After divorcing Pippen, Larsa has changed multiple boyfriends. Jordan’s son is the best, and his brother and sister are excited.

After divorcing Pippen, Larsa has changed multiple boyfriends. Jordan’s son is the best, and his brother and sister are excited.

The NBA star continued to take a vacation, and time passed so quickly that it came to August in a blink of an eye.

In the past 2-3 months, Pippen’s ex-wife Larsa Pippen has become one of the most concerned celebrities in the league. Her popularity once surpassed Booker’s ex-girlfriend Jenna, as well as former NBA champion khloe kardashian and the famous kim kardashian.

When it comes to Kardashian, many fans will think of it as "the best defensive team in the NBA". Once upon a time, Larsa and Kardashian sisters were close friends, especially kim kardashian and khloe kardashian. They used to go out on vacation, attend parties, fashion activities and be models together. Two years ago, Larsa took a fancy to tristan thompson, who was dating khloe kardashian at that time. Larsa and Thompson went out for a room date many times. Khloe kardashian didn’t know all this, but Larsa told Thompson about dating directly in an interview with TV station to show off. khloe kardashian was very angry, and the Kardashian sisters broke up with Larsa.

Larsa and Pippen, a famous NBA player, had a long and wonderful time after they got married. Larsa gave birth to four children for Pippen, and their marriage lasted for 23 years. Two months ago, when Larsa was interviewed, he recalled his married life. Larsa said: "I am actually very happy after 23 years of marriage. I have to exercise with Pippen four times a day. During the 23 years of marriage, I almost never stopped." Hearing Larsa’s words, many fans gave Pippen a thumbs-up in succession. It seems that Pippen was also "gifted" in those days.

Perhaps the 23-year marriage has exhausted all the novelty, and Pippen occasionally goes out to make love, so Larsa divorced Pippen in a rage. After the two sides separated, Larsa began to look for boyfriends. His goal was aimed at the NBA, from Molander to Timberwolves star Beasley, as well as tristan thompson and Larsa.

At the end of last year, Larsa started dating Jordan’s son markus jordan in Miami. They spent Christmas and New Year together, and now they have been dating for more than half a year. A few days ago, Marcus took Larsa to play golf. Three hours ago, Larsa took a photo of himself and his boyfriend Marcus. Although Larsa is 16 years older than Marcus, there is no generation gap between them.

In the past several boyfriends, Marcus is the richest and treats Larsa with the most care. Marcus used to be called Aunt Larsa, but now he is called Baby directly. Some fans said that it was very exciting for Larsa to do this, and her ex-husband Pippen was very angry.


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