Why did Sun Yingsha lose her crown in 0-4? Chen Meng told the truth, and Deng Yaping hit the nail on the head.

Why did Sun Yingsha lose her crown in 0-4? Chen Meng told the truth, and Deng Yaping hit the nail on the head.

The highly anticipated Macau Championship is in full swing. On the other hand, the performance of Guoping is as strong as ever. Fans who watched the live broadcast know that China won the championship and runner-up in men’s and women’s singles. In men’s table tennis, Wang Chuqin defeated Japanese star Zhang Benzhihe again, successfully defending the honor of the national ball. Malone defeated a 19-year-old genius boy and reached the final. In women’s table tennis, Chen Meng defeated Sun Yingsha, and the state recovered. Manyu Wang defeated Wang Yidi to join forces with Chen Meng.

On the other hand, among the four semi-final matches, Sun Yingsha’s match against Chen Meng caused a lot of heated discussion among fans, and many fans wondered why Sun Yingsha lost the championship in 0-4. Fans who often pay attention to table tennis know that the women’s table tennis team has not had a new captain since Ding Ning retired. Nowadays, many fans think that Sun Yingsha’s time is coming and she is expected to be the captain of the women’s table tennis team. Therefore, Sun Yingsha’s match against Chen Meng is also considered as a struggle between the old and the new.

Since Sun Yingsha was coached by Qiu Yike, Sun Yingsha’s progress is visible to the naked eye, her backhand ability is strengthened, and with her invincible forehand and her brain playing, many fans are very optimistic about Sun Yingsha. After all, Chen Meng lost more games in the previous games, and Sun Yingsha played better than Chen Meng in recent games, so many fans were optimistic that Sun Yingsha could win the championship again before the game.

But the final result was that Chen Meng swept Sun Yingsha 4-0 to reach the final? Fans who watched the live broadcast knew that Sun Yingsha was not so excited about the game against Chen Meng. Although she was in the lead many times, she played fairly well at the crucial moment, giving Chen Meng many chances to get started. Obviously, Sun Yingsha’s desire for victory was not so great. After the game, Chen Meng told the truth in the interview. Chen Meng said:SallyLisa has played too many games recently, and she is very tired. Maybe her state has been affected, so she can’t play so well.

It’s true that Sun Yingsha has played many games recently, beating many foreign experts. The foreign war has not disappointed the fans, but playing high-intensity games continuously consumes Sasha a lot. In addition, Sun Yingsha’s feet were uncomfortable in previous games, so this time she may be in a bad state against Chen Meng. Attentive fans found that Qiu Yike, Sun Yingsha’s head coach, didn’t play with Sun Yingsha in the recent game. Now Sun Yingsha may be in a state of free-range, which definitely has an impact on Sun Yingsha.

Deng Yaping previously commented on Sun Yingsha’s game in the commentary. Deng Yaping previously said that the reason why China table tennis is strong is that we have an excellent team of coaches, who can study opponents and make reasonable plans before the game. Players are prone to get hot heads on the court, but the coach on the sidelines can be said to be calm, so Qiu Yike did not follow Sun Yingsha in the game, which still has a great impact on the outcome.

Of course, some fans think that the reason why Sun Yingsha lost 4-0 to Chen Meng may be thoroughly studied by Ma Lin. When it broke out that the players in the Macau Championship were trained, Ma Lin specially instructed Chen Meng one-on-one. After all, Ma Lin was Chen Meng’s mentor. At the same time, Chen Meng was born in 1994 and is now 29 years old. If she is defeated by Sun Yingsha this time, it will inevitably make people vomit that Chen Meng was walked to the World Table Tennis Championships. Therefore, this game is of great significance to Chen Meng. From all aspects, Sun Yingsha is more likely to lose.

Competitive sports is cruel because there is only one champion, and Sun Yingsha defeated Chen Meng 0-4. Personally, I think it is a little abnormal. According to Sun Yingsha’s strength, it is understandable to lose 2-4 or 3-4, but being swept 0-4 is not in line with Sun Yingsha’s strong personality. However, it is a fact that Sun Yingsha lost 4-0 to Chen Meng, and there is no win or loss for the big family of Guoping. After all, Sun Yingsha is called a foreign war hero in defending the honor of Guoping against foreign association players. Now losing to Chen Meng does not mean anything.

Whether it is Sun Yingsha, Chen Meng, Manyu Wang and others, the strength is even. If there is no injury, the outcome of the game depends more on the state of the scene, but it has to be said that Chen Meng is not dominant compared with Sun Yingsha and Manyu Wang, and the future belongs to Sun Yingsha, Manyu Wang and others, right?


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