China men’s basketball team won by 20 points, Cui Yongxi and Wang Zhelin played well, and they will play against strong European teams.

China men’s basketball team won by 20 points, Cui Yongxi and Wang Zhelin played well, and they will play against strong European teams.

Li Kaier definitely won’t play in the China men’s basketball match against Cape Verde. Cape Verde’s strength is not bad, and it is a positive team in the World Cup. Zeng Fanbo, Yu Jiahao and Sun Minghui had a truce, Zhao Jiwei was put on the bench, and Zhao Rui took the place in the starting lineup.

Four teams from Italy, China, Cape Verde and Turkey participated in the Trentino Cup. The competition lasted for two days, and the winner of the first day will play the final the next day.

Qi zhou scored the first goal in the basket, Zhou Peng fouled twice in a row, and tavares, the first center in the Champions League basketball game, played. His height reached 221cm, and qi zhou had no advantage over him. The opposite three points are very stable, and the difference is opened to ten. He Xining, Zhang Zhenlin and Zhu Junlong successively hit three points and scored a wave of 11-0 lead!

Hu Jinqiu and Wang Zhelin played at the same time, Wang Zhelin scored 2+1 at the basket, and then made four consecutive fouls and made one penalty. In the first quarter, China led by 4 points.

Hu Jinqiu hit a 3-pointer from the bottom corner, Zhao Jiwei was knocked down by Correa for a layup, and Zhang Zhenlin directly plugged Zhao Rui into the inside and scored easily. The opponent’s defensive strength has improved, and the score difference is shrinking. Qi zhou stepped out in time to beat tavares to the basket. A bunch of walking players in Cape Verde made a lot of mistakes.

Zhao Jiwei was blocked by his opponent, Fang Shuo hit a three-pointer on the buzzer, and China led by seven points at half-time.

Cui Yongxi’s soft touch hit the first goal in the second half, and Zhao Jiwei once again helped Cui Yongxi to smash in the air! Very hot! The opponent also hit three three-pointers. After playing, Wang Zhelin succeeded in continuous attack, and Fang Shuo scored 2+1. Both teams were efficient in attack. Zhu Junlong and Fang Shuo hit three points successively, among which Fang Shuo scored another three points! China has led by 17 points after three quarters.

Zhang Zhenlin made an empty layup, Cui Yongxi made a wonderful breakthrough on the pull rod and made a counter-layup. The opponent hit three points in a row and the momentum of chasing points was very strong. Cui Yongxi hit a key three-pointer, and he and Zhang Zhenlin were really surprises for the men’s basketball team. Cui Yongxi dunked again and became the last thigh. Hu Mingxuan also ushered in the opportunity to play, and Cui Yongxi scored three points again. There are too many differences. qi zhou and Wang Zhe are not even on the team. We use substitute players such as He Xining, Hu Mingxuan and Fu Hao. Fu Hao also hit a three-pointer, and the game was decided.

In the end, China won a big victory 86-66!Among them, the third section has great advantages. In this game, both Wang Zhelin and Cui Yongxi played well, and Cui Yongxi alone could cut out five excellent goals. This game also basically laid a place in Cui Yongxi’s 12-person list! The next game is likely to be against Italy, a strong European team. It is also possible that Li Kaier stayed against Italy, so he didn’t play in this game.

As there is no technical statistics released for the time being, it will take some time to have more specific information.

China team starting: Zhao Rui, Cui Yongxi, Zhou Peng, Zhang Zhenlin and qi zhou.


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