Chasing the light | Feel the scenery with running, and add a touch of green to "Suhe Half Horse"

Chasing the light | Feel the scenery with running, and add a touch of green to "Suhe Half Horse"

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Chasing the light | Feel the scenery with running, and add a touch of green to "Suhe Half Horse"

"The first time I ran half a horse on the Suzhou River, the track was so beautiful!"

Liu Min, a female special guest.

Cross the finish line in 1 hour, 13 minutes and 19 seconds.

Become the champion of the women’s team in this competition.

But compared with the bright results that I ran out of.

Liu Min’s greatest feeling is the beautiful scenery on both sides of the track.

At 7 o’clock on April 22,

The morning sun shines on Jin Hui.

The 2023 Shanghai Suzhou River Half Marathon, which was held for the first time, started with the gun fired.

There are 4,000 participants in the competition.

Different from other events, it mainly uses municipal roads to plan the track.

The track of the first "Suhe Half Horse" was two thirds.

Located along the Suzhou River.

Mary crossed the finish line first.

Won the championship in 1 hour, 03 minutes and 46 seconds.

Liu Min became the first in the women’s group.

The race completion rate reached 98.78%

"Leave the best resources to the people"

A hundred years ago, Suzhou Riverside was the birthplace of modern national industry.

With the opening of Suzhou waterfront at the end of 2020,

"Semi-Masuhe" has become the golden business card of Putuo District in Shanghai.

A "semi-Masuhe" vitality show belt that is livable, suitable for business, suitable for travel and suitable for music was born.

The wind blows thousands of trees and waters.

"Semi-Masuhe" 18 Bay

Penetration of space along Suzhou Creek

Let both sides of the beautiful river turn into cultural and sports venues for citizens.

Ran past Shanghai Textile Museum and Gu Zhenghong Memorial Hall …

Human landscape and natural landscape complement each other.

A brand-new track

Connected in series along the Suzhou River, the "mother river" in Shanghai.

Ruins of industrial civilization sites

And modern creative buildings.

Thick industrial civilization, colorful mass life and pleasant ecological base.

Many runners are intoxicated and linger.

Liu Min said: "Especially when running through the half Masuhe Park.

I can’t help looking around.

I almost forgot that I was here to compete.

I’m going to visit the park after running. "

Feel the city scenery with running.

It is a unique experience of marathon.

Shanghai has focused on people’s needs in recent years.

Reasonable arrangement of production, living and ecological space

Let the city become a paradise where people can live and work.

It also brings more surprises to marathon runners around the world.

In Putuo District, Shanghai, the venue of this "Su River Half Horse"

The 21km coastline of Putuo section of Suzhou Creek has been fully connected in recent years.

We are building a world-class waterfront on this basis.

21 kilometers is close to the distance of a half marathon.

This has also become the origin of "Su River Half Horse"

Feel the city scenery with running.

It is becoming a new expectation for more runners.

On the same day, Daning Functional Zone 2023 Shanghai Jing ‘an Women’s Half Marathon fired the gun and started.

Players cross the international film and television circle around the "DreamWorks" in the central city of Shanghai.

Passing Lingshi Road, which is known as the "Cosmic E-sports Center"

Passing through commercial landmarks such as Daning Music Square …

"Both sides of the Pujiang River are already running resorts.

More good places are still emerging.

Where to run?

Now it is a happy worry. "

Runner Jia Li said.

In the future, a series of mass sports events

It will also focus on the "semi-Masu River"

Paddle boards, frisbees, football, drones …

Colorful series of mass sports events of "about fighting Su River"

Will last from April to December.

Reporter: Wu Zhendong, Xu Dongyuan, Fang Zhe, Xin Mengchen

Reporter: Liu Yang

Editor: Ji Jiadong, Zheng Zhi


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