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Brands transmit fashion power and help the consumer market warm up in the New Year.

As the Spring Festival approaches, the fashion consumer market is very lively, and many big brands make frequent moves: the surprise debut of the first store, the release of new series, and the release of heavy products … Brands collide with colorful ideas with excellent works to interpret the new fashion in autumn and winter, convey modern power, add creative kinetic energy to the winter consumption season, and further stimulate consumers’ enthusiasm in the new season.
Delvaux unveiled its first flagship store in mainland China.
Recently, Delvaux settled in the central part of Beijing Wangfu. It is reported that Delvaux Beijing Wangfu Central Flagship Store is the first flagship store in mainland China, which is in the same strain as Delvaux’s flagship stores all over the world. Wangfu Central Flagship Store displays Belgian culture with traditional design techniques, and inherits and transmits the fusion of the cultures of Brussels and Beijing.
Delvaux Wangfu Central Flagship Store is ingenious and unique in style. The appearance is made of glass and metal, which reminds people of the industrial glory of the Crystal Palace in Victorian London, and at the same time realizes the ingenious interaction between internal and external space, just like every exquisite masterpiece of Delvaux. Stepping into the main hall, Versailles parquet floors and two rare display cases are introduced, which were created by the Jeanselme family, a Parisian furniture maker, whose exquisite furniture covers many past styles including Renaissance, Louis XIV, 15th and 16th periods. Belgium’s iconic Flemish-style cabinets have undergone modern interpretation and are skillfully integrated into the left bar lounge.
Showcase made by Jeanselme family, a Parisian furniture maker.
The VIP room is decorated with the imperial red tone, paying tribute to the Forbidden City in Beijing. The wall is decorated with 12 hand-made brass "totems" with geometric shapes from 1960s. The decoration was originally installed in Abernathy Pavilion Villa in Palm Springs, California, USA, reflecting the modern style of California desert in the mid-20th century.
Jean-Marc Loubier, global CEO of Delvaux, stressed that in today’s increasingly standardized and homogeneous luxury goods, the brand will strive to make leather works, humanistic services and spaces show individuality and uniqueness.
The first in mainland China.SKIMS
Valentine’s Day limited time experience store debutLane Crawford
A few days ago, Lane Crawford and SKIMS presented "SKIMS Valentine’s Day Limited Experience Store" in Chengdu International Financial Center, which will be limited to open from now until February 8, 2024. Kim kardashian, co-founder and creative director of SKIMS, said: "The launch of the limited-time Valentine’s Day experience store in Chengdu for the first time is an important milestone in the sustainable development of SKIMS in Asia and the world. I can’t wait for consumers to experience our brand, products and the unique style behind it."
The Red Star News reporter learned that this SKIMS Valentine’s Day Limited Time Experience Store specially sells Valentine’s Day series items, including underwear, home clothes and limited gift sets. In addition to Valentine’s Day series items, customers can also go to the store to buy SKIMS classic fits everywhere, SeamlessSculpt and Cotton series.
With love as the medium, Lane Crawford and SKIMS have built a dreamy pink world that belongs to Chengdu alone. The space adopts the trademark rounded corner design and bright surface treatment of SKIMS brand, and the pink main color is matched with the heart-shaped display to show the sweet Valentine’s Day atmosphere. Whether it is the soft line design or the eye-catching color full of luster, SKIMS’ brand style and unique personality advocating freedom and comfort are everywhere.
In addition to the rich in-store experience, the pink storm between Lane Crawford and SKIMS also swept the city. From now on, the brand will specially build a pink double-decker bus, and will land on the landmark Twin Towers in Chengdu in a limited time to attract fashionable people in the city to a romantic appointment.
2024 COLLECTION is officially released.
Recently, GENTLE MONSTER officially launched the 2024 COLLECTION.
GENTLE MONSTER builds a brand-new goggles shape with pioneering design language and exquisite details. The imaginative line trend with bold colors fully shows the brand’s unique aesthetics and style. The innovative and bold silhouette is cleverly mapped through the lens of photographer ELIZAVETA PORODINA, showing the visual aesthetics of pioneer and hazy coexistence.
Explore the distinctive 2024 GENTLE JELLY series under the lens of photographer ELIZAVETA PORODINA.
Long Teng ying chun Huan Xin Yan
New upgrade of H&M Chengdu Heshenghui Store
Recently, Hennes & Mauritz AB (hereinafter referred to as "H&M") appeared in Chengdu Heshenghui with its newly upgraded storefront image. It is reported that the store marks that H&M actively responds to the changes in consumer demand and constantly seeks innovation to enhance consumers’ shopping experience.
The brand-new store upgrade brings a fresh and bright style different from the past, introducing vibrant wood grain wall columns, green plants and other elements to decorate, and matching with soft natural colors, creating an elegant and charming Nordic "Sen" atmosphere. All the lighting in the store adopts new environmental protection LED, which not only lights up the shopping mood for consumers, but also adds a warm rest area for customers to rest and wait, creating a comfortable and comfortable high-quality sustainable fashion consumption space.
Drawing on traditional colors and visual symbols, H&M combines comfortable texture, diverse styles and holiday dress requirements to launch the 2024 Spring Festival collection. The image of Xianglong, a symbol of wisdom and courage, has undergone multiple deductive changes, reshaping the meaning of a beautiful new year with various postures and opening a new journey with dazzling eyes.
The reporter learned that H&M 2024 Spring Festival series has been put on sale at H&M national stores, HM.COM.CN online stores, H&M WeChat APPlet mall, H&M Tmall official flagship store, H&M JD.COM official flagship store and H&M official app simultaneously since January 18th.
At the beginning of the new year, H&M aims to present consumers with higher quality and more shopping choices with a brand-new image, and jointly start a brand-new fashion journey.
Red Star Journalist Jaco Hou Peiyang
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The "Beijing Eight Articles" regulation plan is released, and the down payment ratio of the second suite is not less than 50%

  Yesterday, the city issued a notice on several measures to promote the stable and healthy development of the city’s real estate market, and put forward eight measures for real estate regulation. It is clearly pointed out that for households with one set of housing, if they apply for commercial personal housing loans to buy ordinary self-occupied housing again in order to improve their living conditions, the down payment ratio will not be less than 50% regardless of the loan record; For those who purchase non-ordinary self-occupied houses, the down payment ratio shall not be less than 70%.

  (Reporter Zhu Kaiyun) Yesterday, the general office of the municipal government forwarded the notice of the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Committee and other departments on "Several Measures for Promoting the Stable and Healthy Development of the Real Estate Market in this Municipality" and put forward eight measures for real estate regulation and control in this Municipality.

  First, we should increase the supply of residential land and rationally adjust the land supply structure. Increase the supply ratio of low-priced and medium-sized ordinary commercial housing, strictly implement the 90/70 policy, increase the just-needed supply, and take into account the improvement demand.

  Second, it is necessary to increase the supply of land for self-occupied commercial housing. Except Dongcheng, Xicheng and Shijingshan District, other districts should arrange a number of land for self-occupied commercial housing to enter the market as soon as possible during the year.

  Third, it is necessary to further improve the land transaction rules, strengthen the transaction mode of "controlling land price and limiting house price", limit the housing price in the supply link and incorporate it into the conditions of land auction and auction. Encourage real estate enterprises to own some houses as rental housing to meet the rental demand.

  The fourth is to implement differentiated housing credit policies. The down payment ratio for the first set of ordinary self-occupied housing is not less than 35%, and the down payment ratio for the first set of non-ordinary commercial housing is not less than 40%. However, except for self-occupied commercial housing, two-limit housing and other policy housing. For households with one set of housing, if they apply for commercial personal housing loans to buy ordinary self-occupied housing again in order to improve their living conditions, the down payment ratio shall be no less than 50% regardless of the loan record; For those who purchase non-ordinary self-occupied houses, the down payment ratio shall not be less than 70%.

  Fifth, the relevant municipal departments should strengthen the management of commodity housing transactions and supervise real estate development enterprises and their sales behavior. For projects with obviously high quotations, the issuance of pre-sale permits will be stopped, and existing home sales will not be filed. For projects that have gone through the pre-sale or cash sale procedures, all the houses for sale shall be made public at one time within the specified time, and the regulations of clearly marked price and one room and one price shall be strictly enforced, and the actual sales price shall not be higher than the declared price. At the same time, the above information should be clearly marked in a prominent position in the trading place.

  Sixth, it is necessary to strengthen the management of real estate brokerage institutions and their brokerage activities, and fully implement the supervision of stock housing transaction funds. Real estate brokerage institutions and real estate brokers should be entrusted to release real housing and price information, and should not occupy housing information or drive up housing prices.

  Seventh, the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee and other relevant departments should carry out joint law enforcement inspections, focusing on investigating and dealing with property hoarding’s illegal acts such as hoarding houses, driving up house prices, publishing false houses and price information, and publicly exposing them, and relevant information should be included in enterprise credit files.

  Eighth, earnestly strengthen organizational leadership. Establish a joint meeting system to strengthen the supervision of the real estate market in this Municipality, and be responsible for guiding, coordinating and promoting the supervision of the real estate market in this Municipality.


  The city deployed the real estate market inspection work during the National Day.

  (Reporter Zhu Kaiyun) Yesterday, the city held a briefing on the law enforcement inspection of the real estate market. The meeting informed the Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Municipal Development and Reform Commission about the law enforcement inspection and the current real estate market situation, and asked real estate development enterprises and real estate brokerage institutions to standardize their operations according to law, strictly prohibit property hoarding and other illegal acts, and clarify the serious consequences that enterprises should bear in violation of regulations; At the same time, the multi-departmental joint law enforcement inspection work during the National Day was further deployed.

  The meeting pointed out that the management of real estate development enterprises and their sales behavior requires that real estate development projects that require pre-sale permission or record the sale of existing homes should disclose all the sales houses at one time within the specified time. Real estate development enterprises in the sale of commercial housing projects, we must strictly enforce the price tag, one room and one price, the actual sales price shall not be higher than the declared price; All saleable houses and their prices and other related information must be clearly marked in a prominent position in the trading place, and the clearly marked price should not be turned into "oral notification", and property hoarding should not be used to delay the opening time or control the houses, so as to deliberately create a tense atmosphere for the houses; It is not allowed to mark false information or use deceptive and vague language to mislead consumers and infringe on consumers’ right to know, choose and fair trade. Real estate brokerage institutions and personnel shall engage in real estate brokerage activities in accordance with the law, and be entrusted to release real housing and price information, and shall not occupy housing information or drive up housing prices; It is strictly forbidden to engage in off-site fund-raising financial services such as down payment, self-financing, self-guarantee and the establishment of a fund pool; Real estate brokerage services shall be clearly marked, and price fraud shall not be carried out by using false or misleading contents and methods of marking.

  The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Construction and Construction Committee said that the problems in the real estate market are not only economic issues and management issues, but also people’s livelihood issues and social issues. Some chaos in the real estate market will be dealt with strictly, severely and quickly. In the next step, the Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development will continue to strengthen law enforcement and investigation, strengthen joint supervision and comprehensive management with the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Municipal Bureau of Land Planning and other departments, and severely crack down on property hoarding, bid up housing prices, seize housing, publish false housing information and other illegal acts. Citizens can report violations of laws and regulations in the real estate market transaction process.


  Provident fund loans will cancel the guarantee service fee from now on.

  (Reporter Zhu Kaiyun) In the future, Beijing Provident Fund loans will no longer charge guarantee service fees; Buying a second-hand housing provident fund loan, in addition to no longer paying the guarantee service fee, the loan evaluation fee has also been greatly reduced. Beijing Housing Provident Fund Management Center released the policy of benefiting the people yesterday. From today, the depositor does not need to pay the guarantee service fee when applying for provident fund loans, and the maximum charge standard of second-hand housing evaluation fee has been lowered from 1,500 yuan/piece to 600 yuan/piece.

  The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Housing Provident Fund Management Center said that the launch of the New Deal in Beijing is to further benefit people’s livelihood and better serve housing provident fund depositors.

  Experts said that in the past, under normal circumstances, the common guarantee methods of provident fund loans were joint liability guarantee and mortgage guarantee of Beijing Housing Loan Guarantee Center. Among them, the guarantee of the guarantee center involves the guarantee service fee, and the charging standard is three thousandths of the loan amount, and the minimum charge is 300 yuan. The appraisal fee for second-hand houses is charged according to three thousandths of the appraisal value, with the lowest charge of 300 yuan and the highest charge of 1,500 yuan.

  The person in charge of the provident fund center said that according to the "Regulations on the Management of Housing Provident Fund": "Applicants who apply for housing provident fund loans shall provide guarantees." In the future, when a depositor applies for a personal loan of housing provident fund, the Beijing Housing Loan Guarantee Center can provide the depositor with a phased guarantee before the pre-mortgage registration (or mortgage registration) of the purchased house, and the depositor does not need to pay the guarantee service fee. This means that employees who apply for provident fund loans will be exempted from the guarantee service fee ranging from several hundred yuan to thousands of yuan.

  In addition, the Provident Fund Center also introduced an evaluation competition mechanism, and selected six first-class real estate appraisal agencies, including Beijing Guosheng Real Estate Appraisal Co., Ltd. and Beijing Huayuan Longtai Real Estate and Land Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd., to provide better, more convenient and efficient services for paid employees.

  The Provident Fund Center said that the adjustment of loan-related fees is based on the date of acceptance, that is to say, the depositor will no longer pay the guarantee service fee for the newly accepted loans from today, and the highest charging standard for the second-hand housing appraisal fee will be lowered to 600 yuan/piece.

Ignite the "fire" of winter tourism

Source: [Ningxia Daily]

This winter, Yinchuan focused on emerging consumption hotspots, new consumption formats and trendy consumption scenes, and created five characteristic themes, 66 winter tourism projects and 112 sub-activities according to local conditions, presenting new products, new formats, new scenes, new ways of playing and new concessions of Yinchuan’s winter cultural tourism in multiple dimensions, and giving full play to the promotion of winter tourism marketing to the cultural tourism market.

Offering tourists a "big meal" of cultural tourism with rich cultural flavor and many new ways to play, so that tourists can experience the different winter in magical Ningxia in one stop. It must be said that the relevant departments have really made great efforts in tourism promotion. When it comes to visiting Ningxia, most people think that the best time period is the warmer weather season, and winter is the off-season of tourism. In fact, tourism has no off-season market, only off-season ideas. Seasons have never been the key factor that restricts the development of tourism. The key is whether the seasons can make a different feeling. Even if winter is not the most beautiful season in the traditional sense of Ningxia, as long as it is done with characteristics, it can ignite the "fire" of off-season tourism and give tourists a different experience.

To "break the ice" in the off-season, thoughts must be "thawed" first. Pursuing the "difference" of winter tourism is rooted in the change of thinking mode and working mode. Continue to explore the characteristic culture, enrich the tourism format, gather the tourist popularity, improve the industrial chain, carefully study what are their own characteristics and advantages, and then, with the confidence of winning and effective measures, promote the winter tourism market to flourish, which will surely make more tourists feel the unique winter scenery, come to Ningxia and fall in love with Ningxia.

This article comes from Ningxia Daily and only represents the author’s point of view. The national party media information public platform provides information dissemination and dissemination services.


There are 16 most beautiful and fashionable hairstyles, but the effect is different. I can’t help but want to have a try after reading them.

Hairstyles, as an important aid to improve the face value, have always been the favorite of many sisters who love beauty. Today, I have selected 16 most beautiful and fashionable hairstyles for everyone, and the effect is different. I can’t help but want to try them after reading them.

Half-covered short hair has always been loved by the majority of sisters, showing a rich level as a whole, which can well modify the head shape and face shape, simple, fashionable and generous, and it is difficult to think of beauty.

Usually, you can also pin the hair on the side to the back of your ear, which is also very neat, which can better highlight your beautiful side face. The high facial features make people feel very excited at first glance.

The hair on the top of the head can also be ironed, showing a fluffy sense of lines as a whole, but not too curly, relatively natural, beautiful and not old-fashioned.

Hairdressing can prevent the hair from sticking to the scalp, effectively increase the fluffy effect of the hair roots, and enhance the aesthetic feeling of the skull top.

Of course, most women in life still have long hair, which is easy to sweat. At this time, we might as well try to shovel the sideburns short, which will bring us a refreshing feeling immediately.

If you are bold enough, you can also shorten the whole periphery and make some carved patterns on it, which is not only refreshing, but also very artistic, especially if you tie up the long hair on it, you will turn your head high wherever you go.

Perm can be said that most women like it. It can create an effect that haircut can’t achieve, and make you more beautiful and fashionable. Especially this style is hot, and the whole curl is relatively soothing.

Hot modeling can not only show fluffy radian, but also show feminine softness. It can be said that most women are suitable for it, and it is not only fashionable but also old-fashioned after reading it.

Of course, if the hair is particularly soft and rare, it is more suitable for a small curly perm. A small curly perm not only shows a large amount of hair, but also is full of elasticity, which makes people look more overseas.

For example, this kind of full-head, small-curl perm, with a split style, can also well modify the head shape and face shape, make your hair more abundant and make your facial features more perfect.

Small curls and full-head perms are sometimes too explosive. At this time, we might as well tie the hair on the top of our head. This semi-tied hair style is particularly age-reducing, which makes the foreign fashion still small.

Speaking of perm, I have to mention long curly hair. Presumably, most sisters with long hair want to have a full perm, from the end of the hair to the root of the hair. The overall effect is very fluffy. At first glance, it is full of fashion.

As long as the hair is long, the hair on the top of the head is easy to stick to the scalp, whether it is soft or hard. At this time, choosing full-head perm can effectively increase the support of the hair roots on the top of the head and play a good role in the whole head shape.

In terms of curl, you can choose according to your own hair quality. The curl of fine and soft hair can be small in the middle, and the curl of coarse and hard hair can be large in the middle. Combining with your own hair quality, choosing the right curl will not only make you more fashionable, but also keep the curl for a longer time.

Why do so many women like long curly hair? Because in most of our cognition, the goddess should have such a hairstyle, which is elegant, fashionable and romantic.

Which of the 16 most beautiful and fashionable ladies’ hairstyles do you like best? Welcome to leave a message. If you want to see more fashionable hairstyles, don’t forget to follow me.

I need you to be my friend, because you know how to listen to me and pay attention to me, thank you, and I hope you and I will go together in the future hair style.

Channel 6: Real Madrid is a light year away from Manchester City! Real Madrid will introduce Vlahovic in the summer, with an offer of over 100 million yuan.

Aspen reported that after the defeat of Manchester City in the semi-final of the Champions League, the club management of Real Madrid decided to strengthen their talents this summer. In the last two seasons, only Joao Armeni and Cammavinga have been brought in. Real Madrid will first introduce a strong striker this summer, and has already targeted Juventus striker Blakovic.

Blakovic’s technical features are a bit like Harland’s. The 190cm Serbian striker has scored 14 goals and 4 assists in 41 appearances for Juventus in various competitions this season. Lachowicz is worth 75 million euros. Aspen reports that Real Madrid is ready to offer Juventus an offer of 100 million euros.

Real Madrid’s decision to bring in Vlahovic has something to do with Manchester City’s zero block in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final, but florentino is particularly concerned about Benzema’s aging, and I think there is not enough front line in the team. The team will rely less and less on him.

After losing to Manchester City in the Champions League, Fran garrido, a guest of Channel 6, lamented: "Real Madrid’s Champions League DNA came from Manchester City, and it was completely shattered. You must know. " Real Madrid goalkeeper courtois is the best player in this game. Manchester City scored four goals, but courtois saved three winning goals from Harland. Without courtois’s outstanding performance, Real Madrid will face the most humiliating game in team history at Etihad Stadium. I think Manchester City is now light years ahead of Real Madrid.

In addition to Blakovic, Real Madrid are also seeking to strengthen their defense and midfield, and Bellingham has confirmed to join the team’s midfield lineup. Real Madrid’s defence will have two top full-backs, but the specific candidates have not yet been announced!

Casemiro’s field data: 1 goal, 4 shots, 5 steals and 3 key passes.

Live on May 20 th, casemiro scored the only goal in this round of Premier League Manchester United’s 1-0 victory over Bournemouth. The following are his specific data in this field:

Competition time is 90 minutes.

1 goal

93 touches of the ball

74 passes and 59 successes.

Three key passes

Nine long passes and eight successes.

Four shots, two straight shots.

15 confrontations, 9 successes

Second clearance

Two interceptions

Five steals

Sofa score 8.5

(Chenpi is not orange)

Arsenal, Artta is fighting! Can it be done to ensure peace and win?

Arsenal have won three draws in a row!

First, we drew with Liverpool, West Ham United and even Southampton, the last team. It’s normal for Arteta to get angry.

However, Arsenal are about to challenge Manchester City at Etihad Stadium. Guardiola’s Manchester City is Arsenal’s biggest competitor. In other words, Arsenal must fight hard in this game. At the very least, get a draw!

The state of Manchester City is hot.

At 23: 45 on April 22nd, in the semi-final of the 2022-2023 FA Cup, Manchester City played at home against the Championship team Sheffield United. Mahrez of Manchester City scored a hat trick, and Manchester City beat Sheffield United 3-0 to advance to the FA Cup final.

Their opponent will be Manchester United. The hot state, on the other hand, is that the event is too dense.

On April 27th, Manchester City will play Arsenal at home. This game is worth 6 points. As soon as the game is over, the ownership of this season’s Premier League champion will be seen.

So, did Manchester City in Harland win or Arsenal in Saca win?