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Hot hot! Hot weather "online" and South-North steaming "sauna"

  This week, the hot and muggy weather with the largest range, the strongest intensity and the longest duration this year was launched nationwide, and the south and the north "steamed saunas" together. Especially yesterday, the high temperature range was expanded to the widest, affecting about 800 million people, and the somatosensory temperature in some places even exceeded 55 C. However, in the future, there is no sign of "stopping" in high temperature weather, and the high temperature heat wave will continue to wreak havoc before the end of July.

  The temperature was slightly adjusted back in early August.

  In the past week, the heat is not enough to describe the summer scene in Shencheng. From time to time, the high temperature hits the 37℃ hot summer line, and thunderstorms report on time every day.

  Yesterday, Shanghai issued the first high-temperature orange warning signal this summer, and the city’s temperature exceeded 36℃, setting a new high-temperature record this summer. Four or five days from now, it is still difficult for the city to get rid of the sunny and hot summer, and the extreme maximum temperature will be around 37℃.

  When will this wave of high temperature "go to fire"? According to the latest forecast, the "barbecue" mode may only be eased in early August. At that time, the city will be at the southern edge of the subtropical high, controlled by the southeast wind, and the temperature will be adjusted back. However, the extreme maximum temperature is still 34℃~35℃.

  Typhoon "Lily" is hard to cool down.

  According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, Typhoon No.6 this year, "Lily", was formed in the southeast sea of Japan yesterday morning. According to the forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory, "Lily" has no direct relationship with China and has no influence on China’s sea area.

  The Central Meteorological Observatory reminded that there were fewer typhoons in July this year than in the same period of normal years. After entering August, typhoons will enter the "peak period" of the whole year, and the situation of preventing Taiwan cannot be ignored. At present, there is a tropical disturbance in the South China Sea, which tends to develop into a typhoon in the later stage, and will land on the coast of Hainan in China, bringing wind and rain effects to Hainan and other places. The landing time is about the end of July to the beginning of August.

  Air conditioning boot map release

  Before the end of July, the cooking mode will continue in many places in China, and the high temperature will spread to 16 provinces and cities across the country. China Weather Network, the official website of China Meteorological Bureau, has published "Early Warning Map of Air Conditioning Startup" and "Early Warning Map of National Hot Cry" for several days.

  According to meteorological data, from 1990 to 2018, the summer night temperatures in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou showed a rising trend. On the 28th, China’s high temperature range continued to expand, and the degree of heat increased. Therefore, the "air conditioning startup warning" suggests that the night temperature in 10 major cities such as Nanjing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Changsha and Guangzhou should remain above 28℃.

  (Reporter Ma Dan)  

Funny jokes: 10 jokes

1. Master puzzle master, do you never drink? "sin, sin. ""Don’t you drink before you become a monk? " "sin, sin." "I don’t understand this. How can it be a sin to drink before becoming a monk?" "You pig with no understanding at all, how many times have I said" drunk "!"

2. hilarious joke: eating jiaozi in the dumpling shop, the boss’s soup is delicious, holding a bowl and holding another bowl, stirring it in the soup pot with a spoon, suddenly seeing a turtle inside, smiling at the boss’s wife and saying, "Boss, no wonder your soup is so delicious, it’s enough!" The proprietress came and took a look, and her face changed. She looked up at the upstairs and shouted, "Smelly boy, the bathroom door is not closed again, and your turtle has fallen into the soup pot!" "

3. Husband and wife were shopping when suddenly the wife said, "A beautiful woman just gave you a look." The husband said, "She’s not in love with me, is she?" The wife said, "Love yourself! Probably people think that you are like the worker who cleaned the range hood for her family last time. "

4. I lied to my parents about sleeping at my best friend’s house for one night and secretly climbing the mountain with my boyfriend. My mother, who had just arrived at the top of the mountain in the morning, called. I deliberately said sleepily, "What’s wrong with mom? I haven’t woken up yet!" " Mom roared: "You sleepwalked for more than 20,000 steps, and you dare to tell me that you didn’t wake up?"

On Saturday afternoon, I took my five-year-old daughter Mei Mei for a walk in the park. Not far away, a fashionable and beautiful girl is holding a beautiful pet dog. Mei Mei ran over and danced to tease the puppy, praising the puppy for its beauty! The pretty girl looked at Mei Mei and proudly said to the puppy, "Good baby, did you hear that? Miss Sister praises you for your beauty! " I was very angry when I heard the pretty girl talk like this, so I took Mei Mei and turned to leave. When the pretty girl saw it, she quickly said to the puppy, "Will you be angry if my sister ignores you?" I was about to get angry, but my daughter Meimei asked the pretty girl leisurely, "Sister, you are beautiful, and this puppy is beautiful, too. It must have been born to you, right?"

6. When I was in junior high school, the landlord was very rebellious. Once, because of the teacher’s complaint, I was beaten by my mother when I came home from school. At that time, my brain was caught in the door and I knocked down my mother’s adult. Then she sat on the ground and cried silently, which made my heart cry. The landlord knelt down and apologized. I’m sorry I won’t fight back again! Mom gave me a look and asked, Really? I gave a sincere thank you, and she stood up slowly, walked to the balcony and took out a pole. . .

7. In my sophomore year, I made a female friend and took her home to meet my mother. Since then, my mother has ordered me to change my clothes, shoes, socks and even bags into NIKE. It was not until graduation that I broke up with my girlfriend because of different places that my mother was relieved to allow me to have other choices in brand. I asked my mother why. Mom smiled and said something that I still don’t understand: sons are the pride of mom! Your girlfriend is as beautiful as a star, and I don’t want anything to happen to you …

8. When I was at school, the school suddenly launched an anonymous grading assessment for the class teacher, just to say that I can counterattack. As a result, after class, I was called to lecture and said that I didn’t respect the teacher behind my back. It was all anonymous, so how did I know that I voted for 59 points? With a blink of an eye, I went, and the whole class evaluated 100 points. I was very polite to bring my name, and I was the only one who was anonymous.

9. Women usually call sanitary napkins bread. Once my period came early, I went to borrow them from my female colleagues. I didn’t bring them around, so I had to ask a woman who was not very familiar. I sat next to her and whispered, Do you have any bread? She stood up directly, opened the drawer and replied loudly, I have no bread, but I have cookies. Do you want to eat them? Take them all! I’m messy ~

10. The son said: You haven’t given me lucky money yet! I said ask your mother for it. The economy is in crisis this year. Then show him my wallet. My son looked at me piteously, pulled out a red envelope and stuffed it into me and said, Dad, it doesn’t matter, I’ll give you lucky money this year!

There are 16 most beautiful and fashionable hairstyles, but the effect is different. I can’t help but want to have a try after reading them.

Hairstyles, as an important aid to improve the face value, have always been the favorite of many sisters who love beauty. Today, I have selected 16 most beautiful and fashionable hairstyles for everyone, and the effect is different. I can’t help but want to try them after reading them.

Half-covered short hair has always been loved by the majority of sisters, showing a rich level as a whole, which can well modify the head shape and face shape, simple, fashionable and generous, and it is difficult to think of beauty.

Usually, you can also pin the hair on the side to the back of your ear, which is also very neat, which can better highlight your beautiful side face. The high facial features make people feel very excited at first glance.

The hair on the top of the head can also be ironed, showing a fluffy sense of lines as a whole, but not too curly, relatively natural, beautiful and not old-fashioned.

Hairdressing can prevent the hair from sticking to the scalp, effectively increase the fluffy effect of the hair roots, and enhance the aesthetic feeling of the skull top.

Of course, most women in life still have long hair, which is easy to sweat. At this time, we might as well try to shovel the sideburns short, which will bring us a refreshing feeling immediately.

If you are bold enough, you can also shorten the whole periphery and make some carved patterns on it, which is not only refreshing, but also very artistic, especially if you tie up the long hair on it, you will turn your head high wherever you go.

Perm can be said that most women like it. It can create an effect that haircut can’t achieve, and make you more beautiful and fashionable. Especially this style is hot, and the whole curl is relatively soothing.

Hot modeling can not only show fluffy radian, but also show feminine softness. It can be said that most women are suitable for it, and it is not only fashionable but also old-fashioned after reading it.

Of course, if the hair is particularly soft and rare, it is more suitable for a small curly perm. A small curly perm not only shows a large amount of hair, but also is full of elasticity, which makes people look more overseas.

For example, this kind of full-head, small-curl perm, with a split style, can also well modify the head shape and face shape, make your hair more abundant and make your facial features more perfect.

Small curls and full-head perms are sometimes too explosive. At this time, we might as well tie the hair on the top of our head. This semi-tied hair style is particularly age-reducing, which makes the foreign fashion still small.

Speaking of perm, I have to mention long curly hair. Presumably, most sisters with long hair want to have a full perm, from the end of the hair to the root of the hair. The overall effect is very fluffy. At first glance, it is full of fashion.

As long as the hair is long, the hair on the top of the head is easy to stick to the scalp, whether it is soft or hard. At this time, choosing full-head perm can effectively increase the support of the hair roots on the top of the head and play a good role in the whole head shape.

In terms of curl, you can choose according to your own hair quality. The curl of fine and soft hair can be small in the middle, and the curl of coarse and hard hair can be large in the middle. Combining with your own hair quality, choosing the right curl will not only make you more fashionable, but also keep the curl for a longer time.

Why do so many women like long curly hair? Because in most of our cognition, the goddess should have such a hairstyle, which is elegant, fashionable and romantic.

Which of the 16 most beautiful and fashionable ladies’ hairstyles do you like best? Welcome to leave a message. If you want to see more fashionable hairstyles, don’t forget to follow me.

I need you to be my friend, because you know how to listen to me and pay attention to me, thank you, and I hope you and I will go together in the future hair style.

How about the movie Thor 2: The Dark World?

Lead: In my opinion, Thor 2: The Dark World is a connecting work of Marvel Comics, which not only inherits the wonderful and thrilling of the previous work, but also brings a new climax in story, visual effect and character development.

In this film, Chris Hemsworth once again showed us the charm of Thor Sol, a brave and domineering god, which has always been our favorite.

Tom Hiddleston once again played the villain Loki with a sense of humor and charm, and his acting skills made the audience love and hate his role.

The tone of this film is even darker. It brings us a veritable "dark world" and gives the audience a deeper understanding of the chaotic forces in nine fields and the universe.

These elements make the whole film more tense and mysterious, which makes people wonder.

In this dark world, all kinds of mysterious dark forces wake up and throw the whole universe into chaos. Thor Sol and Loki, as representatives of justice and evil, launched a fierce battle.

In addition, the visual effect of the film is excellent, creating a fantastic and compelling world.

In particular, the depiction of Asgard makes the audience seem to be in a mysterious place in myths and legends.

At the same time, the film also added some amazing action scenes, and the design of stunts and fighting scenes were wonderful.

In addition to the visual spectacle, the film has also made a breakthrough in the role development and emotional level.

As the protagonist, Saul not only shows a more mature side in the face of new threats, but also experiences a subversive turn in his relationship with Jane.

Loki’s complexity as a villain is also more prominent, and his performance and psychological changes are impressive.

In addition, the film also brought some unexpected plots and reversals to the audience, keeping the audience nervous and excited. The development of the plot is compact and exciting, and at the same time, it is interspersed with some humorous elements, keeping the relaxed style of Marvel Comics films.

Although Thor 2: Dark World is not the most eye-catching film in Marvel Comics’s film series, it is still a fully entertaining and well-made film. It combines action, adventure, humor and emotion, and brings a visual and spiritual shock to the audience.

If you are a fan of Marvel Comics film series, or are interested in fantasy adventure movies, Thor 2: Dark World is definitely worth watching. Whether it is the stimulation of action scenes or the interaction between characters, it will bring you an unforgettable viewing experience.

Li Kaier was interviewed: I feel very excited about the debut of Italy in the final on the 6th.

On August 5th, Beijing time, the China men’s basketball team beat Cape Verde 86-66 in the first game of the Trentino Cup to advance to the final, and will compete against the Italian team on August 6th. Li Kaier didn’t appear in the first game. He said in an interview with CCTV that he would join the first show in the final (August 6). Some China fans went out to watch the photos of the China men’s basketball team and took photos with a group of national men’s basketball players, including photos with Li Kaier on the sidelines.

Li Kaier completed naturalization at the end of July, and then went to Slovenia to meet the China men’s basketball team. It’s just that Li Kaier didn’t play in the previous warm-up match with Egypt or Cape Verde, and he will make his debut against Italy.

Li Kaier’s mother and wife, both of whom have already flown to Italy, naturally want to witness Li Kaier’s joining debut. However, in the face of the weak Cape Verde team, Joljevic did not send Likel to play, but against the strong host Italy, which became his best opportunity to make his debut.

Li Kaier himself also exposed the training video through social media, and wrote: "Ready to debut, looking forward to the first battle." Li Kaier’s meaning has been quite understood. His first show will be against Italy. "I will play tomorrow, and I am very excited about it!"

Some China fans had already gone to the scene to watch the China men’s basketball team beat Cape Verde by 20 points, and also took a series of photos with China men’s basketball players, including a photo with Li Kaier on the sidelines.

The fan also wrote through social media: "The changes brought by Qiao Shuai are visible to the naked eye. Xiao Cui played really well today, and Zhang Zhenlin completely pushed up the front line. China team cattle. "

76 people suffered heavy losses! Badly injured or reimbursed for the season, bid farewell to the NBA!

76 people suffered heavy losses! Badly injured or reimbursed for the season, bid farewell to the NBA!

On August 3rd, Beijing time, the 76ers suffered a huge blow in the NBA playoffs. Their captain harel, while checking his knee, accidentally found a serious problem with his knee, that is, his knee. In this case, harel’s chances of next season will be greatly reduced, and he is likely to make a complete break with the NBA.

Harel got the status of a free agent in the summer. At first, they didn’t think he would return to the 76ers, but in the end, they signed a basic salary contract with the 76ers. The 76ers changed their coach, and harel wanted to try. However, no one expected that his physical condition would be so bad that it might even affect his career.

Harel had an MRI because his right leg and knee suddenly became swollen in the previous exercise, and it turned out that he had strained the anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus of his left leg. This kind of injury is still very serious, and it is estimated that it will be ruined next season. If so, the 76ers will probably lay off Li Dai, because the contracts they signed with Li Dai are all veterans. If Li Dai can’t bring them any benefits, they will also lay off Li Dai.

Harel’s situation is rare. He didn’t even realize how serious his injury was, which would probably lead to the end of his NBA career. In the 22-23 season, harel’s strength was greatly reduced, because there were not many playing opportunities. His average playing time was only 11.9 minutes, and he got 5.6 points and 2.8 rebounds, which made him lose the chance to be selected in the playoffs, so he returned to the 76ers.

Originally, I just wanted to spend the rest of the season in a daze, but after the season ended, he suffered another big injury, which made his future gloomy. After all, the recovery from this injury is a very long process. Even harel, 29, wants to reach his peak again, which is not an easy task. Moreover, there are many players in the 76ers. Reed and Bamba have signed contracts, which means that harel is likely to be traded, and then he will bid farewell to the NBA, and it is difficult to come back, because no team will attach importance to him.

2-1, Serie A was cold, 31% possession +4 shots won, and the top 4 were shuffled, and Mu Shuai smiled.

Against the background of Napoli gradually ending the suspense of winning Serie A this season, the competition for the second place in the standings is particularly fierce. Originally, Inter Milan occupied a certain advantage, but their instability was not completely reassuring. You know, in the last three rounds, they once lost to Bologna. In the 26th round of Serie A, the "Nerazzurri" was once again upset.

In this battle, Inzaghi led a team to challenge spezia. In terms of starting price, Inter Milan reached 325 million euros, which is nearly seven times that of its opponent. lautaro and Lu Kaku, the highly anticipated combination, once again fit together. However, the "Nerazzurri", which has an absolute advantage in paper data, is inseparable. In the 5th minute, after lautaro got the ball at the top of the arc, he made a decisive long-range attack. Unfortunately, Drogovsky’s ten-finger pass was more secure, and he tried to keep the door open.

In the 12th minute, lautaro’s penalty kick still failed, which is regrettable. From the 19th minute to the 28th minute, Lu Kaku and mkhitaryan also joined the attack, but unfortunately they either kicked the ball. On the other hand, spezia got an attack opportunity in the 33rd minute. At that time, Agudelo led the ball into the penalty area in the frontcourt and was defended by acerbi to the bottom line. He barely finished picking the pass, but unfortunately hit the crossbar, and the attack ended. Under the constant waste of opportunities by the two teams, the first half ended soon, and the two sides were still 0-0!

In the second half, in the 46th minute, Inter Milan launched an attack with a long pass in the backcourt, and then moved the ball in the restricted area one after another. Finally, lautaro headed the ball to the net. Unfortunately, Lu Kaku was offside in this attack, so the score has not been rewritten. In the 55th minute, Enzola entangled with two defenders including acerbi on the right side of the penalty area, took the ball with his back and successfully made the ball for Daniel Maldini, who pushed the ball from the front of the penalty area and spezia led 1-0 at home.

The second goal of this game happened in the 83rd minute, when Inter Milan got another penalty, this time Lu Kaku took the penalty and hit it. The good times didn’t last long. After 4 minutes, Inter Milan also sent out a penalty. Enzola scored from the 12-yard line and spezia declared the game over 2-1. According to statistics, spezia was completely suppressed. Their possession rate was only 31%, and the number of shots was only 4, which was 24 times less than that of their opponents. However, spezia was still able to win, so we had to sigh their good luck!

After this battle, spezia was 6 points higher than the relegation zone and ranked 17th, which seemed to be a little reassuring. Inter Milan’s points are still fixed at 50 points, ranking second, which also makes Mourinho see new hope. You know, after the first 25 rounds, Rome scored 47 points and ranked fourth. It seems that it is not stable to stay in the top four, but Inter Milan are invincible this time. If Mourinho leads the team to win, then their points can be at the same level as Inter Milan, so it will be more secure to fight for the fourth round.

In the future, if Inzaghi’s team is still not stable, then it is not impossible for them to fall out of the top four. You should know that Lazio and AC Milan are eyeing the position of the "Nerazzurri", and a big reshuffle seems to be brewing!

The influence of artificial intelligence on human beings

Artificial intelligence has become a hot topic, and one of the main topics is that robots will replace human work. In fact, many people have lost their jobs because artificial intelligence has replaced their work tasks. Nevertheless, people still need to work for machines, especially those jobs that are considered low-skilled. In this paper, we will discuss the influence of work artificial intelligence on human beings and the significance of this phenomenon to our economy and society.

Work disappears because of artificial intelligence.

The development of artificial intelligence technology has made some jobs redundant, which may be some traditional industries such as logistics, factory manufacturing, customer service, etc. These jobs needed manual operation in the past. Nowadays, the application of artificial intelligence technology has made these tasks more efficient and reduced labor costs, so the demand for staff has also declined. The application of artificial intelligence technology can make the production efficiency higher and reduce the working time and cost. However, workers are also at risk of unemployment, because machines and artificial intelligence technology will replace manpower.

Wages are cut by artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence technology can also allow employers to reduce employees’ wages. If a company can replace labor with machines, then they can cut labor costs, which also makes staff face greater economic pressure. In addition, with the application of machines and artificial intelligence technology, the skill level required for many jobs will be reduced because many tasks will be completed automatically. This means that staff need to have more skills and knowledge to stay in this industry.

Ideology brought by artificial intelligence

The ideology behind artificial intelligence technology may make us recognize the value of machines more. The real meaning behind this ideology is that if we no longer need the help of artificial intelligence, then we have no value. Artificial intelligence technology makes us believe that only with the latest technology can we maintain market competitiveness. This idea makes people believe that they are out of date and need to be eliminated.

The Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Economy and Society

The development of artificial intelligence will have a far-reaching impact on economy and society. Artificial intelligence technology can make our economy more efficient, but artificial intelligence may also lead to some negative effects. On the one hand, the unemployment rate may increase, because artificial intelligence technology will replace many jobs. On the other hand, artificial intelligence may make our society more divided, because those without technology and knowledge may be eliminated. In addition, the application of artificial intelligence technology may bring more social problems, such as more crimes and social insecurity. These problems will require us to find solutions.

The self-promotion of technological capitalism

The self-promotion of technological capitalism means that technological capitalism thinks that technology can solve all problems, thus making our economy stronger. Advocates of technological capitalism believe that technology can bring more productivity and efficiency, thus promoting economic growth and creating more wealth. In this view, technology is regarded as a magic solution, which can help us solve all problems.

However, this idea also brings some problems. First of all, advocates of technological capitalism often ignore the problems brought by technology itself, such as technological unemployment and technological dependence. Secondly, they often put economic benefits above human nature and social values, and even sacrificed these values to pursue economic benefits.

In the eyes of the admirers of technological capitalism, technology is a magical solution that can help us get rid of all problems. However, technology itself is not a magic solution, it will also bring some problems and challenges. For example, technical unemployment and technical dependence are challenges brought by technological development.

In addition, the self-promotion of technological capitalism will also bring some problems in values. In the eyes of the admirers of technological capitalism, economic benefits are supreme, and other values can be sacrificed to pursue economic benefits. This view often leads people to ignore other values, such as human nature and social responsibility. Therefore, the self-promotion of technological capitalism may lead us to lose some important values and sense of responsibility.

The relationship between artificial intelligence and capitalism

The relationship between artificial intelligence and capitalism is an important issue facing the development of social economy and science and technology. The core of capitalist economic system is to pursue profits, and the application of artificial intelligence technology can improve production efficiency and reduce staff, thus reducing labor costs and increasing the profits of enterprises. This makes the capitalist economic system more inclined to the application of artificial intelligence technology, but it also brings some social problems.

First of all, the application of artificial intelligence technology may lead to an increase in the unemployment rate. With the development of automation and machine learning technology, many jobs have been automated, including simple assembly line jobs and some service jobs. Some forecasts show that more jobs may be automated in the future, which will lead to a large number of workers losing their jobs. This is why some people worry that with the development of artificial intelligence technology, more people will be eliminated.

Secondly, the application of artificial intelligence technology may also lead to social inequality and division. The application of automation and machine learning technology requires a high degree of technology and professional knowledge, and those who do not have these skills and knowledge may be eliminated. This will lead to social division and aggravate the gap between the rich and the poor.

In addition, the application of artificial intelligence technology may also bring some moral and ethical problems. For example, some people worry that automation technology may weaken workers’ rights and interests, and workers’ rights to survival and development may be infringed. In addition, the application of artificial intelligence technology may also lead to privacy and security problems, such as data privacy and information leakage.

However, the application of artificial intelligence technology also has many positive aspects. For example, it can help enterprises improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and at the same time improve the quality and reliability of products. In addition, the application of artificial intelligence technology can also promote economic development and innovation, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

Real artificial intelligence

The development of artificial intelligence has made great progress, and many industries have begun to apply artificial intelligence technology to improve production efficiency and reduce workload. However, with the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, people are beginning to worry about whether artificial intelligence technology will replace human work.

True artificial intelligence means that human beings no longer need to do reasonably paid work, which means that we no longer need absolute slaves. The development of real artificial intelligence technology should be used to reduce people’s workload, not to replace human work. Therefore, we should explore how to apply artificial intelligence technology to those boring, dangerous or high-pressure jobs to improve work efficiency and reduce the burden on staff.

In fact, the application of artificial intelligence technology can help us better manage and protect our resources, thus solving global problems, such as climate change, environmental pollution and food shortage. At the same time, the application of artificial intelligence technology can also help us to better manage the medical and health field, such as strengthening medical diagnosis, monitoring chronic diseases and predicting the condition by using artificial intelligence technology.

However, the application of artificial intelligence technology has also brought some problems. First of all, artificial intelligence technology may lead to more unemployment because it can replace many jobs. Secondly, the application of artificial intelligence technology may make our society more divided, because those without technology and knowledge may be eliminated. In addition, the application of artificial intelligence technology may bring more social problems, such as more crimes and social insecurity.

Therefore, we should explore how to make rational use of artificial intelligence technology, so as to minimize its negative impact. We need to regard artificial intelligence technology as an auxiliary tool for human beings, rather than a tool to replace human work. We need to work together to solve the problems brought by artificial intelligence and apply artificial intelligence technology to those areas that can improve work efficiency. Only in this way can we realize the greatest potential of artificial intelligence technology and bring more benefits to our society and economy.

The development of artificial intelligence needs joint efforts.

All artificial intelligence technologies are developed on the basis of human society, so we also need to work together to solve the problems brought by artificial intelligence. The government can formulate more reasonable policies to help those who have lost their jobs regain employment opportunities, and at the same time, it can encourage enterprises to apply artificial intelligence technology to those areas that can improve work efficiency. Educational institutions can also provide help and support for those who need to re-learn skills and knowledge.

In addition, we should also think about how to use artificial intelligence technology to solve global problems, such as climate change, environmental pollution and food shortage. The application of artificial intelligence technology can help us manage and protect our resources better, thus promoting sustainable development.

What does offside mean in football match? Will your own team be offside in the half court?

Offside is a professional term in football match, which first appeared in the Rules of Football Match promulgated in 1874. It is defined as: when the ball is passed in front of the attack direction, when the football kicks out, if the teammate of the defensive half is closer to the goal than the penultimate defender of the other side, and wants to use this position to interfere with the game or gain benefits, the player will be sentenced to offside.

There are many technical terms in football matches, such as penalty kick, corner kick, sideline kick, offside, etc. Among them, offside is often heard by many people, but its basic meaning is still ambiguous, and sometimes it is impossible to make an accurate judgment under special circumstances. Let’s explain it in detail below.

When we watch a football match, we often see a sideline referee raise a flag just after a player scores the ball into the opponent’s goal. The player who scored the goal has to shake his head helplessly and throw himself back into the attack. Naturally, the goal just scored will not count. Why? Because he was offside, he was offside at the moment when his teammates passed the ball to him.

Which position on the court is offside? In fact, there is no specific position, depending on the position of the players. First of all, offside can only happen in the opponent’s half court. At the moment when our own players pass the ball, we should observe the positions of all the players. When the player who is ready to catch the ball is at the forefront of all the players (excluding the goalkeeper of the opponent), he is offside. This position is not the position of his feet, but the position of his body, and his shoulders and head are leading.

In the past, offside was judged by the sideline referee with the naked eye, which naturally could not be absolutely accurate. But now, with the introduction of high-tech VAR technology, many offsides between millimeters can’t escape from the "eyes". However, although VAR makes the game fairer, it also reduces the excitement of the game to a certain extent and makes many beautiful goals invalid.

There are some special situations about offside on the court. For example, although the attacking player who receives the ball is ahead of all the defensive players (except the goalkeeper), he is still in his own half, so he is not offside at this time.

If a player on the attacking side is offside at the moment when the player passes the ball, but he doesn’t catch the ball or participate in the next attack, then he is not offside.

The last situation: although a player on the attacking side is in an offside position, he just runs with him, participates in the stall, and creates shooting opportunities for his own players, but he never touches the ball from beginning to end. Is he offside? Real fans, please tell me in the comments section.