1-3! Bayern’s third-line collapse? High-level fatuous, cold feet brew bitter fruit, Na Shuai smiled.

1-3! Bayern’s third-line collapse? High-level fatuous, cold feet brew bitter fruit, Na Shuai smiled.

In the 33rd round of the Bundesliga, Bayern’s first match was reversed by Leipzig 1-3, and the prospect of winning the championship was not optimistic. If Dortmund wins, it will overtake Bayern and lead the Bundesliga by 2 points.

After losing this game, Bayern scored only 68 points in 33 rounds of Bundesliga this season, which is their lowest score in the same period in the past 11 years.

Now the opportunity has come to Dortmund’s side. Dortmund made a mistake before, and now he is holding back his strength. And now the state is in good shape, and there are enough people in all positions. This is also the closest time for the old rocket to the salad plate.

In this game, everyone knows that Leipzig is desperate, but only the Bayern team doesn’t know that the spirits of the two sides are completely different in the whole game.

Compare the positive degree of both sides, and then look at Bayern under Heynckes and Frick. Whether they are ahead or behind, they are all fighting one by one. Now?

1-3! Bayern’s third-line collapse? The change of coach at the cold feet made the bitter fruit, and Na Shuai smiled. Before the coaching change, he lost three games, and after the coaching change, he drew two games and lost three games. When tuchel came, he also vowed to win the three championships, only to lose the German Cup in a few days.

When nagel Osman was here, at least three championships were very promising, and the odds of winning the Champions League even tied with Manchester City for the first place. It’s really amazing that tuchel can fight from the third line and bring it to nothing.

Looking back now, it was really unwise to change coaches at the beginning. As a result of this year, the whole club has problems from top to bottom, and no one wants to run away, but the management has a bigger problem.

Even the head coach who can lose the Bundesliga championship can still enter the new season. Bayern executives really have to seriously evaluate it. At least see if tuchel shows anything that can change the team’s ability? Don’t want to do it or can’t do it? Two months, nothing new and nothing changed. Can a center really solve all the problems?

Now Bayern doesn’t have a big center, but does nagel Mann? No, it’s the same. The three lines go hand in hand.

It is obvious that the top management changed coaches at the last moment for their own face. It is wise to change coaches at the end of this season. It is the last node of the season to change coaches, that is, to find trouble for themselves, and the results were not bad at that time.

I don’t know if Kahn has any problems, but Sally has a big problem. For so many years, I have never really strengthened the team.

The six-time champion signed a contract the summer before, and after winning the six-time champion, he fought infighting with Frick on the backhand. Backhand sent away Alaba and boateng, and abolished Frick’s main players.

After so many years, the replacement of the two wings has not been solved, and the players who signed for themselves at a high salary have been arbitrarily paid, and now the salary structure in the team has exploded.

Let Lewan go and sign a horse to fool the fans. I tried to force Neuer into the palace before, but now a lot of people have been signed in the defence, but now it’s really defensible. Professional ability is not good, playing politics and demagoguing people is something he understands. Only four big losses can punish the arrogance of dismissing the head coach in Bayern’s three-line championship competition.


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