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It took her ten years to make Celine the love of women.

  Lead: Who is the most popular with women among today’s big-name designers? If you don’t know Phoebe Philo, it’s not too late. (Article source: Bund Fashion)

Phoebe Philo

  When the news that she left the creative director of Céline was confirmed, there was a "cry" on social media, and many media and commentators paid tribute to Phoebe Philo with "the end of an era".

Céline of Phoebe Philo

  Fans are more anxious: Without Phoebe Philo’s Céline, can you buy it in buy buy with confidence?

  It is precisely because of this that Céline’s spring and summer of 2018, as the last show of her term, has attracted the attention of the whole world. I have to say, she brought us an outstanding closing performance.

  It is after this show that the new sales of 2018 have increased greatly.

Cé line Spring/Summer 2018

  These smart wide shoulder pads are the best witness.

Wide padded shoulder coat

  The most amazing thing is that a few matching double-layer cloak coats, leaving only one button at the neckline, are very cool when walking. This is purely about the beauty of fashion art.

Double cloak coat

  Why do we miss Phoebe Philo so much? It all started 20 years ago.

  From Chloé to Céline,

  The glory of Phoebe Philo began.

  Phoebe, an Englishman born in Paris, graduated from Central Saint Martin at the age of 23. She entered Chloé in 1997 and became an assistant to Stella McCartney, then creative director.

  With excellent taste and design skills, she quickly grew into the second-in-command of brand design in Chloé.

Phoebe Philo, then Stella McCartney's design assistant, in 2000

  In 2001, Stella McCartney left Chloé and started her own business.

  While everyone was speculating who would be Stella’s successor, the brand directly announced the appointment of 27-year-old Phoebe as the new design director.

Stella McCartney & Phoebe Philo

  Since then, Phoebe’s high-waisted jeans, lolita fashion’s doll dresses and wooden wedge-heeled shoes have become the signature items of Chloé.

Phoebe's debut in Chloé
Phoebe's debut in Chloé

  Then, Phoebe suggested to the brand executives to expand Chloé’ s business to the field of bag accessories, so the turnover of handbag accessories began to become the main force of Chloé’ s profit.

  As a result, several classic It Bag were born, such as Paddington and Edith series bags.

Paddington Paddington bags
Edith series bags

  It is said that the first batch of Paddington Paddington bags had been booked before they were actually put on the shelves.

  At that time, Phoebe’s design had its own climate, giving priority to pragmatism, and instead of chasing the trend, it became a trendsetter. 

Chloé 2004 Spring/Summer Series Conference Closing Ceremony

  In 2004, she can be said to be the winner of a double harvest in her love career-she married Max Wigram, an art dealer, and in the same year, she won the designer of the year award of the British Fashion Awards with her impressive sales performance.

  Two years later, Phoebe made an amazing decision to resign from Chloé and devote herself to her family.

  After leaving Chloé for two years, Phoebe was immersed in a sweet family life.

  It was not until 2008 that LVMH invited her to come out of the mountain to save the crumbling Céline at that time that she returned to the public eye.

  However, as a condition, Phoebe asked to stay in Paris only two days a week, and continue to complete the design in London the rest of the time, so that she could continue to accompany her children.

Phoebe Philo's daughter is really super cute!

  Phoebe’s brand debut is the 2010 early spring holiday series released in the form of Lookbook. From this series, we can see the change of her "female identity".

  From a girl to a mother, the design style has also changed from a "girl" to an "independent and powerful commuter woman", but she has always been herself.

Céline 2010 Early Spring Vacation Series

  Let’s take a look at her first fashion collection. This show is mainly based on a large number of earth colors, and the silhouette and leather materials are sharply cut, which has won the first fans for Phoebe.

  Phoebe, who often shows people in a simple and capable style, is simply the best spokesperson of Céline. She has a cold temperament in her bones, a little shy but a firm eye.

The curtain call of the first show of Céline brand

  And this photo of her show curtain call wearing turtle neck, black slim pants and Stan Smith is still regarded as a classic moment.

  This style has also led the trend for a long time, and Stan Smith has become a must-have item for fashionistas.

  Putting your hair in turtle neck is also a styling inspiration that I learned from Phoebe.

  Besides being a fashion designer, Phoebe is more like a fashion idol. Her design seems to take herself as a model of inspiration, and the design origin also falls on her.

  Phoebe’s style in LVMH Prize, she also likes to wear a coat in private.

  As she said in the interview after her debut:

  "My dress style reflects me, and these clothes are an extension of my own style.

  I want to build a wardrobe for women instead of chasing the so-called trend. I want to solve the problem. "

  Looking back at Phoebe’s ten years in Céline, this original intention has always been regarded as her creed in design and creation, and she has carried it out to the end.

  So-called feminism is like this. Take yourself as a starting point to understand the real needs of women.

  If you want to know the private life story of Phoebe Philo, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.

  Because she is too low-key, there is no out-of-the-box high-profile remarks and gossip, and she does not rely too much on social media. She does not have her own INS account, and she lives in seclusion and speaks by her works.

Phoebe Philo and her husband

  Even Céline, which she is in charge of, is so tonality, and there is no explosion joint name that grabs the front page, and there is no grand show device.

  Even when choosing a brand spokesperson, she is only willing to choose those women who can best embody the female spirit, such as Faye Wong, who has great personality and influence, which fits the brand spirit of Céline.

Phoebe Philo and Faye Wong.

  What classic items did Phoebe bring us?

  Phoebe Philo has no intention of chasing the trend, but always creates the trend and becomes the imitation object of others.

  However, her design is destined to belong to a carnival in a small group and become the heart of those who refuse kitsch, have strong personality and really appreciate the beauty of clothes.

Céline 2017 early spring

  Even though they may be expensive and mostly basic, they are fashionable clothes that will not go out of fashion.

  Phoebe’s design is by no means designed for women who just want to please men. Her clothes are full of design sense, durable and practical, but out of date, walking freely and meeting the needs of daily life.

Cé line Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

  Secondly, in her design, she also borrowed the inspiration of men’s tailoring.

  For example, those standard suits, deconstructed or spliced coats, and wide-leg pants, women’s strength has been embodied in these design details, and they have also become the classic design items of Céline.

Cé line Spring/Summer 2018 Collection
Cé line Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

  In its brand debut, Phoebe launched a bag that is still popular today-Cé line Box.

Céline Box
Céline Box

  Then, continuing her magical power of creating "It Bag", Phoebe successively launched three bags that were too hot to work, namely:

  Twisted Cabas that can hold the whole world, Luggage, a smiling face bag with various It Bag lists, and Céline Trio, a small square bag.

Twisted Cabas
Smiling face bag Luggage
Céline Trio
Céline Trio

  Clasp handbags in the autumn and winter 2017 series have also entered the ranks of It Bag.

  On the front, the thin and flat shape seems to have no bright spot, and the slender metal buckle makes it look like a dry folder.

  However, it is this retro modern style in the 1950 s and the texture of jade that makes it a must-have bag for hipsters.

Clasp series handbags

  The spring and summer of 2018 can be said to be the world of transparent PVC materials. Several big brands have successively come up with the design of PVC materials, and PVC can be seen from clothing to bag accessories.

  This time, Phoebe decided to "rub" a wave of hot spots, and also launched a transparent handbag in her farewell work. The bag body was simply printed with the brand Logo and a few lines.

  However, this transparent handbag can not only be sold, but also must be bought with the small wallet inside, and now many shops have sold out, which is really priceless.

  The current trend of "ugly shoes" can be traced back to the source, and it was also brought by Phoebe.

  As early as Cé line’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection, she brought fur slippers and furry high heels.

  Now, if you look at Gucci’s fur loafers or Fenty Puma’s Mao Mao slippers, do you see the shadow of Céline?

  Phoebe’s It Bag, or It Shoes, is actually inspired by clothing history or some national bag accessories, and then redesigned the combination.

  For example, this shoe inspired by Moroccan Babouche slippers, the soles and uppers are made of soft leather, which is particularly good to wear, so it has become a famous "local product".

  In the early spring series of Céline 2016, Phoebe brought an upgraded version of Babouche, with crossed shoelaces, pointed toe caps and a soft and comfortable sense of wearing on the feet. As soon as it was released, it was immediately sought after by many fashionable girls.

  Also belonging to It Shoes, there is a thick heel shoe dubbed "Grandma’s Shoes".

  It also uses soft leather as the vamp, and the elastic band is added at the mouth of the shoe. After wearing it, the foot will be completely wrapped, and the thick heel that looks very heavy makes it like the shoes in grandma’s shoe cabinet, hence the nickname.

Phoebe is wearing grandma's shoes.

  Phoebe’s classic designs in Céline are by no means just those we have listed, and there are still many that have not been listed one by one.

  The autumn and winter 2018 series released not long ago, although completed by the brand team, continues Phoebe’s design style well.

  Anyway, Phoebe’s farewell has become a reality. We still have to look forward to Hedi Slimane’s debut in Céline in September and pay close attention to Phoebe Philo’s next move.

Attention! Six high-risk diseases hit in spring, and a wave of prevention and control guidelines was collected →

  It’s spring, and everything is reviving.

  Various pathogenic bacteria are also active.

  Many diseases are easy to "wake up" at this time

  Infectious diseases, allergic diseases, upper respiratory tract infections


  Have you done the protective measures?



  Spring is the season when influenza is easy to occur.

  Especially the elderly and children.

  In the case of weak resistance

  More vulnerable to the flu

  Prevention guide look here ↓

  Step 1: Wash your nose

  In spring, it is particularly prone to cold problems. After the resistance of nasal mucosa drops, the virus will enter the nasopharynx from the nose and induce a cold. A cold is caused by a cold virus that lives in the nasopharynx. Cleaning the nose often on weekdays can drive away the virus that lives in the nasal cavity and has a good effect on preventing colds.

  2. Go to less ventilated places.

  Cold diseases are easily infected through respiratory tract, and cold viruses spread very quickly in unventilated places.

  3. Supplement nutrition

  If you want to prevent colds, you need to supplement your body with nutrients, such as vitamin C and protein, which will help your body improve its resistance.

  4. Wear a mask when going out

  Respiratory diseases are highly contagious, and droplets are one of the main ways of transmission. Wearing a mask outside can effectively prevent respiratory diseases.

  5. Pay attention to hygiene

  It is forbidden to touch your face and mouth with dirty hands, wash your hands before and after meals, pay attention to hand washing and disinfection after going out and returning home, and clean your home frequently.


  Spring allergy

  spring has come and flowers are in bloom

  Pollen, catkin and other suspended substances in the air increased.

  The dormant insects also began to move.

  And people’s outdoor activities have increased.

  The probability of allergies will also increase.

  In addition, the temperature rises in spring.

  Mites, molds, etc. multiply rapidly.

  There are also a lot of mites hidden on the changing clothes and quilts.

  These are the sources of allergies.

  Common allergens

  There are inhalation, food and contact.

  Inhalable such as pollen, catkins, catkins, cold air,

  Dust mites, cat hair, dog hair and other animal fur.

  These cause allergic reactions through nasal inhalation.

  Foodstuffs such as fish, shrimp, crab, eggs, soybeans,

  Mango, red wine, nuts, etc.

  Contact such as leather, detergent, hair dye,

  Cosmetics, watches, etc

  Cause allergic reaction by contact with skin.

  Prevention guide look here ↓

  Step 1 avoid contact with allergens

  People with allergies should carefully observe what they may be allergic to and avoid contact. For example, people who are allergic to cat hair and dog hair should not keep pets at home. People who are allergic to pollen should wear long sleeves and masks when they go for an outing in spring, strengthen ventilation at home, and change sheets and fabric sofas frequently to avoid the breeding of mites.

  2. Desensitization therapy

  Let patients start with a small dose of allergens and gradually increase it, so that patients can gradually tolerate and reduce allergic reactions to some allergens. This method has a good effect on some patients, and there are certain risks.

  Step 3 enhance physical fitness

  The first is to ensure adequate sleep, change bad living habits, reduce staying up late, and exercise properly.


  hand-foot-and-mouth disease

  Hand, foot and mouth disease is an infectious disease caused by enterovirus.

  It is common in babies aged 1~4 years.

  Typical symptoms are fever, sore throat, runny nose,

  Cough, loss of appetite, etc

  Usually after 1~2 days of fever.

  In the mouth, hands, feet and buttocks of children

  There will be maculopapules or herpes like rice grains or soybeans

  No pain, no itching, no scab, no scar

  Prevention guide look here ↓

  1. Disinfect frequently and wash your hands frequently

  Don’t let children drink raw water and eat cold food. Children’s toys and articles that are often in contact with should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Avoid close contact between children and children with hand, foot and mouth disease.

  Step 2 vaccinate

  Children aged 6 months to 5 years can be vaccinated to prevent hand, foot and mouth disease.



  In spring, liver qi is vigorous and fluctuates greatly.

  Therefore, the number of patients with eye diseases has also increased.

  One of the most common is pink eye.

  There are obvious characteristics when pinkeye occurs:

  Increased jealousy and eye secretions

  If it’s pinkeye caused by bacterial infection,

  Eye secretions are mostly sticky and pus-like.

  Pink eye caused by virus infection

  Eye secretions are mostly watery.

  Prevention guide look here ↓

  Pay attention to hygiene and isolation.

  Do not share towels, washbasins and other cleaning utensils with patients with pink eye, and wash your face with running water.


  Spring dermatitis

  In spring, catkins fly.

  Plus the wind is strong in spring

  Tickle and report to you.

  Dermatitis in spring is also prone to attack.

  Mainly manifested as desquamation, itching, dry pain and other symptoms.

  Some show erythema papules and scales.

  There are also some women who show increased freckles or increased brown spots.

  Prevention guide look here ↓

  1. Eat less allergic food.

  Eat less shrimps and crabs that are easy to cause skin allergies, and eat more foods containing vitamin A and fresh vegetables and fruits.

  2. Don’t use inferior cosmetics

  Try to change cosmetics and skin care products on your arm first to see if you are allergic. Don’t bathe too often, especially those with dry skin, and quit smoking and drinking.

  Step 3 do a good job of sun protection

  Avoid direct exposure to the sun, and it is best to wear a hat or scarf. It is best to wear a mask when going out, so as to avoid catkins touching the facial skin and causing itching.


  Anorectal diseases

  Anorectal diseases occur mostly in spring.

  Cold winter

  People’s pores are closed.

  Yang qi is trapped in the body.

  Plus people are used to tonic in winter.

  I prefer barbecue and rinse products.

  Causing heat accumulation in the stomach and intestines

  In the spring, the sun be the spirit.

  Heat accumulation surges and bets on anorectum.

  It is prone to constipation

  Prevention guide look here ↓

  Get up in the morning and have a cup of boiled water

  In autumn and winter, people eat well, wear thick clothes, live warm and have little activity, so the accumulated heat in the body can’t be properly distributed, and symptoms of getting angry often appear. Drinking boiled water has a good effect of removing accumulated heat in the body.

  2. Eat less spicy and hot food.

  Eat less spicy and hot foods, and eat more laxative foods such as Chinese cabbage, bamboo shoots and leeks.

  3. Walk more and do more activities

  The temperature in spring is more suitable for outdoor activities. Don’t sit indoors for a long time. Go out for a walk and play ball games to make the intestines crawl better.

  Source: The content is integrated from Health Times and CCTV Life Circle.

Source: CCTV 1

The game that swept through Japan’s "sub-world", the national service public beta, players: drink more nutrition express!

Hello, everyone, this is a surprise game, and I’m your little brother.

Welcome to the weekly God Review, a week of game information to see how sand sculpture users spit.

High energy warning ahead …

The PC-side beta of Karapichu

The second-dimensional third-person tactical competitive shooting game "Karapichu" developed by Day1 Studio recently launched Wegame, and opened the PC-side beta. The name of the game comes from Calabi and Qiu Chengtong’s theory "Calabi-Qiu Chengtong Space".According to the official introduction, the world view of the game is set in an ideal hometown built by Kaqiu space, and players can choose to join different camps and explore the world of science fiction and animation elements.

Players can be incarnated as different paper girls, with their own main and auxiliary weapons and tactical props, and carry out skill operations in various play modes such as blasting and team competition.The characteristics of the game are also very novel. The core mechanism is "stringing", which allows players to realize the conversion between 3D and 2D forms, so as to become paper people to avoid bullets, move on the wall plane and fly in the air.

Netizens said:

173 netizens said:

Let’s just say who can say no to the paper man’s wife for a while?

Open the beta of "Blue Archives"

The second-dimensional role-playing game "Blue Files" was developed by MX studio, a subsidiary of South Korea’s NEXON Games, and released by Shanghai Youxing Network Technology Co., Ltd., which opened the public beta on August 3 and was officially launched on iOS and Android platforms.

The setting of the game is also close to the lives of many players. Players will play a teacher, train students from different campuses to organize six-person combat teams, solve various problems and investigate the layers of mysteries in the city.

As a card type, the second element nurtures the game,The game has a variety of skills and characters who are good at different weapons, and can match different strategies and tactics.As a typical secondary element, the characters in the game have their own personalities, backgrounds and stories, which can enhance the goodwill and unlock the plot through interaction.

Moreover, "Blue Files" has now become the most popular game in Japan. If you look at the hottest theme of "Comic Market", you will probably know what is the hottest at the moment.

However, before the game, there was an international service, and some changes in the role clothes and scene content of the national service caused heated discussion among players, which also caused many players to fall into the trouble of whether to enter the national service pit.

Netizens said:

173 netizens said:

It can only be said that it is another wife game, and the body is really unbearable.

If Shanni commutes his sentence, he will be released early.

If Shanni was originally named Teng Yang Tian Xia, he was transformed into an anchor after being a professional player in League of Legends. In May 2021, he was sentenced to three years in prison for opening a casino. YYDS, as everyone said, is a classic stalk handed down by him.Although the sentence in the judgment will last until January next year, he was officially released from prison on July 29, 2023 because of his good performance in prison.

There have been rumors in the past that Shanni was released from prison early if he worked very hard on sewing machines in prison, which also confirmed that the rumors were somewhat true.After he was released from prison, it also attracted attention. First of all, his figure was very thin compared with before, and the brand-name T-shirt he wore after he was released from prison was as high as 10,000 yuan, which also made netizens report that "the previous property was not confiscated".

Later, in Weibo, Shanni said that he would return to live broadcast, but "broadcast tomorrow" may be the stem of the day he was arrested. It will take time to verify whether the ex-insider who was released from prison can continue to live broadcast.

Netizens said:

173 netizens said:

I can only say that the transformation effect is at least visible to the naked eye.

Do you have anything to say about the above, please write it in the comments section!

Create culture and cultivate the future.

Source: Xinhuanet

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 2 nd: Building culture and cultivating the future

-thinking behind baseball’s "out of the circle"

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Junkuan

At the end of 2020, a documentary film with baseball as the theme "Great! Teenager has made this slightly "niche" sport in China a success.

A juvenile baseball team composed of left-behind children has realized the change of life situation through sports. Their inspirational stories of swinging against the wind and challenging their fate not only won the film the Best Documentary Feature Film Award at the FIRST Youth Film Exhibition, but also made many people really know baseball for the first time through the big screen, and then became interested in it.

Behind this successful "out-of-the-loop" case is the accumulation of countless China baseball players who have devoted themselves to popularizing popular projects. The title of the film represents the "great" and "juvenile" of the project culture, and also outlines the key words for the future development of baseball in China.

You may not know the rules of the baseball game, but you have seen the scene of this sport in Japanese comics or film and television works. At worst, I have seen baseball caps and players struggling to swing their bats. Baseball caps and bats can be said to be the most basic cultural labels of this sport.

Culture comes first and popularization lags behind, which is the present situation of baseball in most parts of China. It may seem awkward to many people, but in the eyes of Qi Dong, managing director of Major League Baseball (MLB) in China, this "upside down" is just an opportunity for baseball development.

"It is true that baseball is not as popular as some other sports now, but I don’t think it is a minority project. Because many people know baseball, but the sport itself has not been popularized. What we have to do is to unite all the forces that can be United and constantly transmit the content and culture of baseball. " Qi Dong said in an interview recently.

According to Qi Dong, in recent years, one of MLB’s main tasks in China is to continuously build project culture and influence through "going out of the circle" and "breaking the wall". In addition to participating as a strategic partner in the movie "Great! In addition to Teenagers, MLB China also successfully tried to break the wall last year, and cooperated with the popular IP "Under One Man" to form a "alien baseball team" in the second yuan and released a publicity video. It is precisely because of these attempts that I have tasted the sweetness. MLB China’s copyright cooperation, which began in the 2021 season, moved from Tencent Sports to Tencent Video, and joined hands with Oriental Pearl New Media under Shanghai Wenguang, which took a fancy to the entertainment attributes of the two partners.

In 2020, MLB China launched the original studio, and the total broadcast volume of original content exceeded 100 million. More original content authors will be supported in 2021. Children like baseball short video player and Xu Jiacheng, who has nearly 50,000 fans, have been shortlisted for the Creative Talent Camp and will receive support from content materials and funds.

Attracting the attention of teenagers as much as possible is the meaning of this series of questions of "going out of the circle" and "breaking the wall"

Coincidentally, the Chinese Baseball Association also saw the importance of building a project culture. Last year, the China Baseball Association, as a guiding unit, joined hands with People’s Baseball to launch a large-scale documentary "Baseball in China-A Guide to Faith" to tell the baseball story of China people.

In addition, the China Baseball Association also held an online interactive activity of "Baseball Network Talent Show" during the epidemic period, which showed the technical charm and cultural connotation of baseball in the form of social media challenges that young people loved. Not long ago, the China Baseball Association set up a committee for elite athletes to give full play to the power of role models and attract more young people’s attention.

It has become the consensus of China baseball people from all walks of life to create a baseball culture and help popularize the project.

The development of sports cannot be separated from the support of the participants. Two years ago, MLB released the White Paper on Baseball Population in China in 2019, which showed that by 2019, the overall size of baseball population in China was about 41 million, with 21 million active people. Among the active people, people who participate in sports account for 40.0%.

Whether a sport can enter the campus and approach teenagers determines whether there will be more and more participants. After the project temporarily left the Olympic Games in 2008, the China Baseball Association began to devote more energy to popularization and promotion, focusing on strengthening youth training and promoting the project into the campus, and achieved remarkable results.

In recent years, youth baseball has developed rapidly. With the construction of U-series tournament system as a lever, the youth competitions of U10, U12, U15, U18 and other age groups have expanded from the national championship to the national championship and the national open, and the scale of participation has tripled, with nearly 700 teams participating each year.

According to the plan of China Baseball Association, the development of youth baseball in the next five years will build a multi-channel and multi-form baseball talent training mechanism based on campus, build more traditional schools and youth sports clubs, let more young students participate in baseball, and consolidate the talent base for baseball development. In the Medium-and Long-Term Development Plan of China Baseball Industry (Draft for Comment), a specific goal is set-to strive to reach 3,000 schools to carry out baseball by 2025.

In November, 2020, the China Baseball Association also reached a cooperation with MLB on the project of baseball public welfare class entering the campus. At present, the project has landed in primary and secondary schools in Wuxi, Shanghai, Beijing and other places. The two sides will work together to bring baseball public welfare classes to more parts of the country, jointly promote the popularization of baseball campuses, and organize a wealth of event exchange activities on this basis, so that children can enhance their fun through competitions and continue to grow and progress.

Qi Dong said that four to six cities have been arranged for baseball public welfare classes to enter the campus this year. "Our goal is to hope that more and more children will feel the fun and charm of baseball at the physical education class."

"The main purpose of this project is to let more children know at least what baseball is, how to run, jump and throw it, how to know that it is a team sport, how to use their brains, how to be resourceful and so on through physical education class. These all allow children to exercise, both physically and mentally. " Qi Dong said, "If all primary schools in the country have baseball in physical education class, then baseball will be really popular in China, and the development of baseball in the future will be very broad."

A basketball training institution in Wuhan suddenly stopped, and the company headquarters said it would send someone to handle the matter in Han. The lawyer reminded me to sign a formal contract when

Motive Sports Door Closed Photography: Wu Han, a journalist of Chutian Metropolis Daily.

□ Chutian Metropolis Daily’s most eye-catching journalist Wu Han

Recently, a number of parents who signed up for classes in Wuhan Motive Sports Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Motive Sports") called the Jimu News Hotline of Chutian Metropolis Daily, saying that they had been informed by the coach and were told to suspend classes. The head of Wuhan Motive Sports Technology Co., Ltd. could not be found, and the door of the company was closed. After many contacts with journalists, Beijing Motive Sports Technology Co., Ltd. ("Motive Sports" headquarters) said that it would send people to Wuhan to handle related matters.

Parental complaints

After paying the money, the class was suddenly suspended.

"I received a sales call in May this year and took an experience class." Mr. Chi said that he received a sales call from Wuhan Motive Sports Technology Co., Ltd., and originally planned to give classes to his children. Later, he attended several free basketball experience classes at the training ground in Boyang Badminton Hall in Hongshan Sports Center. He felt that the effect was good and signed up.

Mr. Chi said that as required, he paid the fee in the "Motivation Sports" applet. Mr. Chi told Jimu journalist that when he signed up, the other party told him that there was a discount for signing up for more classes, so he bought 92 basketball classes and sent 12 classes, totaling 8542 yuan. Classes have been held every weekend since August. Sometimes the place of class will change, and it can be adjusted to the teaching place of motivational sports in other areas of Wuhan according to his needs. On September 9, Mr. Chi said that he was going to take his children to a basketball class on September 10, but he didn’t expect to receive a notice from the coach telling him that the company in Wuhan had a situation and could not attend the class.

From the screenshot provided by Mr. Chi, the reporter saw that the coach replied that after being informed by the Beijing headquarters, the Wuhan company was in a state of stagnation and was actively transferring courses, and everyone would be informed when classes resumed. At present, the coach has no way, is on the verge of leaving his job, and his salary has not been paid yet.

There are also a number of parents who took part in the training course in Motivational Sports and received the notice of suspension to call the Chutian Metropolis Daily’s extreme news hotline. Parents often report that they can’t contact Wuhan Motive Sports Technology Co., Ltd. and can’t find an explanation. According to the contact information provided by parents, Jimu journalist contacted a coach Huang who was in charge of teaching basketball class. Coach Huang told the reporter that he had been preparing for class normally, and suddenly he received a notice from a supervisor of Motivation Sports, telling him that he needed to suspend classes temporarily because of the operation of Wuhan Branch. He immediately contacted his parents and told them about it.

Coach Huang said that he signed a contract with Motive Sports in April last year, and it has been normal all the time, and no abnormal situation has been found. At present, there are more than 30 students in his basketball class. On September 8, he was also going to contact his parents to send the class time. As a result, some parents told him that he had received the notice of suspension. He then went to ask the motivation sports company, and the supervisor at that time replied that "the company may not do it, so he should not take classes again." Coach Huang said that he was also in arrears with his salary in August.

The reporter checked the "Motivational Sports" applet, which showed that classes were held at seven points in Wu Hanyou. The small program was developed by Beijing Motive Sports Technology Co., Ltd., and the introduction says that Motive Sports is a brand of sports training for young children, focusing on providing sports training services for young children aged 4-17, and serving 1 million+students and parents nationwide.

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Motivation The door of sports office is closed.

On September 12th, Jimu journalists came to Hongshan Sports Center and found Boyang Badminton Hall. A staff member at the front desk said that many parents had come to consult about motivational sports. Motivation Sports rented the venue for training, and classes were still normal during the summer vacation. There are still some shelves for motivation sports in the venue. At present, Motive Sports has been closed for a period of time, and the rent of the museum is in arrears. The museum can’t contact the relevant person in charge of Motive Sports. On September 11th, the police also came to investigate the matter. The staff advised parents to report to the police.

According to the registered office of Wuhan Motive Sports Technology Co., Ltd., the reporter went to Room 3305, 33rd floor, Wuhan Plaza, Jianghan District, Wuhan, and found the office of Wuhan Motive Sports. The reporter saw that the door was closed and locked. Through the glass door, he could see some tables and chairs inside, but he didn’t see the staff. There is a parent waiting at the entrance of the company’s office. The parent told the reporter that he has been to the office of Motivation Sports for three times, and the door is closed every time. The staff of two surrounding enterprises told reporters that Motivation Sports was closed for about a week, and some people had worked here before.

Subsequently, the reporter came to the property service office of Wuhan Plaza Building. A staff member of the department said that many parents had come to inquire about motivational sports. The staff member said that they could not get in touch with motivational sports either, and no one answered the phone. No staff member of motivational sports has been seen recently. Parents are advised to contact the Market Supervision Administration to reflect this matter.

Company response

The headquarters will send someone to Wuhan to deal with this matter.

According to the contact information provided by parents, Jimu journalist contacted a coach surnamed Yang, who told Jimu journalist that he was mainly responsible for docking the coaching team. According to the coach, according to his contact with the Beijing headquarters of Motivation, Wuhan has operational difficulties due to financial problems, and Beijing Motivation Sports Technology Co., Ltd. is coordinating this matter. The teaching point in Hongshan Sports Center was also suspended because of the financial problems of Wuhan Motive Sports, and the venue fee was not paid to the other party.

Coach Yang said that at the beginning of September this year, he received a notice that there was a problem in the operation of Wuhan Company. At present, the headquarters is also trying to solve it, find a third-party institution to accept the course and resume classes as soon as possible. At present, Beijing Motivation Sports Headquarters is responsible for negotiating this matter with other institutions. The reporter asked the parents about the refund, and coach Yang said that he needed to contact the customer service at the Beijing headquarters.

The reporter called official website of Beijing Motivation Sports Technology Co., Ltd. several times in a row, but no one answered. On September 12, Jimu journalist contacted Babaoshan, the market supervision administration of Shijingshan District, Beijing, and the staff of the institute replied that the institute had contacted Beijing Motive Sports Technology Co., Ltd., which said that there were staff members who went to Wuhan to deal with this matter.

On September 17, many parents said that they still could not contact the person in charge of Wuhan Motive Sports, and they would recover their losses through legal channels.

Gao Lei, a lawyer of Hubei Ronghecheng Law Firm, suggested that consumers can ask merchants to provide the courses they promised according to the factual contract concluded by both parties. If the merchant refuses to perform or fails to perform after being urged, the consumer may ask the merchant to refund the corresponding amount. Both parties can negotiate on this. If negotiation fails, they can bring a lawsuit to the court. In addition, consumers are also reminded that when purchasing courses, it is best to sign a formal contract with the merchants and ask for invoices in time after payment.

Bouncing monster! He is only 1.98 meters tall, but he can touch the upper edge of the rebound. This talent is too exaggerated

Coen Carr, a rookie striker at Michigan State University, became popular in America.

The cause of the incident was that when he took part in the physical examination, he just touched the upper edge of the rebound with a simple run-up.

You know, Coencar is only 2 meters tall.

The last player who could touch the upper edge of the rebound was retired superstar Garnett, but Garnett’s height was 2.11 meters. …

Coen Carr is 18 years old and a basketball player from Texas, USA.

He plays the position of defender on the court, is good at holding the ball and breaking through, and often completes the interception of opponents in the penalty area, which is pleasing to the eye.

In high school, Coen Carr was the top 60 player in the United States and won the McDonald’s All-Star Dunk Contest.

He gave the impression that he could jump at that time, but he didn’t expect to jump so much. …

In the last year of high school, Coencar averaged 20.9 points, 9.6 rebounds, 1.6 steals and 1.7 blocks per game.

He is often compared with Zion because of his excellent athletic ability and brutal way of playing.

The evaluation given by the scout report is that it has the ability to block multiple positions, strong strength and quick pace.

If more offensive moves can be added, the election may cause a large-scale sensation and predict the top ten in the first round.

In terms of athletic ability, Coen Carr is indeed very similar to Zion. Both of them are jumping men with explosive physical qualities.

If he can improve his shooting to above average, he also has a chance to be selected in the high pick.

This kind of talent is visible to the naked eye and has a certain sense of defense, which has been very popular in recent years.

Reddish of the Lakers, for example, and Kuminga of the Warriors, for example, all have average skills, but they are in good health, and finally they all become lottery shows.

Of course, the premise is to have self-discipline. If you can’t keep your mouth shut like Zion, even the best talent will be abandoned.

MLB News Shohei Ohtani is about to cry? Us media: the strongest man in history may miss the playoffs.

Ohtani was holding back tears at the end of the game pic.twitter.com/VjBgrzDuTI

— zach (@zachleft) August 4, 2023

Shohei Ohtani, the "second knife runner" of the Angels, hit the 40th bomb of the season the day before yesterday, and even pitched four innings without losing points. Unfortunately, the bullpen was weak and the sailors won 5-3. Otani was also photographed in the rest area fighting back tears and looking at the court. Some fans pointed out that Otani is a person who can express his feelings, like wiping his tears when he won the championship in the classic. This is just an ordinary regular season in early August, but it is not the first time that his hard work can’t save the team’s frustration.

USA-Today writer Charles Curtis analyzed: "Did Otani play the best season in major league history? His current WAR (Winning Contribution) is 8.7, which leads the league, and his single-season record is 11.9 in the year of Barry Bonds’ 73 boom. But seeing Otani’s performance and other data with his own eyes, his home run, third base hit, long hit rate, attack index, base hit number, standardized attack index, four bad walks and base attendance rate are all the highest in the American League. 」

This article believes that Otani’s performance this season can be described as the best in history. Angels may not make the playoffs. Although it is only early August, it can’t be asserted, but the situation seems very bad. Fans lamented on the Internet that Otani was an unprecedented first-class player, but it would certainly feel wronged to waste the peak season of his career on a team that could not compete for the championship. Some fans jokingly wrote: "He couldn’t help crying because he thought that he would stay in the angel after the trading deadline. 」

There are three teams, the Red Sox, the Yankees and the Mariners, standing in the way between the Angel and the last seat of the American League wild card, but it’s not impossible to catch up. The Angel also strengthened before the trade deadline, and it will take some time to see the effect.

Bo Yu said sports: La Liga coach confirmed that brentford wanted to buy out, and the transaction cost was 24 million euros.

Although Barcelona escaped with the La Liga title this season, there is no need to reveal the sports reasons in great detail; Nor should we worry that the 35-year-old player will have a decisive influence in the top European competitions in the next few seasons. Considering the club’s persistent difficulties in the league’s restrictions on their debts and salary caps, making this move financially feasible is an obstacle, but President Joan laporta hopes to achieve this goal.

Messi’s return will provide a huge public relations impetus and may reopen a huge global income source for the Spanish champion, and the prospect of Messi leading the club to win another Champions League trophy is also attractive.

Take what you need! In a stale marathon, runners pay for services.

Inscription: At the beginning, track and field events such as marathon were very far away from us ordinary people. At that time, we could only see that only a few people participated in the competition through TV or newspapers. After all, 42 kilometers was indeed a very long distance at that time. Around 2016, the right to host the marathon was relaxed, and the purpose of relaxation was very clear, that is, I hope to contribute to the national fitness. More than 1,000 marathons can be held in one year, and individual marathons can attract hundreds of thousands of people to sign up for tens of thousands of places. Everyone has a strong desire to exercise, but some people still have doubts about the marathon and think it is not necessary to participate.

The people who started the marathon really loved running, but they didn’t have the opportunity to show themselves and the recording equipment was not perfect, so maybe they didn’t know exactly how many kilometers they had run. It was the marathon that gave them such an opportunity. At that time, not only the registration fee was low, but also the competition for registration was not great. Basically, it was first come, first served. The number of places decided by lottery was only the product of the development of marathon in recent years. Slowly, the registration fee for the marathon has risen sharply, and more publicity has been given to the city while promoting national fitness. The materials distributed by one organizer alone contain too many useless things, and the commercial flavor is too strong, as if everything has gone bad.

However, for us runners, the enthusiasm for participating in the marathon is increasing. Many people think that there is no difference between running and participating in the competition, and it is unnecessary to spend money. This is a big mistake. Runners take money to enjoy the service of the competition. Others provide you with supplies, cheer for you, and take pictures of you, which can better satisfy your vanity and provide like-minded people with opportunities to compete in the same field. Therefore, this is why although the marathon is a bit stale, everyone still enjoys doing it. The reason is that they can get what they want. I just have what you want, so we will take a shot. This is something that anyone can understand.

However, not everyone can finish the marathon. We still have to choose a happy run, a half horse or a whole horse according to our own situation. Moreover, in line with the principle of health, ordinary people should not take part in every horse. It is enough to choose 1-2 marathons close to home a year, take some beautiful photos, send a beautiful circle of friends, gain praise from others and give themselves some motivation to run. Don’t race blindly, it will not only be meaningless, but also consume your body excessively. You will find that you may become old and ugly, and your hair will become thinner and thinner, so the money spent is too worthless. I hope this will resonate with the majority of runners.

The Lakers beat the Grizzlies 2-1 at home 111-101, Morant scored 45 points and James was severely hit.

Dillon Brooks, This Is For You!

When the first quarter of Lakers Vs Grizzlies ended today, the score of 35-9 was matched with Dillon Brooks’ stiff expression on the bench. There is no better way to "speak with the game".

After winning the second game, he made a mockery of lebron james with a big mouth, and his face was too ugly.

Then today’s Grizzlies came up and were beaten by the Lakers with a single-quarter difference record (26 points) in playoff history.

People can’t help but think of the famous line in "Bright Sword":

"Xie Baoqing, Xie Baoqing, why do you say you provoke Li Yunlong?"

This game is the first time for the Lakers to welcome the audience to participate in the playoffs in Staples since 2013 (the 20-21 season was partially allowed), and the momentum shown by the Lakers after the opening not only stunned the Grizzlies, but also made the home fans high.

Of course, Morant, the Grizzlies’ main player, came back with an injury today, and the team didn’t want to give up easily. From the second quarter, the grizzly bear began a long journey to fill the pit.

In this section, Morant scored 12 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists in a single quarter, gradually bringing the Grizzlies back to the game. However, when the Grizzlies hit 28-18 in a single quarter and narrowed the difference by 37-53 at the end of the half-time, Tommy Tam was alive again.

At the beginning of the second half, he violently hit LeBron’s "Little James" between his legs when he returned to the defense. As tough as LeBron, he fell to the ground.

Recently, it was the outlet for the League to crack down on the "fork". Harden was just punished two days ago, and Tommy Tam dared to hit the gun at this time, which is worthy of the title of "brain-dead".

The referee also satisfied him and directly left the game for a second-class malicious foul.

In this case, the Lakers played a slightly conservative way, and did not respond resolutely to the attack of the Grizzlies. Fortunately, Thick Eyebrows scored 15 points and 4 rebounds in this section to hold the opponent’s onslaught. The Lakers still lead 88-68 after three quarters.

However, it still gave the Grizzlies, especially Morant, hope to overtake. Morant, who was injured in the fourth quarter, completely started the "Bear King" mode. In this quarter, he made 9 of 12 shots, 6 of 3 shots and 4 of 22 points in a single quarter, and the immortal ball kept on leading the Grizzlies to fight back strongly, once catching up with 99-108 and reducing it to single digits.

However, the pit was dug too big in the early stage and eventually lost to the Lakers 101-111 away.

James scored 25 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists, Thick Eyebrows scored 31 points and 17 rebounds, Russell scored 17 points, 4 rebounds and 7 assists, Ba Cun Basement scored 16 points and 5 rebounds, and Reeves scored 13 points and 6 rebounds.

Morant scored 45 points, 9 boards and 13 assists, Bain scored 18 points and 5 boards, and jaren jackson scored 13 points and 5 boards.

The next match between the two teams will be held in Los Angeles in two days (4.25 Beijing time).