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Cadres walk into the live broadcast room to promote products to help increase income (a new observation of cadres’ state)

Lu Hongping is broadcasting live in strawberry greenhouse. Photo by Han Xichen

Video screenshot of Gao Shilong’s live broadcast with goods. Information picture

Arjun (left) is bringing goods live. Information picture

  Editor’s note: The sudden epidemic situation has a great impact on the sales and circulation of agricultural products. In order to help overcome poverty and increase the income of fellow villagers, party member cadres in some places walked into the live broadcast room, or tried to introduce them on the spot, or used their talents to drain, trying to open up sales in the form of live broadcast with goods. What is the effect of the live broadcast of cadres with goods? In the long run, can a sustainable mechanism be formed, and what aspects need to be improved? This edition approaches the cadres who live broadcast with goods, pays attention to their thoughts and deeds, and talks about their wishes and hopes.

  "Friends, this is the blueberry I picked today. It tastes crisp and sweet and has high nutrition. Hurry to buy it in buy buy!" At 8 o’clock on the evening of March 25th, Lu Hongping, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Yanghe Town, jiaozhou city City, Shandong Province, munched on locally produced blueberries and interacted enthusiastically with netizens in the live broadcast room. At the bottom of the screen, the constant influx of netizens likes, sends flowers and leaves messages … … The sales of blueberries also went up, selling more than 500 kilograms that day.

  In order to alleviate the unsalable agricultural products caused by the epidemic, party member cadres from many places across the country joined forces with e-commerce and short video platforms to walk into the live broadcast room to help fellow villagers bring goods. Lu Hongping is one of them. However, unlike professional anchors, live broadcast is just a way for cadres to help get rid of poverty and serve the masses.

  Why did you walk into the live broadcast room?

  Products are unsalable, people are anxious, and cadres are worried. I look forward to bringing goods online to open up the situation.

  The day before the first webcast, Gao Shilong, the "anchor", stayed up almost all night. As the first secretary of Dabeishan Village, Longquan Town, Jingyu County, Jilin Province, the slow sales of local products in the village made him anxious to get angry in recent days.

  Talking about the original intention of doing live broadcast, Gao Shilong said frankly that he was "dissatisfied": "I saw some anchors carrying goods, and thousands of goods were robbed in a few seconds. I also want to try and bring goods to everyone."

  Someone once advised him to find a professional anchor, who is experienced and knows marketing, and the effect is not bad. However, most of the agricultural products in Dabeishan Village have low added value and short circulation cycle, so it is not worthwhile to pay for the anchor and calculate the economic account. What about the villagers’ live broadcast? Many people are too old to play live broadcast software. After much consideration, Gao Shilong decided to make his own venture. "Short videos and live broadcasts have entered thousands of households. If you can’t keep up with the rhythm, the goods will not sell well."

  Compared with Gao Shilong, who touched the net for the first time and crossed the river by feeling the stones, Arjun, the county magistrate of Henan Mongolian Autonomous County in Qinghai Province, is now a complete "online celebrity Talent". In a live broadcast at the beginning of the year, he, three cadres from other counties and five net reds brought goods worth 12 million yuan in five hours.

  Henan Mongolian Autonomous County, located at the junction of the three provinces, is rich in Hequ horses, Xueduo yaks and Euler sheep, and has a good foundation in animal husbandry. However, traffic congestion has caused "the smell of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley." "Our products are not well-known and lack sales channels." Arjun is in a hurry.

  Two years ago, at a promotion meeting in the eastern coastal areas, an e-commerce company gave him advice to consider using short videos that are on the air. Arjun counted the account: it is too wasteful to take money to find a professional team soon after our county got rid of poverty; Show yourself, and worry that you will be considered "showing off".

  Thinking about it, Arjun chose to appear between being criticized and finding a market. Putting on a Mongolian costume and pointing to a flock of yaks behind him, Arjun shouted to the camera: "If you want to be good and thin, you should often eat more yak meat." Once this short video was launched, the click rate exceeded 30 million. Arjun was surprised and delighted.

  Now, from short video to live broadcast, Arjun calmly eats and chats with the screen, and introduces the customs and tourist attractions of Henan County to the netizens in the live broadcast room, which is handy and humorous.

  "Leading cadres need to do things rigorously and master new tools. I think it is also practical to bring goods live." Arjun said frankly that it is inevitable that there will be various voices on the Internet for the live broadcast of cadres, but only by daring to try can there be a way out. Every product sold is the best help for the masses.

  How to do it in the studio?

  Various forms, product fidelity, cadre endorsement, sales increased, but the sales model needs to be improved.

  On March 8, Gao Shilong, who first tested the live broadcast of water with goods, sold goods worth 7,000 yuan in four hours. This achievement is not outstanding on the internet, but the villagers are very satisfied. Previously, most of the time, the villagers in Dabeishan Village were squatting on the side of the road with a basket of mountain products, and they couldn’t sell much in a day.

  In the live broadcast room, he sincerely said: "Authentic, true story, really affordable, the promised nutritional content is not up to standard, and I will pay you an extra 20,000 yuan out of my own pocket." This self-confidence stems from his understanding of local agricultural products. Since he became the first secretary in the village, he has strictly controlled every link in building factories, grasping quality and shaping brands. Gao Shilong said: "For a few hours online, you have to work hard offline, and the quality must be guaranteed."

  In the past two years, e-commerce has developed rapidly, and live broadcasts have continued to be popular, but problems such as product fraud and difficulties in safeguarding rights have been constant. It is often the anchor who talks nonsense, but the products that consumers get are not satisfactory.

  "I bought his things for the first time, but thinking about the county magistrate’s endorsement should not be fake." Ms. Liu, who placed an order to buy Xueduo dried yak meat, bluntly said that the cadres in the live broadcast room are all real-name certifications, and consumers are more assured.

  Others came out of curiosity. On weekdays, cadres who are sitting in danger and doing things seriously walk into the live broadcast room. Can they put down their airs? Can you understand the online language?

  Jin Hongfeng, the branch secretary of Zhongping Village, Baicaogou Town, Wangqing County, Jilin Province, who has participated in the live broadcast for more than a year, summed up his "secret": singing in seven points and selling goods in three points. In the live broadcast room, he sang the famous Korean song "Red Sun Shines on the Frontier", and he also replied to the barrage sent by netizens. "In addition to selling goods, the live broadcast should also be able to have ‘ Emotional interaction ’ Can’t all be dry product introductions. "

  Because of his height of 2.04 meters, netizens call him "Golden Big Man". Netizens like it and have a high reputation. Jin Hongfeng simply named the local rice and spicy cabbage with this name. The highly personalized image creation has been praised and welcomed by netizens. Last month, a netizen from Heilongjiang came to the village and bought 2000 Jin of spicy cabbage in one breath.

  When cadres walked into the live broadcast room, they gained something and found problems. Lu Hongping, who walked out of the live broadcast room, found that the sales of blueberries declined in the days when the live broadcast was not available, and some netizens could not even find a sales link. The same trouble happened to Arjun. "Some netizens reported that the dried yak meat package was too big, and some people said that it was delivered too slowly." The link to the shopping yellow car in the Jin Hongfeng live page has not been added yet, and consumers have to jump several times if they want to place an order.

  From production and packaging to warehousing and logistics to distribution and after-sales, live delivery is a systematic project involving many links, not just a few hours in the live broadcast room. In this regard, some experts believe that the arrival of cadres can attract traffic; However, brand, word of mouth, efficiency, distribution, after-sales, etc., all need more professional design.

  Where is the prospect of bringing goods?

  Cultivate talents, make characteristics and strict standards, extend the industrial chain and make good use of resource endowment.

  In March of this year, more than 100 county mayors participated in the live broadcast of goods on major online platforms. For a time, the transformation of cadres into anchors was hotly debated by the society. However, there are also many netizens who believe that we should be wary of going through the motions and not turning the live broadcast into a "catwalk".

  "The live broadcast of cadres, the greater effort is actually outside the live broadcast room." Xin Feng, director of the Third Division of the Organization Department of Jilin Provincial Party Committee, said that it is normal to have challenges or even problems when you first come into contact with the live broadcast. The key is to regard the exposed problems as the driving force for improvement.

  In order to solve the problems of low brand and different live broadcast forms, the Organization Department of Jilin Provincial Party Committee initiated the establishment of the "First Secretary Association of Jilin Province" on the basis of preliminary investigation, deeply explored the live broadcast talents among the first secretaries in the village, and invested in the construction of live broadcast rooms, registered the only official account, and used a unified logo to try to change the situation of going it alone.

  "Since you can only be a part-time anchor, you must create more high-quality full-time anchors." Lu Hongping recently set his sights on the young people in the village, and planned to set up a delivery team to make the live delivery sustainable and normal.

  With the anchor, product quality and service experience should also be kept up in time. Arjun said that a bad review will almost make the newly accumulated word-of-mouth go down the drain. To have the confidence to shoot your chest in the live broadcast room, you must have excellent products and quality services.

  In the past, Arjun mostly only sold local dried yak meat, which only needed rough processing. However, there are more and more similar products. How to embody the characteristics, bring forth the new and extend the industrial chain, one problem after another. Arjun collects feedback from netizens during each live broadcast. "We produce what the market needs." Yak chops and special yogurts were put on the line one by one, and meat, milk, skin, hair and bone were processed into products in all directions, which made good use of local resource endowments and revitalized them.

  Grassroots cadres are working hard, and a number of powerful measures have been introduced one after another. Smooth circulation channels, promote accurate docking of production and marketing, and improve the market operation and scheduling mechanism are all helping the special anchors in front of the camera. (Reporter Xu Leipeng, Feng Jiang, Pan Junqiang and Li Jiading)

  People’s Daily (11th edition, April 2, 2020)

Peace, sunshine and fairness! This year’s college entrance examination, these practical measures are very powerful.

  In a few days, the college entrance examination is coming. This year, the number of applicants for the college entrance examination was 10.71 million, and 945,000 invigilators and examiners were arranged. This is the largest organized collective activity in China since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, and it is a major test for the prevention and control of the epidemic normalization. How to ensure the safety, peace of mind, fairness and justice of candidates to take the exam, these practical measures to understand.

  How to do epidemic prevention in college entrance examination? National Health Commission released 10 key measures for epidemic prevention in college entrance examination.

  Official website, National Health Commission, recently released 10 key epidemic prevention measures for the 2020 college entrance examination, which mentioned that all candidates and examination staff can only enter the examination center if their body temperature is below 37.3℃. Candidates who have respiratory symptoms such as fever and cough on the day of the exam will be allowed to use the standby isolation examination room. In low-risk areas, a preventive disinfection should be carried out for the examination room after the examination every day, and in non-low-risk areas, a preventive disinfection should be carried out after the examination of each subject.

  At the same time, candidates in low-risk areas should wear masks before entering the examination room, and they can decide whether to wear them after entering the examination room. Candidates in alternate isolation examination rooms and high-risk areas should wear masks all the time. Staff and invigilators wear masks throughout the whole process, and invigilators and staff in isolated examination rooms must wear work clothes, medical protective masks and disposable gloves, etc., and can wear protective clothing when necessary.

  Ten key measures involve the corner of the epidemic prevention work in the college entrance examination, so as to escort the candidates to take the exam safely.

  Ministry of Education: The highest standards and strictest measures go all out to do a good job in the 2020 college entrance examination.

  Official website, the Ministry of Education, issued a notice on July 2nd, stating that the education department and the member units of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference on the Unified National Education Examination should strictly do a good job in epidemic prevention, examination safety, examinee service, enrollment and other work of the college entrance examination with the highest standards and strictest measures, so as to ensure the realization of "safe college entrance examination", "sunshine college entrance examination" and "fair college entrance examination".

  In terms of enrollment, in view of the hot and difficult issues concerned by the masses, the internal supervision of college enrollment will be strengthened, and a management system of "collective research and collective decision-making" will be established. The discipline inspection and supervision department will supervise the enrollment of colleges and universities throughout the process, encourage colleges and universities to hire social supervisors to participate in the enrollment work, and realize "double supervision" within the system and the public.

  At the same time, seriously carry out the re-examination of freshmen’s admission, and resolutely cancel their admission qualifications and deal with them seriously for those freshmen who cheat, cheat in exams, get extra points or attempt to impersonate; Those who register for school will cancel their school status and will not be electronically registered as freshmen; At the same time, cooperate with public security, discipline inspection and supervision departments to find out the truth and investigate the responsibility of relevant personnel according to law and discipline.

  Many measures in four aspects cover the whole process of the college entrance examination, which makes the cage of the system tighter and makes the candidates feel at ease and practical.

  Public security organs will open three green channels to serve college entrance examination candidates.

  Zhang Zuoliang, deputy director of the Public Security Administration of the Ministry of Public Security, recently introduced that during the college entrance examination this year, the public security organs will open three green channels to serve candidates:

  First, the green channel for resident ID cards. Candidates who need to be expedited and have their ID cards renewed will be given priority in acceptance, certification and delivery. At present, this work has been implemented, and more than 32,000 identity cards have been urgently processed for college entrance examination candidates.

  The second is the green channel for nursing examination. During the college entrance examination, local police officers on duty will provide emergency access facilities for candidates who forget to bring their ID cards, admission tickets, encounter traffic jams and other difficulties, and help candidates arrive at the examination room on time.

  The third is to rescue the green channel. The police on duty will quickly send police and deal with the vehicles that have broken down and traffic accidents, and help contact the vehicles to transfer students if necessary.

  Candidates for the college entrance examination in some parts of China can make an online reservation for the candidates’ car.

  According to Xinhua News Agency, Gaode Map is currently launching the "examinee car" service in many cities such as Beijing. Candidates for the college entrance examination can make an appointment directly online. After the appointment is successful, candidates can enjoy free one-to-one and peer-to-peer delivery and acceptance services during the college entrance examination.

  At present, love motorcades in Beijing, Chongqing, Wuhan, Xuzhou, Lianyungang, Zhengzhou, Qinhuangdao, Zhangjiakou, Jiujiang and other cities have settled in the "examinee car". The team has asked all the team members to check the condition of the car before sending it, communicate with the reserved candidates and survey the route in advance.

  In the aspect of epidemic prevention, in order to ensure health, drivers are required to measure their body temperature before leaving the car every day, wear masks all the time, be ventilated frequently, and be disinfected immediately after completing each pick-up task.

  Experts advise college entrance examination students to improve their immunity. Don’t be greedy and blindly tonic.

  As the college entrance examination approaches, how to scientifically improve the immunity of college entrance examination students is a concern of many parents. Nutrition and health care experts remind parents not to give their children too much greasy food, and not to supplement candidates with too much protein and fatty food. Diet should be light.

  At the same time, when the weather is hot, it is not recommended for college entrance examination students to eat too much cold drinks and carbonated drinks, not to be greedy for cold food and not to eat too much at dinner, so as not to increase the burden on the digestive system of candidates and affect their sleep.

  Don’t give too many supplements and health products to college entrance examination students, so as not to cause overnutrition and increase the burden on liver and kidney. In addition to ensuring comprehensive nutrition and regular diet, candidates should be encouraged to adhere to moderate exercise and improve their immunity. (Compilation/Wang Ying)

186 million dollars in 3 years! Why did the Lakers renew Davis’ contract in advance with a super maximum salary?

Anthony davis signed a three-year, $186 million contract with the Lakers. After reaching this contract, Davis’ contract will expire in the summer of 2028, with a total value of more than $270 million. The average annual renewal contract is $62 million, which is the highest in NBA history, higher than Jaylen Brown’s new contract, which is $304 million in five years and $60.8 million in an average year. If Davis keeps playing 60 games every season, his average salary will exceed $1 million during the renewal period.

Why did the Lakers renew Davis’ contract in advance?

In the regular season of 2022-23, Davis averaged 34 minutes per game, scoring 25.9 points, 12.5 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 1.1 steals and 2.0 blocks.

The record of averaging 25 points, 10 rebounds and 2 blocks in a single season is the third player in the history of the Lakers to achieve this achievement, second only to Shaq O ‘Neal and Tiangou Jabbar.

Davis has averaged 24.6 points, 10.1 rebounds and 2.1 blocks per game since his Lakers career. He has a championship and two All-Stars, and has the best lineup and the best defensive lineup.

Pelinka, the general manager of the Lakers, thinks that Davis is the best player in the Lakers, an incredible captain and leader, and the main reason why the Lakers can win the championship in 2020. At the same time, in order to make the team enter the Western Conference finals last season, he is willing to continue playing with a foot injury. Therefore, Pelinka naturally hopes that Davis can stay with the Lakers.

As a two-way business alliance, if one side of the team fails to provide a suitable offer for contract renewal, the players with outstanding performance may naturally jump out of the contract to exert pressure, and it may be even more difficult to renew the contract without paying the maximum salary in advance. And considering that James is 39 years old, Davis’ early contract renewal can cover the rest of James’ career. In addition, Davis will consider his own injuries, and the benefits of renewing the contract in advance definitely outweigh the disadvantages.

So naturally Davis can renew his contract in advance during the offseason.

After renewing Davis’ contract in advance, the Lakers’ transactions since the offseason are as follows: renewing Davis’ contract in advance, renewing Russell’s contract, eight village bases and Reeves’ contract, and signing Vincent, Prince, Reddish and Hayes. During the offseason, we don’t make drastic changes to the team’s personnel list, keep the Western Conference lineup, win practical players, and make the lineup more reasonable.

The operation of the Lakers in the offseason is really commendable. To what extent do you think the Lakers’ record will be next season? Did you win the championship, win the Western Conference, have a second tour, have a first tour, or failed to enter the playoffs?

Leeds United manager picked up a 5-pound note and handed it to the fourth official. After being rejected, he put it in his pocket for heated discussion.

In the 37th round of Premier League, West Ham played against Leeds United at home. In this crucial battle of relegation, there was an interesting scene: Leeds United coach Al Daisy  found a note worth 5 pounds on the sidelines, and he did not hesitate to give it to the fourth official beside him with a smile. Unfortunately, the other party refused to accept this gift. Seeing this scene, Al Daisy  was still smiling, and like a wild crane, he put the 5-pound note into his pocket. This move seems to be a reappearance of the old tradition, which makes people laugh.

In the 37th round of the Premier League, Leeds United team was challenged by two powerful teams, West Ham and Tottenham, which means a life-and-death relegation battle for Leeds United. Victory or failure will have a far-reaching impact on the team’s fate. It is at this critical moment that Leeds United coach Al Daisy  has become a key figure with high hopes from fans. His rich coaching experience and deep understanding of the Premier League have given the team more opportunities and advantages in this life-and-death battle. As a seasoned football coach, Al-Daisy  plays a particularly important role in the team. He plays a leader who guides and leads the team forward. Through his accurate analysis of the game and tactical deployment, Leeds United will give full play to its own strength and proud team spirit in this key battle, and inject a shot in the arm for the team’s relegation road.

In the 37th round of the Premier League, Leeds United faced double challenges from West Ham and Tottenham. For Leeds United, this means that they must seize every opportunity to score goals and strive to stay ahead in the life-and-death relegation battle. In the 17th minute, Leeds United finally got their chance. Mckenney’s foul ball went into the penalty area, and Rodrigo seized the opportunity to blast his opponent’s goal with a volley, winning an important goal for Leeds United, giving them a 1-0 lead. This goal not only shows Rodrigo’s excellent shooting, but also highlights the team’s spirit of cooperation and tactical cooperation, which makes Leeds United fans feel relieved and injects a booster into the team’s relegation road.

Al-Daisy  paced back and forth on the sidelines, and suddenly he found a golden piece of paper shining near the sidelines. He quickly took a step and bent down to pick it up. The paper money has a peculiar smell of ink, which makes people can’t help smelling it again and again. When Al Daisy  found that it was a banknote with a high denomination, he began to search for ways to spend this wealth around him and put it in his pocket with a little pride.

Al Daisy  is over 70 years old. He smiled and handed a 5-pound note to the substitute referee who was in charge of placarding on the sidelines, as a thank you for their hard work, as well as encouragement and support. The front and back of the paper money are clearly visible, with exquisite patterns and profound meanings printed on it, which reflects the British culture and historical background. However, the grim-faced 4th official unceremoniously pushed Al Daisy  away, as if everything he did was regarded as nothing. Al Daisy  was embarrassed and helpless. He didn’t expect such a reaction, but he firmly believed that kindness and honesty would be rewarded and recognized.

Al Daisy  returned to the sidelines, with an embarrassed smile on his face and turned to leave. He held a 5-pound note in his hand and handed it to the teaching assistant beside him with emotion. He never thought that the teaching assistant didn’t accept it. Ale Daisy ‘s heart sank slightly, the smile on his face solidified, and he looked puzzled. But he didn’t give up. He turned and walked over to another substitute referee who was in charge of the sideline, trying to hand him this note as a thank-you and support for their hard work. But it was rejected, making Al Daisy  even more helpless. He can’t help but wonder whether these officials really understand and recognize his enthusiasm and sincerity. However, Al Daisy  still firmly believes in his kindness and integrity, and believes that those excellent qualities will always be rewarded and recognized. Therefore, he walked into the field silently, full of love and trust in his heart, and full of confidence and courage even when he was coldly and misunderstood.

Al-Daisy  returned to the sidelines, smiled awkwardly, and handed the 5-pound bill to the teaching assistant beside him with emotion, but was unexpectedly rejected. He didn’t give up, and when he tried to ask another substitute referee who was in charge of the sidelines, he was also rejected. Al Daisy ‘s heart sank slightly, and his face was puzzled. He began to wonder whether officials really understood his enthusiasm and sincerity. In any case, this paper money represents his gratitude and support for his hard work in this competition, so he put it in his wallet, expecting to get due reward and recognition in the future. Al-Daisy  turned away with a little depressed expression, just like the fleeting attack, which made the coach who came to comfort him in a hurry feel a little distressed. He raised his head, reached for the 5-pound note and handed it to the teaching assistant beside him, silently expecting the other person’s approval, but it was rejected. He tried to pass the money to another substitute referee on the sidelines to express his gratitude to the referees for their hard work, but it was also in vain. Al Daisy ‘s brow wrinkled, and he began to wonder whether those officials really understood his enthusiasm and sincerity. However, this 5-pound note still represents his devotion and efforts to the game, so he gently put it into his pocket.

When Al Daisy  left the stadium, he smiled and leaned over to pick up a 5-pound note scattered on the grass. At this time, there are no spectators and players on the field, and this scene seems a bit funny. He held the money in his hand and was deeply moved. This banknote represents his deep love for this Premier League game, and it is also his firm belief and investment in football. He seems to be deeply moved by this seemingly insignificant bill, which is a precious wealth for him. He stroked the bill gently, his eyes soft and focused. At this moment, he seems to have projected his soul on this banknote. In his eyes, this paper money represents a value beyond money. The weight of coins has long been surpassed and changed in his heart, and it has become a deep gratitude and support. This game, he has passed the young and impulsive age, but his inner love for football and passion for the game are still so strong. He put the bill in his pocket, as if it were a precious stone. This banknote will accompany him and witness his unremitting pursuit and investment in football.

Some media made fun of the fact that Al Daisy  picked up the 5-pound note during the competition. ESPN, for example, joked that Al Daisy  was trying to buy off the referee with money, but was firmly rejected. SPORTbible, the account for playing stalk, used a pun. They said that Al Daisy  picked up the money, but it was rejected by the fourth official, so he quickly put it in his pocket. This is an old tradition. In fact, this ironic statement implies a meaning that in the past case of English coach Sam, he was dismissed after just 67 days because of his behavior of allegedly trading power and money with a third party. In this way, these media seem to imply that Al-Daisy ‘s behavior may be inappropriate and needs to be sufficiently vigilant.

In this relegation battle between West Ham and Leeds United, Leeds United coach Al Daisy  found a 5-pound note and became the focus. Al Daisy  handed the money to the fourth official, but the other party refused to accept it, so he put his wallet in his pocket again. Some media hinted at the impropriety of Al-Daisy ‘s behavior by teasing, so there was a lot of discussion in the football circle for a while.

Sun Yingsha regrets losing, Liu Guoliang warms her heart and comforts her, and Chen Meng’s return to the state of full blood is completely different.

Chen Meng state regression

Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha have played twice in the last six months, namely, the finals of Xinxiang World Cup in October 2022 and the semi-finals of Xinxiang Championship in 2023. Sun Yingsha defeated Chen Meng twice. In the Xinxiang Championship a week ago, Sun Yingsha swept Chen Meng in straight sets. During the competition, Sun Yingsha completely suppressed Chen Meng, hardly giving her opponent any breathing space. Sun Yingsha’s state is too good.

Coming to the Macau Championship, Sun Yingsha and Chen Meng met again in the semi-final. Before the start of the game, Mi Gu explained that Hou Yingchao said that this game should not present a one-sided situation, and it will definitely be a fierce confrontation. Hou Yingchao was only half right, and the game was fierce enough, but the result was still one-sided. Only the winner this time is Chen Meng.

Sun Yingsha actually took the initiative in the first game, but Chen Meng was in a brave state and could compete with Sun Yingsha for speed and strength. In the first game, Sun Yingsha got the game point at 10-9, but Chen Meng made a determined effort to save the match point quickly and stubbornly. After that, the two sides fought against each other in multiple boards, and it was not until 15-14 that the winner was decided.

Chen Meng’s confidence increased greatly after winning the first game, and he played even better in the next three games. Sun Yingsha is a little worried, and the whole person’s state is not so excited. Sun Yingsha actually thought of many ways, but Chen Meng really showed impeccable performance, which could resolve Sun Yingsha’s changes in serving and attacking. Chen Meng won the next three games with 11-6, 11-8 and 11-9 respectively.

After the game, Chen Meng concluded that I really didn’t expect to win the game with a score of 4-0. Recently, Sasha’s state is very good. Today, I am holding the mentality that I can win one more point. Before the game, I just wanted to win the next game. Sasha may have entered the finals in a row recently, and she is a little tired. I hope I can continue to enjoy such a good stage, show myself more and do my best in the competition.

Chen Meng was right. She put down her posture and attacked her opponent, which really mobilized her to play better. Sun Yingsha may be physically tired and didn’t play her own thing in this game. To tell the truth, Chen Meng really played well in this game. I would also like to congratulate Chen Meng on his qualification to win the championship in the final.

After Sun Yingsha lost the game, Liu Guoliang, chairman of table tennis, found Sasha in particular and said something to her with a smile. It should be some encouragement for Sasha. Sun Yingsha’s progress is obvious to all, and Liu Guoliang also pays special attention to Sasha. No matter who wins the civil war of Guoping Jinhua, it is the pride of Guoping, so Liu Guoliang is in a very good mood. Satisfied with Chen Meng’s performance, and satisfied with Sasha’s performance.

The national table tennis women’s team is very strong, almost every competition will win the semi-finals and never let the champion fall behind. It doesn’t matter if Sun Yingsha loses. The Durban World Table Tennis Championships will be a stage for you to show your strength. The women’s singles final of the Macau Championship will start at 18: 00 pm on April 23rd. I look forward to the wonderful performance of Chen Meng and Manyu Wang, who will also stage the classic confrontation picture of the final of the 2021 World Table Tennis Championships in Houston. Come on!

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Artificial intelligence replaces manual labor, uses machine learning to carry out scientific research and match the best alloy!

A large group of researchers found that machine learning can be used to help metallurgists find the best metal mixture to make the required alloys. In this way, they found an alloy with a thermal coefficient lower than that currently recorded.

The research was carried out by scientists from Max Planck Institute for Iron Research, who cooperated with colleagues from darmstadt University of Technology, Delft University of Technology and Royal Institute of Technology.

For thousands of years, people have been mixing metals according to their own needs and learned a lot about alloy manufacturing. But finding the right combination always requires some inspiration, patience and luck.

Therefore, most alloys are made from a single base metal (such as iron), and the obtained characteristics are observed by adding a small amount of other metals.

However, in the past few decades, the situation has begun to change-some researchers have begun to make alloys containing several metals in equal parts.

Of course, it is much more difficult to make this alloy with specified characteristics. In this new work, researchers apply machine learning to help this process. They first reduced the test space to only one application-making alloys that will not expand and contract too much when exposed to temperature changes.

In order to create a machine learning application, researchers searched and found metal features that can be used for comparison purposes, and then trained their systems using the information in the currently available databases. In the process, they developed a process to find an alloy suitable for the required goal.

The team’s process was reduced to three main steps: First, they created a new mixture using a model based on information stored in a database describing metal characteristics. Then, they use the second model to help predict the properties of some alloys they created in the first step. The last step is to study the candidate alloys produced by the system and select some of them for practical testing.

Using this system, the researchers obtained 1000 candidates, which were narrowed down to three alloys. Then, they made three kinds of alloys using the mixture described in the system and tested their physical properties.

The team used data from real alloys to train the system and repeated the whole process. They chased it for seven times and found an alloy with a thermal coefficient lower than the current record.

In their paper published in the journal Science, the team described their three-step process and its performance in the test. Scientists from the Institute of Metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences published an article on the prospect in the same issue, describing the work done by the team on this new project.

Reference: https://techxplore.com/news/2022-10-machine-optimal-mixture-metals-desired.html.