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Song Dandan’s "Peach Blossom House" famous scene, suffocating paternalistic authority was scolded for hot search.

After "Fifty Kilometers of Peach Blossom House" was broadcast in the first season, the awkward social interaction between Song Dandan and young people triggered a heated discussion. Since the second season of "Fifty Kilometers of Peach Blossom House" was broadcast, Eric Wang has become the only guest who has been shut out by Song Dandan. The life scene with the nature of the workplace has been constantly enlarged under the lens, and the misplaced intervention of the concept of the order of the young and the old has finally staged a situation of "countless minutes of embarrassment" led by Song Dandan. The high-density stalk-making ability and variety scenes in Taohuawu are even compared to the replica of Flowers and Teenagers 2, which will once again push Song Dandan, as the focus figure, to the forefront.

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"Nine Minutes of Awkwardness in Peach Blossom House" was pushed to the hot search, and Song Dandan became the storm point of this embarrassing incident.

To put it simply, the second season of "Fifty Kilometers of Peach Blossom House" was initially made like a meeting for newcomers to the workplace. This season’s program not only involves performance appraisal, but even "democratic voting" to send the guests with the lowest contribution value to the uninhabited island.

The life scene with the nature of the workplace has been constantly enlarged under the lens, and the misplaced intervention of the concept of the order of the young and the old has finally staged a situation of "countless minutes of embarrassment" led by Song Dandan.

The high-density stalk-making ability and variety scenes in Taohuawu are even compared to the replica of Flowers and Teenagers 2, which will once again push Song Dandan, as the focus figure, to the forefront.

△ Image content: Song Dandan forces everyone to dance in groups.

Song Dandan’s condescending speech with elders’ color was criticized for "selling the old by leaning on the old", including the bonfire party arranged by force in the program and the social terrorism activities from women’s group dance to group dance, but there were also criticisms on the understanding of the intergenerational gap between Song Dandan and young people, the recognition of efficient communication, and the push-pull vague speech of other guests (except Eric Wang).

△ Image source: Weibo User Comments

As early as the first season, Song Dandan’s awkward social interaction with young people triggered a heated discussion. The appearance of Eric Wang this season exposed the social problems of Song Dandan and other young guests. Eric Wang, who has received much attention and controversy because of ipartment, can be regarded as a "model" with strong personal will and self-persistence. Since the second season of "Fifty Kilometers of Peach Blossom House" was broadcast, Eric Wang has become the only guest who has been shut out by Song Dandan.

Obviously, under the social norms embedded by the concept of the order of the young and the old as the underlying logic, it is not simple for the younger generation to balance truth and confront paternalistic authority in a discourse circle full of workplace meaning, but in a collective community basically composed of young people,Paternalistic speech and subjective intimacy can not simply be attributed to the intergenerational gap.

Transferring the truth and keeping it true

The real boundary in the collective discourse circle

In the collective community,Transferring the truth becomes a kind of safety fence for self-protection.

Song Dandan’s paternalistic speech and performance-oriented program arrangement made this variety show a career test. This also means that young guests are bound to face a difficult choice: one is to disobey parents’ authority but be criticized. For example, Li Xueqin suggested that everyone should not rob the job, and Song Dandan immediately refuted and criticized it after a reasonable division of labor; The other is to transfer one’s true thoughts to conform to the group norms led by Song Dandan.

Obviously, most of the guests chose the latter. In fact,In the situation of collective expression or even collective aphasia, surrendering the truth becomes the best measure to escape the pressure. By surrendering the truth, the guests create their own security boundary.However, the security boundary shaped by individuals themselves is weak and narrow, which can’t withstand the impact and blow from the top pressure, and even further encourages the overlooking from the top.

△ Image source: Weibo User Comments

Obviously, transferring the truth is not an effective and reasonable way of collective discourse expression.In pushing and pulling, it not only intensifies the contradiction itself, but also wears away the power that really dares to refuse.In the presentation of the program, the real voice needs two factors, one is the absolute authority and the confidence given by the authority, the other is the paid warmth and collective voice without the authority.

As an old guest who has participated in the first season of the program, Song Dandan is carrying a kind of overlooking psychology of "I have more experience", and her paternalistic authority and the intervention of leadership thoughts are more reasonable to promote the attitude of "I should lead the overall situation". At the same time, it is obvious that the newcomers who just met can’t gather quickly and form a consistent resistance strategy in a short time, which also makes Song Dandan’s voice more and more intense while other guests can only listen to the arrangement.

△ Image content: Song Dandan proposed to hold a party.

It can be seen that the group norms of respecting elders and giving priority to experience in the program have become a chain that binds young guests, and the blade behind it is constantly wearing away and consuming their true selves.

On the surface, it is Song Dandan’s criticism that makes others breathless.Behind it, it profoundly reflects the helplessness of other young guests in the face of paternalistic authority and the reluctance to surrender the truth and conform to the norms.

Some netizens even commented that "if it is quiet, it will be different."

△ Image source: Weibo User Comments

Through the embarrassing nine minutes, we can see,In the collective discourse circle, the real boundary always gives way to the existing social norms or those shaped and formed by others to a certain extent.As the only Eric Wang who firmly refused Song Dandan’s arrangement, he won the applause of other guests, but others still couldn’t escape the arranged bonfire party and group dance.

What needs to be broken from transferring the truth to maintaining the truth is not only the shell of self-protection, but also the iron wall formed by existing norms.

Fuzzy intergenerational gap

True paternalistic authority

Undeniably, paternalistic authority is vividly interpreted in Song Dandan. The unspoken "I’m good for you" is vividly presented in Song Dandan’s lecture hall on marriage experience and life principles.

In the program, Song Dandan tells his own experience, which is classified as inferiority complex. namely"People’s strong inferiority complex will make you very rude inexplicably, so when someone is rude to me, I think he must be too inferior."

△ Image source: Song Dandan’s inferiority theory

It is naturally inappropriate to discuss this truth out of context, but in the collective community dominated by Song Dandan at that time, some netizens could not help but put this truth in the existing relationship, seeing it as a way for Song Dandan to establish and maintain its own authority, and even slightly smacked of PUA.

For example, "Li Xueqin was rude to me, so Li Xueqin felt inferior".

Regardless of whether the logical transformation from "inferiority leads to rudeness" to "you are rude to me, so you feel inferior" is smooth or not, such truth and expression actually contain hidden authoritarian ideas and commanding consciousness.

When forming a new collective, establishing authority is the first task of such elders. At the same time, the formation of Song Dandan’s natural leadership situation also proves that the establishment of authority is unnecessary. In the "inferiority theory" she conveyed,I am also rationalizing my psychological burden and strengthening the personality trial of "inferiority" that the younger generation needs to bear for being rude to her.

This proves that,Long-term paternalistic authority has become a habit and a matter of course, spreading around like cells integrated into capillaries.

△ Image source: Weibo User Comments

However, it is obviously inappropriate to blur such behavior with forced guidance into an intergenerational gap. Even from the idea of "for everyone’s good",Song Dandan’s self-identity and self-dedication, which obviously bears the imprint of the times, will inevitably hit a wall in the social circle dominated by the younger generation.

For example, in the part of holding a bonfire party and performing a program, the problem is not only that singing and dancing is no longer the first choice for the younger generation to break the ice, but also the oppressive feeling that Song Dandan forcefully binds others together on the grounds of "group building".The friction behind this and the audience’s anger were not that Song Dandan proposed to hold a bonfire party, but forced others to participate in it.

△ Image content: Dylan, Li Xueqin opposed the bonfire party

If surrendering the truth is the self-protection and compromise of the younger generation in the face of paternalistic authority, thenIt is Song Dandan’s responsibility to build his own authority blindly in dealing with young people.

In the collective life composed of young people, it is the correct starting point to integrate into dialogue. Equating experience with life experience, and molding one’s absolute authority on this ground is actually to further widen the intergenerational gap, and also to throw off the responsibility that one should bear in integrating into the new social rules.

It is much simpler to simply export ideas than to change behaviors. Song Dandan chose to form a collective around himself by creating authority. On the one hand, he was afraid that the patriarchal ideology in the traditional concept would be impacted and his position would be impacted. On the other hand, he was afraid that he would be difficult to integrate into the collective formed by young people.

Obviously, the generational divide cannot be a shield for paternalistic authority, and the gap that has already formed also needs to be changed by the elders.

Light produces shadows, but shadows follow light. Listening and dialogue can win the recognition of the younger generation more than instilling stories.

△ Image content: Song Dandan criticized everyone

Beyond parental authority and intergenerational conflict

Can you spy on an intimate relationship?

Song Dandan’s speech drew the audience back to "Family with Children" overnight, showing a kind of intimate relationship between mother and child/mother and daughter that she wanted to build.

Song Dandan was given an intimate perspective on the childhood filter with children at home, but after too oppressive "doting", intimate relationship became another generation term of suffocation.

In such a dialogue and exchange, the oppressive and compulsory export of the concept of elders makes the intimate relationship give way to the superficial discipline and conflict.But what is undeniable behind it is the goodwill from the perspective of self.For example, the initial intention of Song Dandan’s proposal for the party was to quickly narrow the distance between the guests, but there was a deviation in the choice of ways.

△ Image content: The initial intention of holding a party in Song Dandan

Aside from the specific realistic situation, the original intention of the elders is naturally to consider their younger generation, but the misplaced background of the times and the embedding of role identity make the original intention of the elders distorted in the process of communication.Behind it also reflects a kind of intergenerational trauma that continues in society.

Intergenerational trauma refers to the trauma that is transferred from the first generation of survivors of traumatic events to their next generation or the next generation through the mechanism of PTSD, which is manifested in excessive control or the transmission of social norms and beliefs.

When contemporary trauma becomes a microcosm of the times, elders hope to pass on their own trauma in the process of growing up, resulting in a forced discipline and output. "Fulfilling my (parents’) wishes" is a simple manifestation of intergenerational trauma.Adding what you think is right or wrong to the younger generation blindly has become a way for elders to heal their own wounds but express goodwill inappropriately.

△ Image content: Song Dandan provides marriage advice to Dong Xuan.

However, the intimate relationship without the connection of blood and kinship in the program obviously cannot quickly run into the contradictions brought about by the intergenerational gap. The expression of intimate relationship will inevitably give way to the community with interest attributes.

This also shows that when the intimate relationship with self-awareness of elders is rejected, we should reflect on whether it is in line with the public interest in the process of establishing intimate relationships. Simply put,The intimate relationship formed by Song Dandan’s self-identity collides with the newly formed public community with interest attributes, and the already misplaced and untimely intimate relationship is more prominent in the conflict of interests.

The intergenerational gap is the product of the times, which is difficult to bridge in a short time, but changing paternalistic authority can make the communication of intimate relationship more open and direct. Breaking the parental filter of "I am good for you", the true colors of the younger generation are equally colorful.

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The number of treasures "hidden" has changed dramatically in 70 years | the per capita increase is 23 kilograms! A large number of fruits and vegetables are placed on the plateau people’s dining table

According to the statistics of Xizang Autonomous Region government, thanks to the expansion of vegetable planting area in plateau and the popularization of healthy eating concept, compared with the initial period of the 13th Five-Year Plan, in 2020, the per capita food consumption of Tibetan farmers and herdsmen decreased by 126kg, and the per capita vegetable consumption increased by 23kg. The food consumption of Tibetan people changed from staple food to non-staple food, and the diet structure of plateau people became more diversified and healthy.
Since the peaceful liberation of Tibet for 70 years, the Party and the government have always regarded the "vegetable basket" project as an important task to improve people’s livelihood. By promoting the construction of protected vegetable production bases, cities and towns have solved the constraints of climate and other factors on vegetable production, and the vegetable production capacity has been significantly improved. In 2020, the vegetable planting area in Tibet will reach 258,200 hectares, with an annual output of 843,400 tons. According to the latest population data of 3,648,100 in Tibet, the per capita possession of local vegetables exceeds 230 kilograms.
Vegetable farmers in Bailang County, Shigatse City, Tibet are picking in greenhouses (photo taken on May 28, 2016). Xinhua News Agency reporter Jue Guo photo
Early in the morning, Lausanne, a citizen of Lhasa, came to the Bayi Agricultural Products Market in Lhasa, not far from home, to buy food.
"In the past, Baba was the staple food for three meals a day. Now, I only eat Baba for breakfast, and I basically eat stir-fry and rice at noon and evening." Lausanne said with a smile, "I couldn’t eat vegetables before, but now I can buy all kinds of vegetables and fruits."
Daguo, from Ningzhong Township, Dangxiong County, is a merchant in Bayi Agricultural Products Market. His booth is full of fresh yak meat. Not far away, Wu Fangzhen, a fruit seller from Chongqing, ushered in the first transaction after the stall-a Tibetan aunt bought a bag of fresh air-delivered lychees.
"I have been in Tibet for almost 20 years. At first, I washed dishes in restaurants in Lhasa. Later, with savings, I took a fancy to Lhasa’s spending power and sold fruits." Wu Fangzhen said.
The small booth is filled with a dazzling array of fruits, including bananas and apples, as well as tropical fruits such as durian and jackfruit. Customers who come to buy are in an endless stream, many of whom are regular customers.
Lhasa citizens choose vegetables at Bayi Agricultural Products Market (photo taken on June 4, 2021). Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Yiqing photo
In old Tibet, vegetables were synonymous with luxury goods, and eating vegetables was the privilege of the upper class aristocrats. Many serfs never even tasted vegetables all their lives.
On May 23, 1951, the Central People’s Government and the local government of Tibet signed the Agreement on Measures for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet, and Tibet was peacefully liberated. The following year, soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army stationed in Lhasa reclaimed more than 2,300 mu of wasteland on a barren beach in the western suburbs, and set up a "Bayi Farm" with more than 300 people, which not only planted highland barley, but also planted Chinese cabbage, radish, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, apples and other fruits and vegetables.
Tan Rongsheng, the son of Tan Guansan, the former political commissar of the 18th Army, said that the output of vegetables planted by the People’s Liberation Army reached the highest level in Tibet at that time. Many people couldn’t believe their eyes. They didn’t expect such good vegetables to grow on the land where they lived for generations.
According to Deji Zhuoga, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Lhasa Pure Land Bayi Farm Co., Ltd., Bayi Agricultural Products Market belongs to Bayi Farm, which is still able to continuously produce fruits and vegetables and contribute to the balanced diet of Lhasa citizens.
Children at Hongxing Community Bilingual Kindergarten in Jixiong Town, Gongga County, Shannan City are having lunch (photo taken on November 25, 2020). Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Yufeng photo
The changes in the diet structure of plateau people are not only reflected in Lhasa. In Ali area, known as the "roof of the world", with the completion of vegetable production bases in recent years, local people have also eaten "home-grown" fresh vegetables, ending the history of little local vegetable output and relying on long-distance transshipment from other places.
Gaize County is a pure animal husbandry county with animal husbandry as its pillar industry in Ali area. The long-term shortage of vegetable supply led to the imbalance of local people’s diet structure, which increased the risk of cardiovascular diseases and was not conducive to the improvement of physical fitness and health level. Today, the vegetable shed in Gaize County Industrial Park is full of spring, and 33-year-old Yang Jin is working.
"In the past, we seldom ate green leafy vegetables. Now that we have eaten our own vegetables, we still have a net income of 3,000 yuan per month, and we are practical and happy. " Yang Jin said.
Text reporter: Si Yuan, Jin Yiqing.
Photo shoot: Jin Yiqing, Zhang Rufeng, Jueguo
Video shooting: Si Yuan
Poster shooting: Pubuzhaxi
Poster production: Zhang Chen, Tenzin Nubu

The latest research found that exercising at this time every day is more helpful to control sugar!

The latest research shows that sugar friends exercise in the afternoon to help control sugar!

A recent study shows that afternoon exercise is more helpful to improve the blood sugar level of overweight or obese patients with type 2 diabetes. ①

The researchers found that the blood sugar level of diabetic patients who took moderate to high-intensity exercise in the afternoon decreased the most, especially in the first year of intensive lifestyle intervention. In addition, some researchers have found that afternoon exercisers are also more likely to reduce the dosage of hypoglycemic drugs.

Wu Na, chief physician of the Department of Endocrinology, Shengjing Hospital affiliated to China Medical University, wrote in the Health Times in 2019 that diabetic patients are advised to choose sports that are beneficial to whole-body exercise, conform to their hobbies, have strong maneuverability and are easy to adhere to for a long time, such as walking, jogging, gymnastics, swimming, climbing stairs, dancing, playing ball, cycling and playing Tai Ji Chuan. ②

Health times chart

It is suggested that these groups of people exercise in the afternoon.

1. Patients with heart disease: It is advisable to exercise in the afternoon or evening.

Qian Yufeng, an attending physician in the Department of Cardiology, Hangzhou First People’s Hospital, Zhejiang Province, wrote in the Health Times in 2016 that 6-9 am is the "early peak" of heart attack every day, because the human body is relatively short of water in the morning, and the blood is thick and prone to thrombosis. At the same time, the blood pressure in the morning is the highest in a day, which is easy to cause the shedding or rupture of atherosclerotic plaques, leading to acute cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events. Therefore, it is best to avoid this peak period and arrange it in the afternoon or evening.

Exercise regularly, first of all, it is necessary to quantify, it is best to exercise for 3-5 days a week, and the heart rate should be controlled at no more than 100 times/minute after exercise, and it is appropriate to have no chest tightness and asthma. It is also necessary to make appropriate adjustments according to the patient’s age.

You can try the following three steps to exercise:

Prepare for 5-10 minutes first;

Then start normal exercise, such as walking, jogging, etc., lasting 15-30 minutes, which can also be extended according to the heart rate;

Finally, relax for 10 minutes to let the heartbeat slowly return to normal. ③

Zhang Jian, chief physician of the Heart Center of Beijing Chest Hospital, wrote in the Health Times in 2018 that patients with coronary heart disease should slow down or stop their activities if the following four signals appear during exercise.

1. Chest pain or angina pectoris;

2. Asthma or dyspnea that does not match the amount of exercise;

3, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, pale face, cyanosis, cold hands and feet or wet cold;

4. Physical and mental fatigue or muscle soreness, inappropriate heartbeat or blood pressure reaction, such as the heartbeat has exceeded 100 beats/min at rest, the heartbeat or blood pressure changes more than 20 beats/min or 20 mm Hg during activities within 3 weeks after myocardial infarction, and the heartbeat or blood pressure changes more than 30 beats/min or 30 mm Hg during activities within 6 weeks after myocardial infarction. ④

Second, patients with hypertension: it is best to exercise at noon or afternoon.

Cheng Yi, deputy chief physician of Cardiovascular Department of the First People’s Hospital of Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, wrote in 2022 that the best exercise time for patients with hypertension is generally at noon and afternoon every day, because the air in this period is relatively clean, and the air pollution is more serious in the morning and evening.

In addition, if you exercise too early in the morning, it is easy to increase your blood pressure. At the same time, you can eat something light before going out to exercise. ⑤

Third, patients with gout and high uric acid: it is best to exercise in the afternoon.

WeChat official account, from the Department of Rheumatology and Immunology of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, issued a document in 2018, saying that it is not suitable for exercise in the acute stage of gout. At this time, it is necessary to rest, minimize joint activities, and stay in bed. If joint symptoms are serious, the affected limb can be braked.

It is best for gout patients to exercise in the afternoon, that is, after lunch to dinner. Choose some simple and gentle sports, such as walking, Tai Ji Chuan, aerobics, cycling and swimming, especially walking, cycling and swimming. It can be supplemented by appropriate resistance exercises and joint flexibility exercises. Start with a small amount of exercise, step by step, prevent excessive exercise, and take micro-sweating as the degree. ⑥

This article is synthesized from:

①Qian J, Xiao Q, Walkup MP, et al. Association of Timing of Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity With Changes in Glycemic Control Over 4 Years in Adults With Type 2 Diabetes Fr om the Look AHEAD Trial. Diabetes Care. 2023 May 25:dc222413.

②2019-04-19 Health Times "Sugar Friends Exercise One Hour After Meal"

③2016-11-04 Health Times "Exercise for heart disease should be from bottom to top"

④2018-08-10 Health Times "Four Signals Prompt to Slow down Exercise"

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Source: Health Times

NBA schedule

Note 1This schedule is Beijing time.
Note 2: CCTV-5 refers to the sports channel of CCTV, which is broadcast live every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday; Local stations include Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi, Xinjiang, Hubei, Shandong, Heilongjiang, Guangxi, etc. Among them, Heilongjiang broadcasts live every Monday, Thursday and Sunday, Guangxi broadcasts live every Sunday, and other local stations broadcast live every Thursday and Sunday.
Note 3: The live broadcasts of some local stations may be different from those of other local stations.
Note 4: The changes of live broadcast of local TV stations are subject to the TV station’s forecast.

Bouncing monster! He is only 1.98 meters tall, but he can touch the upper edge of the rebound. This talent is too exaggerated

Coen Carr, a rookie striker at Michigan State University, became popular in America.

The cause of the incident was that when he took part in the physical examination, he just touched the upper edge of the rebound with a simple run-up.

You know, Coencar is only 2 meters tall.

The last player who could touch the upper edge of the rebound was retired superstar Garnett, but Garnett’s height was 2.11 meters. …

Coen Carr is 18 years old and a basketball player from Texas, USA.

He plays the position of defender on the court, is good at holding the ball and breaking through, and often completes the interception of opponents in the penalty area, which is pleasing to the eye.

In high school, Coen Carr was the top 60 player in the United States and won the McDonald’s All-Star Dunk Contest.

He gave the impression that he could jump at that time, but he didn’t expect to jump so much. …

In the last year of high school, Coencar averaged 20.9 points, 9.6 rebounds, 1.6 steals and 1.7 blocks per game.

He is often compared with Zion because of his excellent athletic ability and brutal way of playing.

The evaluation given by the scout report is that it has the ability to block multiple positions, strong strength and quick pace.

If more offensive moves can be added, the election may cause a large-scale sensation and predict the top ten in the first round.

In terms of athletic ability, Coen Carr is indeed very similar to Zion. Both of them are jumping men with explosive physical qualities.

If he can improve his shooting to above average, he also has a chance to be selected in the high pick.

This kind of talent is visible to the naked eye and has a certain sense of defense, which has been very popular in recent years.

Reddish of the Lakers, for example, and Kuminga of the Warriors, for example, all have average skills, but they are in good health, and finally they all become lottery shows.

Of course, the premise is to have self-discipline. If you can’t keep your mouth shut like Zion, even the best talent will be abandoned.

Two contracts were signed overnight! Dongqiqi was injured, Davis was the first in history, and the Lakers became the winner.

On August 5th, Beijing time, news came from the NBA free market, and two contracts were signed, among which Nilikina signed the Hornets for a part of the one-year guarantee contract, and Davis reached an early contract renewal with the Lakers, among which Davis also set a record for the first time in history. Dancsics was almost injured in the warm-up match of the national team, and the Lakers gained a lot in this offseason and became the winner.

According to Woj, free agent Nilikina signed the Hornets on a one-year partial guarantee contract.

Nilikina also almost left the NBA. Before he got the Hornets contract, he also received an offer from the French team. He played for the Lone Ranger last season, averaging 13 minutes per game, only contributing 2.9 points and 1.2 assists. He also failed to get the team’s contract renewal, and it is unknown whether he can stay with the Hornets this time.

The Lakers reached an early contract renewal with Davis, and the two sides signed a three-year $186 million contract. There were media reports last month that the Lakers would not offer Davis an early contract renewal. I didn’t expect this to be reached. Among them, the Lakers were full of sincerity, and Davis naturally had no reason to refuse. With the renewal of the contract, Davis’ contract will expire in 2028, when he is 35 years old and will basically stay in Los Angeles. Davis’s performance on the court is still very good, so his attendance rate is a little bad. Once he can stay healthy, he even has the opportunity to hit the MVP.

As Davis reached this contract, he became the first person in history, surpassing Jay Brown, with an average salary of 62 million dollars. With the general increase in league salaries, these records will be constantly refreshed. Brown has just signed the first contract in history that exceeds 300 million US dollars, and then it may be 400 million US dollars, and the annual salary may exceed 70 million US dollars.

Dancsics is preparing for the men’s basketball World Cup on behalf of Slovenia, but in the warm-up match with Greece, his knee went wrong, he collided with his opponent in the first half, then limped off and rested, and he didn’t play in the second half. For this situation, the team is also very cautious. Fortunately, there is no serious problem. If Dancsics is injured at this time, it will not only affect the Slovenian prospects, but also get the lone ranger into trouble.

After successfully renewing the contract with Davis, the Lakers’ operation this summer is still very smooth, and the depth of the lineup has been successfully improved. The new season is still worth looking forward to. This summer, the Lakers not only renewed Russell, Reeves and Hacun, but also signed Vincent, Prince, Hayes and Reddish, plus James and Davis, as well as Vanderbilt, which has the opportunity to become a favorite for the championship.

[Super Three Satellites] Fujian sturgeon will welcome the Guiyang Division.

Satellite match of China three-person basketball league

The 2023 China Three-Man Basketball League Satellite Competition (hereinafter referred to as "Super Three-Satellite Competition") will be held in Guiyang Future Ark Square on August 4-6, Beijing time. Fans and friends can get free tickets to watch the game on the spot or watch the live broadcast through Migu Sports and other channels. Fujian sturgeon stars face Yunnan Sports Lottery, Qingdao Guoxin and Guizhou Aofu at this station.

Up to now, Fujian Sturgeon Star ranked sixth in the standings of Super Three Satellites with 7 wins and 14 losses. Kamiran can get 9.4 points per game, ranking first in the scoring list of super three satellites.

The whole market: Inzaghi will continue to coach Inter Milan and prepare to discuss the transfer strategy with Mallota.

Live on May 20th According to all market reports, Inzaghi will continue to coach Inter Milan and will discuss the transfer strategy with Mallota this summer.

According to the report, although Inzaghi understands that the club has been supporting him, he also understands that the club has been evaluating the situation in real time. From this point of view, it is very important for Inzaghi to win the Milan derby and advance to the Champions League final. Inzaghi is good at controlling the situation and the cup, and he is leading Inter Milan to dream of the Champions League.

Zhang Kangyang, president of Inter Milan, had confirmed the position of Inzaghi Jr. Now, it seems that Inzaghi Jr. will continue to coach Inter Milan next season. Next, Inzaghi will hold a meeting with Mallota and Ausilio to discuss the transfer strategy this summer, so as to know whether Inter Milan will try to buy out Lu Kaku, introduce someone as a substitute for Correa and skrinjar, whether it can resist other teams’ offers to lautaro, what strategy the team will adopt if brozovic leaves the team, the signing strategy of goalkeeper and winger and the renewal of some players.

In short, there are still many uncertain things in the future of Inter Milan, and many positions may go in and out, but Inzaghi will continue to coach Inter Milan and become the nucleus of Inter Milan’s future.

Parisians left to contemplate familiar failure

Paris Saint-Germain were convinced that persuading Kylian Mbappe to stay would finally deliver them Champions League glory, but the failure to build a strong enough team around the France superstar has contributed to another early European exit.

A 2-0 loss to Bayern Munich in Germany saw the Qatar-owned club lose their last-16 tie 3-0 on aggregate, falling in the first knockout round for the fifth time in seven years.

There were celebrations last May when Mbappe agreed a new three-year contract to stay with Lionel Messi and Neymar in the French capital rather than join Real Madrid.

The appointments of super scout Luis Campos as head of recruitment and Christophe Galtier as coach to replace Mauricio Pochettino were supposed to be followed by the building of an exciting new team.

“It is not about the construction of the squad. It is just the story of the season,” said Galtier. “We were missing important players. The squad, over the two legs, was seriously weakened.”

He had a point, with Mbappe only able to make a cameo appearance off the bench after a thigh injury as PSG lost 1-0 in the first leg.

Neymar is missing with an ankle injury, while Presnel Kimpembe is out and fellow defenders Marquinhos and Nordi Mukiele both came off during yesterday’s game.

“It has been a very busy season. Players’ bodies have been asked to do a lot,” Galtier said.

“There was the World Cup, and obviously when you get to the last 16 it is good to have everyone available.”

PSG placed their hope in Mbappe and Messi turning the tie around in Munich, but the Argentine World Cup winner had little impact while the 24-year-old Mbappe saw just 32 touches of the ball.

“As I said in my first Champions League press conference this season, we were going to do our maximum. The truth is this is our maximum,” admitted Mbappe, whose own future will now again become the subject of increasing speculation

Tiger’s ex-girlfriend wants gag removed

Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend has filed a lawsuit seeking to be released from a nondisclosure agreement that she says the golf star made her sign in 2017, court filings showed.

Erica Herman, who lived with Woods at his Florida mansion until late 2022, filed the request in Florida court.

According to records, Herman’s attorneys are arguing that the NDA she signed is “invalid” under the Speak Out Act. It makes NDA unenforceable in cases involving sexual assault and harassment.

On the filing which reads “Does this case involve allegations of sexual abuse?” Herman’s attorneys have chosen “Yes.”