"After 00" vs. Zhao Ruliang won the first Chinese billiards world championship.

"After 00" vs. Zhao Ruliang won the first Chinese billiards world championship.

Original title: "After 00" vs. Zhao Ruliang wins the first Chinese billiards world championship.

The 6th China Billiards Association Chinese Billiards World Championship ended on 16th in Yushan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province. In the men’s final held on the same day, Zhao Ruliang beat Shen Shenyi 41:28 in the dialogue between two "post-00" players and won the first Chinese billiards world championship.

The men’s final is 41 wins in 81 games, which is divided into four stages. Zhao Ruliang ended the first stage with 11:7, and once expanded the number of leading games to 8 in the second stage; Shen Shenyi launched a counterattack at the end of this stage, and the two sides entered a state of seesaw in the third stage; Zhao Ruliang, who is more experienced in the competition, entered the fourth stage with a 32:24 lead by a small high tide at the last minute.

At the beginning of the fourth stage, Zhao Ruliang quickly entered the state, and further expanded its advantage at 36:24. After a wave of scoring climax, he got the match point early at 40:26, and won the third match point with a clear shot, winning the championship and taking away the 3 million yuan championship prize. The runner-up Shen Shenyi received 1.2 million yuan.

The men’s team of the Chinese Billiards World Championships is strong, and none of the top 16 professional men of the Chinese Billiards Association is absent. All the four former champions, Elton, Shi Hanqing, john young and Zheng Yubo, appeared. Zhao Ruliang studied under john young, and eliminated Master in the semi-final and entered the final. Shen Shenyi defeated the dark horse Xu Tianwei in the semi-final. In the third and fourth finals, Xu Tianwei broke out in the second stage, and defeated john young to win the third place at 21:15.

This World Championships is divided into men’s and women’s groups. In the women’s final that ended before, Tang Chunxiao defeated Liu Xiazhi 19:9 and also won the championship for the first time.


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