, and start a legendary story that records friendship and betrayal, sacrifice and survival, and the temptation of supreme power. Mysterious forces are waking up in your body, and all this comes from parasites planted in your brain by the mind-snatcher. Resist it. Fight the darkness with the power of darkness. You can also choose to accept this corruption and become the ultimate evil. The next-generation RPG created by the creative team of "Divine World: Original Sin 2" will be unfolded in the D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) world.

Roaming guide of Babel

A Guidebook of Babel

Date: August 3rd.

Platform: NS, PC

Language: Chinese

Type: puzzle solving, adventure, plot

Introduction: A story adventure game with butterfly effect as the core. You will board the fantastic ship named Babel and experience a bizarre reincarnation journey … Travelers’ wishes and regrets are intertwined here. Are you ready to pick up a pen and rewrite everything they have experienced?

Colorful wings: rain forest butterfly

Flutter Away

Date: August 3rd.

Platform: NS, PC

Language: Chinese

Type: exploration, collection, relaxation

Introduction: Enjoy the tranquility of Amazon rainforest in this comfortable short nature exploration game. As a butterfly researcher who participated in the five-day activity tour, players can explore nearby trails, take photos, make friends with animals and record the discoveries along the way!

White photo album: winter memories

WHITE ALBUM: Memories like Falling Snow

Date: August 4th.

Platform: PC(Steam)

Language: Traditional Chinese

Type: visual novel, love, plot

Introduction: The content of the game is based on the PC version of "White Album-Spelled Winter Memories-"released in 2012 (currently discontinued), and has been adjusted to support Windows 11. The main actors are Aya Hirano, Mizuki Nana, Masu Nozomi, Megumi Takamoto, Haruka Tomatsu, Romi Park and Satou Rina.

Several rice

かぞぇ rice

Date: August 4th.

Platform: PC

Language: Japanese

Type: Zen, leisure, hardcore

Introduction: such as the name of the game, the gameplay counts how many grains of rice are in a bowl of rice. In normal mode, a bowl of 2000~4000 grains of rice will be randomly generated, with 500~1000 grains in simple mode and 4000~8000 grains in hard core mode.


Date: August 5th.

Platforms: PS5/4, XSX|S, XB1, NS, PC.

Language: Chinese

Type: samurai, hand painting, 2D fighting.

Introduction: The story background of "Sclash" is set in Japan during the feudal period. This is a bushido world where swords are used to execute a one-shot killing. Players will play a samurai and train themselves to grasp the timing of the sword killing and make a correct total judgment to complete the challenge of one-shot killing. The game provides 5 operable characters, 16 battle stages and more than 50 skin appearances. Besides offline and online battle modes, there is also a story mode for players to experience.

Legendary wrestler


Date: August 8th.

Platforms: PS5/4, XSX|S, XB1, NS, PC, iOS, Android.

Language: Chinese

Type: role-playing, wrestling, adventure

Introduction: the fate collision of doubles wrestling! The passion adventure of the ultimate pixel wind, the romantic collision between professional wrestling and RPG. A large number of wrestling stars such as "Macho Man” Randy Savage will take you to the stage and win glory. This heroic journey is not just an epic mission, it is the mission of The Legendary Wrestler!

Chaoji party

Chickenoidz Super Party

Date: August 8th.

Platform: NS, PC

Language: Chinese

Type: multi-person, cooperation, leisure

Introduction: This is a multi-player action shooting game with a bird’s-eye view for up to 4 people. You can play games locally or online through Steam. Use a series of incredible weapons, special equipment, and even mutations to steal the limelight. Beat your opponent out of the water and tear everything around you to pieces. Raise the irritated feathers and become the ultimate winner of the chicken fight.

I am the future: a leisurely doomsday life

I am Future

Date: August 9th.

Platform: PC

Language: Chinese

Type: Construction, Sandbox, Life Simulation

Introduction: "I am the future" is a leisure survival game, in which players will build a warm and comfortable roof camp in the flooded last city. Build farms, cook delicious food, disassemble tools to make resources, hire cute robots to automatically handle chores, and uncover the mystery behind the extinction disaster.

Hyperdimensional game Neptune GameMaker R:Evolution

Neptunia Game Maker R:Evolution

Date: August 10th.

Platform: PS5/4, NS

Language: Japanese

Type: RPG, quadratic

Introduction: "Adult Neptinu", a girl who travels in many dimensional worlds, will be the president of the game company, and together with three new goddesses, set off a revolution of game manufacturers.

Lost gods: role-playing musicals

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical

Date: August 10th.

Platforms: PS5/4, XSX|S, XB1, NS, PC.

Language: Chinese

Type: plot, adventure, single person

Introduction: gods, love, murder, and musicals? ! In this world, Greek gods hide the mortal world; And you will play Grace, bringing friends, rivals and lovers into your music world with touching music, thus changing your destiny and uncovering the mystery of the death of the "last muse".

Sanglingji decoction

Zombie Soup

Date: August 10th.

Platforms: NS, PC, PS4/5

Language: Chinese

Type: action shooting, overlooking angle, barrage.

Introduction: People in the town have become zombies! Ricky, a teenager on a graduation trip, was involved in this storm when he first arrived. In order to save the girl "Ashley" kidnapped by Dr. Evil, she resolutely took the mysterious talking skeleton "MC Cool Lou" to embark on the adventure of saving the United States by a hero.

Waiting for him will be hordes of zombies, well-designed challenges, and leaders with absurd and bizarre abilities.

Fanchang strategy


Date: August 10th.

Platform: PC

Language: Chinese

Type: strategy, turn-based and role-playing.

Introduction: Banchou Tactics is a turn-based strategy RPG featuring Japanese unhealthy youth. In a city in Japan, a bloody dispute between three universities began a few years ago. Rong University, Nakamura Industrial University, and Hong Kong University. Three high-efficiency into madness.

the millionaire of 3 kingdoms v

The Millionaire of 3 Kingdoms V

Date: August 10th.

Platform: PC(Steam)

Language: Chinese

Type: turn-based, strategy and card.

Introduction: The classic strategy game landed on Steam, [added 3vs3 battle system] [optional master upgraded to 21] [freely allocated pet upgrade and learning points] [collected resources to build historical buildings] [increased equipment to 5 parts] [launched a timely turnaround battle with over 100 kinds of clever cards] [one-machine four-person battle mode]

Dust-laden mainland

Atlas Fallen

Date: August 11th.

Platforms: PS5, XSX|S, PC

Language: Chinese

Type: Action, Role Playing, Exploration

Introduction: Rise in the dust and walk against the sand in this eternal land, which is full of ancient dangers, mysteries and fragments of the past. Use powerful sand power weapons and superpowers to fight spectacular superpowers and hunt legendary monsters.

Warring States Dynasty (Preemptive Experience Edition)

Sengoku Dynasty

Date: August 11th.

Platform: PC

Language: Chinese

Type: simulation, adventure, role-playing

Introduction: In an open world of feudal Japan, villages were built and managed. Survive, explore, meet unique characters and build your dynasty. Choose to fight alone or cooperate with others.

Space mechanic simulator

Space Mechanic Simulator

Date: August 11th.

Platform: PC

Language: Chinese

Type: simulation, space, leisure

Introduction: Become a space mechanic! Get your hands dirty, explore the depths of space, and repair broken machines. Use charts and tools to diagnose problems, carry out maintenance, manage your resources, and watch the simulated machine come to life. Or just stare at the beauty of the solar system.

Westward Journey-Liulizhan

Journey to the West Glass Cup

Date: August 14th.

Platform: PC

Language: Chinese

Type: 2D platform, plate cleaning action, roguelike

Introduction: This is a horizontal action adventure game, interspersed with rougelike and puzzle-solving elements, and with the three realms where monsters and ghosts coexist as the background, telling the story of Lao Sha and other westward journey characters before learning the scriptures, in which the player’s perspective will follow the bearded protagonist to collect glass fragments and cross this dangerous and enchanting world.

Moving around 2

Moving Out 2

Date: August 15th

Platforms: PS5/4, XSX|S, XB1, NS, PC.

Language: Chinese

Type: cooperation, leisure

Introduction: "Moving around" is back, and it is even weirder than before. Now there is an online play mode! Go back to Packmore and use your moving technology to shuttle between new dimensions and some old love. Help rebuild Smooth Moves and become a star employee of F.A.R.T (furniture planning and moving master)!

Pathfinder (Preemptive Experience Edition)


Date: August 16th.

Platform: PS5/4, PC

Language: Chinese

Type: role-playing, action, adventure

Introduction: Become a pathfinder, shine brilliantly on your own road and game style, and repel the hostile forces occupying your world at the same time. Control chaos, and shape and make endless adventures with friends by yourself, because pathfinders will be stronger if they unite.

Kasimov (Preemptive Experience Edition)


Date: August 17th

Platform: PC

Language: Chinese

Type: role-playing, tactics

Introduction: In this dark turn-based looting and evacuation RPG, play a mercenary of a well-fought private armed company. Challenge the cruel battle and manage your spaceship, pile up the way forward with the lives of countless clones, and finally unlock the dark secret that threatens the life of the whole universe.

Shadow deception: cursed pirates

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew

Date: August 17th

Platforms: PS5, XSX|S, PC

Language: Chinese

Type: strategy, tactics, role-playing Introduction: Welcome to the lost Caribbean! In this stealth strategy game, join a ghost ship with a fresh soul and gather a group of cursed pirate crew. Accept the supernatural forces gladly to fight against the fierce inquisition army, and then obtain the mysterious treasure of the legendary Captain Mordechai.



Date: August 18th

Platforms: PS5, XSX|S, PC

Language: Chinese

Type: Strategy, Colonization, Survival

Introduction: Gold is a single-player adventure strategy game. To survive in this dark fantasy world, you must build your own town, but if you want to win, you must conquer the darkness lurking outside the city gate.

Smurf go-karting

Smurfs Kart

Date: August 22nd

Platforms: PS5/4, XSX|S, XB1, NS, PC.

Language: Chinese

Type: racing, cartoon, multiplayer

Introduction: Who is the fastest Smurfs in town? This will be the question you need to answer in this dynamic go-kart racing game in the Smurfs world! The whole family can choose a Smurf, its go-kart and special power, and then you can start wild racing! Start perfectly, find a shortcut, use the right props at the right time, and surpass your opponent! Whether you are a novice or an experienced driver, you can play alone or with friends and family … Try to win the first prize and show others who is the fastest Smurfs!

Legend of the immortal

Immortals of Aveum

Date: August 22nd

Platforms: PS5, XSX|S, PC

Language: Chinese

Type: action, fantasy, first person

Introduction: The Legend of the Immortal is a first-person magic shooting game, and the game story revolves around the protagonist "Jacques"; Facing this precarious world, Jacques joined the elite battlemage order and undertook the mission of saving the nation.


Fort Solis

Date: August 23rd.

Platform: PS5, PC

Language: Chinese

Type: thriller, cinematic, adventure

Introduction: The framework of Solisburg is built on the ground and underground. The base includes various locations, and each location has its own surface and subsurface checkpoints. Players can explore the surface damaged by the storm and isolated from the world, without any light, creepy maintenance passages, or help many departments such as engineering, medical care and communication to ensure the daily operation of Solisburg. As the story unfolds, you can revisit these places at will to learn more about the story, or continue to serve as the background of Jack’s fate as time goes by.

Jisu Cycling 5


Date: August 25th.

Platforms: PS5, XSX|S, PC

Language: Chinese

Type: motorcycle, sports, racing.

Introduction: In RIDE 5, get your engine running and get ready to rush to the track. This will be an adrenaline-filled game experience at any time, so real that it seems that it is really going beyond the limit. In this ultimate motorcycle game, you will find your favorite motorcycle and keep discovering new surprises! You can race on more than 35 tracks and collect as many as 200 motorcycles from world-renowned car factories. Each design element is designed to give you a real motorcycle driving experience.

Blasphemy of God II

Blasphemous II

Date: August 25th.

Platforms: PS5, XSX|S, NS, PC(PS4 and XB1 versions will be launched later).

Language: Chinese

Type: Galaxy-like Demon City, Action, 2D

Introduction: "Penitent No.1" woke up in "Blasphemy of God 2" and once again fell into an endless journey against "miracle". Go deep into this dangerous new world, which is full of mysteries and secrets waiting for you to discover. Many terrible enemies will stop you from completing your goal. You must fight your way out and find a way to completely end this cycle.

Armored core 6: realm skyfire


Date: August 25th.

Platforms: PS5/4, XSX|S, XB1, PC

Language: Chinese

Type: Mecha, Combat, Action

Introduction: "Armored Core 6: Skyfire" is a brand-new action game born after Bandai Nanmenggong Entertainment and FromSoftware re-examined the concept of "Armored Core" series of games by using the accumulated knowledge and experience in the development of various action games. Players can play in various ways by assembling AC. According to the choice of parts, in addition to the attack mode, the action and combat mode will also bring changes. Players can plan different unique body strategies to challenge different tasks.

Bee island

Bee Island

Date: August 26th

Platform: PC

Language: Chinese

Type: Strategy, Sandbox, Construction

Introduction: Control the hive and protect it from enemy attacks. Building factories, world miracles and national defense. Study technology and use nuclear weapons if necessary, but don’t let the enemy hurt the queen!

Goodbye, volcano high.

Goodbye Volcano High

Date: August 29th

Platform: PS5/4, PC

Language: English and Japanese

Type: Music, Plot, Hand-painted

Introduction: Goodbye volcano high is a film narrative adventure about love, change and the end of an era. After the last year of high school, they tried to get things done before graduation.

Under the blue waves

Under the Waves

Date: August 29th

Platforms: PS5/4, XSX|S, XB1, PC

Language: Chinese

Type: ocean, atmosphere, exploration

Introduction: "Under the Blue Waves" is a narrative-driven adventure game, which shows the swallowing power of sadness. The story takes place in the depths of the North Sea in the 1970s, a fantasy world of science and technology in the future. In the story, professional diver Stan will struggle to overcome a major change in his life and embrace a new future. The loneliness in the deep sea became the concentrated expression of his inner state, and when Stan was immersed in the loneliness imposed on himself, he began to experience one bizarre event after another under the blue waves. He will eventually have to make a hard choice …

Agatha christie-hercule poirot: The London Case

Agatha Christie: Hercule Poirot – The London Case

Date: August 29th

Platforms: PS5/4, XSX|S, XB1, NS, PC.

Language: Chinese

Type: adventure, action, visual novel.

Introduction: In this detective adventure game, you will become a famous detective hercule poirot and cooperate with Lloyd’s of London to ensure the transportation, protection and sales of precious paintings in Ramaglia. This painting will be the core exhibit in the new exhibition of the London Museum, in addition to other church art works borrowed from Brussels. For the first time, players will cooperate with Arthur Hastings, Poirot’s famous partner in the book, to solve new mysteries together. In the thrilling new chapter of hercule poirot’s youth, experience new places, adventures and partners.

Strategic thinking: the spirit of freedom

Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty

Date: August 29th

Platforms: PS5/4, XSX|S, XB1, PC

Language: Chinese

Type: turn-based tactics, military, World War II.

Introduction: This is a turn-based strategy game driven by the history of World War II. You will lead the Finnish army, which is short of manpower, to participate in the winter war, the continuation war and the Lapland war, so that your country will not be swallowed up by the red threat. Don’t Molotov!

Nightmare in the daytime: Sandcastle 1994

Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle

Date: August 30th.

Platforms: PS5/4, XSX|S, XB1, PC(NS version will be launched later).

Language: Chinese

Type: horror, third-person shooting, survival

Introduction: This is a third-person story-driven survival horror game, and the last part, Nightmare 1998, has been well received by critics. Dalila Reyes (formerly a government spy), who became a secret agent, shouldered the mission of HADES (Six Nuclear Rescue and Search Department) and went into the most famous and mysterious place in the world.

Sea of stars

Sea of Stars

Date: August 30th.

Platforms: PS5/4, XSX|S, XB1, NS, PC (PS+ 2nd and 3rd gear and XGP are added for the first time).

Language: Chinese

Type: turn-based, role-playing, pixel

Introduction: This is a turn-based role-playing game that pays tribute to the classics. Players will play the role of two sons of the double solstice, gathering the power of the sun and the moon to cast the magic of star eclipse, so as to fight against the horrible creation under the evil flesh and blood warlock.

Happy samba rock and roll party

Samba de Amigo: Party Central

Date: August 30th.

Platform: NS

Language: Chinese

Type: rhythm, music, somatosensory.

Introduction: This work is a brand-new series of rhythmic action game Samba de Amigo, which has won high praise on arcade, DC, Wii and other platforms and can be easily played by anyone. Take Joy-Con of NS as a sand hammer, aim at the time when the "rhythm ball" flying with the music enters the effective area, and find the right angle to swing Joy-Con! Players can dance or pose according to the instructions on the screen and enjoy the fun of the game in the cheerful rhythm of popular music.

Trinity 5: clockwork conspiracy

Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy

Date: August 31st

Platforms: NS, PC, PS4/5, XSX|S, XB1.

Language: Chinese

Type: action adventure, platform, puzzle solving, cooperation.

Introduction: In the fifth series of games, three heroes with the same soul will fight against the most cruel and treacherous enemies and crush their ambition to control the kingdom. Time is pressing, come and save the world.

How 2 Escape

Date: August 31st

Platform: PC, NS, Xbox, PS

Language: English

Type: puzzle solving, cooperation, multi-player.

Introduction: an escape simulation game, two players need to cooperate in asymmetric game mode and equipment. The first player showed the role of being trapped on the train on the PC, exploring and playing with the environment. The second player will use the special free companion application to get all kinds of information, and try to understand how to help the first player and escape from this unfortunate trip. (Get the free How 2 Escape companion application on iOS and Android)

Bouncing monster! He is only 1.98 meters tall, but he can touch the upper edge of the rebound. This talent is too exaggerated

Coen Carr, a rookie striker at Michigan State University, became popular in America.

The cause of the incident was that when he took part in the physical examination, he just touched the upper edge of the rebound with a simple run-up.

You know, Coencar is only 2 meters tall.

The last player who could touch the upper edge of the rebound was retired superstar Garnett, but Garnett’s height was 2.11 meters. …

Coen Carr is 18 years old and a basketball player from Texas, USA.

He plays the position of defender on the court, is good at holding the ball and breaking through, and often completes the interception of opponents in the penalty area, which is pleasing to the eye.

In high school, Coen Carr was the top 60 player in the United States and won the McDonald’s All-Star Dunk Contest.

He gave the impression that he could jump at that time, but he didn’t expect to jump so much. …

In the last year of high school, Coencar averaged 20.9 points, 9.6 rebounds, 1.6 steals and 1.7 blocks per game.

He is often compared with Zion because of his excellent athletic ability and brutal way of playing.

The evaluation given by the scout report is that it has the ability to block multiple positions, strong strength and quick pace.

If more offensive moves can be added, the election may cause a large-scale sensation and predict the top ten in the first round.

In terms of athletic ability, Coen Carr is indeed very similar to Zion. Both of them are jumping men with explosive physical qualities.

If he can improve his shooting to above average, he also has a chance to be selected in the high pick.

This kind of talent is visible to the naked eye and has a certain sense of defense, which has been very popular in recent years.

Reddish of the Lakers, for example, and Kuminga of the Warriors, for example, all have average skills, but they are in good health, and finally they all become lottery shows.

Of course, the premise is to have self-discipline. If you can’t keep your mouth shut like Zion, even the best talent will be abandoned.

Casemiro’s field data: 1 goal, 4 shots, 5 steals and 3 key passes.

Live on May 20 th, casemiro scored the only goal in this round of Premier League Manchester United’s 1-0 victory over Bournemouth. The following are his specific data in this field:

Competition time is 90 minutes.

1 goal

93 touches of the ball

74 passes and 59 successes.

Three key passes

Nine long passes and eight successes.

Four shots, two straight shots.

15 confrontations, 9 successes

Second clearance

Two interceptions

Five steals

Sofa score 8.5

(Chenpi is not orange)

Premier League: Newcastle VS Wolves. Wolves have an outstanding ability. Is it difficult for Newcastle to play an advantage?

I just wrote a German B game, and everyone should have seen it. Here, let’s talk about another Premier League focus game, Newcastle versus Wolves!

I talked to Wolves several times this season, and each time they were injured at least three or four times in the front line. Last November, it was the most serious. One game was short of five strikers, playing Tottenham Hotspur, and Wolves injured Diego Costa. Jimenez has recently returned. Although he hasn’t scored yet, he has gained an assist by playing Fulham, and his contribution has surpassed that of other Wolves centers by playing the threat made by Tottenham Hotspur.

As we all know, Wolves’ lack of forward power is very prominent this season, and Everton gave them the bottom before, but after these two games, Everton also overtook them, and Wolves finally became the team with the least goals in the Premier League.

They struggled out of the quagmire of the relegation zone, and now they have risen to the 13th place in the standings, mainly relying on the defensive end. Wolves have always been good at defense, and they are even more conservative when they are guests. They won’t let go of the attack when they play Southampton and Everton. Today, they challenge Newcastle in different places, and there is no accident or the main tone of defense. The two flanks of Wolves are the key to their solid defense and threat.

Under the training of winger Loppert Ji, Wolves’ two wingers are very strong, and playing Tottenham Hotspur on the court is a good manifestation of two points. First, they can limit their opponents’ cross, especially in the second half, it is difficult for Kane to get in touch with his teammates; Second, the Wolves’ goal came from Moutinho’s possession of the ball and his assignment to the wing, which effectively opened the defence of Tottenham, and then found an angle to hit the door quickly, which made Tottenham suffer.

Today, Newcastle, which they are going to play, is also a team that relies on a large number of wingers to attack.

In the game, St. Maximin relies on the support of Qiao Lin and Dan Bourne to dominate the left impact, while Almiron draws on the right side, and Trippier takes on the task of crossing the ball from the side or rib part. This combination is Eddie Howe’s most conventional offensive strategy.

However, there is little quick linkage between Newcastle’s two wingers. Usually, they finish on one side, pass the ball back to the middle and split the side again, thus completing the change of attack direction. In this way, the opponent will have enough space and time to complete the defensive position selection and coordination.

Therefore, we can see that Newcastle can only score in the middle of the Premier League in the case of strong impact, which has seriously dragged down their progress. Today, Wolves, with good defense and strong wingers, may not play easily.

What’s more, Newcastle are short of suspended Jorington today, and Scheer may not be able to play. Jolington played like a duck to water after being transformed into a midfielder, and was successfully elected as the MVP player in February. He has both physical fitness and speed, and he has a strong sense of position. He can form an effective strong point in Newcastle midfield and support the impact of St. Maximin, which is the key to Eddie Howe’s tactical implementation. Without him, Newcastle’s left threat will drop a lot.

As for Fabian Schell, the defense is also quite stable this season. His air confrontation ability is the strongest in the team, and he can also serve the ball. His long-range shooting ability is excellent. Without him, the loss may not be limited to the defensive end.

As we all know, Newcastle are the team with the fewest goals conceded in the Premier League, with a strong defense, and goalkeeper Pope is also the goalkeeper with the most goalkeepers in the Premier League. According to the front line of Wolves, it is really too difficult to break their goal.

But as we said earlier, Newcastle’s attack problem is also relatively objective. Under the restriction of Wolves’ flank, it may not be so easy for Newcastle to play an advantage. It is my current opinion that Newcastle will join Wolves or shake hands with both sides. What’s your opinion?

Tevez revealed that he hated Sir Alex Ferguson and informed him to move to Manchester City before the Champions League final! Revenge on Manchester United and renege

Argentine star Carlos Tevez, nicknamed "The Beast", is an enhanced version of Wehorst, who can score goals and catch up with his own bottom line from the front line. However, because of the transfer, he finally fell out with Sir Alex Ferguson, and even raised the slogan "Sir Alex Ferguson rests in peace" after moving to Manchester City. Even now that he has retired, the 39-year-old Tevez still resents the way Sir Alex treated him at Manchester United.

Tevez was loaned to Manchester United in 2007, during which he performed well, scoring 34 goals in various competitions and winning two Premier League titles and the Champions League trophy. However, Tevez did not complete the permanent transfer to the Red Devils. In 2009, he joined rival Manchester City, where he spent the next four seasons. Tevez insists that Sir Alex Ferguson was the reason for his decision to move to Manchester City.

The Argentine Beast stressed that he wanted to stay at Old Trafford, but Sir Alex made a false promise to him. Manchester United didn’t buy him out, so he didn’t hesitate when he received the invitation from Manchester City. "I don’t need to think too much, because I am angry with Ferguson. Tevez told ESPN, "As a coach, he is a phenomenon. He has been teaching at a club like Manchester United for so long, but something happened between me and him. 」

Tevez explained in detail: "I was loaned to Manchester United, and finally he told me:" Manchester United will buy you out, but I will bring Berbatov. Don’t worry, I brought him in to compete fairly with you. We will talk to your agent and reach an agreement on the contract and transfer. But in the end, they didn’t call the broker, and nothing happened. Time is running out. They began to want to lower my price. Every time I play, I perform, and the fans shout names. This is a year-long digestion process. 」

According to Tevez, before the 2009 Champions League final, he told Sir Alex Ferguson that he would join Manchester City as a revenge for United’s reneging on their words in the past year. "I have more or less accepted Sheikh Mansour’s proposal. After the final, I will take a private jet to meet him in Abu Dhabi with my family and solve the contract problem with Manchester City. All this happened before Manchester United’s Champions League final," Tevez added. "The day before the Champions League final against Barcelona, I told him that I would join Manchester City. 」

Tevez started 18 games in the Premier League that season and scored 5 goals, which he was not satisfied with. In that Champions League final, Sir Alex Ferguson finally arranged for him to play as a substitute in the second half, playing 20 minutes earlier than Berbatov, but neither of them played a role. Barcelona beat Manchester United 2-0. "Ferguson kept saying that he was going to buy me that season, and then he brought in Berbatov and didn’t let me play in the league. "The beast vomited.

Tevez then added: "It was like a dagger for him to tell him before the final that I was going to join Manchester City. But it is also true for me, because I love Manchester United. But for me, he didn’t keep his promise for a whole year, and he made me miserable. It hurts me a lot because I love Manchester United. I like playing football at Old Trafford. Playing football there is like a bomb explosion. It gives me that feeling. Then the chief came, and they told me that they wanted me to be the standard bearer of Manchester City. He showed me the blueprint for the future, just like the club is today. 」

After the official transfer of Tevez, Manchester City released a controversial advertisement in the local area, in which Tevez opened his arms and the poster read "Welcome to Manchester". Tevez later made 148 appearances for Manchester City, scored 73 goals and assisted 35 times, which helped the team win the Premier League and the FA Cup. However, his time with the Blue Moon also ended in a broken relationship because of falling out with coach Mancini.