Howard: Harden is a younger Kobe. I could have stayed with the Lakers longer.

Howard: Harden is a younger Kobe. I could have stayed with the Lakers longer.


Dwight Howard, whose name was once a big MAC in the NBA, was a common rival of Yao Ming and Kobe Bryant. However, time flies and Howard’s career has experienced ups and downs. Recently, he talked about James Harden in a program and evaluated his cooperation with Kobe.

Howard said that he regards James Harden as a younger Kobe Bryant. Although he didn’t mean to disrespect James, at that time he felt that his combination with James could become a new OK combination. He believes that cooperation with James will be better than cooperation with Kobe. If he can carefully consider his decision without emotion, he will probably stay with the Lakers.

Recalling the 2012-13 season, Howard and Kobe only cooperated for one season, and then they had an open conflict. Howard accused Kobe of being a "bully", while Kobe retorted that Howard was not tough enough. In the offseason in 2013, Howard chose to join the Rockets and became a teammate with James Harden.

However, the cooperation between Howard and Harden did not achieve much success. Although Harden gradually played the level of a historical offensive player, Howard began to decline seriously from the Lakers period. His personal level and reputation plummeted, and he finally joined the Eagle in 2016 and began his wandering career.

Last season, Howard moved to Taiwan Province League in China, trying to find himself. However, although he used to be the top center in NBA, the passage of time and his own changes have made the world of Warcraft in the inside thread a memory.

For Howard, his career is full of regrets and possibilities. If he can get better cooperation with Kobe Bryant and Harden respectively, or be more stable during the Lakers period, his career may be different. However, the reality is cruel, and now Howard needs to face his own decline and new challenges.

Nevertheless, Howard’s experience is still instructive to many fans. His career tells us that even in the face of difficulties and challenges, we need to stick to our beliefs and try to find ways to cooperate with others in order to succeed. Although Howard’s career can no longer be brilliant, his story is still worth remembering and thinking about.


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